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Latina Cum Queens 2

Latina Cum Queens 2

Studio: Excessive Entertainment
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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scipio's ratings for Latina Cum Queens 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Latina Cum Queens 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Latina Cum Queens 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Latina Cum Queens 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Latina Cum Queens 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Latina Cum Queens 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Latina Cum Queens 2 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Latina Cum Queens 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  4/19/2006
Latina Cum Queens 2

Director:Drew Rose.

Slide Show: A bunch of hi-res action stills in autorun format.
Trailers: Individual trailers for: Fresh Flesh, Black Boned, Kill Girl Kill. There were some auto-playing trailers after I put the DVD in, but I didn't watch them. Put them where they're selectable!
Sex Talk: A bunch of the usual hardcore phone sex ads... Internet: A short and crappy VCA web trailer, visit our site, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now..

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

None of these scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

Well, after having just reviewed Latina Cum Queens 1 and on balance enjoyed it, what better place to go next than Latina Cum Queens 2?

Scene 1:
Jasmine Byrne, some guy.
Anal, A2M, Facial.

Jasmine, our covergirl, is damned pretty. She has jet black hair, a natural body with smallish breasts, a pierced navel, a nose stud and a very nice looking pussy with a landing strip of pubic hair, and a small crotch tattoo of a fireball just above it on her left. She plays billiards and as she does her clothes quickly disappear. First her blue mini-top, then as she sits on the table rubbing her crotch and fingering herself her daisy duke shorts disappear, leaving her wearing her Cowgirl hat and Cowgirl boots. As is usual for this series, a penis moves into the shot next to her face and she immediately starts sucking on it. Unfortunately, the guy decides he needs to fuck Jasmine's throat and have her make gagging noises, which when shot from 2 inches underneath the guy's balls doesn't do much for me

We cut quickly into some good looking sideways missionary fucking with her pink panties pulled aside, but Jasmine has sadly lost her Cowgirl hat, thogh she still has her boots on. Change to regular missionary which comes with a pretty fucked up close-up sideways angle shot from below, eventually changing to an angle that doesn't require the viewer to tilt their neck to an unnatural angle. Cowgirl on the billiard table is next, and Jasmine should really have been wearing the hat here, though it does show off the rose bush tattoo on the small of her back for the first time, but it's pretty good looking cowgirl and goes on for some time. Eventually she jumps off and sucks his dick. A shot of his butt and scrotum slowly pans up to reveal Jasmine bouncing up and down in RAC, and a sexy-looking RAC it is until the guy locks Jasmine in a full nelson with her legs pinned back. Surprisingly after the long cowgirl, the RAC is also very long. with an Extreme closeup of a gape just before they cut to doggy anal. Finally he pulls out of her ass and pops on Jasmine's face to finish.

The strange alternation of good angles and crappy ones was annoying and hurt the scene which was good aside from the gagging blowjob. The Cowgirl hat was a nice bit of costume prop that should have been kept on a lot more as it added a bit of interest to Jasmine's appearance in the same way that nice jewelry or lingere does. Overall though, a pretty decent scene. Jasmine is certainly a looker.

Scene 2:
Nikki Nievez, Ben English.

Nikki has a natural body with pale skin, average sized breasts and a pierced navel with some words tattooed on her right shoulderblade. Her hair is bleached a rich blonde and is in goldilocks-style curls. She wears a pair of daisy dukes and a green bikini top as she pretends to sweep. Unfortunately, Nikki's face does nothing for me, nor does the Letterman-sized gap between her front teeth. Ben English quickly turns up and starts fucking her mouth as she is on all fours resulting in lovely choking sounds, though the cameraman's angle here is equally terrible, underneath and at an angle. Cowgirl is next, reverse cowgirl, BJ, standing doggie, then Ben jerks a load onto Nikki's face.

To be fair, just because I didn't like Nikki's appearance doesn't mean others might not enjoy it, but the scene itself suffered from some pretty average camera angles and being sex by-the-numbers, not to mention the gagging blowjob. All these things combine to give this scene a low score.

Scene 3:
Olivia O'Lovely, Chris Charming.

