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Latin Brotha Lovers 3

Latin Brotha Lovers 3

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Latin Brotha Lovers 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Latin Brotha Lovers 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Latin Brotha Lovers 3 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Latin Brotha Lovers 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Latin Brotha Lovers 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Latin Brotha Lovers 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Latin Brotha Lovers 3 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Latin Brotha Lovers 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  9/12/2006

These Latinas do way more than just sell oranges on the freeway…

Latin Brotha Lovers 3

2006, 2 hours and 17 minutes
Exquisite Pleasures
Directed by Diana Devoe
Starring Destiny DeVille, Estella Leon, Jazmin, Sophia Costello & Tess

What You Should Know:
Two things stood out to me concerning this cast right away:

1.) Of the five “latin” women included, two (Jazmin and Destiny Deville) are actually Indian.

2.) Of the four women I’m familiar with (I’ve never seen nor heard of Tess) none of them are currently active. Estella Leon, Destiny Deville and Jazmin have disappeared and word on the street is Sophia Costello is pregnant.

But I’m not highlighting this as a negative. In fact, after going so many months without seeing any news scenes featuring these girls, I view it as a definite plus. I’m a huge fan of each lady I named. Estella’s psychotic and insanely passionate, Jazmin is very sexy with a shapely lips to die for, Destiny’s a stunner, and is just all-around bad-ass with her British accent and Sophia’s ass shames most other so-called “big butt” broads in the industry. Let’s dig in.
Scene One: Jazmin with J. Muntee

On the box, Jazmin is billed as being Dominican. I’ve seen the former Spiegler girl in every type of ethnic fare you can name (black, latin AND asian) so seeing her described as such here doesn’t really surprise me. She takes a minute or so at the start of her scene to tell us the sexual positions she enjoys most (hilariously, she names nearly every possible position) before swallowing down J. Muntee’s long dick as it enters the frame. She wears a shiny gold outfit with lots of swaying and noisy metallic tassles; something not unlike a harem girl might wear but not quite as hot as Princess Leia’s outfit in Jedi. J pulls her panties aside and his cock seems too big for Jazmin’s tight little hole. He’s having a hard time wiggling it in her puffy hot box. You would think Jaz’d be in pain the way he’s roughing her up but the harder he has to work to cram his cock inside her, the louder she screams and the more turned-on she gets. Frustrated with trying to get inside her mish on the floor, Muntee literally tosses Jazmin up onto a leather sofa and with one hard, thrusting motion, barrels his cock into her snatch and starts slamming away. Jazmin goes nuts. They do a little doggie and then head back to the floor where I’m almost certain Jazmin is audibly praying to Vishnu for more of Muntee’s cock to fit inside her. When praying doesn’t work, she takes matters into her own hands, first leaning up just a little to get a good look at the prick sliding in and out of her and then finally, slowly climbing up onto J cowgirl. ”Look! It’s all the way in! You see that?” she asks and then wildly rides his cock like Ramadan just ended and Muntee’s dick were a piece of curry chicken. Man, Jazmin is awesome. I don’t know where she is now but somebody needs to get ahold of her to stage a comeback. She FRIED Zenza Raggi in I Dig’Em in Pigtails and she gets a really good fucking from J. Muntee right here. I mean, Muntee is beatin’ down Jazmin like a slave and he was an angry overseer. Jazmin, in doggie, looks back and snarls at him, ”Motherfucker!” Muntee just pulls his cock out as far as he can and runs back into her snatch with maximum force: Mr. Motherfucker to you! Then he drops a super-sized load of nut butter right across Jazmin’s sexy lips.

Scene Two: Destiny Deville with Jean-Claude Batiste

Speaking of Indian girls that need to come back…where in the Hell is Destiny Deville? Never have I been so instantly attracted to a performer. Destiny’s a downright GORGEOUS creature and in what has become a trend amongst women with British accents, she can talk dirty with the best of them (see: Elegant Angel’s Cum Craving Teens 2 with Mark Ashley). I’m in absolute lust with her long flowing hair, natural tits and caramel complexion. Batiste is just too lucky. He gets to taste Deville’s pink before she slurps on his rod and then lets him piston that bad boy inside her mish on a bed. Destiny’s a chick I probably couldn’t even look at as I was banging her. Because I know the minute I glanced down and she stared back up at me, sucked her teeth, bit her bottom lip or closed her eyes and drifted away in pure bliss, I’d “Forrest Gump” a nut halfway across the room. And my God, don’t let her actually speak; I’d pass out from dehydration I’d lose so many fluids. Jean-Claude takes Destiny spoon next and humps ‘til his heart’s content as she screams for more. ”Oh fuck…oh fuck, right there, you’re gonna make me cum! Oh God!” Destiny wails before bubbling over and popping like champagne, giving the camera one of the most beautiful “o” faces ever captured. She tastes her pussy on the end of Batiste’s rod before hopping on it cowgirl and then reverse. Jean-Claude works over Destiny’s gash spoon again, this time as she lies on the bed near the edge and he stands. Furiously he pumps away until he splatters her pussy with a messy cumshot (which could be faked since we don’t actually see it, but rather hear Batiste make a lot of noise and then show us the aftermath, which frankly does look like way more cum than humanly possible).

