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Le Maitre Chanteur

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Le Maitre Chanteur

Studio: Alkrys Films
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by: ,
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hardware's ratings for Le Maitre Chanteur:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Le Maitre Chanteur overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Le Maitre Chanteur Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Le Maitre Chanteur Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Le Maitre Chanteur Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Le Maitre Chanteur Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Le Maitre Chanteur DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Le Maitre Chanteur A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by hardware  on  1/23/2008
Title: Le Maître Chanteur, Part I
Director: Christian Lavil & Patrice Cabanel
Studio: Alkrys (distributed by Sex Impact)
Cast: Léa Martini, Mylena, Sandra de Angelis, Fanny Garreau, Bruno Sx, Mephisto, Pascal and some unknowns.

Extras: Short clips from eight other Alkrys/Sex Impact movies.

This movie, which comes in two parts, concerns a chic wife whose dalliance with a photographer leads to blackmail. Part one opens with Léa driving through town, an exercise French film makers seem to consider de rigeur. Anyhoo, eventually she arrives at chez Martini where, following a shower (check out that bod!) and change of dress, an anonymous package is brought in by the maid. Upon examination, it proves to contain incriminating photos. This shock is immediately followed by a phone call from ... the blackmailer! Say what you will, the guy has impeccable timing.

Before moving ahead to his nefarious demands, we are first treated to a recap of the fateful dalliance. Léa certainly has the looks to play fashion model; Bruno Sx doesn't quite live up, or down, to sleazy photographer. Léa plays around with a golden dildo for a bit, inserting it in front and back, then lets Bruno take over, with similar access. The sex is pretty average for the period, which is to say it is mild by today's standards. No gagging, gaping or other rough stuff, just Léa looking like a vision, if visions have a penchant for anal sex, that is.

Ah, well, back to the blackmail: Léa's first instruction leads her down a country lane, where she meets up with a dominatrix, played by Manon. I know she's a dominatrix because she has red hair. Oh, yeah, she's also wearing a red dress, but since it isn't latex we'll assume she's still learning her trade. Still, she is holding a large black dildo, with leather straps attached, so I guess she read the manual.

While I'm not fond of girl-on-girl sex, at least we get to enjoy Lea stripping out of her nice blue dress to reveal black lace underwear and, of course, that killer body... drool. Following the theme of our movie, that black dildo soon finds its way up Lea's derriere. Mmm... kay. You know how some restaurants like to serve those itsy-bitsy appetizers? Yeah, this scene is like that.

Meanwhile, the cuckolded hubby returns home via the kitchen door, from which he spies the maid (Mylena) using a rather large legume on her own back door. I guess I didn't quite grasp the heights to which French cuisine aspires these days. No doubt enraged at being supplanted by a vegetable in his own home, the lord of the manor gives the maid a piece of his... erm... anatomy. Take that! Eventually, the legume is called back into service to provide a little DP action, proving that the French can too let go of a grudge.

Back on plot, Léa is out and about town, the blackmailer having directed her to a phone booth from which he can spy on her and, via the phone, direct her to remove articles of clothing for his viewing pleasure. After being directed to open her blouse, pull down her bra, then remove her panties and leave them, Léa is sent into a nearby work yard to recover some bit of evidence from the foreman, whereupon he and three of his buddies chase her around the yard and gang rape her. No butt sex here, proving that the producer's wallet does have its limits.

Back at home, hubby senses something is wrong, but Léa puts him off. Oh, well, the maid is always ready with a blowjob. Given her hubby's penchant for chasing the help around, one wonders why Léa's in such a snit about a little dalliance of her own...

Whatever. Léa's off on assignment, this time in a cab sporting one of the blackmail photos in the back seat. Hmmm, this guy sure has connections. At any rate, we're treated to some john taking a street prostitute (Sandra) up to a flop house for some quick sex (remember lads, use a condom - you never know where that vagina's been!). Post coitus, the couple spy Léa loitering across the street. Thinking Léa's invading her turf, the prostitute goes down to see her off in a shrewish fashion Shakespeare would have approved of. Barely escaping with her makeup intact, a thoroughly distraught Léa returns home to find hubby finishing his lonely dinner. Léa's in no mood for food or conversation, though. She flops down in bed for a good cry, instead. Maybe a legume would help?

The next day, Léa goes to see her photographer boytoy, only to find him banging some other high-society babe (Fanny) fore-and-aft. The producer provided her with a pearl necklace, so we know she's got class, or cash, anyway. Léa is enraged but, being a member of polite society, she waits until they're done before taking the vase of flowers off the table, throwing the flowers at her presumably now ex-boytoy, then breaking the vase in the fireplace. I'm sure Miss Manners would approve. Then it's back to the bedroom for another lie-and-cry.

With another call from the evil blackmailer, Léa is directed to an empty industrial-type building where the incriminating photos are scattered about the floor. She follows the trail, crawling along picking up photos. We see the blackmailer observing from above. Well, you can't fault his taste in women. After she reaches the end of the trail he hails her, directing her to remove her clothing, except for her stockings (black) and shoes (ditto). He then has her tie a black scarf over her eyes. After she does so, he has her get down on her hands and knees, then comes down and fucks her pussy and ass. After coming across her still-covered face, he leaves her.

The next day, back at home, she receives a VHS tape of the encounter. That's quick work, and it is also the end of part one. Feche le vache!

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