For anyone who doesn't know her, Olivia O'Lovely is a moderately attractive lady who sports a huge set of implanted orbs on her chest, as well as several distinctive tattoos, one of a sunburst around her pierced navel, and another on her shaved pubic bone of an eagle, with it's wings in a "V" shape. Olivia also has a couple of other large tattoos on her back. For this scene she starts off slowly undressing, but then the screen cuts to her naked and giving herself a bit of a rub. Some guy's penis walks into shot next to Olivia's face, and so she does what any porn girl would do, and starts to blow him. Unfortunately this BJ also features the part where the guy fucks the girl's throat to the music of those gagging noises.

Standing doggy, doggy with Olivia bent over the table, sideways fucking, and.. I think I see a fresh appendix scar on Olivia's stomach. It's a pretty harsh crimson line. Ouch. Just what I wanted to see. Missionary on the desk, reverse cowgirl, regular cowgirl, laying back with her head hanging down and getting throat-fucked, which also shows up a few big red zits on Olivia's chin line. Finally the guy jerks a weak load onto Olivia's face, she licks the camera with her semen covered tongue, and the scene is done.

I like Olivia usually, but this scene did absolutely nothing for me. Uninspired sex, pimples and the appendix scar sucked the enjoyment out of what could have potentially been a good scene.

Scene 4:
Nadia Styles, skinny white guy.
"Squirting", Facial.

No real tease to speak of this time or even a chance to look at Nadia. We see Nadia's pussy and ass from behind as she stretches it, then we see her opening her mouth and the ever-present penis slide into frame and into her gob. Nadia is pretty with long brown hair and wearing a white cardboard hat. The guy fucks her mouth in an unpleasant looking way during the blowjob. She then lays on her back with her head overhanging, as in Olivia's scene and the guy throatfucks her some more. I've started to hate "blowjobs" put out by American producers because of this kind of thing. She lays back on the bed and we get to see her body for the first time. Pierced navel, lithe natural body, totally shaved, also she's wearing bobby socks and white sneakers. He then fucks her for about forty seconds before she claims to cum suddenly and "squirts". Nadia bands over in the doggystyle position and fingers her asshole, and the guy obliges in her pussy again with some well-framed camerawork. She blows him, then mounts up for some reverse cowgirl, then spoon, BJ, missionary, and finally a weak jerk-to-pop on her face.

I'm not a fan of the whole throat-fucking thing, nor am I of "squirting". Nadia has a very nice natural body, but aside from that and the odd well-framed shot of her, the scene was nothing special at all.

Scene 5:
Trixie Gas, Dave Batista-wannabe.
Anal, A2M, Facial.

Trixie is another decently attractive woman with long brown hair, though a little older looking than many of the other girls in this DVD. Perhaps in her 30's. She also has a large pair of enhanced breasts, though her costume to start with is a pair of really short blue denim cutoffs with a tool belt, and an equally tiny cutoff white tank top which reveals almost the entirety of her breasts. A white hard hat finishes off the costume. Unusually, Trixie does not have a pierced navel, though she does have quite the sexy six-pack stomach. She takes off the tool belt, then through the magic of disjointed editing she stands there without the cutoff shorts but with the tool belt still on, sits down and then, as if by magic, a penis enters the frame next to her mouth, and she begins to snorkel down. I'm not sure who the guy is, but I can tell he wants to be Dave Batista. Hey, at least he looks good compared to some of the skinny white- trash guys in this series.

Trixie sucks the guy's dick and deepthroats him a bit, providing us with this scene's quota of coughing, gagging and seal noises. She stands up with one leg on the chair and Batista fucks her standing doggy with some P2M. Doggy is next which shows that Trixie also has a huge lower-back tattoo of something. Some good-looking reverse cowgirl is next which segues into reverse anal cowgirl which eventually ends when Trixie bounces off for a quick A2M. Standing doggy anal is next until Trixie turns around real fast to recieve Batista's load mostly in her mouth which she swallows.
Considering the bodies on these two, I guess this is what superhero sex would look like. I think there might be a future opportunity there. The downside was that Trixie had on some seriously heavy makeup, and so by the time we had the closeups of her face at the end of the scene, well, DVD brings out all those little pockmarks and pimples and imperfections. Trixie's due for a visit to a quality dermatologist. Other than that distraction, this was a pretty decent scene.

After watching and reviewing two volumes of this series back to back, I have to say that using the exact same formula is wearing pretty thin. I enjoyed Jasmine and Trixie's scenes, but found the other three not worth rewatching. One to rent or purchase only if you find it for sale cheap.


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