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Studio: Sin City
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Limbo:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Limbo overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Limbo Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Limbo Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Limbo Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Limbo Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Limbo DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Limbo A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  8/12/2001

Running Time: 80 min.

Production Date: 2 / 15 / 2001

Director: Michael Raven

Cast: Ava Vincent, Jessica Drake, Samantha Style, Envy, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Dale DaBone, and Herschel Savage

Initial Expectations: Michael Raven has become one of my favorite directors with his amazing art direction and adult movies such as Adrenaline, Rage, and Underworld. He’s said that he thinks that this is one of his best which gives me a lot of hope for this feature. I just hope that Sin City doesn’t screw up the DVD too bad.

Initial Reaction: Once again, Michael Raven has created a great adult movie that runs on the dark side rather than just a run of the mill porno.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for something bigger than just the average stroke film and who doesn’t mind dark subjects

Who Should Avoid It: Raincoaters and anybody who likes happy and “fluffy” porn

Audio /Video Quality: The audio sounds great. It’s clear and very well balanced. As usual with Michael Raven’s features, the picture is a little grainy and looks like it might have been shot on film. It’s also in letterboxed widescreen, which I really like. Hopefully in the future we’ll see it as anamorphic widescreen. There are also a few flaws in the picture such as a hair in the bottom of the picture and a smudge in the bottom corner. None of the flaws last for long, but they are there long enough to be very noticeable.

Music: The music starts out as chanting in the first scene and moves on to orchestral music with a similar feel. It’s dark and eerie, and although it doesn’t add any heat to the sex scenes, it does a great job of helping them to fit within the movie as a whole. There’s a little bit of your typical porno music, but not much.

Disc Problems / Complaints: As usual with Sin City, there isn’t a time stamp to the feature. They also have phone sex commercials and a commercial for their web site before the feature starts. I really hate seeing these, but at least they can be skipped with the fast forward button, which is a nice change from their past releases.

False Advertising: The cover states extra bonus footage, but I couldn’t find any on the DVD. The cover also lists Alex Foxe in the cast, but she doesn’t appear in the movie.

Menus: The main menu is nicely animated and slightly creepy. It sets the mood very well for the feature. The chapter menu also includes clips of the scenes but doesn’t include who the participants the scenes are. It’s a pretty average menu system but well suited to the feature.

The Feature: For the last twenty one days, Ava Vincent hasn’t been able to sleep. When she does sleep, she’s plagued by dark sexual dreams. Her days aren’t much better with a workaholic husband (Randy Spears) who’s cheating on her and a high pressure job that she can’t completely concentrate on because of her lack of sleep. She also doesn’t realize that her husband is planning on having her murdered, although her dreams are trying to tell her.

Evan Stone and Jessica Drake start things out with a fairly heavy fetish scene in a cage while a masked Ava Vincent sits nearby and a gold faced man with blacked out eyes and mouth in a black cloak watches them. Jessica looks a little like a fetish styled nurse starting out in a studded collar and a white and red vinyl dress with tall red boots and blue crosses painted over her eyes. Evan isn’t as decorated as Jessica, but does have a white stripe painted across his eyes. Evan pulls up her dress and she lifts her leg to rest it against the cage wall so Evan can eat her pussy and ass easier. Jessica plays with her pussy a little as well as Evan eats her out and then drops down to suck his cock. Evan fucks Jessica from behind in the cage and then has her ride him before blowing his joy juice into her mouth and onto her face, causing Ava to finally turn around and notice them. There’s a bit of heat to the scene, but the artistic nature of the scene takes a little from it. As it ends, we learn that it was Ava having a dream.

Ava Vincent fucks her boss, Herschel Savage on his desk in the next scene. She dominates him to get him to eat her pussy, telling him to fuck her now before she changes her mind while pulling his head down between her thighs as she sits in front of him on his desk. She doesn’t give him any warm up after he gets her started, and has him fuck her immediately after eating her out. She fucks him both on the desk and in his chair before he blows his guy goo onto her ready and waiting tongue. It’s a hot scene that keeps very well with the overall tone of the feature.

