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Lesbian Bridal Stories 1

Lesbian Bridal Stories 1

Studio: Girlfriends Films
Category:  All Girl
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bono-ONE's ratings for Lesbian Bridal Stories 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lesbian Bridal Stories 1 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/8/2007
Hello fans time to say a few words about one of my fave type of movie to review and that's g/g. In this case it features a special girl too in Bree Olson who I've only seen do a handful of lesbian scenes but anyone who's watched her scenes and has listened to her in the BTS for those knows she's had plenty of experience with women and this passion that she carries to her b/g scenes has nicely materialized in her sapphic trysts also. In all you get four scenes and with only one that I recall having any toy usage fans wanting that practice will need to look elsewhere while those who favor more sensual/ erotic lovemaking can proceed! All the scenes have some sort of wedding attire in them which stays on for a nice stretch of the scene before we're finall down to just pussy's and tits with probing fingers and tongues, my kind of scene! The opening to the scenes themselves is pretty cool as a woman sits in a chair and ala Masterpiece theatre vibe looks at a book with some wedding pics in them and we're taken then to the scene from with those women. The picture too is very clear and we have good views of what occurs between the ladies.

Puma & Sydni:

Puma and Sydni plop down on the bed fresh from their nuptials and there are a few gifts lying around which they take a look at but their eyes are soon only for each other and even nicer is some wedding cake eating, good to fill up with a little sweets before the main course of pussy!! The girls get on pretty well with each other by what I see and there is some sexy undressing here as they lose those pesky clothes. Gotta love a woman in a white wedding gown leaning in to suck her new 'man's tits!! Down to very little the women then work in some sexy trib action, meaning grinding their pussys against each other followed by oral and then it's strawberries and cream from Puma's ass-- can I have one helping please as a guest of the newleyweds!! Pretty good start to this one.

Bree Olson & Tiffany:

Oh yeah this is the scene I was looking for and we get a nice shot of the happy couple before we're taken to their honeymoon suite. Oh yeah the use of Pachebel Canon was classic, love that tune and it set a good tone for the scene. The couple share a glass of champagne on the bed as we come to their scene and will you look at Bree in all white, sexy as hell I'd say and Tiffany cuts a dashing groom in her suit. There is some nice kissing between the girls and we get a pretty good close view for this. To watch Bree in her b/g scenes where she's such a slut asking for them to give it to her, make her take it and then contrast that with this type of scene where she's more sensual, kissing and softer in tone I love that and shows how versatile she is as a performer in my book. Of course it also helps that Bree's got a sinfully hot body from head to toe and Tiffany seems to relish the many opportunity's she is going to have in this scene as the breast come out in grand style. Bree seems to take on the role she has in her b/g scenes of letting the other dictate the scene but without the verbal abuse she can often heap upon herself which creates the stark contrast in scene styles. Well let's not forget that Tiffany's a drop dead gorgeous babe herself and Bree gets her turn helping her 'man' to lose some of 'his' clothing and while not having as big a pair of breasts as Bree does Tiffany's got a fine set and I'm thoroughly enjoying this pairing so far. Some great footage of the girls pressing their tits together as they passionately kiss, this isn't what you normally get in most porn g/g scenes and that's a shame as it looks awesome. I'm sitting here watching these two in pure passionate bliss saying to myself thank you-- to them for letting me share what seems to be a very intimate moment and yeah it's porno but when done like this it's as far from what I'd call porno g/g as you can get. We move on then to Bree eating pussy and man can she lick a kittie or what, very nice oral here with a fabulous view. There's a sweet wind down to the scene and well this alone makes this worth picking up especially for Bree fans wanting something sensual from her and I like this side of her a lot.

Maggie & Nicole:

We start this scene with a couple girlfriends hanging out in a hotel room it appears, one still in her gown and the other in what looks to be a nightgown. These more mature women have a good conversation before we start to see them heat it up. Of the four scenes the kissing here might just be the best, some good long exchanges where their mouths are locked tight together, my kind of kissing. The soft caresses over the breasts or shoulders also signals a more sensual approach and that's the big thing in this one I'm sensing, a more sensual and erotic approach to the scenes rather than the more traditional you do me and I do you which in a way we get that here but it's the way they do it that is the big difference. In this scene alone they stay in the same position for what seems like a long time kissing or caressing over each other and that just feeds into the whole vibe which has been so strong throughout. There is some awesome breast suckling here too when the bigger pair of breasts is revealed, good close shot too as this action takes place. I loved too how the red haired woman, I am not sure who's who here, my bad, but anyway she does some amazing slow pussy licking here pretty much resting her face/ tongue on that kittie, again not what you usually get. Now this was the scene that featured some toy play as the blond takes on a strap on to fuck her friend but we've had such good strong action before this that the toy inclusion seemed fine and didn't distract at all from the scene for me.

Randi & Kayla:

We have one final scene and it has the friend dropping by the day before the nuptials bearing a gift which turns out to be sexy nightie and in turn the bride wants the friend to try on her dress so she can see what having both on at the same time might look like, they both have nice busty frames and like the scenes before the girls seem to get on well with each other. The great thing about this scene is it's a slow seduction by the bride of her friend that sets this scene apart. The soft kisses at first seemed to intensify with each kiss and we're treated to a fabulous close view throughout for this. The tentativeness of the one is soon washed away in sapphic desire for her friend and the kissing and caressing continues to build as the scene goes on. So much so it's the friend who's actually the first to go down for pussy eating and watch her lick away in earnest, quite a change from her initial reluctance which was great. These two women like the three pairs before were nicely matched and worked well together as the scene wound down with some good breast kissing and pussy fingering.

Final Thoughts:

Well for fans of the more passionate/ sensual side of g/g action this is a dvd I'd highly recommend, pure and simple it had some well done kissing and oral with very good chemistry in each scene most notably in the Maggie/ Nicole scene and then in the Bree/ Tiffany scene. Our host who never says a word ends the dvd softly stroking herself as she has enjoyed reliving these four sexy scenes, as have I. No extras here but the four scenes stand alone themselves and make this an easy purchase for the more passionate g/g fan.

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