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Let's Get Slippy 2

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for Let's Get Slippy 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Let's Get Slippy 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Let's Get Slippy 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Let's Get Slippy 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Let's Get Slippy 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Let's Get Slippy 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Let's Get Slippy 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Let's Get Slippy 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by stinkfist  on  7/7/2008
Scene 1-Harmony Hex

Straight into action we go and Harmony is in the shower soaping up her body she works the soap into a lather rubbing it into her ass cheeks but she is not naked she is wearing a pink mesh bikini and has a great figure.She has shoulder length blond hair and looks pretty the camera catches some great lingering shots of her slim toned body then as she faces the camera her boobs and midriff are soaped up and she uses the shower head to rinse the soap from her body.I loved the way her body glistens as the water cascades down her,she is soon using the shower head against her tight butt and this looks great then before i could even get my soap on a rope out she is joined in the shower by a male who wastes no time in lathering up her body.As he reaches for some gel and squeezes it all over her body and begins to rub it in Harmony wanks on his cock,the both of them get soapy and slippy then they are joined by another guy who's hands wander all over Harmony's body.

Her bikini bottoms are soon getting pulled down as one guy gropes away at her then she sinks to her knees to take a cock in her mouth she is still covered in soap and the guy turns on the shower head and lets the water run against his cock as Harmony sucks away.She takes turns sucking of both guys before the action swings to the bathroom floor and she goes cowgirl on one of the guys and thrashes around moaning like crazy.After some brief action she is soon sucking cock and seems to be loving it as she looks to the camera before going reverse cowgirl.She has a little tuft of pubic hair which looks nice,her tits are quite big i think she may have enhanced boobs but cant be certain but one things for sure her nipples are rock hard.She sucks of the other guy while she gets fucked and soon she is on the move as she crawls on her hands and knees from the bathroom into the hall then the fucking continues with one guy ram raiding her doggie style as the other guy gets his cock sucked.She continues to get fucked before sinking to her knees to wank of both guys and takes turns sucking them off,some more fucking then the scene ends with one of the guys wanking of till he shoots his spunk over her face,what happened to the other guy and his money shot?

I enjoyed the tease intro with the soap play,Harmony has a great figure and this was a good scene to start the movie

Scene 2-Kiesha Kane

It's shower time again and as Kiesha stands and lathers up her body it's me that feels really dirty,she looks beautiful she has a knockout figure and wears a small pink bikini and what a body she has.Tight toned and as she turns around she has a great curvy ass,as she rubs soap into that killer ass she looks sexy as hell her hands trace all over her body and her bikini bottoms soon get pulled down a little and as she turns to face the camera her hand slips down the front of her bikini then her top gets pulled down and she plays with her tits which look amazing.The tease intro is fantastic if you enjoy watching girls in bikinis get wet and lathered up,as she uses the shower head to rinse the soap from her body she looks great and holds the shower head to let the water run against her pussy the camera catches Keisha looking really sexy.

Next up she is in a bubble bath as the water laps against her body she smiles to the camera and looks like she is having fun,the camera zooms in on Kiesha as she rubs her pussy through her bikini and at this stage i wish i was joining her.She soon stands up and the next thing a male has joined her and begins to soap up her sexy ass and as she backs into him her body is wet and slippy,she reaches for his cock and slowly wanks him of then gives him a soapy tug job before he uses the shower head to rinse his cock clean and with that Kiesha wraps her lips around his shaft and goes to work on him.The camera catches the action side on as she kneels in the bath and sucks him of as he stands.We then get some good pov style shots of Keisha as she enjoys every second of sucking this guy of she looks horny as hell with her mouth stuffed full of cock

She now stands up and with her body wet and soapy she gets fucked doggie style and cries out "oh shit" as she gets banged hard,it looks great to watch as Kieisha's tits flop about the harder the guy fucks her.She asks to taste her juices from his cock before sinking to her knees to greedily suck him off,next up the guy towel drys Keisha as she stares into the bathroom mirror then he bangs her doggie style as she looks at her reflection.We then get a great view of the action as Keisha lifts up her leg and the camera stares up at her getting done she really looks hot as fuck.As she orders the guy to fuck her harder i cannot take my eye of her toned body Keisha goes reverse cowgirl on this guy and cries out with pleasure as she thrashes up and down.She has a cute little landing strip and her pussy looks great filled with cock,the guy is soon wanting a taste of that cunt and pulls her lips wide apart before eating her out then fingering her cunt.