Scene Three: Sophia Costello with J. Muntee

Not terribly active outside of web work for the Bang Bros and movies for Evasive Angels, it’s understandable if you don’t know Sophia Costello (and I swear, she went by Costillo when she first started but I guess it was too much to ask fans to make that “y” sound for those two “l”s). But I guarantee you that followers of huge asses have known who this girl is for a while. Sophia spins around and shows off a little to tease J. Muntee but if you know him, he’s not going to stand and stare long before he unleashes his tongue on her nether regions and attempt to literally eat this woman alive. He lies her back and laps at her pussy and then turns her around so that he can make his face disappear into her huge, plush butt cheeks. Sophia’s attempts to deepthroat Muntee are thwarted by some choking so she opts to just concentrate on the head. When she’s done lubing him up with sticky strands of her saliva, Sophia leans back and spreads wide for Muntee mish. But the show everyone came to see is Sophia cowgirl. When she boards the Muntee Express for that ride, her ass honest to God looks like two MOUNTAINS. The ride is too much for J to handle. Muntee gives up prematurely and shoots a load high up in the air and rains down on her fleshly globes. Now that one nut is out of the way, perhaps he can carry on. And that he does, getting up and sliding his spunk-covered prick right back into Costello doggie. Probably the wrong vantage point for him if he wants to prevent cumming early again. He manages to hold out, though, and even strokes Sophia down reverse cowgirl and mish again until he spills semen onto her chin. Costello strokes out the remainder and does clean up.

Scene Four: Estella Leon with John E. Depth

Estella Leon, when it comes to sex, is downright demonic. She frightens me, the zone she gets in when she’s “working.” She’s all real, 110% around-the-way freak. John. E. Depth will get to perform the Exorcism of Estella Leon today and just like always, Leon begins the session already in her own little world. With Depth firmly in the back of her throat, Estella closes her eyes and touches herself all over with one hand as she strokes his shaft with the other. With the way Estella moves to her own internal soundtrack and the far away look in her bedroom eyes, you would think that Depth’s dick were a bong filled with some of the best cush money could buy. And to Estella, perhaps it is. Dick is her anti-drug. Whatever planet she’s on, she leaves it and heads directly into orbit when John bullies his way into her pussy mish. He gives her clit a few light pecker slaps to tease her and then rocks Estella to sleep with long, steady strokes. On top now in cowgirl, Estella’s ass shakes like jelly and the harder she bears down on Depth’s prick, the more psychotic the ride gets, the more erratic her bucking motions become. She genuinely enjoys tasting her own juices on Depth before flipping over onto her stomach for doggie. John seems to get to her sweet spot the best, not to mention gets the best reactions, in spoon. She really digs it here and the wetness all over Depth’s tool tells the tale if he facial expressions aren’t already a dead giveaway. Without any indication he’s getting close to climaxing, Depth suddenly pulls out of Leon and starts stroking off over her face, lathering her lips with a lumpy load. When Estella kisses his dick, JD thanks her for “speaking into the mic” and asks if there’s any shout-outs she wants to give. Estella doesn’t hesitate: she chunks up the deuce and says “Shout out to my parents!” Wow. Wow and ha.

Scene Five: Tess with J. Muntee

Tess, the only cast member that I (and likely the rest of the world) am completely unfamiliar with, is last. Peculiar placement for the only unknown. Muntee starts the scene off in his general fashion by jabbing his tongue in the girl’s pussy, spelunking for vitamins and minerals. It brings a slight smile to Tess’ face especially when he bends her over and does it from behind. Since she’s already in a grand position, Muntee just slides his manmeat in her doggie. Tess, for her part, is magnificent at working her ass up and down here and then in cowgirl. After minutes of fantastic footage in these two positions, Tess grabs her bolt-ons and holds on for dear life as Muntee tries to shove his cock through her heart in missionary. Reverse cowgirl is way to brief before they move back to doggie on the floor. Whereas the initial round of doggie was somewhat gentle, the pounding Tess takes on the floor is brutal. Tess, eyes shut tightly, strokes Muntee to completion and he erupts all over her face. When it’s finished raining, Tess opens her eyes and smiles but no post-cum head is offered nor given.


This is a good opportunity to catch four hot Latinas in action whom you may not see again any time soon. The sex is what you’d expect from them with the usual suspects in this line as the male talent. At least rent it.

Special Features:
  • Photo Gallery (self-advancing, 7:34)
  • Behind the Scenes (5:46)
  • Trailers (5:12)
Crucifixio Jones

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