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Load Almighty

Load Almighty

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Compilation , Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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nvs's ratings for Load Almighty:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Load Almighty overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Load Almighty Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Load Almighty Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Load Almighty Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Load Almighty Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Load Almighty DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Load Almighty A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  1/20/2011
Directed by Mike John and Tim Von Swine

Starring: London Keyes, Adrianna Nicole, Gianna Michaels, Velocity Von, Gracie Glam, Naomi Cruise, Chayse Evans, Katie St. Ives, Carolyn Reese, Cassandra Calogera, Cindy Crawford, and Kristina Rose. With Tim Von Swine, Mike Johns, and lots of guys.

Disc 1
Scene 1
London Keyes with several guys; Tim Von Swine

London, in a grayish bikini, sits on a stool and gets interviewed. She moves the bikini top and bottoms aside as she shows off the goods. Two guys come in to suck on titties and lick pussy, which gets three fingers stuffed in. She spits in their mouths which is hot. Some oral. Two new guys enter the scene to takes over the same positions as the other guys took part in. Three guys join in oral. Bottoms removed in 69 as she sucks three cocks. Four guys in the scene they all stand with London on her knees. Titty fucking included with everyone getting a turn. She lays back on a couch with her head hanging down as each guy faces fucks her and get their balls sucked as well. Lots of gagging and oral and spit through the scene. Back on her knees as she takes one load from each of the guys. She face is smothered in cum as she blows a kiss bye.

After the blow bang, a POV scene follows where London, fully nude and cleaned up, takes a cock in missionary. PTM--nice use of spit. Back to missionary. PTM. She moves to a couch for doggy. PTM. Back to doggy--she fingers her asshole for a bit. PTM. Cowgirl. PTM. Reverse cowgirl. PTM--deep throat. Scene cut to London on her knees and taking a facial. She pulls her hair back to show her cute cummed on face. She tastes the cum and licks and teases the cock a bit. She kisses and waves goodbye. Scene ends.
London is just a doll in this scene. Great body and face and awesome performer. The scene is broken down in two parts. The first part is a blow bang with four guys which she enjoys and has fun with. She is in total control which is hot. She loves to spit which a another plus. Gagging, deep throat, and titty fucking are other highlights. Seeing her face covered in four loads is cute as she smiles and enjoys the cum. The second part to the scene is shot in POV and she really enjoys the guy as the chemistry is on full blast with both performers having fun. London really enjoys this cock. Each position just looks great. Her body looks so awesome while fucking. She also makes cute faces as well. Good interaction and very vocal in her sex talk which ranges from dirty to good girl. Finally, this girl loves to spit. She makes it look so right and pleasurable. London is fun, sexy, and hot in this great scene.

Scene 2
Adrianna Nicole with several guys

Adrianna, in a pink number, takes off her bra and plays with her tits. She lays back on a couch and takes off her panties. She shows off her pussy and plays with it until she orgasms. Scene cuts to Adrianna back in her pink number and on her knees. She takes off the bra, again, and two cocks come into the scene. Oral. More cocks get in. 5 cock blow bang. Lots of gagging, deep throat, and spit. She lays back on the couch and gets titty fucked while she sucks dick--each guy gets a turn. Next, each guys gets a turn at getting sucked as they finger her pussy--lots of ball sucking in this position. She eventually makes herself cum in this position. Scene cuts to Adrianna being cleaned up and ready for the finale, but not before she blows the guys a bit longer. She has her face glazed by each of the guys. Her face is smothered in cum and can’t open her eyes, but she eventually does. Scene ends.

Adrianna is a sexy blonde with a nice body and lovely tits. She really enjoys the cocks and oral and scene. The blow bang is actually pretty hot. Not much besides that. Yet, the scene is intense and full of energy considering there is no sex and only oral. Fun girl, good scene.

Scene 3
Gianna Michaels with several guys

Gianna, in a hot red number which shows her goods off nicely, gets ready for the cocks. Guy comes into the scene and spanks her ass. Her tits come out and the oral starts. Blow bang. On her knees or laying down, she takes each cock with gagging, deep throat, and spit. She lays back on an ottoman and gets titty fucked as she sucks cock after cock--each guy gets a turn. Back on her knees she continues the blow bang. She takes load after load without closing her eyes. With a loaded face she blows a kiss and the scene ends.

