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Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory

Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory

Studio: Mach 2 Entertainment
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Lips That Lie 2: The Doll Factory A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  11/18/2005


Cast: Audrey Hollander, Claire Robbins, Poppy Morgan, Leah Luv, Jeannie Marie Sullivan

Director: Otto Bauer
Genre: Gonzo vignettes
Release: 9/05
Running:xx 2 hrs 14 min

Fuck DROIDS, o my!

Hopefully I have the following info right: Mach 2 Entertainment is the distributor to Supercore productions, a studio which seems to be solely directed by Otto Bauer, hubby of the insatiable Audrey Hollander. Jim Powers joins him by helming camera and I see that he also brought over his colorful lighting style used in his Sin City/Mayhem titles, only amplified. Audrey Hollander is now exclusive to Supercore (also to Michael Ninn's Ninnworx) and she seems to star in every movie from this relatively new studio.
Lips that Lie 2 goes with a rather interesting theme: The vignettes are centered around a doll factory, only these aren't typical dolls that are manufactured here; these dolls are robotic fuck toys. Apparently, not all the kinks have been worked out on these fuck-droids because they have a tendency to go apeshit. The heavy Stepford Wives influence can be seen as the robots start to malfunction, repeating their actions again and again like a broken record... So that's the premise. With that said, let's take a closer look:

Otto: "Presenting... the Audrey 2005! Sleek lines and German craftsmanship offer the connoisseur of pleasure, the ultimate in fantasy fulfillment..."

Audrey Hollander and Jeannie Marie
with Dave Hardman and Chris Charming

It's the 2005 doll-buyer's expo and Otto introduces the new Audrey line and her sidekick Jeannie, "for the man who needs more than he can handle." The beautiful fuck dolls stride onstage and a loud rock track kicks in as they show off their bodies. We get some 80's coloring effects here on the video that I could've done without but thankfully it doesn't last too long. Nice rock track here (performed by one of the three bands largely featured throughout the movie). Stripteases done, Dave and Chris come onstage and provide their dicks to demonstrate the abilities of the two fuck-droids: Jeannie pumps Audrey's ass with a glass dildo and then the girls each choose a cock to service in their wet and wanting mouths. Soon enough both girls have their asses full. Audrey bounces hard and swirls her hips, staring intently into the camera as she moans out obscenities. "Make my fuckin' pussy drip all over your cock," she screams. She rubs zeros into her love button, the shaft of man-meat ramming up and down between her ass cheeks. Jeannie indulges in twice the fun, the guys double pistoning her fuck holes (Oddly enough, Audrey doesn't get dp'ed here.) The scene caps with some sensual cumswapping and an extended round of cumkissing to follow. Nice to see the cameraman taking his time with this for once instead of instantly cutting away.

Otto: "You're a fuckin' model not a fuckin' maid! FUCKIN' MALFUNCTIONS! *grumbling* Fuck-headed Claire Doll!"

Claire Robbins
with Otto Bauer

Her bottom lewdly pointed up in the air, Claire meticulously scrubs down the urinals in a restroom. In comes Otto and he's surprised to find her doing that. This robot was programmed for sex not peon's work! But Claire proves she hasn't completely malfunctioned when Otto orders her on her knees. An obedient little fuck machine, she bobs her head back and forth on his cock, long ropes of spit gliding through the air. Then Otto starts to fuck into her wet mouth and she stares up at him submissively with her innocent eyes. After some warmup vag (which is slow moving) Otto pulls her ass open with a finger on each side. He inspects her and then plunges deep in that bum as the camera moves in close to reveal her sopping cunt- it's so pink! The scene's intensity finally starts to build and Jim Powers uses a lot of full body shots here as Claire bucks up and down on Otto's dick in reverse cowgirl. The highlight of the scene is when Claire props a leg up on one of the urinals so Otto can impale her ass from behind. Nice view here and Claire's moans really take off in this position. After giving her a facial, Otto gives the command, "Claire Doll off," and the robot drops down dead.

Alec: "I might as well put you to some good use before I go fix those other ones."

