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Li'l QTs

Li'l QTs

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Li'l QTs:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Li'l QTs overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Li'l QTs Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Li'l QTs Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Li'l QTs Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Li'l QTs Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Li'l QTs DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Li'l QTs A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  6/27/2005
Prologue JSP is on a roll lately, putting out a variety of smut films that appeal to all different corners of the porn market. One thing that strings everything together is that the action is almost always about having a good sport fuck. Everybody usually seems to be having more fun than the law should allow and the resultant video is usually a good watch. I only know a couple of the QT's here, Mika Brown and Olivia Winters, but it probably doesn't matter. I'm expecting good fucking and real orgasms. Anything less would be a surprise.
The video opens up on the beautiful face of Olivia Winters. She's going to fuck, suck and lick. The lick part comes in because she's being paired with Hispanic looking, blonde tressed, Lyric. Slayer and Olivia go out to the pool to join her and the girls get cozy with each other on a swing for two. Lyric gets up to pull her panties off and Olivia gets right to the licking she promised. A few quick passes and she's sitting back on the swing offering up her own muffin for tasting. They don't really follow through on this too much before the girls are walking into the house, hand in hand, and kneeling before Slayer's big, hard cock. The girls share the rod and then start to put on a show for Slayer, Olivia going down on Lyric. Justin gets involved, playing with Olivia's ass and feeding Lyric some dick. He takes his lubed up cock to Olivia's rear for a little doggy and bends over the little hottie to help her lick some clit. She's a tight fit and it doesn't take much to make Olivia squeal. Lyric gets dogged next and she just backs that ass up on Slayer. Olivia's looking for romance and Slayer puts her head on Lyric's ass so she can clean the pussy juice off his dick. Lyric gets the cock stirring and balls deep slamming Slayer is noted for. Olivia gets to eat out her wet fuckhole. Slayer gets her to lie under Lyric while he gets back to probing her vaginal canal. For some reason Lyric is already talking about doing a cumswap. I don't think Slayer's even gotten started yet. Cut to Olivia sitting on Slayer in CG. Lyric sits on Justin's face. Justin seems to have more dick than Olivia's comfortable with and she winds up sitting on his face and letting Lyric ride the pony. She has no problem taking it all and enjoys herself on it. Slayer picks both women up at the same time, thrusting into Lyric and giving Olivia a ride at the same time. He drops them on the couch and fucks Olivia in mish. Slayer starts to feed her some serious meat while Lyric strums Olivia's clit. Lyric gets hers in mish and she just spreads wide for the deep strokes. Slayer starts doing push-ups into her pussy and cums on the girl's faces. They kiss and swap a little. Slayer goes back to fucking Lyric's wet pussy for a little bit as the girls are basking in the afterglow.
Pretty, long legged Jasmine Cashmere is walking around a parking lot in an obscenely short, strapless, red dress and black boots. Actually, it's barely more than a tube top and probably qualifies as underwear. She stops in an alley to shake her moneymaker and flash some pussy. Slayer whips it out there and Jasmine squats for a POV bj. She's got skills and takes some nice runs down his shaft. He gives her a hand getting deep until she signals him to desist. Jasmine stands up and strokes her engorged little nubbin. Slayer fucks her standing up, face to face, and Jasmine's ass looks like a goose pimple factory. She turns and bends for doggy and the pleasure is palpable as she takes his full length. Jasmine starts walking to the house in a hurry to really get down, but Slayer stops her at the steps to play some more. She runs into the laundry room and gets back to the oral loving she was giving him before. She gives his nutsack some special attention and points her exposed rear at Slayer again. He takes her up on the invitation in standing doggy. Everything is still POV. Jasmine's loving that cock, taking it's full length repeatedly. She hops up on a washing machine for some mish. The intense look on her face and hard clit rubbing bespeaks a major storm brewing in this lovely woman's body. They finally switch out of POV so Slayer can really get his "F" on. Jasmine helps by propping herself up on her hands and bringing that hot pussy to him. He picks her up for some flying and some extra deep thrusts. Back on the ground, they resume in standing doggy. There's a change of lighting for a short period, making everything go blue and muddy. Slayer pulls out and gives Jasmine some joy juice for her face. Some PCH and lip smacking as she revels in his taste. She walks outside with his cum hanging off of her chin and tells Justin that they're not done. She walks into the living room of their apartment and the scene ends. This picks up again in the bonus sex on the second disk. They really should have strung it all together because these two were on fire for each other and didn't want to let it go.