Gianna is her same sexy self in this scene. Cute face, rocking body, it’s all there. She has great chemistry with the guys. She really enjoys the scene and guys which makes for a pleasurable scene to watch. No sex is a bummer, but not a negative. We still see Gianna naked and performing at her best. The only true negative is the guys. At least some of them--especially the ones that are very vocal about trying to dominate Gianna, but she remains in control. These guys are very annoying. This girl loves to spit at everyone--hot. She even takes the loads with open eyes--a true pro. Great girl, great scene.

Scene 4
Velocity Von with several guys

Velocity, in a hot pink black and white bikini, gets interviewed. Her top gets removed and her titties oiled. The bottoms also comes off and her ass gets oiled as well. Scene cuts as she’s in her bikini again. Her top is moved aside to show her tits and the cocks come in. Oral. More cock come in for the blow bang. Lots of spit, gagging, and deep throat. She lays back on an ottoman and titty fucked and sucks cock. Back on her knees the blow bang continues the guys finger her pussy. Velocity then takes many a facial. She can’t even open her eyes. She says bye and scene ends.

Velocity is sexy. The fake boobs is a negative. This girl takes all the cocks like a champ. She digs the guys and the scene. Never a dull moment with Velocity at the helm. Once more, no sex; but not a negative. Fun scene to watch. As the previous scene, some guys are very annoying. Fun girl, good scene.

Scene 5
Gracie Glam with several guys

Gracie, in a purple top and tight white shorts, gets interviewed in the outdoors. She moves indoors, sits on a couch, and poses. She takes off her shorts, lays back, and a guy comes in and eats her out. Oral starts and another guy comes in. Her top is pulled down to show her boobs. More guys come in. She bends over on the couch to give oral as guys take turns to eat her out. Back on her knees she continues the blow bang. She then lays on the couch and sucks cock as she gets eaten. Some deep throat throughout, little to no gagging, but lots of spit. She takes multiple facials with open eyes. Scene ends with a shot of her glazed face.

Gracie is a beautiful brunette with an awesome body. Clothed or nude, this girl looks great. Oral only is just fine as long as this girl is naked and there. Okay chemistry with the guys. She’s not as vocal as the other girls in this film. Nor is she as enigmatic as the others. Yet, this girl is fun to watch because she is a beauty. The guys are not as annoying in this one. If this girl was really into it as the other girls this scene would’ve been awesome. As is, a beauty of a girl in an okay scene.

Scene 6
Naomi Cruise with several guys; Tim Von Swine

Naomi, in a hot pink and white polka dot number, lays back on a couch and plays with her pussy as she’s interviewed. She pulls her top and bottoms aside to show her goods. A black dildo comes out and she tries to take it in her pussy. She stands up, takes off her panties, and two cocks come in. Oral--deep throat, gagging, spit. A third cock comes in and the blow bang is in effect. She occasionally gets her pussy fingered. She lays back on the couch and gets titty fucked while she sucks dick. At one point in this segment beer is poured on her pussy. Back to her on the couch she’s face fucked. Back on her knees, she blows the guy some more as she swallows one load and takes two facials. Scene ends with a shot of her body and glazed face.

After the blow bang, Naomi, nude, is cleaned up and playing with herself on a chair in the outdoors. She get on her knees for oral as the scene is shot in POV--deep throat. Back on the chair she bends over for doggy. Nice shots of her looking back into the camera. PTM--deep throat and slight gag. Back to doggy. Missionary. PTM. Missionary. PTM with an a cum shot in her mouth. She swallows the load. Back on the couch, she shows off her goods and blows a kiss goodbye.

Naomi is a cutie of a blonde with a rocking body. The tattoos do not deter. The scene is in two parts--blow bang and POV sex. She’s into the guys and the oral during the blow bang. She has some great oral skills. However, the guys are annoying in this scene. Also, the dumping of beer on her pussy s a turn off. I understand trying to be cool, but not when it’s done to the point of being annoying which ruins the scene. Still, Naomi giving oral makes for a good scene. The second part of this scene is the POV sex which is actually shot well. Naomi is always in a sexy position and shot. She looks great while having sex. Even when she looks back during doggy is hot. Great camera interaction throughout. She digs the guy and sex. Swallowing the load tops the scene. Second part of this scene is good as well. Add the two parts and this scene is a great one.

