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Lesbian Cheerleader Squad

Lesbian Cheerleader Squad

Studio: Avalon
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Snowman872's ratings for Lesbian Cheerleader Squad:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Lesbian Cheerleader Squad overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Lesbian Cheerleader Squad DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lesbian Cheerleader Squad A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Snowman872  on  8/5/2000

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Lesbian Cheerleader Squad #01 (DVD)


Gina Rae - Brunette with short hair. Sort of butch and talks dirty.
Leah Lauren - Blond girl.
Denee Dreams - Young girl with Brown/Reddish hair.
Brianna Coates - Dirty blond, straight hair. Pear shaped rack. Big rose tattoo on backside.
Ashley Heart - Very cute brunette with short hair. Best of the bunch. Fun to watch!
Stacey Sweet - Blond with nice rack. Looks good from front, but has huge tattoo on her ass.
Kelly Cox - Blond girl.
Cat - Blond with wavy hair. Tattoo above waist.

Category - Girl/Girl
Director - Jim Gunn
Themes - lesbians, young girls, cheerleaders
Production or Street Date - 11.1999 (dop)
Released by - Jim Gunn Productions, Avalon
Available Formats - DVD, VHS (DVD version reviewed)
Running Time - 112 minutes
Source & Price Paid - Promotional Copy (avg web price 08/00 $22.66)

DVD Features: Dolby Stereo DTS Digital Surround, Interactive Menus, Animated Chapter Preview, Chapter Stops, Performer Bios, Photo Gallery, Movie Trailers, No Regional Coding.

Box cover Quote: "The Youngest Models Allowed By Law!" "First Time Lesbian Lust!"


Avg. Holistic Rating 7.53
Total Raincoat Points 157
Avg. Raincoat Points 22.42
Bang for the Buck 6.92


Scene Two - Nice spread shot of Kelly's behind. Briana teases her and then inserts a vibrator.

Scene Three - Ashley licks Cat's pussy in hammock. Good eye contact and POV angle.

Scene Four - Cutie Ashley squats over a large dildo reverse cowgirl and guides it in her pussy.

Scene Five - Leah licks Cat's hairless pussy - good close-ups.


This is the first in a new series by Jim Gunn. The box cover quotes say it all: "Youngest Models Allowed By Law", "All Brand New Girls" and "First Time Lesbian Lust." The starlets are mostly dancers culled from the South Florida area. All the girls are white.

Denee Dreams and Ashley Heart

The scene begins with Denee and Ashley kissing outside in what looks like a grassy park, but is actually a big yard. Denee has straight hair here, back in a headband. Ashley sports a short and very cute haircut. The girls are wearing red and white cheerleader outfits, with half tank tops and short mini skirts. To complete the look, they are also wearing white athletic shoes. The girls look hot in their cheerleader outfits. The colorful uniforms make a striking contrast with the grass and their skin color. All the girls in every scene wear the same uniform.

The open mouth kissing goes on for quite awhile. The girls are mostly silent as they lock lips and explore each other's tongues. Denee licks Ashley's breasts as Ashley lies down on her back. Then Ashley gets on her knees and Denee licks her breasts and nipples. Denee takes off Ashley's panties. Next Ashley rubs Denee's ass while Denee licks Ashley's butt cheeks.

Denee licks Ashley's pussy. Ashley is standing. The viewer can see that Denee has a pierced tongue, and it seems to be getting in the way of her attempts to eat Ashley. I also think the piercing somewhat ruins the projection of an innocent, youthful look. Now Denee rubs Ashley's clit in a circular motion. Ashley's pussy is shaved. There are some good close-ups of Denee's tongue in action. Now it is Denee's turn. Denee is seen in an unusual position. She is lying back on the ground with her legs wrapped behind her head. From this position Ashley licks her pussy. Ashley laps her lips as eagerly as if she was licking an ice cream cone. She also rubs Denee's clit at the same time. Next Ashley fingers Denee's cunt with one finger.

To wrap up the lesbo session, the girls lock legs together and bump their pussies together. The camera shot shows their whole body and the viewer cannot actually see their pussies rubbing each other. Ashley slaps Denee's ass and then the girls sit up for a French kiss.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.50, Raincoat Points: 22

Briana Coates and Kelly Cox

Briana has straight, dirty blond hair and a nice, pear shaped rack. Unfortunately, she has a big rose tattoo on the side of one of her boobs. Kelly Cox has wavy blond hair of medium length.

