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Legend Of the Magic Taco, The

Legend Of the Magic Taco, The

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Legend Of the Magic Taco, The:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Legend Of the Magic Taco, The overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Legend Of the Magic Taco, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Legend Of the Magic Taco, The DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Legend Of the Magic Taco, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/16/2009
So here we have a new vignette style dvd from Mark Stone shot for Wicked Pictures and the title is what grabbed me at first. The Legend of the Magic Taco-- just had me laughing so hard but then I see Kristina Rose's gorgeous face on the cover and knowing she is in this definitely had me curious. I just watched a Mark Stone flick and had a few laughs while also enjoying the sex so I'm going in with an open mind and expecting some of the same with this one. I liked the opening credits where we get a few shots of the sprawling metropolis that is Los Angeles and we're told that deep in the heart of this large city of the Angels is a place where the tacos are legendary, made in the finest Mexican tradition but that's only half the specialness, the rest comes after you consume them-- and I think we all know what that will be-- hot steamy sex or at least Mark hopes so!

Bridgette B:

So we open with Bridgette and her man Mick Blue coming into the establishment and the proprietor is ready to wait on their order. Bridgette is working in some spanish too, not really understanding what she said but the foreign accent was sexy. Mick doesn't seem to interested in what she's saying. Mick just wants a couple tacos but the owner has other ideas. He beckons Mick over and wants to give him the secret sauce, that will make the tacos magical- hence she's fuck you crazy! But Mick goes with it and the tacos are soon delivered. Bridgette still gives Mick a hard time but he tries the special sauce and sure enough it works, she stops bitching, they both have a bite and we see the magical fairy dust fly from their bites as their eyes light up, lol. Their respective tones change and then we get the owner and Mark Stone right there at the table serenading them much like a mariachi band so I was indeed laughing little here. It was outrageous enough without going over the line to much. But those two disappear leaving Bridgette and Mick alone and Miss B is also speaking english as the sex commences! Kissing, boobs come out for play and Mick's all over them along with doing some good fingering to the cookie. Bridgette still works in some spanish and I like to think she was saying dirty wirds!! Pretty soon she's not talking and instead using that mouth to work over Mick's hard dick. Mark provides some good closeups as she's doing this fine oral. Mr. Blue is also great with the oral sex too using some fingers as well to get that pussy ready for pounding. They hit a couple positions here before he drops his load to Bridgette's face-- great clear picture and there's cleanup. So our first satisfied customers of the day!

Kristina Rose:

Up next is a young lady who has continued in 2009 the fantastic momentum she generated during the latter months of 2008. If Kristina Rose isn't on the list of Best Performers of this year then something's wrong. No one brings more enthusiasm and love to fucking to a scene than Miss Rose does. Well here she's checking out the taco place that Tommy Gunn's recommended to her. Seems Tommy wants enchiladas but the owner sprays it as well as says it, his establishment is tacos. Not sure if spitting out food on the counter is the best way to keep customers coming back,lol, but Tommy and Kristina stay and well, they have tacos! Much like Forrest Gump and shrimp this guy has 1000 types of tacos and runs through a few for the couple who are taken aback but their hunger gets the best of them. This time he brings both in close to tell them about the special sauce and the two don't object to it being poured over their tacos. So they have a bite and much like the first scene, fairy dust sprinkles fly and then it's fuck time! A little something different this scene. As the two take their bites, along with the fairy dust we get them magically transported to another room. They roll with it and don't stop when their horny sides reveal themselves. As in the first scene we get the two mariachi's too singing and serenading the two who are about to do the nasty. Kristina is extra sexy here, the skin tight red dress which is so easily moved so Tommy can get to her titties, Kristina's hands as well as Tommy's are all over each other, asses, tits, moaning, kissing and oh yeah Kristina Rose sucking cock!!! After some fine in close knob polishing which included gagging it was time to get that pussy pounded, a few licks from Tommy first which was nice. The up close coochie fingerin was way hot here, juicy lips-- we've had tacos and pussy, mmmmm good!! The sexual energy from Kristina was as good as ever here, taking the pounding, mouth wide open as she gets pretty vocal during the reverse, then it's doggie where the dirty talk was so good but not quite as loud. Tommy unloads his own special sauce to Kristina's face not long after.

Laurie Vargas:

On we go and holy shit the next girl will definitely have you thinking of Eva Mendes. Loved her look, face was cute, the hair was nice and yeah she's got a fine body. The owner is back giving the business pitch to another couple. Like it too how his names changes everytime. It's long but then he ends it by saying you can call me Al, or in this case says call me Chuck. Ahh the owner isn't the only one with a long name as Laurie tells him hers. She's here because the legend has gone out, the tacos here will help expand her sexual horizons!! So her man agreed to come and help her- hell he's getting laid so of course he's gonna help! The special sauces are brought out and poured over the tacos. As the scene before they take a bite and are taken to a different location, What great tacos!! The marichi's are back and serenade them, you know to put them in the mood or maybe scare them, lol. Ahh this time Laurie gets involved and sings some with the guys, ahh that's different but the whole spanish thing was working here, laughing and horny!! She falls onto the couch, into Johnny Castle's arms, right to kissing. The dress is opened up the modest tits are kissed and caressed, liked the peach colored panties too, lace! Mark keeps up with the good closeups and hearing Laurie talking in her accent was an additional turn on. Johnny does a good job working his way down to partake of her coochie too, fingers and tongue working with Laurie chiming in speaking spanish! Miss Vargas does a very nice job working over Mr. Castle's cock, close in shots and she does it nice'n' sensual style too with some aggressive face fucking mixed in too. Sexwise we hit cowgirl right off and wow she's got an ass folks, very nice booty. The ground shots in reverse anal were real good too, showed off that full bush she has working over the pussy. She's so turned on that Laurie does A2M even over the condom! We get a fine facial to close this out. I'd say her sexual horizons were broadened here!

