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Lesbian Make-Up Sex

Lesbian Make-Up Sex

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Category:  All Girl
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Captain Jack's ratings for Lesbian Make-Up Sex:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lesbian Make-Up Sex overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lesbian Make-Up Sex Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Lesbian Make-Up Sex Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lesbian Make-Up Sex Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lesbian Make-Up Sex Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Lesbian Make-Up Sex DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lesbian Make-Up Sex A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Captain Jack  on  8/29/2013
As anyone involved in a relationship knows, make-up sex can be the best sex there is! Girlfriend Films attempts to prove that with this feature. They present 4 couples in separate stories and the girls have vicious arguments before making up and banging the shit out of each other. Sarah Shevon, Veruca James, Karlie Montana and Jayden Jaymes are in this feature and that’s one hell of a cast!

Mia Gold and Sarah Shevon

During the opening credits, Mia is rubbing one out on the couch and looks damn good doing so. She then sits bare assed naked on the counter eating Oreos when Sarah comes home. She’s pissed because her parents are visiting and Mia didn’t lift a finger to clean-up the house. Sarah gets angrier and angrier and eventually throws some water on her. Later that night, they apologize to each other and ave na extended make-out session. These two are sexy together and Sarah gets her shirt lifted up so that Mia can do some titty sucking. I like how Sarah grabs her left breast and just rubs it against Mia’s flat stomach. They engage in more kissing before Sarah goes down on Mia. She gets her held down on her clit and just sucks on it for dear life. They kiss again and Mia tastes herself on her lips then they grind their pussies together. Mia kisses up Sarah’s thighs before diving into the cooch. She twirls her tongue around her clit and spits on her muff. They grind some more and Sarah worships Mias body, licking her armpits and tonguing her breasts. Sarah actually works up a bit of a sweat and this is a nice, passionate scene.

Jayden Jaymes, Karlie Montana

Karlie is sitting on the couch in a t-shirt and panties just contemplating life. Meanwhile, Jayden is in the bathroom shaking her ass and applying some make-up. She shakes every part of that fine body and her tits have a nice bounce to them. Karlie rubs one out while Jayden puts on a sexy, short, lowcut dress. She says she’s running out to lunch but Karlie doesn’t buy it. They start arguing and Jayden storms out. When she gets back, Karlie is out of bed and looks great all made-up. They say their apologies, Jayden assures her she’s not cheating, and they start kissing. These are long, slurping kisses as they explore each other’s bodies. Their clothes come off and Karlie twirls her tongue on Jayden’s big tits. Jayden also gets a mouthful of tits and chews on her nipples. She licks her fingers and dives into Karlie’s pussy. She spreads her lips open, rubs her clit and sticks her face right in there. Karlie gets two fingers shoved in her pussy and gets off. She kisses down her friend’s body and rubs her muff. She tongues her cooch and you can really see her tongue going at it. Jayden holds her legs over her head to give Karlie easier access. They use their fingers to pleasure each other then rub their muffs together.

Veruca James, Raven Rockette

The scene starts with Raven lying in bed furiously rubbing one out. The camera snakes underneath the sheets to give us some nice close-ups. Raven falls asleep and she starts getting pictures texted to her phone of Veruca in various states of undress. Veruca comes home at 4am and Raven lets her have it with both barrels. She has had enough and packs her bags to leave. Veruca throws her up against the wall and starts making out with her. The clothes fall off pretty easily and they start playing with each other’s breasts. Angry sex is the best sex and Veruca and Raven are probing it. Veruca climbs on top of her on the stairs and straddles her. Raven tongues Veruca from behind and grinds her face into the cooch. Veruca kisses her thighs then dives into Raven’s full bush. She spreads her lips open and sticks two fingers inside her while sucking on her clit. They grind their pussies together in a couple different positions then get into a 69. Veruca rubs her muff on Raven’s breasts and they get each other off one more time. This was a nice scene with two babes who are into each other.

Kiera Winters, Odette Delacroix

Odette is in bed alone and she tkes the opportunity to get to know herself better. Intimately.LOL. She finger bags herself and rubs her pussy. Kiera comes in all excited because she bought a painting. It’s an ugly painting and it cost $2000. They get into an argument over money and Kiera storms out. They make their apologies and start kissing. They feel each other up and I have to say that the tight jeans that Kiera is wearing are awesome! She kisses down Odette’s body and buries herself in her pussy. The two skinny girls get into a sciossors and rub their twats together then Odette gets in top for a 69. Nice visuals on her tongue burrowing into Kiera’s pussy. They kiss some more then Odette gets some alone time with Kiera’s cooch. The girls tongue dance then Odette gives Kiera’s ass a few love taps.


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A very good DVD featuring some hot lesbian sex. The passion and the attraction is evident between the performers in each scene. The acting is decent in that the girls sold the arguments and the sexual dalliances are pretty hot. In 3 of the scenes, the girls make-up before getting down to business but I thought it was especially hot how Veruca was still arguing with Raven when she pinned her against the wall and breathlessly told her, “You’re not going anywhere!” Sarah and Mia got things started off right in a passionate scene followed by Jayden and Karlie, two known lovers of the fairer sex, showing us how to get it done. Then Veruca and Raven gave an exhibition in anger fucking. A very good DVD!

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