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Life, The (Wicked)

Life, The (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Flash's ratings for Life, The (Wicked):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Life, The (Wicked) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Life, The (Wicked) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Life, The (Wicked) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Life, The (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Life, The (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Life, The (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Life, The (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by Flash  on  9/7/2003

The Life

A disc review by Flash
Release Specs:

Distributor: Wicked
Edition Details: Standard
MSRP: $27.85
DVD Release Date: April 2, 2003

Movie Specs:

Feature Film
Run Time: 80 minutes
Rated: XXX
Release Year: 2000
Director: Eli Cross
Written by: Bridget Scrivener
Cast: Kylie Ireland, Lola, Inari Vachs, Aurora Snow, Taylor St. Claire, Mike Horner, Byron Long, Mickey G., Sharon Kane, Eric Frost, Robert April, Joel Lawrence

      Disc Specs:

Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround, English 2.0 Commentary
Subtitles: none
Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1
Video Format: NTSC
Regional Code: 0 (All)
Disc: DVD 9 (SS, DL)
Special Features: Audio Commentary, Photo Gallery, Bloopers, Star Galleries, All Access: The Making of The Life, Interview with Sharon Kane, Interview with Aurora Snow, Star Stats, Promotional Materials, Trailers
DVD-ROM Special Features: Wicked Casino, Wicked Web, Wicked Awards - Winners and Nominations, Company Profile, Wallpaper

menu screen Synopsis:
Reporter Gloria (Kylie Ireland) joins a brothel, run by Denise (Sharon Kane) to get a story which bugs and causes distension between her and her girlfriend Penny (Inari Vachs) as Gloria used to be a prostitute in the past and Penny thinks that she is returning to the life.

The Life is presented with an English 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround track, which sounds nice.  There isn't much in the movie that takes advantage of the surround, but the elements that do add to the viewing experience and makes the movie sound better than your standard porno.  The dialog can be heard at all times during the movie.  Wicked has also included an English 2.0 commentary track but hasn't included any foreign language tracks or any subtitle options for the movie.

The Life is presented in the full screen aspect ratio of 1.33:1, which appears to be the original aspect ratio for the feature film.  Wicked is known for their pristine transfers of their newer films, but they have made a slight error with this one.  There are a few places during the film where part of the color palate appears to be missing and there the images appear with minor pixels present in them.  This only seems to happen on some of the darker shots in the movie.  In only occurs in a few places in the movie, so it isn't a constant problem, but it is noticeable enough to be distracting when it does occur.  Other than that, the video doesn't contain any issues and provides a decent viewing experience.  

screen shot Special Features:
As per their norm, Wicked has loaded the disc with extras, most of which relate to the feature movie.  First up are the extras that relate to the feature movie.  There is a feature length audio commentary track with director Eli Cross and star Kylie Ireland, which makes for a good listen.  There is a photo gallery with 34 stills on a track.  There is a four minute bloopers reel with flubs and fuck-ups from the cast.  There are star galleries for Kylie Ireland, with 19 stills on a track, Aurora Snow, with 19 stills on a track, Inari Vachs, with 10 stills on a track, Lola, with 20 stills on a track, and Taylor St. Claire, with 17 stills on a track.  The best extra by far is All Access: The Making of The Life, which is a 20 minute in depth making of the film featurette.  There is a one-and-a-half minute interview with Sharon Kane along with a one-and-a-half minute interview with Aurora Snow.  There are star stats, which used to be known as audio bios on past Wicked discs, which include text information, pictures, a link to the scene and a Wicked filmography for Kylie Ireland, Aurora Snow, Inari Vachs, Lola, Taylor St. Claire, Joel Lawrence and Mike Horner.

Now onto the extras that don't relate to the feature movie.  There are the promotional materials, which are the adult expo and convention reels for Wicked Pictures from 1998, 1999, 2000 and the Essential Elements reel.  There are also trailers on the disc for Flashpoint, Crazed, Heartache, Double Feature! and Dream Quest.

screen shot DVD-ROM Special Features:
Wicked has included their standard DVD-ROM extras on the disc.  There is the Wicked Web, which is a gateway link to Wicked’s website. There is also links to the extras Wicked Awards - Winners and Nominations and Company Profile, which are now kept on Wicked's website instead of the disc.  Also included is the Wicked Casino, which is a free casino program that you have to install on your computer that allows you to play casino style games online against opponents for Wicked Cash or just by yourself for fun. The available casino games are Black Jack, Roulette, Baccarat, Slots and Poker.  There is also a Wicked theme wallpaper for your PC available on the disc.