Another long, lean QT, Vanessa, gives us some nice views of her pussy. She approaches Slayer and releases the hound. Vanessa squats and starts some no hands sucking to his almost rigid tool. Cut to Vanessa bending over and exposing her hot, pink gash for Justin to take a few licks of. The settle into a 69 and Vanessa explores her mouth with his cock and gets him nice and wet with her slobber. Cut to Justin eating at the "Y" and spearing her lubed pussy in mish. Her pussy cream gets flowing and Slayer gets deep. He picks her up for a short flight where he hammers her a little. Back down on the couch he starts to drive Vanessa through it but it doesn't last long enough. Justin sticks his head in her ass and then has her sit on him in RC. There's some back stiffening thrusting before the position breaks down. Cut to CG, Slayer smacking her ass up a little to lively up the ride. He lays back and Vanessa does start to ride for her pleasure. Slayer rolls her back into mish and drives that pussy hard. Vanessa gives him free reign as she's really feeling it. She gets on the floor for doggy with Slayer providing a cushion for her mid-section. He thumbs her bunghole and spears her receptive pussy, smacking that ass up as he goes. Vanessa takes a furious pounding here, then a cut to push-ups in her prone body with Slayer pulling out to cum on her cheek. They do more fucking in doggy, Slayer fucking Vanessa's prone body again and cumming on her other cheek. Some PCH to the fade.
Mika Brown is a pretty girl who's been making the rounds lately. She's a little ragged body wise but still an attractive package. Big dick sucking lips stand out on her exotic mix of a face. Mika walks around showing off her long legs and pierced clit, just barely visible under her very short, pink dress. She sits down to show her pretty petals of pussy lips and well used pink hole. Mika's doubly pierced down there and turns her ass toward the camera for another view. She shows her tits, which also have piercings and a hint of tongue shows a stud there, too. Slayer's cock makes it's way into a mouth that looks like it was designed for sucking, both by nature and enhancement. He pulls her hand away so he can stir his cock inside her throat. Mika bobs on it sexily, trying to maintain the depth. Slayer does some face fucking, then plants his cock in Mika's cunt in mish with her legs pulled all the way back and out. He's not sparing her the rod either, as his balls are banging her butt. Mika spends a good amount of time with her ass facing the sky and Slayer sitting himself all the way into her womb. He licks her hole and re-enters from the side. They move to doggy and he slams her pussy hard while holding her arms like reins. Cut to Mika riding the pony in CG and looking like she wants to get her freak on. She has pretty good energy here and squeals when Slayer picks up the pace. He sets her back down for another deep mish and push-ups into her totally exposed hole. As is his habit, Slayer pulls out and just makes it to Mika's face to deposit his load into her waiting mouth. Not particularly large, but thick. Mika plays with it to end the scene.
Beverly and Vida get out of an SUV and walk across the grounds holding each other while we get a ground's eye view of a couple of nice asses. Bev takes a lick of Vida's big tits and the girls put on an ass display for the camera. After spreading her pussy lips for us, Vida gets to her knees to suck on Slayer's hard cock. Beverly divests herself of clothing while her friend gets busy, then joins in on the fun, grabbing the hose away, then collaborating on the oral treats. Beverly is adorable with a cute face, nice ass and legs. Vida has that Eartha Kitt vibe going. Foxy without being particularly pretty. Extremely sexy with a body that begs to be plundered. Justin gets them into a bedroom and he and Vida congregate at Beverly's ass while she sucks some dick. Slayer pulls her onto him in CG and Vida rides his tongue. Bev gets some hot hip action going and you know this girl likes to fuck. She's got great, natural tits, too. Vida slides down so that she and Bev are in an embrace while the CG ride continues. Cut to doggy on Beverly with Vida also presenting her ass in wait. Slayer slides over to give Vida her fair share of dick and Slayer tags that pussy. Cut to RC and a ferocious slamming, P2OGM while Vida's licking her own tits, and a side entry while Slayer and Bev kiss. She keeps her mouth available while Justin plunders her friends hot twat. We find out just how hot that hole is when Slayer can't hold on and shoots his load all over Beverly's face and Vida's ass. Vida feels cheated on the cum, so Beverly shares some with her. Slayer's not finished, so he pins Vida's legs back and fucks her pussy some more. There's a wet, raunchy mess down there and Beverly sticks her tongue right in there, taking in the melange of flavors. Slayer drives Vida to a hot orgasm, then pulls Beverly over for some fun in her hole. Vida prepares her with spit and polishes Slayer's sword, doing some deep throat action. She lubes Bev up with the mess in her mouth and Slayer taps her pussy in doggy. Vida's totally turned on watching this as she plays with herself. Slayer does his push-ups, then rocks Beverly in a slow doggy before moving over to Vida, fucking her through the credit rolls and moving back to Beverly for more prone doggy and a final cumshot for their faces.

