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Little White Slave Girls 8

Little White Slave Girls 8

Studio: Evasive Angles
Category:  Interracial , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Peter North Is My Hero's ratings for Little White Slave Girls 8:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Little White Slave Girls 8 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Little White Slave Girls 8 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Little White Slave Girls 8 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Little White Slave Girls 8 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Little White Slave Girls 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Little White Slave Girls 8 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Little White Slave Girls 8 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Peter North Is My Hero  on  6/23/2005
The "Little White Slave Girls" line evolved out of Jake Steed's still unsurpassed, paradigm-smashing "Little White Chicks Big Black Monster Dicks" series. I've watched some of the previous editions of Evasive Angel's LWSG series, and they can't hold a torch to Jake Steed's interracial volumes. The Monster Dick series was about Black Guys capturing "innocent" white girls for the purposes of "corrupting" them. The Little White Slave Girls flicks are about white girls who are kept as willing sex toys, maids, cooks, auto-detailers, ect., at the Mansions of black guys to satisfy their "masters" every whim. You tell me which scenario is more entertaining.

Still, LWSG #8 immediately caught my attention for several reasons. Front and center on the hillariously demeaning front packaging of this DVD, is Hailey: one of the top, way-too-young-looking, beyond adorable girls currently doing sex flicks. It didn't hurt at all that the justifiably ubiquitous Madison Monroe and a lesser-known, but sexy girl, Stacy Thorn were also on display. But it was a girl named Laya, featured in the upper left hand corner of the the cover that forced me to pick up this disc. There she is, 19-years old, PREGNANT and showing, and not bad looking at all. An 8 month pregnant white girl getting fucked by three black guys: this I had to see.

Before I break down volume #8 by scene, I want to say that I found the menu scene to be a hoot: Very edgey, ultra misogynistic animation with bobble headed, cut-out depictions of the black porn stars riding in a wagon being pulled by bobble-headed images of Hailey and Madison crawling on their knees. The animation goes on to show the wagon jockeys whipping the two girls as the black guys round up the additional chained white girls from this movie. A parody of the "Cops" theme song plays as the soundtrack: "White Girls, White Girls, What you gonna' do, What you gonna' do when we fucking you."


Regardles of the main menu, I do have conflicting opinions about the following chapters:

Sharon, AKA "Pool Slave

Sharon is a prototypical hot, tall blonde, with a beautiful face and a perfect ass. As her black slave master sits in an incredible hot tub with friend Mark Anthony, this Slave Girl cleans her master's swimming pool. Mark Anthony informs his buddy that slavery is illegal and Johnnie Cochran won't be there to keep him out of jail. Talk about clairvoyance! The production date for LWSG 8 is 7/1/04; Cochran died just last month as of this writing.

The sex starts the same as all the other chapters do: The Master orders his white slave to get on her knees, open her mouth, and say "ahhhhh." Then he inserts his weiner, and the slave girl goes to work.

I'll take a moment to note that I prefer plenty of quick cuts in a sex flick, i.e.: P.O.V. shot of the girl slobbing on the rod, cut to a quick side profile view, then her ass, and back to P.O.V. LWSG primarily uses a "floating camera" format so the camera just moves from her face to her ass to the guy's grimacing face (booo!) to a side profile, ect., with little or no cuts. I'm sure some porn aficionados prefer it this way, but I'm not one of them.

Back to Sharon, I mean, Pool Slave. To give the director some credit, we get plenty of shots of this girl's unreal butt prior to any fucking. Somehow though, once the fucking begins, I felt the camera work failed to put enough emphasis on those mind-blowing ass cheeks of sharon's. She eventually gets an anal pounding only in the pile driver position, which is a another disappointment to me. I want to see her get rectal-romped while on all fours. For all you gaping fans (I'm really not among you), there is a perfect view of her anal wide open as the Slave Driver stabs in and out. She must have had her a-hole bleached as I can't remember seeing such a perfect shitter. The cumshot is practically non-existent as this black stud can barely squeeze out a tiny drop of nut to rub on her toungue. Porno Faux Pas like this never happened in the Monster Dicks series.

2 For One Slaves AKA, Hailey and Amber Peach

Mark Anthony is showing off the two for the price of one slave deal he found to his friend. When he finds baby-faced Hailey reading, he informs her that her only responsibilities are to cook, clean, and suck dick. Hailey's "sister", Amber Peach, is brought out for double the Slave Masters' pleasure. Amber has meaty ass-cheeks, and a hot, albeit, slutty-looking face; yet, just a tad-bit haggard-looking (from all-night parting, no doubt.) I praise this chapter for some nicely filmed butt-sex administered to Amber, but I have little to say regarding Hailey. Her master is kind enough to hive her a reasonable facial on her cheek and mouth, but we never see this cutie get fucked on all fours; that's just cruel.

