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Let's Get Fucked in Brazil Please! 2

Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Let's Get Fucked in Brazil "Please!" 2 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/7/2001

Running Time: 139 min.

Production Date: March 24, 1999

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Cassandra Wild, Jazmine, Christian, Luiza, Milena Rio, Taiza, “?”, Nacho Vidal, Andre, Fabio, and a bunch of guys who are not credited

Initial Expectations: I’m still in awe of Let’s Get Fucked “Please!” so I have extremely high expectations for more very hot gonzo.

Initial Reaction: How long do I have to wait for Please 3 to come out on DVD?

Who Should Watch It : Fans of hot sex, long sex scenes, and a little rougher sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks Vivid releases are a little too wild.

Audio /Video Quality: For gonzo, both the audio and video are great. There’s a little hum in the audio, but it’s not enough to interfere with the audio and any time another sound is made it covers up the hum. The video is also extremely good and doesn’t have any of the shake that low budget gonzo normally has. The only thing that gives it a close to low budget feel is that you hear some of Joey’s comments to the cast, which is the way he apparently wanted it.

Music: None.

Menus: Evil Angel makes some of the best menus out there. They’re simple and don’t normally contain animation. They do, however, contain all the details that most consumers want to see. The chapter menu lists the girl in the scene and the fetish menu lets you see what you want to see.

The Feature: Please 2 picks up right where Let’s Get Fucked “Please!” left off. It ended with hot sex and this one picks up again with hot sex. There isn’t any plot to it, instead it’s a series of extremely hot sex scenes only connected by some of the cast and the location. This time, the location is Brazil.

Please 2 ’s first scene starts out with a true first scene. The girl is so new she doesn’t even have a stage name. Instead, she’s just referred to as “What’s her name?” or, if you’re a Prince fan, the symbol “?”. Whatever you want to refer to her as, she’s a cute Latin with small natural tits and wearing a pleated skirt, white shirt, and exotic white panties and looks extremely hot. She also has a small tattoo on her shoulder and her belly button pierced. Joey starts out by playing with her nipples a little and then having her strip down as she shows off her body in front of a mirrored wall. Another guy also watches her, in addition to Joey, and she goes over and gives him a quick handjob and then brings him over to the bed where she continues to work her oral magic on him. Rather than going to work on her pussy, he instead tongue fucks and fingers her ass and then fucks her pussy from behind.

After taking a break from fucking to kiss, Joey gets so worked up that he needs to get in on the action. He sends the other guy away and lets “?” suck his cock and lick and tongue fuck his ass. Joey lays back in a chair next and lets her fuck him. It’s a great angle since most of Joey’s hidden (since I know many don’t consider him the best looking guy around), but mainly because she’s got an amazing ass. Joey slaps her amazing ass a little and keeps it up a little when they change positions.

The other guy returns again and starts things out by working three and then four fingers into “?”’s ass. Of course, his cock goes in there next and she works her ass back and forth along the length of his shaft. She gets into it pretty good throughout the scene and they work her ass through several different positions. Of course, Joey can only resist for so long and has to jump in to get a little of “?”’s pussy and ass. She finishes Joey off by sucking him until he pops in her mouth and on her face. Joey lets the other guy back in and “?” works him over with a foot job while she lays back on the bed wearing only a pair of nipple clamps. She also fucks his ass with her foot, an act that has earned the respectful title of “Tylering” around Adult DVD Talk, while he jerks off and she pulls on her nipple clamps and plays with herself. He finally blows his load across her face and into her mouth. It’s an extremely hot scene and Joey does a great job of capturing it with all the best camera angles. He has an almost perfect mix of close-ups and distance shots and even gets a few angles that are about half way in between. He also uses the mirror extremely well to allow you to see both a front and rear angle of the action for much of the scene.

Jazmine, who really smoked in Let’s Get Fucked “Please!” , thankfully returns for this installment and takes on Nacho Vidal and Andre, a muscle bound dark skinned guy with a crew cut. At first glance, Jazmine is one of those girls that catch your eye but there’s nothing really outstanding about her. She’s got a nice natural body, a few tattoos, and a great smile. She shows off a little for Joey and then checks out Andre a little before Nacho gives her a piggy back ride to the hotel room. In the room, she lets Andre eat her pussy and ass while both Nacho and Joey moan and comment on how good it looks. After Nacho moves in for a little attention, they undo Jazmine’s wrap, which she makes into a blindfold for herself. She goes back to work on Andre a little and Nacho starts working on her ass with his finger and then starts fucking her pussy, surprising her both times. Nacho can’t seem to tear himself away from Jazmine’s pussy in this scene. She tries giving Andre a little attention, but almost every time Nacho tries to move in for some action for himself. He’s also a lot rougher with her than Andre. Nacho frequently pulls her hair and slaps her ass, and thankfully she seems to be into it. She also takes both guys in her ass and Nacho’s condom- free for those of you who it matters to. Nacho blows his load on her asshole, shoving it back in a few times after he’s done, and blowing a small second load onto her ass before she hops down to take Andre’s stud stucco all over her face. Although it isn’t quite as good as her previous scene with Nacho, it’s still a very hot scene that’s sure to please.