Kiesha soon gets her cock fix as she forces his weapon down her throat she then gets fucked missionary style as she rests on the edge of the bath and presses her back against the bathroom mirror and takes it deep from this guy.She really turns the air blue with filthy talk as he plunges deeper and deeper into her.She soon sinks to her knees to suck on his cock then she sits on the edge of the bath and rubs her pussy and talks dirty asking for spunk on her face,the guy is soon over there and wanks away while Keisha gives him vocal encouragement till he shoots his cream all over her face she then talks dirty and says she will have to get cleaned up before slipping into the bubble bath and announcing "Keisha Kane has just been fucked" she then begins to lather up her tits and body then stands up and presses them against the glass shower door.

Great scene i really enjoyed the sexy intro,Kiesha put in a great performance and oozed sex appeal she has a fantastic figure and looked like she was loving her scene,the male talent gave her a good fuck and it made for hot viewing.

Scene 3-Leigh Logan

Straight into action we go and Leigh looks lovely,a curvy girl with a great body this is the body type i really love curves in all the right places.Leigh has her hair tied back and wears a small yellow bikini with pink trim on it and as the camera pans down her body she has her belly button pierced and has a tattoo just visible at the top of her bikini bottoms which have little ties at the side,the camera pans up and down her as she soaps up her body before she lies back in a bubble bath then more tease follows.The camera captures her standing up and rinsing the soap of her body she has nice curvy thighs and a peach of a bum and is soon turning around to show of her figure to the camera,she lies back in the bath then talks dirty to the camera as she strokes her body.She then stands up and rubs her pussy through her wet bikini bottoms and as her body is wet and soapy this looks great.

She is soon bending over and showing of her curvy ass and chats away then she slides her fingers down her bikini bottoms to stroke her pussy then pulls her bikini bottoms to the side so we can see her shaved pussy.She looks into the camera asking if we would love to be the one stroking her pussy etc,the truth is yes i would love to ha ha.The camera is right under Leigh and looking up at her as she spreads her pussy lips and slides some fingers deep in her hole it looks great to watch from this camera angle.As she sinks back into the bath she reaches over the edge as a cock comes into view and she starts to suck away on it only pausing to tell us what she is going to do to it next.She looks like she is loving sucking this cock and comes across as a little nymphomaniac as she gorges on his weapon,she scoops up some foam from the bath and covers his cock with it before plunging it back in her mouth as the guy moaned away like crazy.

She uses three fingers from each hand to pull her mouth wide apart as she let the guy stuff his cock as far in her mouth as he wanted to go,the action soon cuts to Leigh standing up with one foot on the edge of the bath as she takes it doggie style,as he banged her hard the slapping noise was really loud and i swear to god it sounded like the hooves from about 20 horses trotting past my is soon on her knees to taste her own juices from his cock and as she gazes into the camera she has that slutty look about her and she does suck cock really well.Back to standing doggie and her ass looks so big and ripe as she gets done hard,Leigh soon goes cowgirl and thrashes around as she controls the fuck the camera zooms in to give us a good view of her pussy full of meat.Back to cock sucking she went and i think this is what she loves the most some girls go crazy for new shoes give Leigh a big cock to suck and she will be happy with that.