The action starts off with the girls kissing outside a pond. The kissing that starts this scene is much shorter than the previous scene. Then Kelly goes down on Briana. When she does this, Briana is standing up, leaning against a tree. Kelly carefully licks her partner's clit. Briana has a shaved pussy with a touch of hair at the top. Then Kelly uses a long, white vibrator on her. Kelly moves the toy in and out of her cunt and rubs her pussy area at the same time. After this she says to Briana, "Now it is your turn".

Kelly bends over a tree with her backside to the camera. Briana instructs her to "spread them butt cheeks", providing a nice shot to the viewer of her pussy and asshole. It is also a good way to show off her long legs. Briana teases her a little with the vibrator and inserts it. Kelly places her hand on Briana's ass and moves it around. She pushes the toy inside Briana deep. The director includes a good amount of close up work during this sequence.

Next, the girls stand up. They kiss and they rub each other's pussy with their hands. Then Kelly bends over to her butt cheeks. Briana spanks her bare ass and slaps her pussy playfully. There are some distracting tractor sounds in the background at this point of the feature. Then the girls switch places and now Kelly slaps Briana's ass. Briana has a big, round butt with an inviting slit, but her tattoo right above is unattractive. Also, when I think of fresh, young cheerleader type girls, I don't imagine them with tattoos. The girls switch off again, and now Briana goes down on Kelly. Kelly is standing again and the action is shot from the front. There is some mild finger fucking (1 digit). The girls kiss with their eyes closed and their mouth's open.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.50, Raincoat Points: 23

Cat and Ashley Heart

This scene features Cat and Ashley. The girls are seen sitting in a hammock facing each other. They kiss and remove their tops. Then they lick each others tits. Then Ashley stands up while Cat remains in the hammock below her. She fingers Ashley's pussy with one finger. The girls are mostly silent during this action. Then Cat licks her pussy, focusing on her clit.

Now Ashley licks Cat's pussy. Cat is lying down on the hammock and Ashley is squatting down on her knees. Ashley makes good eye contact with Cat. A good point of view camera show shows Ashley's face from Cat's perspective. Ashley is willing enough to lick Cat's slit, but she really doesn't seem to having fun. She rubs Cat's cunt as she licks.

Next up, Ashley is serviced with a electric vibrator with a prong at the end to stimulate the clit. Ashley is leaning on a tree with one leg up. Then Cat get pleasured with the toy. Ashley rubs Cat's pussy at the same time. There is a good, but short, point of view shot looking down. Jim Gunn should consider using these kind of angles more! The viewer can see Cat's breasts well and Ashley's face.

Ashley stands up and the girls kiss. Cat is leaning against the palm tree.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.75, Raincoat Points: 23

SCENE FOUR (Snowman's Pick for Best Scene!)
Ashley Heart, Briana Coates, Kelly Cox and Stacey

Scene four is one of two "four girl orgies" that Jimm Gunn touts on the cover. This scene features Ashley, Briana, Kelly and Stacey. The premise of the scene is to celebrate the homecoming victory. Stacey is a blond with straight hair. She looks like an average girl next door. Briana seems to take charge of the scene early on due to her more dominant personality.

The scene starts off with Briana and Kelly French kissing. The girls are standing by the pool. Ashley and Stacey are surprised at this behavior and simply watch. Briana removes Stacey's top to reveal a nice pair. Then there more kissing. Briana's top come off too and she also has some sizable boobs, but there is some unfortunately scarring. Briana kisses Kelly's tits. At this point, Ashley and gets into the groove again and she kisses her partner. Then Ashley gets on her hands and knees. Stacey fingers Ashley's pussy with one finger. Next Briana goes down on Kelly, who is standing up. Kelly bends over and Briana plays with her pussy. Then the girls lap each other's cunts in a variety of positions.

Large strap on dildos that resemble a cock are brought out. They are worn by Briana and Stacey. Ashley and Kelly then proceed to suck the dildos. Ashley is sitting as she sucks and Kelly is on her knees. After this warm up activity, the girls are ready to use the substitute cocks. Ashley squats over the large dildo in the reverse cowgirl position. She grabs it and guides it into her pussy. After she works it in, she folds her arms across her stomach. It looks like it is a challenge for her to sit on it. She keeps the penetration shallow. Kelly gets boned with the strap on in a standing position. Briana pumps her deep and fast. A camera angle through her legs is used. The scene cuts back to Ashley. She is still squatting on the dildo, but now is leaning forward with her head turned back. It's an unusual position, but she continues to stay very shallow.

