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Studio: Vivid Wave
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Lifeguard:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Lifeguard overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Lifeguard Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Lifeguard Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Lifeguard Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lifeguard Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lifeguard DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Lifeguard A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  1/10/2002
Cast: Jennifer Stewart, Heather Sinclair ("Heather St. Clair" on box), Danielle Rogers, Casey ("Cerrise" aka K.C. Williams), Devon Shire, Sean Michaels ("Andre Shields"), Lance Haywood ("Lance Carrington"), Randy Spears and Jon Dough

Director: Paul Thomas

Production date: 12/1/00 (box); 4/27/00 (opening statement); 1990 (VHS release)

Length: 76 min.

Extras: Ten previews and 24 bonus scenes. This is a double-sided disc, with most of the extras on the flip side. I am unable to find the biographies advertised on the box.

Audio/visual quality: During portions of this feature, the audio is imperfectly synched with the video (the actors' mouths move first, and their voices follow a fraction of a second later). Video noise disrupts the picture in a few places, but it's extremely brief and not highly noticeable. Crew members' shadows are occasionally visible. Emphasis is placed on medium length shots, with above average attention to facial expressions. Audio balance generally favors the music; the third and fourth scenes contain music only (no sex sounds). Ambient sounds (airplanes, cars and something apparently knocked over by an off-camera crewperson) are a minor problem. These noises are partially blocked by the subtle sound of birds singing in the background.

Why I chose this DVD: I received a complimentary copy.

First impression: It's hard to imagine a safer, friendlier adult DVD for first-time viewers. More experienced viewers may also like this DVD, since the documentary style is quite different from standard porn.

Scene highlights: Paul Thomas (P.T.) created this feature with the intent of showing adult film actors "as real people...and who they really are inside." He interviews nine young performers, and we learn their opinions concerning their careers, relationships, personal sexual preferences, exhibitionism, hygiene and more. Along the way, we also enjoy five brief yet authentic sex scenes.

The first scene introduces Jennifer Stewart to Jon Dough. They share a picnic in a park, and Jennifer discusses the virtues of doing scenes with "safe" married men. Jon helps position her for oral, followed by a slow, sensuous blow job (no spitting), missionary and doggie. P.T. asks if she'll take the cum in her mouth; after she agrees, he teases her by saying, "Then give the cameraman a great big kiss!" Jennifer keeps her eyes shut through most of this scene. Normally this is a sign of disinterest, but given her natural shyness and inexperience, it's rather endearing here.

Danielle Rogers doesn't have any problems keeping her eyes open for Randy Spears. (And I can see why; he's such a charming scamp, even if he is addicted to nicotine...) Her special little black outfit consists of a bowler hat, ballet top and lacy thong. They stand in front of a full-length mirror, caressing and staring at her breasts. Later the hat ends up on his head. (The mainstream film The Unbearable Lightness of Being has a similar scene, in case you're feeling a odd sense of deja vu.) Danielle gives Randy a slow, sensuous blow job (no spitting), they masturbate individually while maintaining eye contact, and they work through at least four different positions--missionary, cowgirl, lap sit and doggie--before he pops on her gracefully arched back. Both Randy (in this scene) and Sean (in the last scene) manage to climax from the penetration alone; there's no cutaway shot and virtually no jerking off for either of these pros.

Casey (platinum blonde) and Devon Shire (dark brunette) are two sweet young ladies who engage in a little mutual pleasuring at the beach. There's nothing nasty or sweaty here, just slow undressing, fondling, mouth kissing and oral lovemaking. If either actress climaxes, it's not very evident, which makes the scene feel entirely too short.

Jennifer has never done a three-way before, but P.T. convinces her to try one with Heather Sinclair and Lance Haywood. The two gorgeous blondes play with each other, while Lance maps out his plan of action. The ladies' 69 is especially nice, and it's followed by a two-on-one blow job for Lance, doggie and missionary for Heather, and oral and fingering for Jennifer. When Lance comes, he simultaneously squirts Heather's face and Jennifer's behind.

The last scene finally reveals the meaning of the movie's name. When Jennifer worked as a lifeguard, she sometimes watched an athletic dark-skinned man running on her beach. Although she was deeply attracted to him, she never worked up the nerve to introduce herself. In the interviews, this leads to a nice discussion of interracial issues. Sean Michaels believes in the artistic merit of contrasting dark and light skin, and he's quite happy to help Jennifer forget her old regrets. He carries her to the beach, where their couples-friendly lovemaking includes kissing, slow undressing, a blow job for him, oral for her, missionary and doggie.

Thumbs up: All of the performers project a wholesome presence. Some have extensive dance training, which is evident in their graceful bodylines. Make-up and wardrobe are pleasantly unfussy. The women all have natural breasts or tasteful implants (i.e. within reasonable human proportions). The look here represents a transition between Golden Age and late 90s porn--tattoos and multiple body piercings are remarkably absent, but public hair is neatly shaved. Jon Dough makes one joking comment that he's high; but it's probably safe to assume he means a "natural high," because all the performers appear alert and intelligent. I rarely give five star ratings of any kind, but frankly it's hard to imagine a better-looking group of people.

The interviews provide good details about the lives of each individual without going overboard (pardon the pun). Jennifer Stewart gets the most screen time; she's the star. But beyond that, a roughly equal amount of attention is devoted to both male and female performers. That's a nice touch, because the men do make some interesting, insightful and often humorous remarks. (Jon Dough admits that the business has taught him to enjoy jerking off.)

Thumbs down: Regarding sets, this is a zero-budget movie. The indoor scene appears to take place in a real bedroom. It's rather cluttered, with baseball hats decorating the wall and stacks of magazines crammed under the bed. (Hmmm, I wonder...what are those magazines for?) The outdoor scenes are nice, except that the same dang blanket appears every time. (Gee, I hope somebody washed it in between performances!)

All 24 bonus scenes are brief (typically four minutes), and the original source material is unidentified. The quality of the bonus scenes ranges from substandard to downright offensive: lots of problems with low or bizarre lighting, mushy focus, film grain, butt ugly men, ass zits, verbal abuse and electronic porno tunes (the horrific music we love to hate). If this truly represents what Vivid Wave has to offer, I would advise caution when shopping for their other DVD titles (especially since the ten previews look only slightly better). You should, however, check out the web site ad, which is so bad it's funny. (I love it when the ladies cheer, "Cowabunga, dude!").

Themes: Documentary, straight, lesbian, three-way, interracial, newcomers, oral, facial, toys (one vibrator only).

Juice-o-meter: Low. Paul Thomas claims that when we meet the stars as real people, it "brings a great deal of excitement to the sex scenes." This DVD only partially fulfills that promise, since the scenes are rather short and heavily intercut with the interview footage.

Final analysis: If you or your partner have never seen adult entertainment before (and you've somehow stumbled across this review), please consider watching this feature. Despite its flaws, it does provide a gentle and thoughtful introduction to this type of material. Also, if you happen to be a fan of any of the performers here, Lifeguard is almost certainly worth your time. Just skip over the extras.

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