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Letter A Is for Asshole, The

Letter A Is for Asshole, The

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Letter A Is for Asshole, The:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Letter A Is for Asshole, The overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Letter A Is for Asshole, The Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Letter A Is for Asshole, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Letter A Is for Asshole, The Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Letter A Is for Asshole, The Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Letter A Is for Asshole, The DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Letter A Is for Asshole, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/29/2010
Alright fans time for some new fucking courtesy of the Hate Plow Erik Everhard. The guy enjoys the ladies that's no secret and an even bigger non secret is how much he enjoys banging their asses so a new anal flick from Erik is now available for your viewing pleasure. Some top notch hotties too from Missy Stone to Kristina Rose to Shyla Stylze to Tory Lane-- if those four don't excite your cock then I guess I can't help ya. Highlight time.

Larissa Dee:

So we begin with Erik, Pete and James coming into a classroom, guess it's book learning time. The guys seemed bored until Larissa enters, she'll be joining the class for the rest of the semester. Ok she's in a red checkered skirt which is way to short and when she shows everyone on the map where she's from this allows her entire ass to be shown off-- don't U just love learning! Their teacher leaves to do something letting Erik and the boys to get better acquainted with Larissa-- who's reading a porno magazine! He's gone and Larissa makes it quite clear she wants to fuck, the universal language of lust! The guys waste no time, Erik's eating her ass, the cock start coming out and we're off.Some good hard pounding to her pussy gets the show going but soon enough the boys are torpedoing that ass. There is some dp lovin too before the guys are ready to explode which they do inside her ass, creampie style. You see some of the jizz coming out even as the other guys go back in to leave their loads, ewwwww!!!

Missy Stone:

Next scene opens and we're back in the classroom and this time it's Erik as the teacher. Missy comes in wearing not much, skimpy shirt tied above her navel and short blue jean shorts. Missy didn't bring her book to class but she did remember to wear her porn heels! Erik lets her go I think to get her book out of her locker but instead Missy takes the opportunity to go ontop of the roof to enjoy a cigarette-- don't you know those things will kill ya! But Erik finds her on the roof and he doesn't want to but he has to report Missy unless she can convince her otherwise! So they stay on the roof but go into a dingy room where Erik's cock is soon receiving some attention-- now this is the kind of pole you can smoke honey! The classroom downstairs is much more conducive to fucking so the action moves back down there. Erik gets to sample those titties as well as slipping behind to lick that ass. Missy greatly appreciates the attention to her pussy and ass courtesy of Erik's tongue and then his cock comes back into the equation to further her enjoyment. More head followed by a good pounding to that pussy with P2M from Missy. There is some fine anal work too, reverse and finally mish where Erik pulls out and drops the load neatly inside Missy's waiting mouth. Another winner for this young lady.

Kristina Rose:

We close out the first disc with a young lady who is as hot as you can be in the porn biz now. Kristina had a kick ass 2009 and 2010 promises more of the same I think. As the scene opens you see Kristina, James Deen a few other folks who I don't recognize congrugating outside a teachers class. Kristina's got her longer hair here so this scene is a few months old. The door opens and it's Papa Steve Holmes who calls the group in. The class is pretty jealous of Kristina's academic success, such a kiss ass one guy comments. She needs a good hard cock shoved in that mouth is one comment heard. It's a short class as the bell rings with Kristina staying behind. She's going to learn about addition in a more advanced way. You know add Steve's cock to her moist mouth and you get a superbly shot blowjob! Kristina keeps her glasses on but loses parts of her clothes as we get that sweet pussy fucked followed nicely by Steve slipping behind to nail that ass. James comes back to get his notebook, lol, and decides to stay and ADD his cock to the equation! The guys do a fine job taking turns nailing that ass, Kristina keeps up with the excellent cock sucking and she even ADDS her tongue in there for a little man ass licking, ewww! Closing out Kristina does a great job trading off their dicks, sucking and finally it's time to unload all over that pretty smart face of hers. Now time to change discs, more smut!

