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Life Of Riley

Life Of Riley

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Life Of Riley:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Life Of Riley overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Life Of Riley Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Life Of Riley Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Life Of Riley Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Life Of Riley Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Life Of Riley DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Life Of Riley A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/24/2011
Alright porn fans got a new Wicked movie here and it's directed and written by Randy Spears. It features three of the Wicked girls including Stormy Daniels who I've not seen perform in awhile so I'm really looking forward to watching her again plus you add in Kirsten and Kaylani so the dialogue should be handled pretty well with these ladies. The story centers on Stormy who has achived some fame/ forture and we watch as she along with her close friends deal with this change. Also add in a stalking fan to the mix and Stormy faces a little danger too. Time to get into the story & sex.

Kaylani Lei:

Wicked movies are often good with one of the main girls giving us some voice over guidance to help start the movie off and Stormy does so here. It helps also we enjoy some nice eye candy as Stormy gets ready in front of the bathroom mirror. As we listen to Stormy is certainly seems she is not happy about the price she's paying for this fame and money. So we leave Stormy who doesn't know how afraid she should be and leave that to head to Brad Armstrong and Kaylani Lei who I think are waiting for Stormy to arrive but they have a time for a quickie! Some pussy and ass licking from Brad as we get a good open shot to her pussy/ ass area plus he adds in a few fingers. The two switch places then as Kaylani indulges herself sucking on Brad's cock. Reverse, doggie and mish make up the sex which ends with a pop just above her shaved pussy.

Stormy arrives at the house, not sure if it's the same one with Brad & Kaylani but we have Kirsten there who it would appear is Stormy's assitant and she goes over the daily agenda which doesn't seem to interest Stormy all that much. The mail holds another stalker letter plus some party invites all of which Stormy says no to. Kaylani then walks by and Stormy tells Kirsten she wants her gone as in fired. Brad then comes in and wants to do some business but Stormy seems intent on getting hammered as she asked for a double from Kirsten. So far Stormy's character is coming off as a real bitch. Stormy delivers more inner monologue going over in her head how her life is going, how the fame has seemingly changed everyone around her-- they all see her as a cash machine now so she's wary of trusting anyone plus you add in the stalker letters which unsettle her even more.

Stormy Daniels:

Stormy then gets on the phone with her man and she doesn't know it but he's actually in the room and the two soon embrace. The mood change in Stormy's character is noticeable too, she trusts this guy or at least wants to fuck him really bad! We soon get some naked time with Stormy and damn her boobs as good as I remember. Brendon does a great job kissing them as well as massaging over her pussy. He removes the pink thong and gets right to it eating her pussy. The change in her demeanor is night and day, sex can do that! The blowjob was good and we get a nice in close side view here. Mish, doggie and cowgirl make up the sex which ends with Brendon splooging on her ass and Stormy reaches back for a taste. Nice to see she's not so unhappy all the time.

We move on to the next day and Stormy is back to being her normal not so nice self arranging a interview but not at her house. As she's going through the mail there's another stalker letter and this time we see what it says- typical stalker mail- I'm coming 4 U, that sorta thing and Stormy is visibly upset. Cut to later that day and both Brendon and Brad are on hand commenting on this latest letter. Brendon is less worried while Brad is much more concerned and think her house needs bette security. Brad suggests bringing in some outside protection and he might know someone. She even has a slightly awkward conversation with Brendon as they ate a meal so this whole fame/ stalker thing is starting to take a toll-- Stormy needs a break.

Kirsten Price:

The action then shifts to Kirsten who enters a bedroom with Danny Mountain and guess who the topic of conversation is, Stormy and how this whole fame thing has changed her and not for the better according to Kirsten. Danny urges patience but my focus is shifting to Kirsten who undresses, loved the black lace bra and then that goes along with the panties as they crawl into bed. Kissing which quickly moves to Kirsten engulfing his cock and she's got a little pep in her step here. A pretty fast moving scene as the scene gets going fast'n'furious with cowgirl, spoon and then mish all of which were fast paced with some great boob dancing from Kirsten's tits. The pop was really good too but sadly it was blasted up her belly rather than a facial which would have really rocked. Kirsten does offer up some good cleanup.

