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Lewd Lube Jobs

Lewd Lube Jobs

Studio: Suze Randall
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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Boner Jams's ratings for Lewd Lube Jobs:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Lewd Lube Jobs overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Lewd Lube Jobs Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Lewd Lube Jobs Male looks rating 1 star
Sex Lewd Lube Jobs Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lewd Lube Jobs Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lewd Lube Jobs DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lewd Lube Jobs A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Boner Jams  on  12/1/2007
Suze Randall's "Lewd Lube Jobs" first caught the discerning eye of Boner Jams with its clever title. As far as Porn Title Hall of Fame, this one should be up there with a recent review of mine, Wicked's "Asshole Casserole" compilation. If I had a job of sitting around and coming up with funny porn titles, I'd be the luckiest man in the world. After chuckling at this flick's title, I popped it into my dvd player and soon found that the talent on this dvd more than makes up for a silly title.

Scene 1-Brittney Skye & Renee: The opening scene kicks off with Brittney and Renee standing over a shirtless mechanic in a garage setting. Brittney is pretty much always a good time for me, and this is no exception. Wearing a white tanktop with the straps pulled into between her cleavage, Brittney looks very appealing with grease smudges on her shiny midriff and sexy jeans. Renee isn't half-bad either: pink skull and crossbones half shirt and the miniest black leather skirt in history. The women kiss and tease each other gently before deciding to include the mechanic in the festivities. Renee immediately squats on his face as Brittney frees his shaft from his pants. The women share a blowjob on the lucky bastard before Brittney removes her pants to sit on his face. They take turns riding his cock in reverse CG before he stands Brittney up and fucks her while Renee rubs Brittney's clit. He bends Brittney over the car and doinks her from behind, all the while Renee is playing with herself. Brittney's ass looks so round and inviting in this position, damn. He fucks Renee in various standing positions to make up for the lack of attention before sitting on a couch with Brittney bouncing on his lap and groaning loudly. Renee climbs aboard next. We are given an awesome artsy shot of the camera lens looking down at Renee's face as she slowly thrusts up and down on the guy's pole. Pretty unique angle for porn and pretty enjoyable. Some fucking on their sides for both girls, followed by Renee riding him a bit more. Lots of oral assistance by each girl as he fucks the other...very sexy. He finally cums on Brittney's exposed chest and pretty much misses Renee's perky tits completely. Hot scene!

Scene 2-Kirsten Price: Kirsten is a pretty brunette with wavy hair and really nice legs. She gives a sloppy blowjob as the guy holds her hair to push and pull her head...either you like that or you don't. She takes his impressive size with little difficulty, this gal has skills. He returns the favor briefly by lapping at her folds before entering her via standing missionary. They move into standing doggy for way, way too short of a time before she swallows his weiner again in a kneeling bj. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are up next; both are natural positions for such a sexy and toned woman. They enjoy a very nice doggy session (finally!) followed by some side scissors. He jerks himself off onto her face, shooting a nice load on her eye and cheek. This girl was a newcomer to my library, but I believe her section will increase in volume very soon.

Scene 3-Puma Swede: Puma is a beautiful Nordic blonde who has always been on my radar but I've never honed in on. She's always just been there for me, but I hope this scene will change her standing in my book. The scene begins with an awkward interview (sorry, her accent is unintentionally hilarious) before she takes her white fishnet top off. She does have a breathtaking body...platinum blonde hair, very large breasts, long tanned legs. She gives a somewhat timid but still sexy blowjob before they get down to sex business. I have to watch the scene on mute. "Ah, yeah! Don't stop, just keep on fuckin!" she says in that comic Swedish accent. He fucks her mish with her legs held up and together. This is a very hot position for such a tall and leggy woman. She rides him reverse CG which doesn't do much. Next though, is doggy which is usually a personal fave to watch. Lots of hair pulling and kissing during the position, which I have to say is pretty decent. She straddles his lap with her feet pulled up onto his lower thighs, displaying her sexy black strappy heels. Tommy likey! She makes him cum in her mouth before holding her ample breasts together and letting the mouthful run out and between her cleavage. Wow!