Tory Lane:

Disc two opens and it's Tory heading the class which consists of Erik and some dude, lol. Well you can guess we lose one student and Erik's made to stay after class, think he's in trouble! If trouble means you get to bury your face in Tory Lane's bust then please let me break whatever rule I have to! Tory furthers his 'torment' by peeling off her slacks revealing a fine looking ass. The purple lingerie was kicking too, black lace stockings and she wore glasses. Erik gets to work on his anatomy by kissing from her face down to her pussy where his fingers do a little walking on the wild side. Going behind Erik does one of my fave shots and that's burying your face in a sexy girls ass. Tory provides some good moans here which are soon replaced by grunts from Erik-- Tory's busy engulfing his cock down below! A good behind shot shows Erik bending over to finger that ass so expect some strong anal shortly. Superb pounding in doggie here, Erik really earns that nickname hate plow here drilling for all he's worth. Staying doggiestyle we get the first anal salvo too. Going to the end we have mish anal worked in and there is some great gaping for fans of that act. Good load then left in Tory's mouth, she makes cum bubbles which drip down her chin and she offers some cleanup too. Tory never disappoints and this time was no different.

Shyla Stylez:

We keep the heavy hitters going with Shyla. She opens in bed, looks like she's just waking and you already get a great shot as her tits are visible as she's waking up. We follow Shyla to the bathroom where she rubs in a little lotion on that pretty ass and then around to her tits-- with some pussy fingering worked in for good measure. She gets ready and it's a nice outfit which does a super job of showing off the ample cleavage's she's blessed with. Shyla then heads out, arriving at her class and we have four people here, one of whom is Erik, the others extras! As the students work and study we have Shyla opening up her laptop-- no lesson plans there as she's watching porn! Erik then gets a few photos out and turns out the female student was one he banged and took pics off. The culprit is soon pointed out and they are kicked out save for Erik. Shyla asks if these photos are his show'n'tell project! Erik then gets a chance to show Shyla something else and his cock comes out, her hand instantly gripping it. I think she was able to ID the penis in front of her was the one in the photos. But to be sure she has to drop down and investigate closer! Shyla can work a dick that's for sure and those big huge tits then come out as she's looking up at Erik. More face time for Erik in a girls ass and Shyla looks so good backing up that ass into Erik's mug. She's got the playful spirit too, much like Tory before where she's able to look so sizzling hot while working in some great dirty talk. More head, pussy fucking, titty fucking and yes some ass fucking too, after a few fingers pry that booty open. Must Fuck Teacher's Ass is written on the blackboard- thankfully not a 100 times before he actually does it. A fine finish where she's riding him, hoping off and working the pop out herself, cleanup right after. Shyla's welcum on my computer screen any time.

Mackenzee Pierce:

One more scene here, one more chapter to read! Turns out the professor called in sick so Mackenzee was happy to come in as a last minute replacement. The class can be a handful so she's wished luck and sent off on her merry way. We have a full class with James and Erik among the students. She asks where they left off in their studies but since no one seems to have a book, notebook, even a laptop there wasn't much point in the class, lol. So this class turns into an anatomy lesson and Mackenzee was more than happy to show off. Some fine black lace lingerie is displayed and this teacher who is student friendly takes the bra off leaving those tits exposed, even a nipple lick. Ok where is this class, I'm ready to go back to school. Miss Pierce is also bald and more than happy to show off her pussy, peeling the thong off giving us a great ass shot in the process. Ok the female students leave along with the extra dude leaving James and Erik behind. Mackenzee is very good going back and forth on their cocks, gagging/ deep throating very well here. As with the other scenes there is some good trading back and forth early on by the guys testing that pussy, a playful ass slap or too. Finally they're ready to explore that ass and we maintain the great visual on her body, from face to tits to that ass/ pussy. Mackenzee develops a great gape too which is proudly displayed a couple times. The boys manage some good dp luving too before it is time to launch and it's right on target inside Mackenzee's mouth, both loads!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Pretty good effort here from Erik. The scenes have a bit of set up but it's minimal and can give you a good laugh or two before the fucking begins. Some nice outfits too from a business type look for Tory to Larissa's white shirt and red checkered skirt. The girls are completely fine with the ass fucking and show it doing some fine gaping and even some dp action when there's more than one guy. The list of girls here is strong making this an easy purchase recommendation. You get great shots of the girls who in turn suck great cock and then allow some awesome ass pounding before taking mouth pops for the most part. You do get some BTS for this one so give a look at your leisure.

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