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Little Town Flirts

Little Town Flirts

Studio: VCA
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Little Town Flirts:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Little Town Flirts overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Little Town Flirts Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Little Town Flirts Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Little Town Flirts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Little Town Flirts Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Little Town Flirts DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Little Town Flirts A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  6/22/2003

Running Time: 147 min. (Extended Phat Cut)

Production Date: 12 / 2001

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Allysin Chaynes, Kelsey, Felecia, Gina Ryder, Bunny Luv, Jenna Haze, Tawny Roberts, Kelly Warner, Evan Stone, Dale DaBone, and Mark Vega in sexual roles and Chandler, Tanya Danielle, Ron Jeremy, Rick Roberts, and Alex Metro in a non-sex role

Initial Expectations: Jim Holliday makes some of the best, and most fun fuck flicks around. I canít help but go into his features with very high expectations.

Initial Reaction: Itís a pretty typical Jim Holliday movie, so donít expect too much blood to be flowing above your shoulders.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a lot of rimming and anal in a fun movie where the cast looks like they enjoy fucking

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody that doesnít want any ďbutt stuffĒ

Audio /Video Quality: As usual, the technical aspects are very good. The audio is nicely balanced and clear, but the outdoor scenes have a few background noises that are more than noticeable and a couple crew comments. The video is nearly flawless. Itís very nicely lit, and the few shadows that do appear feel natural.

Music: Reno and the Rumrunners provide the music, as they so often do for Jim Hollidayís music. Itís a laid back style of surfer type music that rests very nicely in the background of the scenes.

False Advertising: The cover claims thereís a behind the scenes featurette here, but I couldnít find it anywhere. This ticks me off a little, but since Little Town Flirts was made at the same time as High Desert Dream Girls, Iím sure I would have seen the featurette already. If anybody really wants to see the featurette Iíd suggest they check out High Desert Dream Girls (and itís a great movie anyway), but leaving it off here is still a sloppy mistake that Iím going to knock a half point off the overall score for.

Menus: The menus are pretty typical for VCA. The main menu has a small clip of the movie running by a still picture. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and the leading lady in each scene, and even lets you jump to one of many points in the scene.

The Feature: Every year Deuce, California welcomes the Outdoor Pool and Beanbag World Championships. Quite a few people come to watch the pool action. Quite a few more come for the other action, which all the locals also look forward to. So yes, basically itís your typical Jim Holliday movie where thereís an idea that gets a bunch of good looking women and guys together who love to have their ass licked and fuck!

Allysin Chaynes starts things out gobbliní Mark Vegaís knob. She moves on to ride Mark reverse cowgirl with both her pussy and ass, and even lets him suck her toes when she lays down for him to continue in her ass. Finally, Allysin lets Mark direct his dick droppings on her tight stomach. Itís a fairly short scene, which is standard for Jim Hollidayís opening scenes, but has some very nice energy and heat.

Dale DaBone gets a bit of Kelsey in the second scene. She his him lick her pussy and pucker before sucking his cock. Dale gets a little pussy fucking after getting warmed up, and then works over Kelseyís ass in several positions as she trash talks almost constantly. Finally, Dale strokes himself all over Kelseyís black fuck-me boots. Itís a great scene with excellent chemistry and energy. Iíve been a fan of Kelsey for a long time, and this scene reminds me just why I became such a fan of hers.

Felecia, Gina Ryder, and Jenna Haze get it on in the back of a pickup truck in the third scene. They work on each otherís nipples as they strip down, and then team up on Jennaís pussy and pucker with their tongue and fingers. Gina and Felecia also get their turn getting a little double tonguing, and break it up with a nice line-up so they can mix it up a little. They break out the toys, which they first turn on Felecia before turning their backs to Felecia and letting her work on them with a pair of toys as they kiss and lightly play with themselves and each other. The girls finish things up with a very nice three way kiss, and feels like it actually comes to a decent ending. The ending is a lesbian scene is what I think really sets a decent director apart from a great one, and Jim Holliday has shown himself to be a master at it. His lesbian scenes rarely feel cut off, and feel like they come to a real ending rather than feeling like a timer went off to end the scene because the director was too clueless on how to end it without a spray at the end of the scene.

Jenna Haze returns for the next scene to take on Evan Stone. Evan kisses his way across Jennaís body and sucks her toes, before finishing things up giving her pussy and ass some great tongue action while spanking her. Jenna gives Evan some excellent oral action in return, and even takes him almost completely into her throat a few times while sucking it as if it was the last cock in the world. She lets Evan fuck her pussy from behind and rides it reverse cowgirl style before having him fuck her ass in a couple positions. Jenna takes Evan all the way into her ass at top volume before finally taking a little of Evanís volume across her mouth. Itís a darn hot scene with Jenna showing just why she attracted as large of a following as she did as quick as she did. This is an awesome scene!

Jenna returns for a third consecutive scene to take on Bunny Luv on a pool table. Bunny starts things off diddling herself, and treating the table as if it was a strip club runway, including using the balls as props. Jenna shows up just long enough to lick Bunnyís pussy and ass before taking off again. Ron Jeremy shows up also, and talks on the phone through most of it barely even noticing that Bunny was there. Itís a decent little interlude, but it also left a little to be desired for me. Itís a nice tease, but thereís enough here that looks like itís going to turn into a masturbation or lesbian scene that I kept getting my hopes up for more only to have them disappear like an egg hitting the sidewalk after getting thrown out a high building.