Reverse cowgirl is next as Leigh rides away,she rubs on her clit as she bounces up and down and i cant see what her tattoo is although im sure it says "i love stinkfist" ha ha.She then stands against the bathroom sink as the camera looks up at the action as she gets fucked hard i love that camera angle.She soon goes down on her knees talks dirty then has that cock deep in her mouth again before the guy wanks himself of,she grabs his cock at the same time and wanks him off and talks dirty till he is breathing like a pensioner on a summers day,she now plays with her tits and rubs her pussy and gives him vocal encouragement to cum,he wanks away faster and faster why cant there be a button you press for cum like a third nipple kind of thing anyway with that he let out a roar and with a bicep like Arnold Schwarzenegger he popped his load all over Leigh's face who squeezed every drop out of him.

This was a great scene i liked Leigh she had a nice curvy body and was a bj queen,again the intro was done really well and with hot girls wearing bikinis getting lathered up then fucked does it get any better than this.The male talent did his job and gave Leigh a good fuck but i got the feeling she would even have been happy just sucking cock and i would have been happy to watch it.

Scene 4-Makara Kai

Wow that was my first impression of Makara as she stood in the shower wearing a lime green fluorescent bikini with matching fishnet gloves on,she has long hair and looks stunningly beautiful,she has an amazing body and has curves galore i think i will sign my penis rights over to her.As she lathers up her body she looks so sexy she has lovely boobs and when she turns around she has an apple bottom and as she slides her soapy hands all over her body i just knew this scene was going to be amazing.As she uses the shower head to rinse soap from her body she looks great as her body becomes wet and glistens she smiles to the camera and looks fantastic.She has on loads of bangles on each wrist and wears some neck jewelery and has her belly button pierced.As she turns around again her curvy bubble butt looks so ripe and juicy she teases her bikini bottoms down a little then begins to use the shower head on her ass this looks great to watch as her ass gets wet a real turn on indeed then she begins to soap up her big ass cheeks as she slides her bikini bottoms further down.

I could watch this all day it is a great tease intro if you are a lover of hot girls getting wet and lathered up while wearing bikinis then the intros alone will get you going and with that Makara has company as a male has joined her in the shower.She soon wraps her soapy hands around his cock and begins to slide his cock all over her lathered up ass cheeks as she wanked him off.She looks great with her body covered in soap and her ass looks incredible,she gives it a slap and her cheeks ripple up and down as the male talent slides his hands all over her body and presses his cock against her lathered up ass.And with that she bends over and he takes her doggie style as she stands and as he pumps away the camera catches the action side on and it looked amazing to watch.Makara moans away as she is getting done hard and it's a joy to listen to her cry out,she gets her hair pulled on and her tits groped as this lucky guy continues to fuck her doggie style.She soon sinks to her knees and sucks on his cock and with her green,black and red eyeshadow and piercing green eyes she is a stunning babe and it looks great to see this beauty suck cock.

She does look hot she keeps eye contact with the camera as she sucks away on this guys monster cock and her piercing green eyes look amazing,and if you like prolonged gazing into the camera and the girl to have beautiful striking eyes then you will love this sequence of the movie,the guy holds Makara's long hair which is in bunches as she continues to suck away on his meat.Next up some reverse cowgirl action and it's great to watch as Makara gets fucked again,her pussy is shaved and she seems to love this huge cock deep inside her and as the guy rubs on her clit as he fucks her she has an intense orgasm.Back to pov style blowjob action and no complaints from me as it looks fantastic watching Makara gaze in to the camera as she blows of this guy,Makara soon stands up and the guy spreads her ass cheeks to show us her fucked hole and then slaps on her bubble butt and stretches her ass wide again to show of her asshole.He is soon deep inside her and fucking her pussy as the camera looks up at Makara getting done which is great and to see her facial reaction as she gets done is hot hot hot.