Randy Spears gets a little nookie on the side from Samantha Style while Ava thinks he’s at work. This is the first I’ve seen of Samantha, and she’s a nice change from the normal porno chic. She has a nice natural body with soft tan lines, an average face, and a completely shaved pussy. Randy kisses her nipples a little while playing with her pussy as she sits on the kitchen counter before moving down to work it over with his tongue. He takes his place on the counter so she can work his cock over while cooing and looking up at him with her big doe-eyes and giving him an occasional smile. Samantha stays nicely realistic as she rides Randy. Her eyes are closed in passion while she bites her lower lip for a lot of the scene and she’s just vocal enough to not be annoying. She also gives a big smile and sigh when Randy sticks his cock in her from behind. She finishes the scene off by getting right up their to catch as much of Randy’s spooge spray as possible with her mouth and face. It’s a pretty hot scene with some very good chemistry.

Ava watches Envy, Samantha Style, and Evan Stone in one of her dreams. All three are painted gold and are on kind of a big purple bed in a snowy field. There’s a little foreplay, but not much before Evan’s going to town on Envy’s pussy while she eats out Samantha. They change around nicely so that both girls get a bit of Evan’s cock, which is definitely big enough for more than one person. The girls share a very nice facial to finish off the scene, with Envy coming up to give Evan a little kiss before going down to finish off the rest of his pop. It’s a good group scene, but I couldn’t help but hear the theme song to Goldfinger through the whole thing.

Ava Vincent appears as a pigtailed cheerleader in vinyl to finish things off with a towel clad Dale DaBone in a locker room. She drops down to work on his rod with both her hand and mouth while looking up at him lustily. Ava takes her time working on Dale’s cock, and the scene feels nicely drawn out. It continues very solid as Ava sits up on the locker room bench with her back to a locker, her top pulled down to show off her great natural tits, and her legs spread for Dale to eat her out as she looks down at him with a big smile on her face. It’s a great way to start out the pussy eating and the chemistry had a smile on my face long before Ava’s eyes rolling back into her head did. The heat keeps up as Dale comes up to start fucking Ava’s pussy as she growls away with animal like moans. She keeps it up and even gets a little more animalistic as Dale stretches out her sphincter. She finishes it off with great style by taking a messy open mouthed facial from Dale while keeping her eyes open for most of it. It’s an excellent scene to end the feature with. It’s a little more positive and hopeful and Ava and Dale have great chemistry together.

Limbo is sure to please Michael Raven fans. It has his typical unique vision as well as some hot sex. I’m not sure if it’s the best Michael Raven film for newcomers to start out with. It’s very dark and jumps all over the place at times. It also has some great boner-breakers, such as Ava having a miscarriage, which is shown as more than just blood on the sheets, and Ava being restrained and the room lit on fire. Mr. Raven has shown himself to be a master of the psychological porn flick, so after watching some of his other features, I knew that anything can go in his features. I can’t say that a miscarriage is something that I ever like seeing, be it in a porno, a mainstream movie, or real life, but it does add some to the storyline. If you’re just looking for a good stroke flick, Limbo might not be your best choice. It is, however, something that I would recommend for couples, if not for the miscarriage and still might even with it. If you’re looking for something that goes far beyond the normal stroke flick while still having some hot sex, you might want to spend some time in Limbo.

Extras: Trailers are included for many of Michael Raven’s features including Adrenaline, Blondes, Dare, Escorts, Midas Touch, and Pretty Girls. The photo gallery contains about thirty two photos that look really good. You can either manually advance through the photos or it automatically advances after about thirty seconds. There are also commercials for phone sex and Sin City’s web site.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female), group, lesbian, and anal

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Overall: Currently, Limbo can be found online for between $15 and $25 with many stores offering it for under $20. Michael Raven has quickly become one of my favorite directors, so anytime anything he does can be found for under $15 it seems like a steal to me. This is no different. It’s extremely unique and is well done both artistically and sexually. Sadly, the picture is a little grainy and there isn’t much for extras.

Note to Sin City: Thank you for making it so that the commercials can be skipped. It’s really great to see you responding to the customers’ opinions. Now please add a time stamp to the features. It would also be great to see the features in anamorphic widescreen if they’re widescreen features. A commentary or interview with Michael Raven would also be a great addition. He has great art direction and vision and it would be really interesting to hear him talk about creating his movies.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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