Bonus Scene

Melodee is introduced to the opening strains of Don Henley's "New York Minute". I wonder if that means that things are going to turn on her suddenly. She's pretty and a little bit thick. In the bonus footage she claims to have spent a year as a personal trainer and she looks like her body has seen some buff days, but she's been slacking off. Her thighs rub together when she walks, which is pretty hot looking. Her breasts look to be tastefully enhanced. Cut to Melodee sucking Nat Turnher's hard dick. She's fully clothed in a red dress and sporting a bracelet that attaches to a ring on her left hand. I don't know why I mentioned that, it just looks kind of sexy. Nat opens her top up so he can look at her tits while she's servicing him. Melodee's using plenty of spit to make the bj nasty and she shows some athletic ability by just bending at the waist to blow Nat from an otherwise standing position. When she settles between his loins on the floor, her dress comes down. She and Nat are making good eye contact and share a few giggles between themselves. Melodee hops onto his spit lubed cock in CG. Her pussy cream covers his cock as she does the dance of lust on it. She gets back to sucking him again and takes another ride in RC. Nice shots of her body full on. Melodee seems to be enjoying this dicking and her juices are coating Nat. Cut to doggy with Melodee's ass doing a nice shake from the forceful pounding. Cut to a side entry turning to mish. Another cut and Melodee's on the floor awaiting the cum delivery. Nat shoots his load into her mouth and Melodee sucks the rest out. She smiles and tells Slayer, the cameraman, her name again.
Epilogue This video didn't turn out exactly as I thought it would. It started with a scene that was held back and ultimately hamstrung by Olivia Winters. She just never really got into it and didn't give herself up physically. She kind of came off like a baby and at one point in the BTS when she was going on about an inadvertant kick, Lyric told her to shut up and get on the dick. It's a shame because she's really pretty and I would have loved to see her lit up. Jasmine Cashmere and Slayer had chemistry to spare and lots of passion. The failure of this scene was that it ended. When things really kicked into high gear they saved the resultant footage for the extra sex. It's nice to have it, but you left us hanging in the feature. Slayer got in some good scenes with Vanessa and Mika Brown but nothing remarkable. Beverly and Vida finished the regular feature with a bang. Probably the most complete and satisfying scene of the video. Melodee and Nat didn't light any fires in the bonus scene, which surprised me because, based on her part of the BTS, I figured Melodee for a real firecracker. All told, a decent but flawed effort.
The Disk Evil Angel has taken to releasing double disk sets, so you can imagine there's plenty here to peruse. The aforementioned bonus scene as well as extra sex/BTS. Cast list and trailers and the Evil Angel fetish menu. There's also a photo gallery on disk 1.
Recommendation It's worth a rental.

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