As he plunges in and out of her pussy we get a great view of her wet hole and Makara is moaning away in delight,the guy rubs his cock along her lips before plunging deep into her hole again,some missionary style is next as Makara looks into the camera as the guy forces his length deep inside her again he pulls on her bunches as he fucks her.She sinks to her knees to suck his cock as he pulls on her hair then he wanks of as Makara talks dirty asking for his spunk over her face and mouth which he duly delivers she then takes his cock back in her mouth and continues to suck away as her face is covered in cream.And with that she steps back in the shower and begins to soap up her beautiful body as the shower head blasts hot water all over her then she turns her attention to soaping up that big ass.She then presses her tits against the shower glass and smiles

Fantastic scene Makara was beautiful and had an amazing body it was a real pleasure to watch her scene,i will be seeking out all her other titles as i thought she was so sexy and i could watch her again and again,the tease was again great to watch and great camera work and the male talent gave her a good fuck so im going to say this is my best scene and will not be topped even with two more scenes to go.

Scene 5- Nasrin Carmel Moore

Nasrin stands in the shower and begins soaping up her body and looks gorgeous she has long dyed blond hair and looks so pretty,her body is toned and she has generous curves in all the right places she wears a small fluorescent pink bikini and with her great body she looks totally ravishing.She is soon playing with her tits and lathering up her ass cheeks before turning to face the camera and with her body all wet and soapy and with her bikini bottoms pulled down a little she looks a damn fine site indeed.She uses the shower head against her tits before she puts the shower head in her bikini bottoms and gives her pussy some attention.Next up she is lying back in the bath and soaping up those great big tits as the camera catches her sexy tease intro.She stands up and we get more teasing shots of her great ass and how i would love to pull the strings at the side of her bikini bottoms and join her in the shower.

She is joined in the shower by the male talent who wastes no time in soaping up her fantastic ass,remind me again this guy is getting paid to do this i hope he knows how lucky he is.As he soaps her fantastic butt his big cock gets covered in soap and his hard on presses against Nasrin's body her bikini bottoms are soon pulled down and as she turns around she has a shaved pussy and looks amazing.She reaches out and grabs his big soapy cock and begins to wank him off as he lathers soap onto her body,she gives him a good soapy tug job before she takes his cock in her mouth and gives him a sloppy blowjob.She now stands up in the bath and rests one leg on the side of the bath then the guy takes her doggie style as the camera catches the action side on.Nasrin moans away while the guy fucks her slowly then he picks up the pace she soon wants to taste her own juices from his cock and wraps her lips around his shaft and has him moaning away in ecstasy.

As the camera catches her sucking cock from a side on angle her body is still wet and she looks so sexy as she looks towards the camera,the guy reaches over and gets a towel and drys her off as Nasrin talks away to the camera.She is soon stepping out the shower and removing her top as the guy makes his way behind her and plays with those big tits she then reaches over and gets some baby oil and squeezes some over her tits then begins to rub it into her breasts and the guy slides his hands all over her midriff getting her nice and oiled up.She then turns around and her ass cheeks get covered in oil and she works in into her ass as she turns around her body is glistening with oil and she looks sexy as hell.Next on the menu is some reverse cowgirl action and her oiled up body looks sensational as she continues to rub her tits as she bounces up and down,Nasrin has a beautiful looking pussy and it looks great stuffed with this fat cock.

She moans away as she gets it nice and deep from this guy and she talks dirty as the guy gropes her huge boobs,she then screams out as she has an intense orgasm as the guy pummels her pussy really deep.Nasrin is loving this fuck and now the scene changes to her getting done missionary style and as the guy fucks her hard he grabs on her tits and she again moans even louder the camera catches the action looking down on her getting ram raided.Next up we get a great view of Nasrin getting done doggie as she stands up the camera is under her body looking up at the action and this looks fantastic to watch as her tits ripple about and we get to check out her facial reaction as her cunt gets blasted.She soon sinks to her knees to taste her juices from his big cock.Nasrin looks great with a cock in her mouth so hot looking the scene ends with her playing with her pussy and fingering herself and as two fingers probe her hole all her juices can be heard squelching away that is hot as hell to watch and listen to.She now talks dirty to the camera as the guy wanks of into Nasrin's face and covers her with hot spunk she then licks his cock clean then steps back in to the shower and lathers up her huge tits and presses them against the glass shower door.