Angelina Stoli & Pepper Foxxx:

Ok our next scene will feature two lovely ladies. As you see them seated to start the scene that's Pepper on the left and with the long flowing black hair on screen right that's Angelina. After introducing himself once more, he's Dave this time he inquires what brings these lesbians to his establishment. Well they've heard about the magic sauce and want to know what's so magical about it-- be careful ladies what you ask for, lol. But he tries a different approach this time. Instead of trying to explain the magic he wants the lesbians to experience it for themselves. So out come two already made tacos and the sauce is spread over each, time to play the game ladies! The girls take a bite and this time instead of transporting to another room they instead get their clothes magically replaced by sexy lace lingerie-- have to say I loved the change! The mariachi guys come in then to put the girls in the right mood for lesbian sex, lol. The owner guy used lesbian a couple times so I'm going with it. Their song this time goes with the whole lesbian angle and the girls sit there quietly licking it up, lol. The guys disappear and this leaves the hotties to have fun with one another which after all is what we're here for. The girls start caressing each other and we get a nice lean in for kissing. Mark moves the shot right on their faces as they lock lips. Angelina is doing some good caressing over Pepper's boobies but it's Angelina's tits which come out first, nice large areolas. Pepper's knockers aren't far behind and they're actually the first one's played with as Angelina gets a mouthful. After both girls get their mouthful of boobage we get some oral sex. Pepper looked so nice on the stool with Angelina below fingering that coochie as well as dipping that tongue in there for another special sauce, pussy juice! We have fine floor shots as both girls pleasure the other orally, tongues lustfully licking cookie and they don't rush it either, faces stay there, even a self nipple lick from Angelina which I loved. The latter part of the scene gets the women on the counter using a dildo to work out a couple more orgasms. Some very nice pussy eating here by the ladies which Mark captured well.

Layla Rivera & Estrella Flores:

One more scene and it opens very funny with Marco Banderas saying in his country the tacos here are legendary. Estrella then follows by saying in her country they dream about tacos this good and leave it to Layla to put it in perspective. She's hungry and horny!!This pleases the owner, in this scene he's got no short name, lol. This trio is here at the land of 1000 tacos and he wants to show off for these folks. These tacos not only will have the meat but also some salsa so he needs a triple dose of special sauces to make these tacos most especiale!! We again go back to the magical transportation after they all take bites and in unison scream out Good Taco!! The mariachis have one more golden tune in them so we hear that before the trio are left alone to see what other magic they can cook up! Marco is a great choice for this scene too as he's also got the accent here, sure to drive a few ladies wild. Well they all get up close, kissing and hands caressing. The girls play a little sampling each other's breasts before moving down to work over Marco's cock, nothing like some good shared knob polishing and the girls here seemed to relish the challenge of his sword. Mark works in some good floor shots here too, bringing in some titty shots too. Some good cock riding from the girls then which included some P2OGM, not sure how a condom tasted with pussy juice on it but the ladies sure made it seem to look good. Another good shot as Marco nailing Layla doggiestyle while she's busy above eating out Estrella's pink taco! Liked that the girls kept close together and their playing with one another was fused in nicely with Marco's cock getting their pussys a work out. Tongue to tongue the ladies go as we have one last dose of special sauce launched down upon them, good cleanup too from the girls. I'd say our owner had a pretty successful week!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, a funny combo of sex and humor. The owner here was so over the top with his performance, much like it was in Anal Ballerinas which was the previous Mark Stone movie I witnessed him in. It gave enough laughs for me to not drag the movie down in any way. The ladies were fantastic, Kristina was her usual energetic self. Laurie Vargas had the whole Eva Mendes thing working and she does anal and with her ass it looked very good. The g/g with Angelina and Pepper had some nice pussy eating and what latina themed movie wouldn't be right without including Marco Banderas at some point! Extras here included some pics, there's a bonus scene with Felony lifted from Anal Ballerinas--

We move on to Bella now with another cousin and the two are hitting the weights, Bella in full on training mode while Marco Banderas can only look on in admiration, he can't do as much, lol. Perhaps he needs a different piece of equipment to work out with and well I'd say Felony is an ideal candidate. Bella has sent Felony to help Marco relax and we work smoothly into the two kissing, clothes start coming off on both. Good boob kissing from Marco here and Felony has her hands seeking out something to play with and she finds his cock. Pretty animated/ aggressive here bj work with Felony. The pace is rather quick and she is able to take him deep, lots of spit with Mark Stone offering up great close ups, the spit is dripping down her mouth/ chin to her tits she's so forceful with the bj. Marco offers up some oral luvin too with his tongue and then fingers which Felony is nice enough to lick clean. The sex also was fairly brisk with vag first, then a nice close reverse anal is worked in, standing doggie and finally Marco stands over to drop his load.

Another extra to check out here would be the BTS which clocks in at just under 30 minutes-- more good times and laughter along with some nudie looks too so check it out. Well worth a rental for the laughing you'll do along with the jerking off as there is some nice work here from all the ladies, led by Kristina, Laurie and the g/g scene with Pepper and Angelina. The post scene sex bliss where Kristina seems a little out of it was so good!

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