Disc 2
Scene 1
Chayse Evans with several guys

Chayse, in a see through bra--which gets pulled aside--and no panties, lays back on a couch playing with her tits and pussy. She shows off her ass and gets on her knees as the cock comes into the scene. Oral--deep throat, gag, spit. New cocks join in for a total of five as the blow bang is underway. Lots of deep throat, gagging, and spitting. She lays back on the couch and gets titty fucked by each guy. Back on her knees she continues the blow bang with all the good stuff as before. Chayse then takes several facials for a completely glazed face. This girl does not close her eyes--a true champ. Quickie interview and close up of her face with a bye to close the scene out.

Chayse is a gorgeous brunette. Rocking body and cute face a plus. She digs the guys and has fun with the scene. This girl does some awesome cock worshipping in her scene. The guys get annoying at times, but seeing this girl action almost cancels this negative out--almost. Fun girl in an awesome scene.

Scene 2
Katie St. Ives with Mike John; several guys

Katie, in a black top and cute skirt, gets on her knees and blows the cameraman in a POV scene. Oral--nice gag. She takes off all her clothes to show off her beautiful natural body. The couple walk to a bedroom where Katie gets on a bed and shows off her goods. She fingers her pussy. The sex starts with missionary--great close ups of her sexed up face. PTM as she takes a cum shot in her mouth. She struggles to swallow it, but she does it as she gags. Hot. The sex continues with doggy. Scene cuts as Katie gives the guy oral. Cowgirl. Reverse cowgirl. Doggy. PTM. Missionary. Scene cuts to Katie on her knees as she sucks the cock until she gets a facial--mostly in her hair. She sucks and strokes the cock. The POV scene ends.

The scene continues as Katie is cleaned up her the POV scene and is fully clothed. She’s out by a pool and walks around, showing her goods. She gets nude and walks towards a bunch of guys which fondle her. Everyone walks indoors to a couch. She shows her pussy and a guy eats it. The cocks are whipped out and the blow bang starts as she gets on her knees. On the couch the blow bang continues--one guy eats her out. Back on her knees she continues blowing the guys until each one gives her a facial. She takes one load in her mouth which she swallows. She eats some of the goo from her face. Scene ends with a close up of her cute face and a bye.

Katie is a piece of sunshine. Very adorable girl with a cute face and awesome body. The scene is broken down into two parts: POV with sex and blow bang. This girl has fun with the guys and has lots of fun with the sex and blow bang. Her face and body just look amazing naked and being enjoyed by the guys. Very little gagging in both parts of her scene, but it’s cute when she does. The audio in the first part is top notch as we hear all the juices moving and flowing nicely. The guys are too annoying in the blow bang portion of the scene. Yet, she shines in both parts of her scene. Top notch stuff as cutie Katie rocks it in a great scene.

Scene 3
Carolyn Reese with several guys; Tim Von Swine

Carolyn, in a sexy red swimsuit, poses in the outdoors. She shows her tits and touches herself. A quickie interview. Hot sequence as she licks her fingers and rubs her nipples. Her pussy is shown as well. Indoors, she sits on a couch and shows off her goods. On her knees, the guys show up and the blow bang is underway--slight gagging and she has her pussy played with. Her swimsuit is removed. She lays on her back on an ottoman and gets titty fucked as she sucks cock. Back on her knees the blow bang continues. Finally, she receives several facials until fully glazed. She blows a kiss goodbye.

Scene continues as Carolyn is cleaned up and naked and looking great. She lays back on a couch and gets her pussy fingered as she’s interviewed. The scene in underway as Carolyn gets on her knees for oral. Titty fucking. Oral. Doggy on the couch--with a finger in her ass. PTM. Doggy. PTM. On the floor, they get into cowgirl. PTM. Cumshot in the mouth. She swallows the load. Close up of her face and tits and a bye.

Carolyn is a very sexy blonde with a juicy body. Her scene is broken down into two parts: blow bang and POV with sex. Her blow bang is intense, even with a lack of deep throat and gagging. She just sucks the cocks, which gets tedious, but her sexiness makes it hot. She has a sexy as fuck face when being facialized. Her POV portion is hot as she looks great having sex. The guys aren’t so bad here--a plus. In both portions, this girls emanates sexiness. Hot girl, good scene.