The girls hug their partners and kiss.

I'm not sure this qualifies as a true orgy. It is more like a regular sex scene with two couples because the girls never really all get together at once and get it on. They remain in pairs that do not interact with each sexually.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.75 , Raincoat Points: 22

Cat and Leah Lauren

Scene five features Cat and Leah, both blonds. Cat has very fair skin and lots of freckles. Leah has a pretty face and a toothy smile. Leah's belly button is pierced. The girls are outside kissing on a lounge chair.

Cat removes Leah's top and Leah returns the favor. Cat licks and sucks Leah's nipples and Leah does the same. Then Leah strips and Cat licks her hairless pussy. The camera zooms in for some good close ups. Leah is standing and Cat is positioned under her. Then Cat spreads Leah's pussy and inserts one finger. Next Cat gets out a large, white vibrator made of hard plastic. Cat moves the vibrator over Leah's pussy and then penetrates Leah's box. Leah is standing with one leg up. Then Leah turns around and Cat spreads her pussy and butt wide. In this position, Cat's pussy lips look loose.

Next Cat lays back in the chaise. Leah goes down on her. Cat licks her pussy. Lean moans a little, but there is very little talking. Cat quickly moves on to using a vibrator on Leah. The penetration is kept minimal. Then Cat turns around and gets on her hands and knees with her butt out toward the camera. Leah uses the toy on her. Good camerawork of the vibrator moving in her pussy. Also, this provides a nice shot of Cat's ass. Cat rubs her tits and says it feels good.

The girls kiss.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.50 , Raincoat Points: 23

Denee Dreams and Gina Rae

Denee Dreams and Gina Rae are the girls featured in this scene. Gina is a brunette with short, streaked hair and a dirty mouth. She looks more butch than the other girls in the video. The biography states that she is a practicing lesbian in her personal life.

To open the scene Gina lays a blanket on the ground. The girls kiss. Gina tells Denee to "Suck my titties you bitch and suck 'em good." In fact, Gina is a bit of a motor mouth in the scene, especially compared to the other girls in this movie. For instance, she says "Oh ya baby, work that tongue on me" and "You make me that way Bitch -- you're so good". She has an unusual southern accent, especially notable when she says "bitch". Denee sucks her tits and then eats her pussy.

Next, Denee gets on her knees with her ass up in the air. Gina licks her pussy. Despite Gina's dirty talk, I didn't find her very sexy. She pales in comparison to Ashley, who gets my pick for cutest girl in the film, and more in line with a typical cheerleader. Gina fingers Denee and eats her box. She tells Denee to "cum for me baby." Denee replies, "lick my clit and I will come for ya bitch." As if by magic, Denee starts to orgasm. I had my doubts it was real. Then the girls sit up and kiss.

Gina stands over Denee and Denee tongues her pussy. Gina moans and makes comments that do not seem authentic to me. Then the girls kiss and perform 69 on each other. Denee inserts two fingers in Gina. The girls then sit up facing each other. They get close and bump their pussies together. There is a (most likely simulated) mutual orgasm.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.25, Raincoat Points: 22

Denee Dreams, Gina Rae, Leah Lauren and Cat

The grand finale is the second "four girl orgy" described on the box cover. The participants are Denee, Gina, Leah, and Cat -- all previously seen in earlier scenes. In the beginning of the scene, the girls do a "firecracker" cheer. This was amusing, and helpful to the cheerleader fantasy, but the girls didn't seem to make a serious effort. Gina is the Captain of the squad.

Then the girls pair off again. This time Denee goes with Gina and Cat goes with Leah. The girls kiss then switch partners. They switch again so that all possible combos are exhausted.

Cat and Gina then begin their lesbian love session. To try something different, Gina inserts the pom pom handle in Cat's pussy. After a bit of in and out, the girls switch off and Cat uses the makeshift dildo on Gina. Then Cat bends over - rests on her hands - and gets the pom pom treatment from behind. Gina sticks the handle in all the way.

While Cat and Gina are getting nasty with their pom poms, Denee and Leah are also getting it on. Denee sucks Leah's tits and then moves down to her pussy. Denee then puts her finger inside Leah and licks her cunt at the same time. Then Leah stands over Denee and Denee licks her pussy more. Leah has one leg up on a chair. Denee says Leah's ass is cute, but the viewer can't really see it. For that matter, I'm not sure Denee could either.