Breeder Slave, AKA Laya

Mark Anthony invites two of his friends over for a big surprise: his Little White Slave Girl is 8 months pregnant (cue the baby-music-LOL!) AND they're invited to gangbang her. The pregnant slave looks to be wearing a hell of a lot of makeup, but she's still the prettiest expecting pornstar I've ever seen. Nice cinematography as she services all three of the black rods. Once the breeder gets completely naked, there is no doubt she is legitimately VERY pregnant. Yes, I do feel somewhat wrong for typing this, but I'll just type it: I was extremely turned on by her body. She has the big, full breasts that go with pregnancy, and yet, she has retained a relatively small behind, and overall thin frame-sans the buldging tummy; very pale, yet I somehow found this to be a plus considering her three studs are dark. Breeder slave gives oral to two of the guys while the other Master stabs away at her shaved vadge in missionary. He holds on to her protruding stomach as he slips in and out. I wanted badly to see this woman get titty-fucked, and pounded while on all fours, but it never happens. I'm guessing the fellas had to be gentle with her, considering the condition she's in. (is intercourse doggy-style dangerous for a preganant woman? I've never heard as much) To my surpise she allows the guys to have anal sex with her while on her side. I honestly wasn't sure whether this falls in to the "it's just wrong" category. She receives three copious-enough facials (is this just wrong too?) This scene is fairly brief, yet I found it by far to be the most entertaining on the whole disc. As far as any questions raised by a young, very-pregnant girl participating in pornography, Mark Anthony said it best on the LWSG 8, behind the scenes section: "Hey, Pregnant girls need love too." After those sage words, I felt so much better about getting off on this chapter......I just hope Laya's (Breeder Slave's) parents are either blind or dead.........phew!

I give major props to the director for including an attractive pregnant girl. Perverse, yet I've never seen a pregnant pornstar simply thrown into the mix in a theme-series that isn't defined by mothers-to-be performing sex acts. Avant-garde? You tell me.

Lazy Slave, AKA Stacy Thorn

This was by far the best visualized scene on in this volume. Stacy Thorn is smoking hot, and we get to see her fucked in a nice variety of positions while pleasing both her Slave Driver and his friend. Unlike the other Slave Girls, Lazy Slave (hence her name) is a little reluctant at first to kow tow to her Master's demands. The feigned boredom she conveys as she gets on her knees, opens her mouth, and says "Ahhhh" definitely got me going. Of special note here is the double penetration sequence. The astute camera work leaves little to be desired, as Stacy looks fantastic with one penis working her box and the other stuck up her butt. Lazy Slave sticks her tongue way out as both brothas make little messes on in her mouth. Not much sploodge, but gawdamn, Staci looks good with her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out.

Tea Party, Madison Monroe & Louissa

I've seen Louissa before in other fuck films, and my opinion (and this is just how I feel) of her wasn't changed by this movie. To put it lightly, I find her unnatractive from head to toe. From the outtakes provided, I'm guessing scheduling constraints were to blame for her being paired with the always cherubic sweety, Madison. Louissa is training Madison how to prepare their Master's tea. This is where this disc falls off big time. For the final ingredient, Louissa squats and pisses in the Tea. I DO NOT get turned on by watching girls urinate, especially fugly one's like Louissa. We get an extreme closeup and everything as the piss cascades from her nasty twat. Eckgh! As you might have guessed, the two Slave Girls serve it to their master in bed. He drinks it and tells them both how good it is. ha ha ha very funny-I don't think so. He insists that Madison try the tea for herself. After some prodding she sips it and then spits it out. "You wasted my tea! You don't waste my tea like that!"-THAT was kind of funny. The disciplinary fuck session that follows is disappointing for a number of reasons. No doubt, Louissa is the focus of the sex rather than Madison. Talk about injustice! Only the less-than-lovely Louissa gets ass-fucked. I also hated the lingerie outfit Madison wears. She never even takes off the collar, but I guess it was part of the whole Slave Girl motif. The master cums just a little in Louissa's mouth and she spits the tiny deposit of jizz back in Madison's mouth. Big Deal. Jake Steed and Lexington Steele would have completely plastered both of their faces. Those were the good 'ol days of The Little White Chicks/Big Black Monster Dicks DVDs.

I would have given LWSG 8 a higher rating had they paired Madison with Hailey in a four way sex session with the Slave Masters. Now THAT would've been spectacular. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Or how about Sharon or Stacy Thorn diking with the pregnant slave while getting banged by the three black guys. That would definitely warrant an extra star. Shoulda',woulda',coulda'.............

The extra behind the scenes footage is worth checking out, just to see how bored and non-chalant the girls seem to be when there isn't fucking or sucking to be done. Don't miss the previews, especially the Orgy World trailer: Who's the white-hot, red-head with the HUUUUGE natural breasts....I really must know.

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