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Lascivious Liaisons

Lascivious Liaisons

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  All Sex
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bono-ONE's ratings for Lascivious Liaisons:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Lascivious Liaisons overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Lascivious Liaisons Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Lascivious Liaisons Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Lascivious Liaisons Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lascivious Liaisons Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Lascivious Liaisons DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lascivious Liaisons A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/30/2007
Welcome fans to a new one from Celeste and this is a return to her style that has been in effect where you have no talking instead the music and performers tell the story with their looks and body language. I love the title for this and it had me searching the online dictionary for a precise definition. Lascivious--
1. inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd: a lascivious, girl-chasing old man.
2. arousing sexual desire: lascivious photographs.
3. indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness: a lascivious gesture.

Those are pretty good definitions to go by and hey in porn it's all about wanton lust and in this case visually expressing that. Jana Cova is a perfect guide for this, she's drop dead gorgeous and I've seen her enough to know she's a very good non-verbal communicator. You have quite the nice cast for this one too from Jana to Kelly Kline to Kinzie Kenner, and finally Lela Star-- I'm anxious to see how she does in this type format as up to now I've only seen her in pretty much straight up gonzo scenes. Let's hit some highlights.

Kelly Kline & Jana Cova with Jerry:

We start off with a interesting pairing. Kelly shows up and you can tell right away that Jana's in charge-- holding the riding crop kinda gives it away,lol, but she also backs that up with her body language and facial expression. Kelly for her part seems awkward at first but warms up as the tease goes on. Jerry comes in to wrap some rope around her but her arms are still able to move some. Jana circles her prey several times and leans in for a few kisses but nothing to lengthy before she backs off and becomes a vouyer as Jerry rejoins. He loosens the rope and begins a good session of pussy pleasuring which includes Kelly sitting on his face and I just love seeing pussy eaten like this and Kelly's got a very nice body which we get to enjoy. Miss Kline then gets to work on Jerry's cock and it's a slower style bj just the way I like it. You get shots of Jana intently watching and playing with herself but it's now a Jerry/ Kelly scene for the most part. Sexwise reverse was the best position captured and we close with Jerry firing away to Kelly's chest and it's healthy load too so I'm sad it wasn't on that pretty face of hers.

Lela Star with Erik Everhard:

Holy fuck!! Wait until you see Lela stride in wearing her maids outfit, it looks quite fetching on her. She does a little dusting before having a seat to prop her feet up for a rest. The white lace just suits this woman oh so well. The music then comes to a rousing crescendo as Erik joins in, he must be her boss and he doesn't look to pleased to see the help slacking. Lela gives him a sly grin and then Erik fishes out the hate plow and Lela gets almost giddy in her facial expression. The music too seems pretty appropriate for the mood and oh yeah Lela gets topless and starts engulfing Erik's cock as more crashes come through with the musical soundtrack. Watching her sitting and giving head was good, I really loved the closer in shots as you see Lela working that cock beautifully. She would open her mouth wide and then swoop in and you get fine shots of those marvelous breasts of hers. Erik's a romantic dude so he munches some of Lela's delictable pussy and the way the music keeps crashing down upon us was really good I felt. The best shots sexwise definitely come in cowgirl and they close with Lela jerking the load out onto a nearby glass table which then enables her to resume her work cleaning but no duster this time as Lela uses her tongue to lap up the cum. This was my first non-gonzo scene of Lela's that I recall seeing and she did well so I hope Digital uses her again for something like this.

Jana & Holly Morgan:

This next scene resumes the dominate role for Jana as she's got Holly bound, each wrist by a rope to the bed poles. There is another device used, looks more like a whip this time and she uses it to play with Holly's nice butt wrapping it around the cheeks and shaking them. The classical music is really good and if you're into the non-verbal type action this is really good stuff. Holly doesn't look as apprehensive as Kelly did in the first scene, she seems to relish the treatment Jana's dishing out which also includes some nice hand ass caressing. Jana then drops down and starts licking around Holly's ass and squeezing it so hard her imprints are left behind. I kept wanting Jana to just stop teasing and really start eating ass/pussy but alas she stands back up and starts to lose more of her clothing which isn't a bad thing as she's got such a terrific body. Holly's still bound by her wrists and yes we do finally get Jana falling back to her knees and there's a bit more intense play with a few licks and fingering to Holly's lovebox. The shot then changes to Holly standing unbound and she starts giving Jana some serious eye contact like she wants to have a little fun herself so Jana obliges by slinking her way back over and using the whip to stimulate Holly's kittie, she sucks a little on Holly's tits and they twirl tongues briefly. This scene is really more tease driven than any other scene so far, the real action you'd want to see such as pussy eating or kissing is limited and brief. The women look beautiful no doubts about it but I want a little more than I'm seeing.

August with Jean Valjean:

The next scene starts off much more promisingly enough in the action dept. The music too seems to signal a more free flowing scene as they start with some passionate kissing which seemlessly turns to Jean kissing his way down August's neck with some nice hand rubbing over her pussy area. I enjoyed the slow way Jean helps August out of her top, you want to see a romance novel scene come to life, man I think you're seeing it right here. Jean's got those Fabio type looks and with the music playing it really would seem to come straight out of a Harlequin novel. This book come to life starts to really heat up when August gets to suck a little cock and yeah they add a porno touch with the collar around her neck and the music's taken on a jazzy feel to it but it's now all about the head and August does a fine job here working his tool in and out. Sexwise I liked reverse best and we end with Jean working out a good load to August's mouth and she pushes it out while giving some cleanup. I liked this scene much better than the previous one which was mostly tease. Oh boy Jean does something you don't often see, leaning down to kiss August who still has his manjuice glistening on her face and tongue.