Back to the stalking storyline and we have Nick Manning enter the movie and guess he's the special OPs guy who will handle her extra security now. Nick makes some recommendations on some immediate improvements and he'll conduct some on sight interviews as well, could be someone close to Stormy who has it in for her. Later that night Stormy does more reflecting internally and we listen as she tells us about erecting walls between herself and others. How her relationship with Kirsten had changed for the worse and even Brendon her rockstar boytoy she couldn't really trust so she is feeling more alone now than ever. Stormy realizes that she's played a part too in putting herself in this vulnerable situation. As she reflects more her thoughts turn to Kirsten and how things used to be between them.

Stormy & Kirsten:

So we go back in time, about a year, to a time when Stormy and Kirsten were much closer and we see Stormy was a much better person to be around. The ladies decide that talk was nice but they both gave in and had a little play time. Some nice kissing to the lips and then down to the boobies. Stormy takes the lead here moving quickly down to bury her tongue deep in Kirsten's pussy as we get a pretty good open shot of the action. The ladies do a nice switch to Kirsten placing her face right over Stormy's wet pussy and we get more good oral. A 69 is worked in with Kirsten going up top and loved watching Stormy here attack Kirsten's cookie, like it had been awhile since she'd tasted it. Well this vision fades back to reality and Stormy is alone again. Hmm Stormy tells us she'd dumped Brendon, ok.

Nick comes in and wants to talk to Brendon but Stormy tells him that it's not possible as he's in Canada shooting a rock thing. Nick still wants to talk though and he urges Stormy to have another drink, hmmm wonder what his motivation might be. Nick is shown putting in more cameras and I think Stormy was starting to fall for him, perhaps not the best thing. Stormy liked his no nonsense approach. Well the two sit down near her tennis/basketball court and have a nice talk where Stormy puts it out there that she thinks Nick likes her but doesn't know what to do about it. He walks off.


So we move to later that night and catch up with Kaylani who I guess hasn't been fired yet, lol. She is chatting with Bill Bailey who's Stormy's handyman and she's not willing to have him as a boyfriend but she's willing to fuck as friends! Nice going Kaylani and the two get it on right next to the cool looking pool. Kaylani is good using her jean covered legs to massage over Bill's bulge followed quickly by a side angle shot for the blowjob. Sexwise you get doggie to start and I was a bit surprised to see P2M from Kaylani on the condom covered cock. A nice ride in cowgirl too gets us to the pop which was good but again no facial instead blasted down onto her tits. Guess the sex was pretty good as she changes her mind and wants Bill as her boyfriend now.

Time to resolve this story and we go back to Stormy who is joined by Nick in her room, late at night even. Stormy was hoping he would join her and the two seem destined to fuck and they do but we're not given the visual. Instead we rejoin the two post fuck and Nick's got this vacant stare on his face while Stormy seemed quite pleased with the proceedings but things get dark real quick as Nick lets it slip about seeing her in the movies while previously he had said he didn't like tv or the pictures. Stormy must have had an inkling something might be up because just as Nick was about to turn and stab her with the huge knife he had uncovered we get a blast from behind and it was Stormy putting a bullet in his back. We end the movie with Kirsten back in her life and she even tries to take the fall for Stormy but the cop comes to collect them both- I think the gun powder residue on Stormy's hands would be a dead give away of her firing a weapon so nice try Kirsten but it won't work. Anyway the movie ends pretty much right there so we don't know the ultimate resolution but I think Stormy would obviously get no jail time for this justifiable shooting and maybe she'll become a better friend again to those closest around, let them in a bit more. So there you have it.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

A decent story with two scenes apiece from Kirsten, Kaylani and Stormy- great to see her work again. The Nick character coming in at the end was good and it wasn't to much of a shock that he turned out to be the stalker but nothing in his behavior until after he and Stormy fucked gave any indication really that he was the nut job. The extras don't offer up a whole lot but there is a bonus scene with Stormy who takes on Brendon Miller from something called Wicked Digital 3- not sure if that's a movie or not but it's a good chance to watch this lovely lady do her thing one more time. Certainly worth a rental for the cast and that fact you get two scenes each from these sexy gals.

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