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Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films)

Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films)

Studio: Triangle Films
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lesbian Tutors 8 (Triangle Films) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/15/2008
Good day porn fans, time to check out a new one from Triangle Films and for my money they're one of the top g/g studios out there for US porn companies shooting the kind of g/g that excites me and has me eager to slip in a release any chance I can pick one up. The set ups might run a little long for me at times but that's a small price to pay when on the backend of this is usually some mind blowing lesbian sex featuring all the goodies I love about g/g sex-- kissing, generous oral and the girls really seem into it from all the work I've seen Kathryn capturing the women giving- a big thing there too, the girls give to each other, seeking to illicit a strong human connection on a sexual level and for the most part I've seen huge successes in this regard in their films. This time out you get three scenes spread out just under two hours so you can do the math but the scenes will be longer, taking into account the setups but you still get a ton of hot sexual content. Let's hit a few highlights.

Elexis Monroe & Sunny Lane:

Well our first scene up is a superb pairing of hotties, seems it's Elexis's birthday and Sunny's dropping by with a few presents, a cake, a little wine and oh yeah her sweet dimples plus pussy!! The girls have a nice chat as they uncork the wine and enjoy a few sips. Sunny's driving the action here and it's a nice way too with the flirting chatter, the eye looks and Elexis is great too on the receiving end. Once the ladies lock lips then it's on my friends and the kissing here is as good as you'll see in a g/g scene, the tongues do some great dancing together but it's the building passion between them which is ignited here and it only builds as the breasts come out, are suckled and finally the oral sex which is pretty mind blowing from what I witnessed, just the way I'd want to watch girls eat pussy. Kathryn is right there too with the shots and who wouldn't want the picture to linger as Sunny's tongue is flicking away at Elexis's clit, you see a little Sunny Lane ass in the foreground, it was very good. Towards the end they bring in a strap on which Sunny uses to more aggressively please the birthday girl and that part lost me a little, it would have been one thing if Elexis had sucked on the strap on as I don't think I've seen her do guys at all but it was strictly pussy fucking from what I saw but with good energy from Sunny who only gives that in her scenes. All in all quite well done and for fans of either girl a gem to add to your collection.

Misty Stone & Annabelle Lee:

Seems we have a new girl at the office and it's Misty's job to help smooth the way for Annabelle. The ladies seem to strike off a good tone in their relationship at the office, Misty gives Miss Lee a good outlook on the job at hand and what she can expect, and she offers to have lunch/ dinner with Annabelle to help out on a more personal basis! This involves giving out the personal address and we catch up with the girls at Misty's as the whole job is laid out and the flirting starts in and it's so under the radar at first until Misty says Annabelle needs to relax a bit and that she'll be happy to help get the newbie noticed at work but first how about a little kissy kissy time!! The girls tenderly touch lips as the guitar strings hum in time, their kissing definitely intensifies as they go along, just the way I like it. Another great thing about Kathryn's scenes is she allows the women to pace themselves, no rush to get from Point A to Point B, you might even jump to Point C even but wherever the action goes Kathryn's there with a steady shot and the women are fully into pleasing the other. Again the shots for the oral, something very important to me, are right there as you get slow licks of the tongue making sure every inch of coochie is covered and the facial expressions are pretty good too. Try adding in a little face sitting too, now that is just awesone when a girl hovers that pussy just over another's face and you have the arching up to lick away, mmm mmm good as they say. Another well done scene.

Michelle Lay & Diane Deluna:

We close it out with one of Kathryn's best models, Miss Michelle Lay and she's dressed here in her finest military style outfit and she's working out of her house it seems as you see her typing away, then leaving an office to go down the hallway but leaving a note as I believe she's expecting someone. Well Diane shows up, sees the note and immediately heads down where she catches up with Michelle who is casually relaxing in the bedroom, oh yeah!! Seems Diane is AWOL or nearly so as Michelle tells her, she'd expected her some time ago and the seriousness of this is spelled out to Diane who broke up with her boyfriend and she lets Michelle know she's dedicated and ready to serve! Ahh ready to serve, that's a very good thing to know for Michelle who is willing to help out but there is one little thing, lol. The tops start coming off, the lips start slowly touching and the women forget all about the whole AWOL controversy and move instead to concentrating on each other, good kissing develops, the tits come out get rubbed together a good coming together of brass and newbie, our Military at it's finest!! More superb oral is captured from both girls here, there's some trib action and even a little 69 is added in! You want some face sitting to, well that's added in too, great view for Michelle no doubt looking up as she laps away and for good measure just to make sure she's in the clear you have Diane going down for one final taste of the Staff Sgts. pussy!! Well I think Diane is ok for now but she better not let this happen again or maybe she will if it means another session with Michelle!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was another strong title from Kathryn and Triangle Films. You had a bit of set up for the scenes which then progressed to all the goodies I love about lesbian sex namely superb kissing and divine oral sex, I can't heap enough praise here for the action that's captured, it's really good and fans of sensual lesbian sex will definitely get a kick out of what's presented here from Sunny having her way with Elexis to Misty showing Annabelle the ropes at her new job and finally Diane getting her own brand of military justice from Michelle Lay who's willing to go that extra mile to make sure Diane stays in Uncle Sam's good graces!!The extras here feature some trailers and for those seeing a Triangle Films release for the first time you get some more action to briefly check out and hopefully something else will strike your fancy-- try Bree Olson with Jenna Haze on for size, well that's one of the scenes you might want to book for your player after watching these trailers. You also get some still pics and finally an interview with Michelle and Diane where both women are nekkid, just having finished their scene so enjoy! This is well worth the porn dollars you'll spend on it.

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