Charlie Laine & Karli Montana with Jana:

We're back with another all girl scene and it starts off innocently enough with the two topless women sitting and making nice eye contact with each other. The soothing music put me at ease as I watched the girls get into each other and wait I see Jana standing in the wings! She doesn't seem to pleased for some reason, but hey we've got now three gorgeous girls practically naked so nothing wrong in my eyes. Charlie and Karli don't seem to want to do much and maybe this is what's making Jana look so disgusted. So she injects herself bigtime tying the two girls up back to back. Jana leaves but comes back soon sporting a black strap on which she thrusts into the faces of both girls. I've not seen Charlie do much if anything close to a b/g scene so watching her give fake head was mildly interesting. The shot then goes back and forth from one girl to the other each engulfing the fake cock. The scene gets better when Jana turns around and instead presses her ass back against their faces and I'm much more interested in girls licking girl ass!! The girls are then released from their confinement and they resume with the fake head and you get some sexual positions too and again mildly interesting to see Charlie riding it and Karli does as well. This scene had a little more meat to it but I would have liked some actual pussy eating mixed in with the fake knob polishing.

Kinzie Kenner with Marco Banderas:

We come next to the beautiful Miss Kenner who is smoking hot in her lacey lingerie. Marco seems displeased about something but I'm sure it's nothing a little cock sucking and pussy fucking won't fix. Kinzie's working that charm on him and the smile she's flashing I'm sure was melting his heart but also making his cock raging hard. The two start to get real playful as we get those wonderous tits pulled out and Marco can't resist moving down to suck on those beauties. Flipping Kinzie over we get another great area on her to check out, namely her ass and the jazzy music's back and working nicely as Marco works over that ass spanking it causing some nice ass cheek jiggling. Our man then moves down to become literrally an ass kisser and really I'd be the first in line to get a shot at puckering up to this sexy tush. The shots just keep gettin better as the bottoms are pulled aside letting him actually dig that tongue in there tasting the essence that is Kinzie Kenner. We flip the tables then and anyone who's watched Kinzie knows this sexy babe can work a cock and using a nice side view we watch as Kinzie slows it down to take on this big piece of meat. Licking some before diving in made the anticpation even better when she actually does engulf him. Sexwise you get a real good reverse shot here with plenty of good bouncing and we end with Marco blasting his jizz all over those huge titties and Kinzie licks at her breasts as well as a little cleanup. The sax playing wrapped it all up nicely.

Jana & Daisy Marie:

We wrap up this title with another g/g scene and it begins with Daisy sitting on Jana's lap and the two are quite cozy with each other right from the start. Good solid eye contact between them. We go back to Jana being the dom though as she uses another tool, this time a paddle to spank the lovely tush belonging to Daisy and she does seem to relish this, I just wish she'd equally relish some actual pussy eating that would last just as long as the tease here does. Instead we replace the paddle with a white dildo and it's used to fuck Daisy for a brief time. We then move on to Miss Marie on her knees behind Jana's ass and we watch her outfit disappear so I hope this signals something more than another toy episode. Thankfully it does at least starting off as Daisy buries her face between Jana's ass cheeks and this is one of my fave ways to watch a g/g kittie licking session but why can't we have Jana doing this rather than only doing toy fucking. I did enjoy this, though, as Daisy seems into the ass appreciation. Jana too is opened up pretty good so we watch Daisy's tongue licking that snatch. However, the toys do return but at least now I've been somewhat satisfied seeing some real pussy eating. Jana also flips over to mish letting us see her tits jiggle a bit as Daisy drills her pussy with the toy. As the credits start to roll we watch Miss Cova clean her juices off the device and the girls do kiss some-- why couldn't they have done more of this during the actual scene, sensual kissing would seem ideally suited for the non-verbal arena so perhaps Celeste can work some of that into her next flick if indeed it centers on non-dialogue. Toy sex is just so played out for me and I like the musical driven porn she shoots but I'd rather see her tackle it from a more sensual perspective letting us bathe in the pussy eating and french kissing and leave the toy stuff behind, that's my wish anyway.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was a good dvd but I was frustrated with the g/g parts which sadly was where we saw Jana do her thing. She's flat out beautiful but her g/g stuff was driven more by toys be it a paddle or a whip or a riding crop and Jana did very little if any real pussy eating but we saw some given to her by the costar in the scene best done by Daisy in the finale. The b/g action was much better here especially with Lela who really looked special in her maids outfit and it was different seeing her fucking the hate plow with no actual words or sound other than music. Extras here include some photos and you do get some BTS and this can be quite fun to watch on a digital set so be sure and check it out. First thing out you get is Robby D spanking Jana while some funny animation shows on the picture so yeah watch it. Worth a rental at least for the b/g action, I did like the music throughout but was frustrated during the g/g scenes as we get way more toy play and less actual pussy or kissing which to me would seem better suited for this non-dialogue driven porn.

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