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Latina Fever (Northstar)

Latina Fever (Northstar)

Studio: Northstar Associates
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Latina Fever (Northstar):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Latina Fever (Northstar) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Latina Fever (Northstar) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Latina Fever (Northstar) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Latina Fever (Northstar) Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Latina Fever (Northstar) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Latina Fever (Northstar) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Latina Fever (Northstar) A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  8/26/2004


Prologue I'm trying to fulfill my lust for another niche in porn, Hispanic women. Peter North has kindly created a series to fill the need. I'm expecting hot women and massive facials. Let's get the party started.
Claudia Bella It appears that we're on some ocean front property in Brazil and the covergirl, Claudia Bella walks over to a waiting Peter North, shedding her robe as she approaches. She's very pretty and has a fine body but the lighting is not balanced properly as Claudia is very dark against the coastal backdrop. She fondles her tits and they kiss. Peter gets a nice mouthful of her snow capped tits and then Claudia gets an equally nice mouthful of Peter's pecker. Some nice POV of this nut brown beauty scarfing cock and sucking balls. Claudia bends over on a lounge chair for Peter to plant his fat cock in her tight pussy. CG is next and Claudia shows some impressive athletic skill squatting on his cock without landing. She also rotates in a circular motion for a little extra sensation. While she's bobbing on Peter, Claudia kisses and licks her own right arm. I'm guessing that she tastes as good as she looks. P2M and back to CG with Peter driving this time. Claudia turns around and fucks Peter in RC. They take the action inside and we pick it up with the tip of Peter's cock in Claudia's ass in spoon. Cut to an RCA insertion with a lot of lube showing. Claudia does that rotating thing again, possibley attempting to make room. It reminds me of the way Silvia Saint used to fuck. BJ and ball sucking leads to another attempt at spoon anal. Cut to a Northian popshot. Peter leaves streams all over her smiling face.
Chanelle Chavez Joel Lawrence and Jazz Duro are shooting the shit on a couch, talking about soccer, I think. Chanelle brings some food from the kitchen for them, wearing nothing but a light blue nightie. Joel tells Jazz that she's the maid and suggests they share her, as he fucks her all the time. What a host! What a maid!! Chanelle comes back and joins them on the couch. Cocks come out and Chanelle's mouth is filled. Joel does a little titty fucking as she continues to suck Jazz. Soon she's on the rotisserie with Jazz fucking her pussy from behind. The guys switch ends after a cut and Chanelle has her first orgasm. Another cut has them back to the original configuration. RC on Jazz and another orgasm, keeping her from servicing Joel. I love watching Chanelle squirm around and get that lost look on her face. RC on Joel and Chanelle is overcome again. Cut to doggy anal insertion for Joel and then RCA on Jazz. Her mouth is kept busy at all times. Spoon anal. She catches another cum in this position. Joel and Jazz trade again, this time going as deep as possible. They set Chanelle on the floor and pop all over her face.
Patricia Back to Brazil and Alberto Rey shows up on the ocean front patio with a brown cutie named Patricia. The guys admire her and she does a little dance for them. Alberto wastes no time getting her bottoms off and his head up her ass. Peter reveals her perfect tits and leaves her for Alberto. There's a little bit of tonsil hockey and some pussy eating, which puts Patricia into a good mood. He fingers both of her holes, sets her on a bench with her ass facing him and does a little rimming. It's Patricia's turn to suck and she's enthusiastic, if not particularly skillful. She sits on his cock in CG and we get a nice view of a perfect ass. I don't know what she's going on about, but Patricia sounds like she's enjoying the ride. Doggy is next. Peter puts the camera on her face and I know Patricia's saying something profound but my language skills suck, which, by the way, Patricia does for a moment. Back to doggy and Peter suggests Alberto do her ass. He lays a towel down on the patio floor and we cut to Alberto pistoning Patricia's butt in RCA. A2M and back to RCA. Cut to a doggy anal insertion, up and over. A2M and back to doggy anal. More A2M and Alberto sprays his load on Patricia's face. Some PCH and they're done.
Monique and Marcella We have a couple of blonde Brazilians stripping for Peter in his hotel room. Really nice bodies on these two and Marcella has perfect tits. Peter does the taste test on them and seems to favor hers a little. The girls team up on his hardening cock, making sure he's stimulated from crown to balls. A little titty fucking for both and Marcella gets to ride his face. Monique gets mounted in doggy and Marcella does P2OGM before her doggy ride. Back to Monique, still in doggy and Peter has her dancing on the end of his cock. Marcella gets hers again and both girls have been encouraging Peter to fuck them in English. Back to Monique. Peter's like a kid in a candy store. Marcella licks his nipples. She licks her friends juices during a pullout. While Monique is bouncing on Peter's cock, he's got Marcella in his arms and enjoying her body. She climbs on his cock in RC and Monique gets to play with her body. She takes her turn in CG. Her ass is very active and there's some nice creamy juice around the seal. Marcella sucks those juices and re-inserts the cock for her friend. More P2OGM and cut to spoon for Marcella. Monique stays close and fondles her friend's body, paying close attention to her tits. Peter can't hold his load any longer and sprays both their smiling faces.
Samara Just like Alberto before him, Jazz seems to have picked up some local talent. They hit the patio and just get down to business without introductions. Jazz lays Samara out on a lounge chair and inspects her lovely pussy. She soon has his cock in her mouth for a shallow bj. Samara gets turned over to have her asshole spat in and holes played with. Jazz invades her pussy in an up and over doggy. More spit in her ass and back to the pussy. He fucks her face next and she throws in some light rimming. They fuck in a scissor position and Jazz is getting deep. Somehow he manages to fit with her on the chair for spoon and he's snuggling his balls right up to her portal. Cut to RC. She's dancing on his dick and taking the whole enchilada, her pussy looking raw. Jazz keeps talking about her ass and he's soon spearing it in doggy. He goes deep and then gapes it. More thrusts with a pullout and it winks a little. Another set and he's inserting in spoon anal. Jazz pulls out for a hearty A2M before setting Samara in a kneeling position to receive the facial.
Epilogue This disk is very middle of the road. There are no special scenes that raise it above ordinary. The women are hot looking, to be sure, but the action never raises itself above a simmer. This is also the second NorthStar disk that I've reviewed and I haven't been happy with the murky look of the video, especially in the outdoor scenes. Some remedial work in basic lighting is in order.
The Disk The DVD is very light on extras. Trailers and photo gallery. No real value added to give it a push.
Recommendation There are some women here that you may never get a chance to see again, so it might be worth a rental. Chanelle Chavez, the only non Brazilian in the cast, has done better work elsewhere.

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