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Latina Cum Queens

Latina Cum Queens

Studio: VCA
Category:  Latin
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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scipio's ratings for Latina Cum Queens:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Latina Cum Queens overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Latina Cum Queens Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Latina Cum Queens Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Latina Cum Queens Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Latina Cum Queens Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Latina Cum Queens DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Latina Cum Queens A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by scipio  on  4/19/2006
Latina Cum Queens 1

Director:Drew Rose.

Slide Show: A bunch of hi-res action stills in autorun format.
Trailers: Individual trailers for: Sloppy Ho's, Busta Nut, Dez's Dirty Weekend. There were some auto-playing trailers after I put the DVD in, but I didn't watch them. Put them where they're selectable!
Sex Talk: A bunch of the usual hardcore phone sex ads... Internet: A short and crappy VCA web trailer, visit our site, yadda yadda, you know the drill by now..

A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

None of these scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

This could be interesting. I usually find that ethnically-themed DVDs will feature a well-known star, a couple of others that you just don't see often enough, and a couple of filler performers. Let's see what this one is like..

Scene 1:
Shy Love, Kurt Lockwood.
Anal, A2M, Facial.

Shy has a large set of aftermarket breasts, a very attractive face and a hot body. She's topless outdoors in the sun, and starts off by slowly removing her g-string and rubbing herself while sitting on a lionhead waterfall in someone's very expensive swimming pool. Next she's in the pool but quickly joined by Kurt who carries her over to the pool's edge and goes down on her. She reciprocates by giving Kurt a very nice looking blowjob in return. Well except for the bit of mouth-fucking that comes with seal noises. Standing 69, then cut to standing missionary, more gagging-BJ, then poolside standing doggy with brief P2M. They're moving through the positions at a rapid pace here. P2M then more doggy with some nicely-shot close-ups of Shy's pussy.

Cut to insertion of RAC which looks very good in the natural light, with the slight exception of the puckering of Shy's boobjob which is just too damned tight. She jumps off to supply us with the usual unedited A2M with quite a bit of deepthroating thrown in for good measure as theey move into the 69. Somehow, Shy gets 90% of Kurt's cock down her throat over and over. Next up is anal cowgirl, then more RAC, then more anal cowgirl, and finally we cut to Shy on her knees as Kurt rubs a decent one out over her face and left breast.

This was pretty much decent quality sex by the numbers. There was nothing especially bad about it, and it had some hot moments, but by the same token it was nothing outstanding either. A solid scene.

Scene 2:
Tiffany Taylor, Trent T.

Tiffany has a very attractive face with a small mole on her right cheek. She has long straight black hair and large natural breasts, though she also features a small nondescript tattoo on her tailbone, and a pubic tattoo that is an unrecognisable mess which may be a scribble-type coverup job of something even worse. She starts the scene out wearing one of those belts with the gold discs that look kind of like coins and a black bra. During the tease/pose segment, outside in the same pool location as Shy was in she looks absolutely amazing.

The scene cuts from Tiffany's posing directly to her bending over with a mouthful of Trent's cock, followed by some kissing and then more BJ. In many ways this scene is similar to the previous one - extended BJ, cunnilingus, fingering, missionary, P2M, RC, doggy, jerk-to-pop facial, much of which ends up on Tiffany's breasts.

This scene took place on a pillar in a gazebo poolside rather than in the pool itself and on the pool's edge. I enjoyed this scene more than the first one, though it's hard to tell whether that's because I simpy liked Tiffany more, or if it's because the sex was better, despite being vag only. Dunno, it was certainly well shot, and Tiffany, as stated before is simply gorgeous.

Scene 3:
Havana Ginger, Chris Charming.
Anal, Facial.