Scene 4-Kimmie Kreme: Kimmy is a pretty but average light blonde woman. She bears a mild facial resemblance to Britney Spears. Another short interview before the male goof walks in and goes down on her. I can't take this guy seriously with his GI Joe bandana and John Lennon-styled sunglasses. Hey dude, either you're Corey Hart or you forgot to take the shades off indoors! He fingers her with the patented two-finger thumbs up technique, pausing occasionally to shove his hand into her mouth. She climbs onto the couch to kneel doggy-style to present her pussy to him. Of course, he takes this prime opportunity to fill her up with his thumb. Someone teach this guy about the birds about the bees! I don't much care for thumb porn, I've discovered. Finally, a kind passerby offscreen tells him to fuck her. He obliges, pumping his cock into her waiting snatch. He holds her hair during a brief blowjob. She gives great oral. Side scissors on the couch leads to RCG before they slide back into the familiar doggy position. Fucking her from behind on the couch leads to a perfect segueway into the cumshot. He pulls out and walks around to the side of the couch to...wait! No, just kidding! He jerks his pud for a bit before deciding he's not ready yet. More doggy accented by her throaty and raspy "Oh fuck! Ah, fuck! Oh, fuck!" bring him to the point where he pulls out, stands on the couch, and waits for her to bring her face around. When she does, he grabs her hair and begins fucking her mouth, pausing only to slap her. They fuck in a few other positions interspersed with very brief cunnilingus. By this point though, I'm disgusted with the guy and bored with the scene. When he finally sprays clear droplets of seminal fluid onto her smallish bust, I'm yawning. Poor girl, she deserved much better in a costar.

Scene 5-Lacie Heart: Finally we have the oft-imitated porn scene of "woman wants mechanic to hurry and fix her car, offers sex to speed the repair time up"! Lacie is a really sexy young blonde who wants her mechanic to hurry with the repair. To speed the repair time, she begins having sex with him. I think there's a fundamental flaw to this concept of time management, but who am I to complain? She is wearing a sexy red dress which is lifted just enough for the mechanic to service her precious pussy orally. She kneels in front of him and takes his impressive cock into her throat. She gives a very long and amazing blowjob before he finally stands up, bends her over the tool bench, and penetrates her in standing doggystyle. She is a screamer! Her perfect teen tits bounce and sway as she holds on the bench, trying to remain standing during the intense fuck session. After a nice long doggy screw, he sits on a bench and pulls her onto his lap. She bounces enthusiastically, her red bra hanging uselessly around her midsection. She stops to blow him for a while before she climbs back on and rides him in regular cowgirl. If you like hearing a woman groan, moan, scream, Lacie is the woman for you. Brief side scissors leads into cowgirl with him laying on his back. Lacie is a maneater, riding him furiously before rolling over into missionary and taunting him to come all over her face. Like any mortal man, he obliges by squirting a modest amount onto her mouth and cheek. Lacie is a goddess, plain and simple.

Special Features: A bevy of trailers, a standard photo gallery, web access info, a 6 minute Puma Swede masturbation scene, and two stripteases of Kirsten Price and Puma Swede. Better than average features, I'd say.

Overall Impressions: "Lewd Lube Jobs" was a decent dvd but not a must own title. Top scenes were Brittney Skye/Renee and Lacie Heart. Scene to avoid was Kimmie Kreme (or rather, her costar). All in all, two good scenes, two average scenes, one bad scene. If you are a fan of Brittney Skye or Lacie Heart, pick this up for a rental at least. Puma Swede failed to sell me on her overall appeal, but that's a point of personal preference. I may be getting old and cantankerous, but I didn't think the production level was up to par with most of today's high-end porn dvds. There was a bit of random pixellation during a few of the scenes, which may have been intentionally done. I found it distracting. There were many times where the audio didn't sync up correctly, and the chapter skip navigation was horrendous. Overall, I enjoyed watching this because I love porn, not because it was a great dvd.

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