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Legend Of the Magic Taco, The

Legend Of the Magic Taco, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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Captain Tight Pants's ratings for Legend Of the Magic Taco, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Legend Of the Magic Taco, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Legend Of the Magic Taco, The DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Legend Of the Magic Taco, The A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Captain Tight Pants  on  11/16/2009

The Legend of the Magic Taco


Brief Synopsis

Somewhere in LA there is a taqueria that makes magical tacos. The tacos are like aphrodisiacs. The scenes all involve the characters having a magical taco, being transported somewhere with a mariachi band, getting turned on and then having sex. There are five scenes. Three are boy/girl scenes. There is a girl/girl and a girl/girl/boy scene, too. The first two scenes, with Bridgette B. and Kristina Rose are pretty good. The rest of the scenes are just OK. Overall: C+



The most creative thing about this movie is the title. The story is not creative, interesting or funny. The foundation for each sex scene is basically the same so the story is also repetitive. Once I got past the first scene or two, I could just barely stand to watch it. You’ll probably just fast -forward through the non-sex bits, which makes me wonder why they even bothered to film it.

The girls are all Latinas so if you’re into Latinas you might like this movie more than me.



The scenes all start on a set made up to look like a cheap taqueria. The set looks pretty poorly made, too. Most of the sex scenes occur on different sets or rooms. The lighting, the audio and the video quality are very good.  There is a theme song at the beginning that’s good, too. A purposely-terrible mariachis band shows up just before the sex starts in each scene. Makeup and hair are OK. The menus are easy to use. There are plenty of chapter markers for each scene.

Running Time: 2 hours



The movie starts with some Mexican sounding music and shots of LA. There are scrolling titles explaining how somewhere in LA there is a magical taco.

Each scene starts off with the actors in the same cheap taqueria. The owner, whom I think is also the director, Mark Stone, serves the tacos. He is a sloppy character whom I think is there for comic relief, although I didn’t find him to be the least bit funny. After the actors eat the tacos with the special magical sauce they are magically transported to someplace else. A terrible mariachi band, that I suppose it there for comic relief, plays a song. Once the song is over, the actors find themselves turned on, and commence having sex. 


Sex Scenes


Sex Scene 1 – Bridgette B and Mick Blue

20 minutes

I’ve only seen Bridgette in a few films. When I saw her in Women seeking Women 48 with Rebecca Linares, I thought she was really hot. She doesn’t look that great in this scene. She still looks good, though. Bridgette is a bottle blond with a tan. She has nice sized and shaped breasts. Bridgette is dressed like a prostitute. Bridgette and Mick get turned on by the tacos and start having sex right there in the booth of the taqueria. The couple engages in kissing, breast licking, pussy fondling, dick sucking, pussy eating, pussy fingering, cowgirl, and doggie style. The scene ends with Mick cumming on Bridgette’s face. Bridgette performs enthusiastically throughout the scene.



Sex Scene 2 – Kristina Rose and Tommy Gunn

19 minutes

Kristina is in a sexy red dress and she looks great. After eating the magical taco, Kristina and Tommy are magically transported to an office somewhere. The mariachi band appears, plays a song, and disappears. Tommy and Kristina discover they are turned on. They have sex on the office’s desk. Kristina gives Tommy a blowjob. Then Tommy eats her pussy. She appears to be very excited. Tommy fucks her on the desk. She goes into reverse cowgirl. Kristina looks very wet. She gets fucked from behind on the desk and Tommy cums on her face.


Sex Scene 3 – Laurie Vargas and Johnny Castle

16 minutes

Laurie is very Hispanic looking. She has a cute face. Her body is a little flabby. I don’t find her especially attractive. After eating the tacos the couple is transported somewhere else. The band plays another song. Laurie dances and sings with the band. Then she swings onto Johnny’s lap. The band leaves and the couple kisses. He undresses her, and then eats her pussy. She sucks his cock. They have sex in cowgirl. He fucks her in the ass. He cums on her face.


Sex Scene 4 – Pepper Fox and Angelina Stoli (Victoria Sweet)

19 minutes

Pepper is a cute brunette with nice sized tits. Angelina Stoli, a.k.a. Victoria Sweet, has one of the prettiest faces in porn.

After they eat the tacos, their clothes magically disappear, and they are in their underwear. They get turned on. They start kissing each other, sucking each other’s breasts, eating each other’s pussies. They get out two dildos and they fuck each other. The scene ends with them sucking the dildos. 


Sex Scene 5 – Estrella Flores, Layla Rivera, and Manuel Banderas

20 minutes

These girls are just OK looking. Layla has a bad complexion. Estrella has a tight body and fake boobs. Both girls are in black dresses.  After eating the tacos they are transported somewhere else. The musicians play and then disappear. Manuel makes out with both girls. They all undress each other. The girls suck his cock. He fucks them cowgirl, doggie, missionary, and reverse cowgirl. He cums on their faces. The scene ends with some cum swapping.



There is a bonus scene form Anal Ballerinas with Felony and Marco. It’s 20 minutes long

The “Behind The Scenes” is pretty good. There is also a photo gallery, 6 trailers, a promo reel and some ads.



I have to wonder with so little effort put into the story, sets, and costumes why they even bothered with the theme based vignettes. I found the attempts at comedy not funny. The sex scenes started off great with beautiful actresses like Bridgette and Kristina but got worse as the movie went on. I found the last two girls just barely attractive. Unless you’re a big fan of Latinas I would give this movie a pass.

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