Havana has a more strongly hispanic look to her face, and also has a pierced tongue, nostril, upper lip, navel and clit, as well as mammoth-sized natural breasts with huge nipples, which surprisingly enough are not pierced. She masturbates for us on a chair briefly while wearing black stockings and a bra before Chris turns up, kissed her, then puts his dick in her mouth. They're indoors this time, though I'd bet it's the same house. BJ, tit-fucking, standing doggy with bra now gone and the "fuck me" moaning in Spanish which somehow makes it hotter, probably because it could be anything she's saying besides the usual, even thogh it's probably not. This goes for some time from severla angles, and by the time she jumps off for some P2M BJ, Havana is covered in sweat. Cowgirl, though shot from a low angle so we can't properly see Havana's huge lower-back tattoo which is on camera for the first time, more BJ, spoon, anal spoon, RAC, missionary anal, jerk-to-pop facial.

Like the first scene, this was decently solid, rewatchable porn. Though somewhat by the numbers.

Scene 4:
Victoria, Analyssa, Alec Knight.
Double Facial.

Both girls are attractive latinas, though I have no idea who is whom.

Both girls start out dressed in some nice lingere. One of them has her hair bleached to a honey blonde, pouty lips and a similar facial look to J-Lo, though with a bit more age and weight to her, but still attractive. She also has large natural breasts, a navel piercing and wears a nice corset. The other girl has long black hair, a pierced tongue and nostril and average natural breasts. She wears a black corset, black fishnets and red panties that come off her fast. as J-Lo starts on her with a pink dildo after they both expose their breasts. They talk dirty/sexy to one another in Spanish. Alec turns up pretty quickly, and the dark-haired girl pops his dick into her mouth and goes to work. The girls give him a double BJ, then lay back against the couch and he fucks their mouths in turn.

He fucks J-Lo missionary, P2OGM for dark-hair, ten back to J's pussy and we see that the corset has disappeared, showing her thickness around the waist and largish dragon tattoo under her navel. More P2OGM with a solid view of J-Lo's shaved pussy and Alec's shaved balls. Dark-hair gets fucked doggystyle with P2M as J-Lo uses the pink dildo on herself next to her, then climbs on top of J-Lo so that Alec can doggystyle one, then the other stacked girl, though some of the camerawork here is shoddy. He pulls out and goes around to the front and the girls give him a double-BJ, culminating in a jerk-to-double facial.

Not bad, actually. I quote enjoyed this scene, though not as much as the previous ones.

Scene 5:
Jenaveve Jolie, Mr.Pete.

Jenavieve is our front cover girl, and she starts off pressing her breasts against an internal window and then licking it. She's wearing the outfit from the cover, plus a g-string. Which is to say: naked except for shiny fuck-me boots, and a g-string. She sits on a couch and masturbates under her g-string for us, then she's on the edge of a spa, g-string gone but still masturbating. Then Mr.Pete's lower torso and penis enter the frame and Jen starts blowing him. Unfortunately, Pete bends down to kiss Jen, and we have to see his Julian Knight lookalike face for a few seconds, though we see it again when the blowjob angle changes to underneath Jen's breasts. Next is doggystyle, BJ, RC, standing sideways, standing cowgirl (or pick-up missionary.. whatever it's called), split-second cunnilingus and fingering, then missionary with the worst close-up sequence I have ever seen left in a porn film (shaky, focus shifts, etc). Standing doggy with P2M, cowgirl with way too much footage of Pete, finally he jerks-to-pop a weak load on Jen's face and we're done.

This scene would have been a lot more enjoyable if it weren't for Mr.Pete being the lucky one to screw Jen. I just wish the guy would shave off that shitty trailer-trash moustache, get a tan and spend more time in the gym. He's less distracting here than he has been in the past, but it's still not a good look. On the other hand, Jenaveve looked fantastic and luckily the camerawork (mostly) focused on her. I just don't enjoy scenes where the guy is a distraction. A shame.

Well overall this wasn't a bad title. Certainly better than I expected and ironically the weakest scene was so because of the guy's appearance rather then the girl's.


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