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Let's Get Fucked in Brazil Please! 2

Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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BIGmike's ratings for Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  11/23/2001
All Blew Shirts, Inc. presents
Shot and developed by Joey Silvera

SCENE ONE : "?" is the girls name, well that what the credits list her name as, and though she may be mysterious, she is certainly not bad looking, in fact, she is pretty hot. This pretty hot brunette, barely wearing a white button top and a miniskirt, drinks some champagne while answering some questions, saying that she's a little nervous. She teases the camera, and has her small natural tits played with a bit before she takes the top off, removes the skirt, and leaves just her panties on. A guy, Christian, appears, and she continues with a bit more tease, pulling her panties down to below her ass, and walking over to the guy to give him a hand job. She walks to another room, where she climbs onto a bed, on all fours, and with her panties around her ankles, she shows her ass off. The guy walks over to her, and she completely removes her panties, then starts to give the guy a bj. The guy rims her and fingers her ass a bit, before he moves in from behind to fuck her pussy, doggy style. He pulls out and they kiss, followed by him going down on her. Joey starts stroking his dick, and then he tells the guy to go, so she gives him a bj and rims him as well before he fucks her pussy, in a couple of positions. Christian gets back into the action, sticking four fingers up her ass and then fucking her ass through a few different positions. Joey fucks her ass next, and she gives him another bj, followed by her cumshot. She completes this hot scene by rubbing Christian's dick with her feet, as she is now wearing nipple clamps, and sticking her toe up his ass, ending with him cumming on her face.

SCENE TWO : Jazmine, who was also in the first volume of this series is back, and in Brazil, on a beach. She looks just as hot here, joking around a bit and posing topless on the sand, as she did in that first volume. She does her poses and Joey talks to a very muscular looking dark skinned guy who is credited as Andre at the beginning of this scene. She hops on Nacho's back and he carries her up a sand dune and they arrive back at the room. Andre goes down on her, while she stands and grinds into his mouth, through a few positions. Nacho moves around and onto a stool where she gives him some oral, and then she also returns some oral to Andre, as Nacho fingers her ass. Nacho gets the first go at her pussy, fucking her briefly before all three of them stand, the guys on either side of her, and she rubs both of their cocks. Nacho gets another go at her before Andre fucks her pussy with his condom-clad cock. She, once again, is fucked in her pussy by Nacho, with the anal not too far off. The guys give her a good dp, as she sits her ass on Nacho's cock, in reverse cowgirl. Andre gets a crack at her ass, and then Nacho gets the last go at her ass as she sits on a chair. Nacho cums on her asshole and fucks her some more, and Andre cums all over her face to end this very hot scene.

SCENE THREE : Cassandra Wild, a gorgeous blonde, is sitting on a beach chair in a revealing position, her knees up, and her legs spread, with her bikini bottoms pulled tightly into her pussy. She says she would like two Brazilian men, but Joey says one is from Brazil and one is from Spain, so she says with her sexy Italian accent, "okay, I would like one Spain man, and I would like one Brazil man" before they head to a car. Nacho is the Spain man, and Fabio Scorpion is the Brazil man, but Nacho licks her nipples, gets a bj, and gives her some in return, with some rimming, all on the ride to their destination, poolside at a house. She gets totally nude, finally giving us a fantastic view of her natural bod, and Fabio fingers her pussy, with Nacho sitting behind her. Nacho gets the first go at her pussy, while she gives Fabio a bj. Text saying It's hot! 98 degrees!! appears on screen as she gets off of Nacho and heads towards an outdoor shower, where she gets good and WET. Nacho joins her in the shower, and fucks her pussy some more. There's this rack type thing in the shower, which she climbs up on, Nacho climbs up above her and fucks her pussy even more before she climbs down. Once she climbs down off the rack, she sucks his dick and rims him, as he is still on rack, then he climbs down. She lies back on a lounge chair, and Fabio finally gets to fuck her pussy and ass. He pulls out and Nacho fingers her ass, fucking her in it next. She gets a good dp, with Nacho in her pussy and Fabio in her ass. She climbs off of them both and leans up against a glass wall, overlooking some water down below, where Nacho fucks her some more and cums on her tits, followed by Fabio cumming on her tits as well. She sucks both cocks after they both cum, then Nacho jumps in the pool and spits water at that lovely ass of hers, and she goes inside the house to end this very hot scene.

SCENE FOUR : Milena, a very cute blonde with very nice natural tits and pointy nipples, shows us her magazine cover shot before changing into white panties and a white top. She dances for the camera, giving a good tease. Her top is pulled down as Fabio gets behind her and grabs her tits. Joey handcuffs her and hands Fabio a ball gag to put in her mouth, and she fingers her pussy before takes over. Fabio licks her nipples and remover her panties, then he removes the handcuffs, and takes her top off, and removes the ball gag. She gives him a bj while sitting on the edge of a bed, and she continues to give bj, while he fingers her pussy. Fabio fucks her pussy as she lies spread eagle, moving onto some cowgirl, he then fucks her ass, moving through a couple of positions. She dances a little bit more before she drops to her knees, hands behind her back, and Fabio cums on her face, ending this pretty hot scene.

SCENE FIVE : Joey follows Two Girls walking on a street, getting some great close ups of their asses before they reach a car. Luiza is a hot little #, wearing tight hot pants, with eyes on both her butt cheeks, and a tight little bikini top, while Taiza, another cute #, is wearing jeans and a tight top. When they arrive at their destination, the one girl, Luiza, removes her top, revealing nice small tits, and slowly removes her hot pants, and crawls around on the floor while rubbing herself all over and fingering herself as well. Taiza strips down, leaving just a pair of vinyl crotchless panties on, and they both spread their asses for the camera. They rub each other and lick each other's nipples as a guy, Christian, looks on, and soon both girls start sucking his cock. Lots of variations of oral goes on by all, including the guy rimming both girls, and this is also where Joey asks the girls their names, before the guy fucks Luiza, with his condom-clad cock, in her pussy, as she is bent over a chair. He moves onto Taiza next, fucking her pussy, cowgirl style, while Luiza rubs her ass and licks the guy's balls. Luiza fingers herself, as Taiza rides the guys, and when she gets off his cock, Luiza climbs on. The guy then fucks Taiza in the ass, doggy style, pulling out to spread her ass with his fingers. The two girls climb inside of a mock cage, where they give and receive more oral, and kiss, followed by the guy cums on the Luiza's tits, with a bit more oral, to end a very hot scene.

To be continued…

EXTRAS : A step through photo gallery and website info.

OVERALL : For this edition of the Please! series, Joey traveled to Brazil and filmed some impressive girls fucking and sucking, through five scenes of excellently shot sex. The extras were on the short side, but the sex is where it's at, plus, all scenes have anal in them, though not that long in some of the scenes.

FINAL THOUGHT : Recommended if you are looking for beautiful girls fucking in Brazil, shot Joey Silvera-gonzo-style.

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[Edited by BIGmike to make some minor changes, but no ratings have been changed.]

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