Scene 4
Cassandra Calogera with several guys

Cassandra, in a see through number, shows off her rocking tits. She lays on a couch and plays with her tits. She shows off her ass. She stands and lets the boob out of the see through number and continues playing with them. Back on the couch she takes off her panties and plays with her pussy--she fingers it. He see through number is removed and we have a fully nude Cassandra. She squats and the cocks come in the blow bang starts--deep throat with some gagging. Her pussy is played with a bit during this sequence. She lays back on the couch as she gets titty fucked as she sucks cock--she gets her pussy and asshole eaten. Her pussy gets fingered by herself and the guys. On her knees she continues sucking until she gets several facials. She tastes some of the cum on her face and swallows it. Close up of her cute cummy face. She blows a kiss bye. Scene ends.

Cassandra is a great looking girl. She is built beautifully. I love seeing this girl in action and naked. Her body is totally lost in the blow bang. Although she’s naked, not seeing her body in hardcore action is a crime--besides titty fucking. However, her scene is intense. Lots of deep throat; she almost has no gag factor. Lot’s of titty fucking is cool. This girl has fun with the scene and loves the cocks. Gorgeous girl in a good scene.

Scene 5
Cindy Crawford with several guys

Cindy, in a hot pink number, is on her knees and sucking cock as she gets interviewed. With the talking aside, the blow bang is underway. Lots of deep throat and gagging. She takes her clothes off. Back to the blow bang. She lays back on a couch with her head hanging and gets faced fucked--deep throat and gagging with a nice amount of spit. Back on her knees, she continues sucking--deep throat, gag, and spit. After the fun the guys give her several facials. Fully glazed, the scene ends.

Cindy is a cutie with a nice body. This girl really works on the cocks. She gets nasty with them and enjoys the scene. A high energy scene which could’ve been great, but the guys are really annoying in this scene. Great girl, hot scene.

Scene 6
Kristina Rose with several guys

Kristina, in a shiny American colored bikini, stands by a pool and gets interviewed. She walks a bit and then shows off her goods. Her upcoming scene is for America. She pulls down her panties and shows off her asshole. She walks indoors where the cocks are waiting for her. The bikini is taken off and the blow bang starts as she gets on her knees. Deep throat, gagging, spit throughout this sequence and scene. She uses spit to rub her pussy. She lays back on a couch with her head hanging and gets faced fucked. She uses her feet to stroke a guy. She has her pussy and ass eaten. She gets on all fours and continues the frenzy. She’s fingered during this sequence and uses her ass to jerk a guy off. She lays back and plays with her pussy as she sucks cock until she orgasms. She yells at the cocks to cum on her. Scene cuts to Kristina playing with her pussy and sucking the cocks until they glaze her face with several facials. She swallows a bit of the cum. She blows a very sexy cummy kiss and the scene ends.

Kristina is a great girl. Beautiful face and tight body. This girl has a sexy voice which orders guys and controls the scene nicely. She’s very vocal--a plus. She’s louder than the guys which is always a positive. Her being in control is so hot. This girl demands an orgasm for an orgasms--nice policy. She loves the cocks and rocks the scene. Her orgasm is very pleasing. Kristina is just a delight to watch. Words cannot give justice to her sexiness and performance. Great girl in the best scene of the film.


This is a very lengthy film--over six hours and 12 scenes. The film requires several sessions to view as whole. The women in this film are beautiful and hot. Their oral skills are top notch. These ladies make the film fun and that’s about it. A couple of negatives deter from the film. It being a strictly oral film gets tedious and repetitive. There are several breaks in this repetition with occasional sex scenes--a plus; but not enough. Also, the guys can get extremely annoying which is a turn off. I’d rather hear the girls moaning than guys grunting or trying to be cool. Enjoy the chick and zip it. These are the only true problems of the film. The girls, as a whole, enjoy their scenes and enjoy the cocks as well--nice chemistry with the guys as well. Awesome looking when naked and sucking, the girls do not let down. Kristina just stands out in her scene and film. Great girl. The others are hot and sexy and have good scenes, but Kristina just rocks it to eleven. Definitely recommend this film as a rental as it has little reply value.


Main Menu includes Play Movie, Scene Selection, and Special Features--which include: Photo Gallery, Cast List, Web Access, and Trailers for:

POV Pervert 12
Totally Unprofessional
Jerk Off Material 5
Sperm Overload 3
Praise the Load 5
No Cum Dodging Allowed 11.

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