Joey starts the next scene by trying not to literally drool all over Cassandra Wilde as she tans in a chartreuse string bikini. After a little small talk and joking around, Nacho and another guy appear and they all go for a ride. Nacho works on Cassandra’s great tits a little and then they give each other a little oral attention in the back of the car. When they get to their destination, Nacho can barely contain himself as Cassandra strips down and I can’t say I blame him. She rides Nacho reverse cowgirl and tries sucking off the other guy at the same time but has troubles with how hard Nacho’s fucking her. Cassandra makes her way to an outdoor shower next only to be followed by the guys. Nacho hopes right an and leaves the other guy watch outside while whacking off. Nacho and Cassandra even hop up on the shower bars to fuck with Nacho staying up there a little longer so Cassandra can blow and rim him a little. This gives the other guy his chance to move in. He gets a quick hummer before fucking her while she gives Nacho a hand job. The other guy also gets the first chance to fuck Cassandra in the ass, which Nacho follows up with a finger and then his cock after making her beg for it. Nacho moves back into her pussy to allow the other guy to join in and DP Cassandra. Nacho fucks her a little more by himself, but before long he’s blowing his load on her face and tits and the other guy is launching his load on her gorgeous face. It’s another extremely hot scene that’s sure to please Cassandra’s fans and make a few more.

Milena Rio, a fairly attractive bleached blonde with very real tits shows Joey some of her photo spread before giving him a little dance. She’s joined by Fabio, and this time it’s a Fabio that isn’t a bird magnet. Joey starts by cuffing her and Fabio puts a ball gag on her, both of which are completely and obviously consensual. Fabio works on her with both his mouth and fingers before he has her give him a hand job. Fabio uncuffs her and then rubs his cock in her eye and slaps her on the face with it before taking off the ball gag to allow her to suck his cock. He fingers her a little more as she moans away and then gives her the hot beef injection. She definitely the biggest moaner and she gets into things quite nicely as Fabio fucks her pussy and ass before letting his love lotion lube her luscious lips. Going the extra mile, Fabio bends over to give her a kiss right on her lips that are still covered with cum. It’s a pretty hot scene but it seemed to lack just a little compared to the other scenes. I think it’s because Milena never really smiled when fucked. It’s a minor complaint, since she seems pretty intently into things, but it’s something that hit my head several times while I watched the scene.

Finally, Taiza and Luiza, two cute sun bleached brunettes with nicely real tits go back to Joey’s hotel room. Luiza does a nice little tease in the foreground as Taiza gets ready in the background. It’s a nice contrast for the couple minutes it lasts before Taiza comes over to show off her crotchless vinyl panties. The girls work each other over a little bit while the guy from the first scene watches. He can’t wait too long before coming over and whipping out his schlong for the girls to suck on. Afterwards he gives both girls a deep rim job before fucking their pussies. Luiza is definitely the more aggressive of the two girls throughout the scene. She goes after the guy’s cock first and seems to get into things a lot more. She even ushers Taiza off his cock so she can get a little more. Although Taiza does spank Luiza as she’s being fucked, Taiza seems kind of lost in some parts. I have a feeling that this might be her first adult film from some of her reactions, but I’m not sure. She does get into it pretty well as she’s being fucked, but she still seems slightly unsure of herself. She isn’t so unsure of herself, however that she won’t take it in the ass. Sadly, the guy seems to have a little problems popping again, and jerks off while rimming Luiza again before blowing his load on Luiza’s tits. Although Taiza doesn’t get hit by the blast, she does go down afterwards to try and work a little more out. It’s a hot scene and really makes me want to see more of Luiza.

Gonzo sex is one of the genres of porn that always seems to take a beating, and not in the same way as the solo watcher. You commonly hear complaints about how anybody with a camera can do it and how amateur the productions are. In some ways, they’re right. You don’t have to worry about a plot, so all you have to worry about is the cast and where they’re going to do the nasty. Once again, Joey Silvera knows how to take these limitations and turn them into a red hot spankfest. There’s a nice range of girls who obviously have a wide range of experience from newcummers like “?” and presumably Taiza, to Cassandra Wilde and Jazmine. If you’re wanting hot sex, all you have to do is say “ Please .

Extras: The photo gallery contains thirty nicely done snapshots. The only other extra is website info.

Themes: Straight, rimming (male > female, female > male), anal, foot job, Tylering, group, inter-racial, spanking, and DP

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Please 2 can be found online for between $23.50 and $30 with most stores offering it for under $25. If you’re looking for really hot sex, it’s a bargain. The girls are very hot and the entire cast appears to be really into the entire movie. There aren’t really any extras, but the transfer is extremely good for a gonzo feature.

Note to Evil Angel: Although it’s shy on extras, it’s obvious you put as much effort as possible into a great transfer. I hope in the future we get to see some of the extra footage, such as Rocco has been including in his features or maybe a short bio on a couple of the girls who have done more Evil Angel features.

If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me .

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