Evan Stone takes on Kelly Warner, who plays Jennaís mother, next. Kelly immediately drops to suck the magically naked Evanís schlong before they work in a little sixty-nining. Evan moves from tonguing Kellyís cornhole to fucking her bald beaver in several positions including reverse pile driver so Kelly can spank his ass. Finally, Kelly finishes things off taking Evanís love loogie on her mouth with a smile. Itís a hot scene with nice energy and more than a little humor. Kelly and Evan do an excellent job playing off each other, and manage to bring a few laughs into the scene without ever sacrificing its sexual edge.

Next up, gorgeous blonde Tawny Roberts gets it on with Felecia. Felecia attacks Tawnyís ass with her tongue before Tawny rolls over so Felecia can tongue her completely shaved twat. Tawny returns the favor, first attacking Feleciaís pussy and then her ass before Felecia goes back to work on Tawnyís pussy and ass. The girls finish things up rubbing their titties together and kissing. Itís a hot scene with Tawny showing why she was a great acquisition by VCA. Thereís some background noises here, but to Jim Hollidayís credit, he works them all into the storyline and has the girls make a couple comments about them. Itís a hilarious way to bring them in, and at least in my mind, with how he did it heís almost completely forgiven!

Allysin Chaynes decides sheíd rather hang around with Kelly Warner and Kelsey for some real action rather than go out with her friends. The girls start out working each other over with their tongues, with Kelly and Kelsey quickly turning their attention to Allysinís goodies. Kelly and Kelsey get their turn next, before they team up to suck Allysinís toes. They finish things up teaming up to lick Allysin a little more before the scene comes to an abrupt end. Itís an okay scene that would have been better if it hadnít felt like an edited down version of the scene in the back of the pickup. Thereís nice chemistry, but I kept feeling like I was watching a repeated scene.

Gina Ryder takes on Dale DaBone in the penultimate scene. After a little kissing and groping Dale makes Gina beg for his tongue to travel across her body. Dale grants her request before letting Gina suck his cock, and then lets her bounce on it in both cowgirls. Thatís not enough for Gina, however, since she begs Dale to fuck her ass. Dale gives her a good rimming before fucking her ass in a couple positions, and finally gives her a nice facial to finish things up. Itís another great Holiday scene. Gina looks to be enjoying herself completely, and puts in plenty of energy as well as plenty of smiles. Itís a great scene that shows why Jim Holliday has kept her around for so many movies.

Finally, Allysin Chaynes and Felecia get it on. Allysin start things out showing Felecia her butthole and letting her give it a good tonguing. Felecia moves on to work on Allysinís feet and pussy, before letting Allysin work on her pucker and pussy. They finish things up kissing without using a single toy. Itís a pretty good scene with very nice chemistry. Things come to a decent ending, but the girls felt like they had a bit more to go. Maybe it was just because this seemed like a shorter scene than many of the others, but something seemed just a little off.

Little Town Flirts is another winner from Jim Holliday, and has everything a person has come to expect from him recently. Thereís plenty of all girl action, rimming, ass fucking, and even a bit of stuff for the foot freaks. Being a foot freak myself, I was a little disappointed that this part of the action had been scaled back a little, but the rimming and ass fucking was hot enough that I forgot about it much of the time. Gina Ryder, Kelsey, and Jenna Haze really stole the movie for me, but Felecia and Tawny Roberts came in close behind them. Best of all, though, every one of the girls looks like sheís having the time of her life, which even makes the scenes that I thought were a little weak winners. The non-sex portions are nice and light, and help to give the overall movie a very fun feeling that few movies, especially ones with this much sex, seem to be able to create. There are a few minor problems with the movie, such as I thought one scene felt almost identical to another, but other than that, Little Town Flirts is one heck of a fuck flick that should take a lot of people multiple sittings to get through.

Extras: VCA has put some nice effort into this DVD. First, thereís Phat Cuts of three scenes, giving you an extra twelve minutes of Feleciaís scene, eight minutes of Jenna Hazeís scene, and ten minutes of Gina Ryderís scene. You can choose to either watch these scenes alone or have them integrated into the movie for a Phat Cut of the movie, with streaming so good that you donít even know thereís a break. Bios are included for Allysin Chaynes, Felecia, Gina Ryder, and Tawny Roberts, each of which includes a few photos, a little personal information, and a link to the starís scene. The photo gallery lasts about three and a quarter minutes with ten seconds per very nice looking full screen photo. Trailers are included for Eye Candy Refocused, LA Fashion Girls, and Paradise Hole, one of my personal favorite movies. Thereís also multiple angles (which although advertised as such arenít always true), a commentary, and contact and internet information.

The commentary teams Jim Holliday with Allysin Chaynes and Felecia. As usual, Jim has a great time with his angels and they talk about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Thereís a lot of talk about the different cast members, the locations, and shooting the scenes. As usual with Jim, he also throws out plenty of trivial comments, a few special comments for us dumbass critics, and some nice technical details. Itís a pretty typical Holliday commentary, and if you havenít heard one before, itís something you really should take the time to listen to.

Themes: Straight, anal, rimming (male > female and female > female), group, lesbian, spanking, toys, masturbation, and toe-ing

Condoms Usage: 100%

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Little Town Flirts can be found online for between about $20 and $25. If you like Jim Hollidayís movies, youíre going to find this one well worth your money. Thereís a couple scenes that stutter a little, but itís still a hot fuck flick with a fun attitude. Thereís a couple very minor problems in the audio, but the technical aspects are still very good. The extras also contain a very nicely done commentary, although the advertised behind the scenes featurette isnít there.

Note to VCA: Please watch what you claim on your cover. I know that sloppy mistakes like listing a behind the scenes featurette that isnít there isnít like you, but itís something people tend to remember.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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