Disc Design/Navigation:
The disc is designed with slightly complex animated menus that feature a nice looking short animation between menus.  There is some great guitar music in the background for them as well.  There are 10 chapters available from the chapter menu.  Each one is identified by a video clip.  Wicked has even included a chapter for the end credits, which I always love.  There are 20 chapter stops within the movie itself.  There is a time code encoded on the disc for the feature movie.

General Review:
The Life is a feature style film, although there isn't much to the story.  The movie is more of the progression of one night than actually trying to tell a full tale.  This isn't to say that the story is bad, as it isn't I actually found it to be rather intriguing.  It just isn't highly developed nor does it take the viewer that far.  The movie basically consists of going through a night at the brothel and in between the customer visits, we get to see the interactions of the prostitutes.  The way it is presented works very well though.

screen shot I also like the way that the movie was shot.  The sex scenes are all in color whereas the portions between the sex scenes, showing the interactions of the prostitutes or background information, are all shot in black and white.  It gives the movie a different feel yet doesn't preclude the viewer from getting to see their sex in full color.  This isn't the first time that a Wicked Pictures movie has been done in this style.  Jonathan Morgan's Double Feature! and it's sister film The Bride of Double Feature! were shot in a similar manner, but not many adult movies are shot this way so it makes the movie stand out as being more original.

The female cast looks great and not only do a great job with their sex scenes, but also do a decent job with the script material as well.  The males are good looking as well, with an exception, but they also fit their roles, which makes up for the exception.  The sex scenes are well done.  The sex is tame, as per Wicked's norm, but it looks good and is enjoyable to watch.  The music may be louder during the sex scenes than some viewers might like though as it cuts down on what you can hear from the cast.  The sexual themes in the movie are vaginal sex with blow jobs, pussy eating (male to female, female to female), hand jobs, pussy fingering, hookers, lesbianism, male masturbation, female masturbation and vaginal toy use.  For viewers that care about condom use, there are condoms used in all of the sex scenes.

screen shot Scene Synopsis:
The first scene features Lola and Mickey G. and starts out with Lola giving Mickey a blow job that is already in progress when the scene starts.  In a great touch to the scene, which isn't normally witnessed in adult movies, the condom application is worked into the sex scene before they go into the vaginal sex.  To end the scene, Mickey cums on Lola's belly.

The second scene features Aurora Snow and Mike Horner.  After working Aurora's body over a little, Mike starts eating her pussy.  Then he fingers her pussy a little before going back down for some more oral action.  Then they go into the vaginal sex.  To end the scene, Aurora gives Mike a hand job until he cums on her breasts.

The third scene features Taylor St. Claire, Bryon Long and Eric Frost.  The scene starts out with Taylor giving Bryon a blow job.  Then she gives both of them a blow job.  Following that, Bryon goes in for some vaginal sex and Eric disappears from the scene.  There is no cum shot at the end of the scene.

The fourth scene features Kylie Ireland and Byron Long and the scene starts out with Byron eating Kylie's pussy.  He also manages to work in some pussy fingering before they switch and Kylie gives him a blow job.  She follows up the blow job with a quick hand job before, like in the first scene, the condom application is worked into the scene.  Then they go into the vaginal sex.  They switch into some anal sex and to end the scene, Byron cums between Kylie's breasts.

screen shot The fifth scene features Kylie Ireland, Lola and Joel Lawrence and the scene starts out with Lola eating Kylie's pussy while Joel watches and masturbates.  Then Joel starts having vaginal sex with Lola while Kylie sits on her face for some oral attention.  Then Joel gets some vaginal sex from Kylie while Lola works her over and masturbates.  He switches back to having sex with Lola and then to finish the scene, Joel cums on Lola's ass.

The sixth and final scene in the movie features Kylie Ireland and Inari Vachs and the scene starts out with Kylie working over Inari's body for a little before Kylie goes down for some pussy eating.  Then Kylie fingers Inari's pussy for a little before they switch and Kylie gets eaten out and fingered.  Then Inari pulls out a toy and uses it vaginally on Kylie and they switch again and Kylie uses a different toy on Inari vaginally.

Parting Thoughts:
Although The Life will be forgotten in the annuls of adult film history over time, it is still an enjoyable movie to watch featuring a nice looking cast and some fun sex scenes.  Viewers that don't like anything to interrupt their sex scenes or dislike tame sex scenes will want to pass on this title.  Viewers that like a little more from their adult movies than just sex and like to see adult movies with a slightly different feel should check this title out, either via renting it or purchasing it if they can find it for a decent price.



The screen shots present in the review have been reduced in size and quality and are not meant to be representative of the quality of the picture on the disc.  All attempts have been made to keep them in the aspect ratio that they are presented on the disc in.  They are included to give the viewer a feel for the disc and the film.  MSRP prices are taken from the manufacturer's website at the time of writing, if the manufacturer's website doesn't give pricing, the prices are automatically given as $39.95.

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