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Lesbian Cheerleader Squad

Lesbian Cheerleader Squad

Studio: Avalon
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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The Captain's ratings for Lesbian Cheerleader Squad:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Lesbian Cheerleader Squad overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Lesbian Cheerleader Squad Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Lesbian Cheerleader Squad DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lesbian Cheerleader Squad A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by The Captain  on  1/8/2006
Reviewed by: The Captain
Title: Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 1
Studio: Avalon / Jim Gunn
DOP: 11/1999
Category: Girl/Girl
Runtime: 1:52
Extras: Some
Overall Avg. Captain's Boner Rating: 7.5/10

Denee Dreams- Red hair, pierced tongue, nearly shaved.
Ashley Heart- Short haired brunette, shaved.
Stacey Sweet- Blonde, large breasts, shaved.
Brianna Coates- Blonde, large breasts, trimmed, tattoo around right breast.
Kelly Cox- Curly blonde hair, smallest breasts of the group, trimmed.
Gina Rae- Short haired brunette, dirty talker,
Kat- Blonde, freckles, shaved.
Leah Lauren- Blonde, small ass, shaved, scar under right breast.

Video Details:
Video begins with Kat and Denee doing a brief introduction of the movie and first scene, as they do for all scenes.
Then the credits begin with the girls names followed by a brief clip.

Scene 1: Denee and Ashley
Denee and Ashley are sitting on a blanket outside in their red and white cheerleading outfits (NOTE: all girls in this video wear the same style outfit). Open mouth kissing begins. They begin to lift each others tops up. Ashley is now laying down. Denee Licks Ashley’s breasts. The girls are now on their knees licking breasts. Now standing, Denee removes Ashley's panties, then Ashley returns the favor. Denee licks Ashley's butt cheeks. Denee begins to lick Ashley's completely shaved pussy. Denee is now on her back, with her ankles behind her head, while Ashley licks and rubs her almost completely shaved pussy. Ashley single finger fucks Denee. The girls both lay on their backs and grind pussys together. they end the scene with kissing.
Scene Length: 15:36
The Captain's Boner rating: 7.5/10

Scene 2: Brianna and Kelly
Scene begins with some kissing, And the girls lick each others breasts. Kelly licks Brianna's trimmed pussy. Kelly begins to use a white vibrator on Brianna. Brianna then uses the vibe on Kelly, while Kelly rubs her own ass. They then kiss and rub each others pussy. They bend over and spank each other in turn. Brianna licks Kelly's pussy some more and proceeds to finger fuck her. Scene ends with the girls kissing.
Scene Length: 14:26
The Captain's Boner Rating: 6.75/10

Scene 3: Stacy and Ashley
Stacy and Ashley sitting in a hammock kissing. The girls remove each others tops and lick the others breasts. Stacy, still sitting in the hammock, rubs, licks and finger fucks Ashley's pussy. Stacy lays back, Ashley gets on her knees and licks Stacy's shaved pussy, while she rubs her own clit. Stacy uses a pink vibe on Ashley. Ashley finger fucks Stacy more with Stacy leaning against a tree.
Scene Length: 10:54
The Captain's Boner Rating: 7.25/10

Scene 4: Brianna, Kelly, Stacy, and Ashley
The first of 2, 4 girl scenes. The girls pair off, Ashley and Stacy, Brianna and Kelly. The pairs begin by kissing. Brianna removes Kelly's top, and continue kissing. Kelly licks Brianna's breasts. Stacy and Ashley begin to kiss. Stacy licks Ashley's breasts. Ashley is now bent over and gets her pussy rubbed while Brianna licks Kelly's pussy. Ashley is now getting finger fucked by Stacy. Ashley now lies on her back and continues to get eaten. While Brianna is getting her pussy licked. Brianna and Stacy go grab some strap-ons to use on their partners.
Ashley and Kelly begin sucking on them. Ashley rides Stacy in RCG, while Kelly takes it doggy style. The girls end abruptly and kiss.
Not a true orgy, girls never switch partners nor switch who has the strap on.
Scene Length: 19:32
The Captain's Boner Rating: 8/10

Scene 5: Leah and Kat
Kissing. They take off each others tops. Kat lick Leah's breasts. Leah returns the favor. Kat licks, and finger fucks Leah's pussy. Kat grabs a white vibe and uses it on Leah. Leah remains standing. Kat is laying down while Leah licks her pussy. Leah then uses the vibe on Kat while she spreads her lips open. Kay moves into doggie. the scene ends with kissing.
Scene Length: 16:30
The Captain's Boner Rating: 7.5/10

Scene 6: Gina and Denee
Girls kiss and remove each others tops, and lick each others breasts. Denee removes Gina's panties, licks, and finger fucks Gina's pussy. Denee's panties come off, and Gina finger fucks her. Gina is a dirty talker. The girls kiss more. Gina stands over Denee while she gets licked and finger fucked. They move into 69. They then lock their legs laying on their backs and grind their pussys together. They finish with a kiss, and a clearly faked orgasm.
Scene Length: 11:42
The Captain's Boner Rating: 7.5/10

Scene 7: Denee. Kat, Gina, Leah
The girls begin with a cheer. Kat and Leah kiss, while Denee and Gina kiss. They swap around. Tops come off. Denee licks Leah's breasts, while Kat does the same to Gina. Gina fucks Kat with a pom-pom. Denee kisses Leah and rubs her pussy. Kat fucks Gina with a pom-pom. Denee licks, and finger fucks Leah's pussy. Gina fucks Kat with a pom-pom in doggie style. Leah is still getting finger fucked by Denee. Kat and Denee grab strap-ons. Gina and Leah suck on them. Leah is standing against a post, while Denee takes her from behind. Gina is bent over a chair, and gets taken from behind by Kat. Leah is now also bent over a chair. They end with a 4-way kiss.
Still not a true orgy, only swapping was during kissing.
Scene Length: 20:32
The Captain's Boner Rating: 8/10

-After this scene during the end credits there are a few bloopers.

Overall Captain's Boner Rating: 52.5/70
7 scene movie, with chapter stops in each scene. You can tell most orgasms are faked, and the energy is down in some scenes. The best looking girl is probably Gina or Ashley. (Leah would be fine too if it wasn't for the boob job). A decent movie with good audio (for being recorded entirely outside). Video quality was good to, with many close-ups, although there is some flare outs where the sun shines through the shadows. Also the menu music is very annoying.

Episode Synopsis: Self-explanatory.
Chapter Selection: Start at the first chapter of each scene.
Photo Gallery: 20 Hi-Q still shots.
Biographies: Text bios, with a small video clip window for each star.
Website: Website info.
Trailer: Quick trailer for "Lesbian Teeny Boppers"

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