Poppy Morgan
with Alec Knight

Poppy comes in to greet the computer programmer but she has some speech malfunctions, and gets stuck on repeat. And what do you do when a machine is broke? You hit it that's what. Yep, Alec slaps her on the back of the head and that seems to do the trick. Clearly enticed by her nude flesh, he decides to "put her to some good use" and unzips his monster. Poppy deepthroats him down to the base and makes loud suction sounds as she works on him deliberately. A round of pussy eating follows and then Alec dives into her fuck-socket in missionary. Sliding his cock in her ass puts a big smile on her face and soon she's bucking up and down on him greedily. Great under-angle shots here as she rides him, her tits moving up and down in a happy bounce. Poppy keeps pulling the dick out to try it out in the other hole, switching back and forth between her pussy and ass throughout the scene. Some sexy anal piledriving leads to the popshot to close out the scene. Poppy looks so damned good here!

Leah: "I'm horny-I'm horny-I'm horny-I'm horny-I'm-"
Chris: "Ooooh I know you horny. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. I fix you baby."

Leah Luv
with Chris Charming

The Charmer is watching the construction of an Audrey Doll on a monitor. Looks like the entire Audrey line has a defect. Just then, a Leah Doll walks into the room and starts crashing into the door jam. It may be a dirty job but Chris is up to the task of "fixing" here. It starts with a very short session of pussy eating and cock sucking which leads to Leah being pounded on a crate, her legs spread-eagled in the air. She's got on a nice pair of white schoolgirl socks and mary janes (at least I think that's what they're called) that look really great as she rides cowgirl and gets fucked in spoon. Chris fucks her as she's laying on her side and she screams out her desire. "You're gonna make me fuckin' cum," she shouts through her grunts. Then it's on to reverse cowgirl which shows off her full body in several wide shots. Great action here as she bucks about wildly on Chris' long prick. After some doggy fucking he finally pops in her mouth and she lets the cum ooze out around her lips. "Leah Doll off!"

Sascha: "This doll here isn't working right. It has a defect."
Dave: "Really?"
Sascha: "Yea, I think I'm going to fuck her."
Dave: "O.K."

Audrey Hollander
with Sascha and Dave Hardman

The Audrey Doll is plugged into an electrical box through a tangle of various wires. Sascha hits the power switch and seems pleased that Audrey is operating- however, just like all the other dolls she starts to malfunction. Sascha's fellow worker Dave strides into the room and the two decide to fuck her. Audrey seems prepared for them: "I'm Audrey. I'm horny," she quips. She goes to work on them, bouncing from cock to cock, enveloping them in her hungry mouth. She stuffs both cocks in there as she stares into the camera with her lust-filled eyes. Dave only fucks her pussy for about 30 seconds before he jams his cock up her ass. On Audrey's other end she expertly sucks off Sascha and moans through her stuffed mouth. The guys start to piston into her brutally and Audrey is enjoying every second of it. Her throat jammed full of cock, she stretches out with her tongue, lulling it about, and I see that's she's been working up a sweat. Her wet face and body shine in the auburn light (I always love it when the girl gets sweaty.) Later, her bum and thighs look delightfully delicious as she's getting fucked in doggy. They turn her around on her back for some missionary but here she starts to malfunction again. "She needs recharging," the guys observe and proceed by plugging a power cord into her ass. The fuck-droid gets juiced up and then it's back to fucking: DP and some anal piledriver leads to a DAP. Then it's a facial and cumfart to cap the best scene of the bunch.

Not bad at all- SUPERCORE is off to a good start

For a newbie studio, Supercore definitely has a lot of style and it's nice to see that they're offering up something different instead of putting out another cookie cut gonzo-clone company. That market is already well saturated and I see that Supercore will distinguish itself from the pack through a more creative outlet. Jim Powers' touch is evident here. The lighting and colors he brings to the game are superb- visually, this movie is a feast. Hair, makeup, and outfits are all elegantly done as well. For example, I've never seen the fierce Poppy Morgan or the pixie Claire Robbins look hotter than they do here. The overall concept and creative elements are also strong.
On the downside, just like the fuck-droids in the movie there's still some kinks to be worked out. Sometimes the audio comes in sounding distant or the rock tracks will be featured at awkward moments, spliced in at random points. A more calculated edit is in order too because there are some empty moments that probably should've ended up on the chopping floor. Overall, a nice start for Supercore though.

Disc Extras

- trailers
- photo gallery
- cumshot recap

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