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Little Lace Panties 4

Little Lace Panties 4

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Little Lace Panties 4:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Little Lace Panties 4 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Little Lace Panties 4 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Little Lace Panties 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Little Lace Panties 4 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Little Lace Panties 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Little Lace Panties 4 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Little Lace Panties 4 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  12/16/2002
Little Lace Panties 4
Digital Sin
Andre Madness
Chloe Dior, Kelli Tyler, Rio, Avy Scott, Malorie Marx, Ben English, Julian, Nacho Vidal, Dillon, Tony Tedeschi
Running time:
1hr 18mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0

Lacy lingerie is the theme for this rapid-fire offering from Digital Sin, featuring five anal-free boy-girl scenes. Avy Scott is in the cast, so it must at least be worth a look, right? Well, hold on a moment, for all is not as it seems…

First, to a cute Latin-looking girl, with long hair in a bad style, dressed up in the works: negligee, see-through corset, her sturdy legs in sheer black stockings, teetering on big high heels. She teases her man, Ben English, for their "anniversary" with her sexy attire. There's a nice playful mood as she fishes out his cock for oral treatment, though her lingerie, save the stockings, all comes off way too early. A little mouth fucking, a little licking and fingering of her pretty pink pussy. Her full stocking-clad thighs look good as she rides reverse cowgirl, then they get into missionary and doggy. Ben's on top, fairly driving it in (the sex is generally pretty firm), her nylon-clad legs stretched out. Following his final vigorous thrusts, he spurts on her feet and she licks the come for a kinky conclusion to scene that just whistles by.

"Erotic author" Julian has a unique way of getting over writer's block - it's revealed he has Kelli, a lush-bodied, dark-haired brunette sucking his dick under the desk. They move to a couch for a concentrated BJ session, giving us a better look at her pretty face. He pulls her white lacy teddy aside to lick her pussy, her thick nippled tits heaving as he tongues her with evident effect. The teddy comes off but her white stockings stay on - they're not the kind I like to see, but no matter, the way her curvy body arches as she climbs astride Julian's big dick is fab. Her tits are so pink and so prominent. She raises a leg for a deep missionary sort of position (!), her full bum is on show in cowgirl, as she wriggles and uses his cock for her pleasure. The she squeals as he really gives it to her. No wonder he spunks on her face so quickly - it's another brief scene - but she welcomes the load the way Iraq welcomes weapons inspectors.

Initially we see full figured brunette Chloe (not the Chloe - this one is a little more curvaceous, to put it mildly, though it's a shame about her implants and tattoos) putting on her stockings and a flimsy dress. She's not quite what I'd have in mind for a lingerie movie, but never mind that - here's Nacho playing a burglar with an eye for her painting. He spins her a line about why he's sneaked into her room, and guess what: they end up having a good old tumble.

Nacho is one of the few men on earth who can answer the "does my bum look big in this" question honestly and still get his end away! With one slip of his silver tongue, he has his face buried in her crotch. She looks mildly overwhelmed by him, and after vigorous fingering, she slips to the floor, where he pushes his cock right into her throat for some wet, deep action. Chloe is suitably noisy during the predictably vigorous sex that follows, her stocking ripped, her ample body writhing under Nacho's relentless delivery. Lots of positions, which seem to be edited out of sequence, include mish, spoons, and even some girl on boy rimming. Lots of earthy fucking and manhandling before he spurts on her face, feeds her his come, and has her say that she is his fucking slave! Somehow, I think Nacho rather ran away with the scene…

Avy Scott
Avy wanders round the pool, teasing the bathing Dillon with a tantalizing glimpse of her body, wrapped in a lacy, frilly sort of outfit, with matching knee-high stockings, that does little for her. For once I a glad when her kit comes off quickly as Avy and Dillon come together to kiss. In case you don't know, and by now you really should, Avy has the most luscious body: full, natural and blessed with superb boobs capped by large areolas. And she's beautiful and damn sexy with it.

And that's why this scene falls down, as it fails to make the most of her sparkling personality as the sex goes on. Dillon spreads her thighs and tongues her pussy, before she hops in the pool, stockings still on, and gives him some head that strangely lacks enthusiasm. Still, the standing doggy position they adopt shows off her ripe, eminently desirable body so well, her boobs wobbling invitingly as they continue to do during missionary and reverse cowgirl positions. Dillon drapes ropes of come over her nose, and she sucks his dick, shooting strange glances at him. Avy and Dillon kiss more than you usually see in the average porn scene, but oddly enough, I am hard pushed to detect any hint of a real spark between them. A let down.

Malorie Marx
Tony Tedeschi (looks like he's been to the barbers since I last saw him) seems more interested in an old stereo than in Malorie, hard to believe as she looks so foxy all dolled up in her lacy black body, stockings and high, clunky heels. Tony turns round and finds himself at crotch level, so why not? For a movie in this genre, her underwear and shoes are cast aside far too quickly, though this does mean we see her cute little tootsies curling in the black nylon as Tony laps her shaven twat, her curvy body writhing under his attention.

Malorie cheerfully requests the chance to suck his dick, an act she performs with gusto. Her whole body bounces as she mounts Tony in reverse cowgirl. She's no waif but that's fine by me. She offers up her plump rear and Tony drives it deep in her pussy. Mucho moaning and pillow biting ensues, and the deep, sweaty sex continues in missionary. Looks like he's hitting the spot there - look, she even smiles! Pile driver to finish, then Tony spurts on her pussy. Not bad at all, sexually, even though it looks like the effort took a lot out of the pale, gaunt Tony.

Little Lace Panties 4 has a number of flaws. Most obvious of which is that director Andre Madness simply pays lip service to the stated theme. In nearly every scene, the underwear is removed pretty quickly, so fans of lingerie will be deprived of the long, lingering tease sessions they might have anticipated. The trouble is that people who are interested in such fetishes tend to have very specific, very particular tastes. They do have certain expectations. Why make a lingerie movie, and then get the girls out of said garments at the first opportunity? This means the sex scenes are much the same as any other standard movie, which is a shame because lingerie is not quite as common it used to be in porn (damn the person who popularised the pigtails and plaid look!), and I know there's a demand for girls dressed in sexy underwear, during the sex. I'd tend to suggest LLP 4 doesn't meet that demand: it's not the genre piece it purports to be.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the sex, which shows a little more passion than I expected. Knowing that ADT readers have enough suss not to believe the box cover hype, it goes without saying that it doesn't quite reach the frenetic levels the cover blurb suggests. Obviously, I've just said it anyway. It is disappointing that Avy's scene isn't that good, but Kelli and Julian, Chloe and Nacho, and latterly Malorie and Tony (shock, horror) do spice it up a bit. Overall, as it whistles by in a "compact" 78 minutes, Little Lace Panties 4 is just too brief (no pun intended), too flimsy and too lacking in genuine quality to make it a serious contender.

DVD Comments
I thought the picture quality wasn't that bad, but by comparison with the still images supplied in the photo gallery, it actually looks like some scenes were shot in different locations, such is the lack of colour and vibrancy in the moving images. So, not that great, though not disastrous either; it just looks a little dull, a little lacking in sharpness. The sound is okay, though there's little dialogue to really bother about. How crystal clear do you like your moans and groans? One moan I will make is that Digital sin really need to do something about the extras on the flip side - to give you an idea of how old these are, Naughty College Schoolgirls, now over 25 volumes old, is only up to number 4! A while back Digital Sin's discs looked pretty good, now they just seem cheap, but not great value for money either.

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