Next strap ons are brought out and worn by Leah and Denee. The dildos are both hard. Leah and Gina suck them as if they were getting a guy's cock hard. Then Leah stands up against a post. Denee fucks her with the strap on. She also spanks her pussy with the fake cock. Gina also gets drilled with the dildo from the side, and then from behind. Gina talks a lot but not quite as dirty as before. She says "oh baby" and "work your big dick." Denee spanks Leah and pulls her hair, but it is too far away to see well. Leah climbs in a chair with her ass out. Denee continues to give it to her from behind.

The girls all stop at the same time. Then all four get together for a quick group kiss that lasts only a few seconds. The scene closes.

Similar to Scene 4, I think it is a stretch to call this a orgy scene. The girls mainly stick to the partner they pair up with.

Snowman holistic rating: 7.50 , Raincoat Points: 22

BONUS! (at the end of the movie)

There are some short, but amusing bloopers and outtakes included at the end of the feature. Some of the girls seem to struggle to remember, or even blow their basic lines that set up the scene. I wouldn't have minded seeing a few more minutes of this type material.


The technical quality of Lesbian Cheerleader Squad was excellent. The picture was very clear with good color and resolution. The sound was also very good but not showcased. Often the girls were quiet and I didn't note any music during the sex scenes. However, I immediately noticed the goofy, modern college band music that plays on the menus. At first, I hated that music, but it grew on me a little bit.

The viewer has the ability to jump to any of the seven scenes from the Main Menu. The DVD also contains biographies, a short synopsis, web site information, trailer for Lesbian Teeny Boppers, and about 12 high quality photo stills. I thought that the stills made the scene look very hot -- perhaps hotter than they really were in the movie. The biographies contained some interesting information about the background of the stars written by the director. Other than the features listed there are no DVD bonuses with this title. I encourage adult producers to include a behind the scenes segment, starlet interviews and director commentary. The actual disc itself has an attractive, color silk screen label based on the cover.

As of August 03, 2000 the price for this DVD ranged from $18.00 to $24.95 at major web retailers.


I do enjoy cheerleader themed adult movies. Maybe it's because it represents a chance to vicariously return to high school and get it on with that unobtainable hottie from the past I used to fantasize about. At times I've rented movies with cheerleaders, but they were always boy/girl releases, not lesbian flicks. That said, for myself at least, I discovered that something is lost in the mix when the girls are just getting it on with each other.

As mentioned at the start, these girls are all fresh faces to porn. The box touts "first time lesbian lust" and from the looks of things this might be true. This is both good and bad. I think it is great to see a fresh face and there's no denying after a certain amount of time, girls burn out in this industry. However, when a film deals with all new girls who are not into the girl/girl thing in their personal lives, you may not get the hottest film of the year. I think that is what happened here. You can bring a group of dancers together and direct them to lick and eat snatch, but perhaps to generate heat, (1) their heart has to be in it or (2) they are an experienced porn pro who can fake it better. Maybe things would click better if half the girls were more experienced porn stars and the other half were "brand new girls."

A few other points. It is generous that there are "seven full sex scenes" in the Lesbian Cheerleader Squad, but they suffered from being too repetitious. The same girls are shown multiple times in similar settings, with similar set ups, wearing the exact same uniforms. In the future, I'd like to see more variety. Also, I'd strongly prefer to see girls without piercings and tattoos -- especially in a movie with a cheerleader theme. I'd also like to see some women of color on future squads. I'm sure there are some hot Latina and/or Cuban women in South Florida that Jimm Gunn could recruit.

Nonetheless, if you know lesbians are your thing, you will probably enjoy this film. However, if you are a raincoater seeking hard lesbian action, such as the girl/girl films directed by Bruce Seven or the "Violation Of" series by J.M. Productions, you may want to skip it. This film is much softer than anything like that. Kissing and licking is emphasized. Although some dildos and vibrators are used, the action is relatively gentle, and there is no rimming, or anal penetration whatsoever in this movie.

Last but not least, this film is very similar to Jim Gunn's Lesbian Teenyboppers. Nearly all of the performers here repeat in that film. If you were crazy about this film or that one, you should see them both. If you thought either one was just OK, there is little reason to see the other. And, if you hated either film, don't waste your time renting or purchasing the other.

Snowman Average Holistic Rating: 7.53
Total Raincoat Points: 157, Average Raincoat Points Per Scene: 22.42
Bang for the Buck Rating: 6.92

Second Opinion?
Den at CAVR rates this feature 8.76.

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Review Date: 08.05.2000

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