Another smoking hot scene Nasrin was beautiful and every inch a top class babe she has a beautiful figure and i really enjoyed watching her tease intro and her getting fucked nice and hard.To watch her finger her pussy and hear her juices squelching away was great as well.The male talent gave her a good hard fuck and put in a good performance.One more scene to go but im wanked out lol.I am in bikini heaven.

Scene 6-Skyler McKay

Scene starts with Skyler in the shower soaping up her body she is a dark haired girl with a fantastic figure and looks pretty she has her hair tied in bunches and looks really sexy,she wears a orange bikini and her breasts are really big and to watch her lather up her boobs while still wearing her top is fantastic.Some great tease action follows and her toned and sexy body looks so hot in this bikini and as she turns around her peach of an ass is a sight to behold.She uses the shower head to rinse soap from her body Skyler looks into the camera and has that naughty look about her and we get treated to some really nice poses as we get to enjoy every inch of this hottie's body.My favorite was when the camera looks from her feet upwards at Skyler as her body is all wet and she looks really sexy.

She pulls the ties on one side of her bikini bottoms and her pussy is on show and she is shaved,as the camera follows up her body her big tits are straining to get out of her top Skyler must have heard me as the next shot has her breasts soaped up and she presses them against the glass shower door i think i am going to wank myself to sleep tonight lol.She rubs soap all over her tits then traces her hands over the rest of her body she is soon joined by a black guy who begins to soap up her body he focuses on her ass first as his hands then wander all over her body his big cock presses against her soapy ass as he gropes her tits.As he uses the shower head on her breasts she reaches for his cock and begins to give him a soapy tug job and she moans away like a woman who has just found out Prada are having a sale.Skyler soon has that big black cock in her mouth and slowly begins to suck the head of his cock as she moans with delight.

She talks dirty to the camera as she feasts on this huge weapon then asks to get fucked from behind,with the camera looking up at Skyler as she gets done doggie style this is a great view,i loved watching her facial expression as she gets it deep from this guy as she stands.The guy picks up his pace as she gives him plenty of vocal encouragement and you can hear her wet pussy squelching away as he plunges in deeper and deeper the next shot has her on her knees tasting her own juice from his cock pov style,then it's reverse cowgirl for slim toned Skyler and she moans like hell as she thrashes around on his monster cock till her body buckles and an intense orgasm rips through her body.Then back on her knees Skyler went to get her black cock fix she again grips her lips around the head of his cock and furiously sucks away,as she stands up she gets it doggie style as the camera is under her body looking up at the action it is good to see her pussy full of cock then watch her reaction as the guy pummels her cunt really hard and fast.

Skyler is loving this deep fuck from a big black cock and moans and dirty talks as she nears orgasm she soon has that cock back in her mouth and again the focus of attention is the head of his cock and as the camera captures her pov style she wanks him of as she wraps her lips around the end of his cock,this looks fantastic to watch.Cowgirl is next and she thrashes around on his cock like it's going out of fashion,the camera angles change as she continues to get done and she begs to get fucked harder.She soon gives the end of that guys cock another workout the pov style camera work looks great.The next shot has Skyler back in the shower as she gets her body all wet then she crouches down in the bath and plays with her tits and pussy as the camera catches her pov style again,the guy soon comes into view and wanks of as Skyler asks for cum over her face he soon erupts his hot load into her mouth and over her face then she licks his big cock clean

Skyler was a pretty girl with long dark hair and a slim toned athletic body the tease intro was great and Skyler looked fantastic as she took on a big black cock.The male talent gave her a good hard fuck,great scene to end the movie which has been a joy to watch start to finish.

This was another great release from Killergram,six hot girls wearing bikinis getting soaped up and fucked in the shower,all the girls had great figures and looked hot as hell.My own personal favorite was Makara and her awesome curves this is a condom free title and very enjoyable..i loved it.

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