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Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment)

Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment)

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay

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wizzerbud's ratings for Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment):
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lessons In Lust (Arena Entertainment) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  7/18/2006
Lessons in Lust from South American Pictures is not totally typical of other videos from this studio in that it lasts over 2 hours including the bonus scene. On the other hand, much like the other ones, the models speak non-English speaking either Spanish or Portuguese. They also seem inexperienced so if you like that amateur feel, you might like this. The video takes place apparently on the property of some large home so the 5 scenes sort of take place around the house.

The film opens with two in a yard talking. One of the guys is more of your jock-looking guy and is shirtless. The other is more of your twink variety and he is pantless. The twink is sitting on a chair and the jock comes over to start stroking his big dick. This doesnt go on for long before the twink is pulling out the jocks dick and sucking it. Both of the guys are fairly good looking and the jock also has a good-sized cock. In between the sucking they stop to kiss a couple of times. The jock is nice to watch with his muscled pecs and trim waist. The twink keeps his shirt on for a while. You sort of expect the jock to play top once the fucking begins, but it is him that bends over for the twink to start fucking him doggy style. When they change positions with the twink sitting back in the chair while the jock rides him reverse cowboy style, the twink finally takes off his shirt. It cannot be comfortable trying to fuck on wicker. The move to a towel on the ground for some sidesaddle fucking. The twink may be small in size but he is full of stamina as he keeps drilling the jocks ass. The go back for some more doggy style, reverse cowboy, cowboy, and reverse cowboy again as the jock shoots a huge wad of cum as he is still riding the twinks dick. The twink shoots a load in the jocks mouth and all over his chin.

For the next scene, a guy comes in through the gate of the yard to meet up with another guy already in the yard. They talk a little and move over to what appears to be a covered patio area. One is a jock with a nice muscular build and the other is sort of average looking and we later learn has a big tattoo on his stomach. The jock is already shirtless and they began kissing and the tattooed guy starts licking the jock's pecs and nipples. The jock does the same sucking the tattooed guy's nipples. The jock pulls out the tattooed guy's dick to start the oral action. The tattooed guy has a monster-sized dick. The finish stripping naked and the tattooed dude starts licking the jocks hole. He does a pretty good job of getting his face all up in there. They are under a covered area and so the lighting is not the greatest. They change positions and the jock sucks tattoos dick. They change back and once again tattoo is down there licking on jocks ass, but not for very long. He proceeds to ease his big schlong up in there to fuck the jocks ass. The camera here sucks, but because of the bad lighting it really doesnt matter. The camera does not moveonly zooming in and panning back out. Close up penetrations shots are pointless given the poor lighting. They finally move to another spot for reverse cowboy style fucking and the shots improve. You can now see the penetration. The jocks ripped abs look great he rides the tattooed guys dick. They change around doing cowboy and doggy style. Those bare knees on the concrete brick floor had to be feeling some pain there. The tattooed dude pulls out and shoots all over the jocks back. The jock shoots his load of cum on the tattooed dudes chest. He really doesnt deliver with much of a cum load.

The third scene is a solo scene involving another hot athletic built guy coming out with a pair of Speedo looking underwear. He speaks something to the camera in non-English and quickly climbs this tree coming down with a coconut. He rubs the coconut around on his body for a minute or so before getting rid of it. He rubs his hands over his body and the underwear comes off and he starts stroking his dick. He has a very hot body but he doesnt seem to be interested in rubbing on it for much and offering some type of erotic scene. Instead he seems to be more interested in jacking and stroking hard and fast in order to get off quickly, which he does. I will give credit to the cameraman for capturing every square inch of his hot body. He blasts out a load of jizz. The scene lasts less than ten minutes.

In the fourth scene, I think the director decided to take an extended break and just let the guys direct themselves. There is this bed sitting out in the yard with this twink sitting on it. The two twinks serving up the top duties in the first two scenes return and join him on the bed. The one from the first scene was good looking but the other two are skanky looking. The one that was sitting on the bed starts sucking their cocks and from there on they pretty much use and abuse him like some rag doll, but he gets hard and stays hard so he must be enjoying it. They go through the normal three-way stuff with one fucking and the other one getting sucked and they just shove and flip him all over the place directing things to him, etc. They seem oblivious to the camera or even allowing the cameraman to get good shots. At one point the bottom boy is shooting a load and the cameraman doesnt really capture it. You just happen to see it while he is trying to show the penetration shot. The guys pound this twink hard when they fuck and it seems as though they substitute chemistry with just hard pounding. With the exception of the one time they managed to fit both of their cocks into his hole and fuck him at once, the scene really had no appeal at all, not to mention how insane it was to have a scene with a bed out in the yard. They fucked him in all the various positions and shoved him around in the process. I really dont think they edited this scene or had any out takes. It looks as though they spent about 30 minutes filming it and just included all the footage in the final video. The bottom apparently gave no warning that he was once again ready to shoot his load and shot his load without the camera getting in there for a close up. The two tops pulled out and shot their loads all over his face and then they finished by licking their own cum off his face and chin at the same time. Some may like this, but that stuff grosses me.

For the final scene, two hot muscle guys are out on a deck or balcony. One thing I give credit to South American Pictures is they will pair up their hottest models with each other. They exchange some conversation admiring each others bodies and then the kissing along with the removal of the shirts begins. One of the guys is more beefy and less ripped than the other one, but they are both still hot as hell. The more ripped on begins with sucking the nipples and licking the pecs of the beefier one. The beefier one has sort of the juicy thick pecs type chest. The other one is leaner but still has a fairly big body. The beefier one does not suck, but he does lick the other one's ass when he bends over the railing. This lasts briefly before the beefier one shoves his dick up in the other ones ass to start fucking him doggy style. The change to do some reverse cowboy and it appears the bottom here has the bigger dick of the two. They also seemed to get into the kissing and pec licking more than the fucking. The bottom doesnt appear to be enjoying it and the top seems to be taking it easy on him, so I sense this bottom is not used to being fucked. They do some sidesaddle fucking and the camera hardly moves during all of this. It stays glued on the penetration shot. With the two of them hardly moving, and the camera not really moving, the scene becomes rather boring. All of the intensity built up during the oral part is lost in the fucking part. They move to cowboy and reverse cowboy and then the bottom muscle guy gets up and shoots a nice load over the other ones chest and then the top follows with a big cum shot.

Extras for this DVD include trailers from eight videos, a photo gallery, website info and good bonus scene. The bonus scene involves two guys who are not bad looking going through the oral action, as well as fucking in all the various styles.

The video was better than most of the films I have seen out of South American Pictures, but still not something I would care to see over and over again. I like the muscle guys so I might like to see the first and the last scene again, but the others are not anything that would do it for me. This one is worth at least a rental and for some people, there are shots that might make it worth buying.

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