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Let's Get Fucked in Brazil Please! 2

Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by VictoriO  on  3/9/2002
Let's Get Fucked, Please! 2 [In Brazil] (1999)
Director: Joey Silvera
Starring: Mystery Girl, Jazmine, Cassandra Wild, Milena Rio, Luiza, Taiza,
Nacho Vidal, Christian, Andre, Fabio Scorpion, Joey Silvera, etc...
Special Features: Chapters, Photo Galleria, Fetish Menu & Websites
Category: Anal, Gonzo, Foreign
Company: Evil Angel/All Blew Shirts, Inc.

*~Highly Recommended by BIGmike~*
(My great porno buddie, BIGmike, lended me this for my viewing/reviewing experience.)

-I've been wanting to see this movie off & on. If you ask me, this looks much hotter than the original Please! And the females look 10 times better. And, I heard it's all anal this time.

-Scene One: Mystery Girl, some guy & Joey Silvera
This beautiful female goes by the name of "?". In other words, she's a mystery girl. She's drinking some sorta wine, strips, shows off her beautiful ass body for a tease show, including her delicious ass. She walks over to this guy, jerks him off, these 2 go into another room & she licks him up. He eats her ass out, fingers it & spits in it. The sex begins as this guy fucks her pussy from behind. Though the sex wasn't very, very hot, it wasn't weak, either. There's a TV in this room showing another porno movie, I dunno which one. Afterwards, Joey steps in & gets shined up a bit. Soon, she fucks Joey in cowgirl & missionary. Joey does a nice deal of tit play with this sexy chick. The other guy comes back to finger/lube up this nice butt of hers. Soon, she gets fucked in it from behind. The sex gets much better as she takes it standing up & this ass really gets poked. Joey comes in to fuck her ass in reverse cowgirl & pilediver. Mystery Girl eats the ass taste off of his rod. The other guy gets her feet all on his dick. Great scene!

-Scene Two: Jazmine, Nacho Vidal & Andre
As usual, it's like seeing Northern Lights when I see Jazmine. Such a beautiful thing. She's on the beach with Nacho & this ugly-ass George Foreman look-alike, Andre. They go indoors where Andre eats her out, she does a lip lock on Nacho's love muscle & gets blindfolded as she does it! She moves back to Andre while Nacho slides up her pussy. Very shortly, she jerks off both guys. She kisses Andre & he sucks her tits as Nacho nails her pussy. Soon, Jazmine moves to fuck Andre, who wears a condom. I just love seeing Jazmine's ass movements either when she rides or when she just shakes her ass. Nacho fucks her pussy again as she blows on Andre. And Nacho fucks her so fast at one second. Nyah, Nacho fingers her ass & begins to plunge it in a few positions. Whoa! She gets DPed, too! After the DP, Andre goes in her ass in cowgirl. After that, Jazmine sits backwards on a chair & Nacho fucks her up the ass more. Usually, Nacho cums & goes back in those candy-coated holes. Andre cums on her face.

-Scene Three: Cassandra Wild, Nacho Vidal & Fabio Scorpion
The sequence begins with Cassandra on the beach. She gets picked up by Nacho & ugly Fabio Scorpion. She gets into a car where she blows Nacho in the back seat. They go to the patio of this home where Cassandra strips & shows that bubble butt. That small-dicked Fabio gets sucked as Nacho points into her clit. It's so hot outside where the sex has to stop so Cassandra can get into an outside shower. Nacho comes in & fucks her in the shower. Really good. Cassandra rims Nacho & sucks him off more before Fabio decides to fuck & he fucks her ass in missionary. They all move to this couch where Nacho does her in the ass in pilediver. Cassandra's ass is sweet! Nacho can't fuck her ass hard enough with his big dick. Cassandra gets a DP, soon. Nacho fucks her again from behind before both guys squirt on her. Very good scene!

-Scene Four: Milena Rio & Fabio Scorpion
Milena is not very good looking. She shows off her pantied ass & tits. Fabio will fuck her, I suppose. Some handcuffs are put on her as well as a big ball gag. There are freeze frame techniques used for a few seconds. Fabio fingers her pussy for a while & there's some other freak-like shit going on here. Her ball-gag comes off & she slobs on Fabio's small corn dog. Fabio fingers her pussy more before he digs in it with his fry. With a condom on, too. He fucks her pussy in few positions before he moves to her ass in doggy & standing pilediver. After that, she moves her ass for the camera before Fabio drops on her face. Perhaps the weakest scene in the movie.

-Scene Five: Luiza, Taiza & some guy
Luiza is so, so fucking sexy! She also has on these nice shorts on that are kinda tucked in her ass. Taiza, on the other hand, is okay. Definitely not as hot as Luiza! I swear, Luiza already does it to me! They both go to this home (where Joey Silvera shoots most of his scenes that I've seen). Luiza is the first to take her clothes down, showing that tempting tushy! Jesus! She does some tease before Taiza approaches her, too. Taiza's wearing some terrible ridiculous crotchless panties. Eww. I can't get over Luiza's beauty! These 2 females grope eachother until this guy comes to the scene, pulls out his cock & both chicks suck it. After a while, this guy eats out both of their asses! Luiza is the first one to get fucked (from behind). Later, Taiza gets fucked in cowgirl for a while. I like seeing Luiza getting fucked. She rides this guy again in cowgirl. But... Taiza gets it up the ass from behind. Soon, these 2 chicks go up under a topless table & both suck this guy, kiss him, he eats them a bit more & he cums. Too bad Luiza didn't take it up her sweet butt, but this scene was good enough!

BOTTOM LINE: I love the music that is played on the menu & during the movie every now & then. I totally fell in love with Luiza! Every scene is hot, hot, hot with the exception of Milena's scene. Perhaps, Jazmine's scene was her weakest scene, though it was good. She does better! The Mystery Girl is sexy & she did good, as well as Cassandra Wild. Man, I wanna see more of Luiza & this Mystery Girl! I liked this much better than the original Please! There are a lot of audio problems on this disc, though. At one point, in the 5th scene, there is no audio for a few seconds! Bad! But, excellent movie!

The Film: A+
The DVD: B+

2002, BlacaneseMale productionz

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