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Lesbian Life: Layover

Studio: Abigail Productions
Category:  All Girl , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Matt47's ratings for Lesbian Life: Layover:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lesbian Life: Layover overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lesbian Life: Layover Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Lesbian Life: Layover Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lesbian Life: Layover Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lesbian Life: Layover Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Lesbian Life: Layover DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lesbian Life: Layover A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Matt47  on  1/10/2009
"Layover" is part of the "Lesbian Life" series from Abigail Productions and is written and directed by multi-talented performer and all-around renaissance woman Madison Young, who never appears onscreen but whose voice makes a cameo. The action spins outward in this story as a result of the questionable airport layover of an unseen character, involves a wonderful, diverse cast of women, several of whom have never been seen in an adult feature before, such as spunky blonde Tina Horn and the quiet, submissive Asian hottie Anja and surprisingly features homages to the films "The Graduate" and "The Ice Storm".

Set to a groovy, disco backbeat and bass, the opening credits of "Layover" unfold over scenes of a woman preparing herself with pearls and garters while baking cookies in her kitchen. Her name is Mrs Robinson, played by the sensual, mature brunette Selina Raven, and it's a sure bet that she is expecting company. She then checks her phone messages and a woman's voice (writer/director Madison Young), explains that she is stuck at the airport in Denver due to bad weather and therefore can't arrive on time for a party to which they were invited. However, Mrs Robinson's suspicions are aroused when she hears a second woman's voice in the background of the message.

Despondant, Mrs Robinson checks in on her daughter, Tee, who is a very cute, BBW played by Trouble Royale, and informs her that she will indeed be attending the party this evening. Just then, however, there is a guest at the door, a very butch young woman, named Jiz Lee, in a suit, asking to see Mrs Robinson's daughter… feel free to draw parallels to Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate" at this point as Jiz is seduced by booze and long legs in garters, leading to a intense scene of the experienced one training the younger in pleasure. Eventually, Mrs Robinson goes to town with almost her whole hand on Jiz's pussy, who soon returns the favor.

Meanwhile, the soiree mentioned earlier turns out to be a key party, already in progress. Tina Horn and Penny Play get heated up together, adding ass play to the fun with a jeweled butt plug for Tina, worn during when she is pounded by Penny's strap-on. Knowing my own penchant for ass play, I was really digging this scene, which only improved once Mrs Robinson joins the action, bearing a second strap-on and Tina finds herself nestled in a dreamy DP.

In another room during the key party, another tryst unfolds, this time between the young, nubile Anja, who wishes to try blindfolding and bondage, and the sexy, bohemian Sadie Lune. Theirs is a smoking scene of domination, the focus almost entirely on Anja, save for the amusing moment when Sadie pulls forth a strap-on hiding in her pants and has Anja suck it. Sadie kisses, licks, sucks, oils, massages and even ices Anja fully, before fucking her with the strap-on, combining this with a vibe in furious fashion, lifting her to orgasmic heights.

The final scene actually checks in on Tee, who is home alone with her girlfriend, Pepper. They began to play around, Pepper finding a Richard Nixon pull-over mask, which, when combined with the off-site key party, cements this as an unexpected yet clever, all-girl homage to "The Ice Party". I really enjoyed this scene greatly, maybe because both girls are super cute, I love Tee's curves and thanks to the behind the scenes feature we find out that Tee and Pepper are a couple in real life. I watched this extra first and so could carry that knowledge with me as I watched this scene, finding it brought a genuine heat to their sexual play, especially once Pepper dons a strap-on and fucks Tee doggie style. Very much fun… Mrs Robinson returns much later and silently has Pepper gather her things and leave, but does not seem upset by what has transpired or the interesting fact that her daughter is also lesbian… maybe this scenario should be explored in a major theatrical release!

Also included on this disc is the requisite behind the scenes featurette, which I watched first so I could get to know the cast before getting into the feature itself. Madison tours the shooting location and talks to each woman, inquiring how they found themselves involved in this project, what their history in sex work has been, off camera life styles and more. It's a great bonus and I loved learning about all the women, such as this being the first porn film for both Tina and Anja and Sadie Lune's own filmmaking experiences. An enjoyable release from start to finish, this is available directly from

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