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Lascivious Latinas 6

Lascivious Latinas 6

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  All Sex , Latin
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Lascivious Latinas 6:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Lascivious Latinas 6 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Lascivious Latinas 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Lascivious Latinas 6 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Lascivious Latinas 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lascivious Latinas 6 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Lascivious Latinas 6 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lascivious Latinas 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/24/2007
Ok fans time for a little latina in our porno diet and we've got some really pretty girls here too from Lorena Sanchea to Renae Cruz to Emma Cummings just to wet your appetite and so without any other delays let's hit some highlights.

Alexis Love & Lorena Sanchez:

Nicely we get this one underway with a two girl scene and these are two really attractive young girls we have before us. The girls get their names listed under them and right from the start they have a cozy relationship which bodes well for the scene. The hands do a fine job seeking out the others body doing some good caressing and like a good tease they hint at going further but hold back just that little bit to keep ya interested. Pretty standard progression too with some light titty play and a little tongue twirling also. The light coming in from the outside was really bathing them but it wasn't a huge distraction. Moving away from that we get the girls on a couch for more fine kissing/ breast sucking with a huge bonus for Lorena moving down to eat snatch, damn she looked hot eating that pussy. Sasha makes a smooth entrance in more ways than one here, not disturbing the g/g play while he slips inside Lorena for some good solid doggie fucking. Miss Sanchez gets to do P2M but Alexis isn't far behind to get her own taste of cock with a fine POV shot worked in too. Miss Love gets her fair share of that dick up in her but I must say Lorena in cowgirl steals the show here, great floor shots with Alexis hovering over, doing P2OGM and then taking Lorena's place with her own ride in cowgirl. The girls switch it up a few more times before Sasha blows his load and they swap it too ending a fine cumlaboration!

Renae Cruz:

Up next is one of the hotter latinas to come along this year and she's done it all too with some good anal work lately along with her other strong scene work. We have Renae outside to start here wearing a sweet sex number which hugs those enticing curves which the camera then does a good job of working its way around moving in and out with Renae doing her part too. Working out her titties we get a nice but quick self nipple lick before it's inside for Renae and more hot body footage. In addition to the fine breasts Renae has a very pretty face and quite the nice backside too which we get a few good shots of here before the real action begins. Tony T eases his way in the shot and he is very fast in getting those boobs out and sucking on them while Renae starts working his cock up to speed with her hands. More good self nipple licking too from Renae, damn I love that!!! Renae then gets the hint when Tony starts pushing her down to her knees and we get a most spirited blowjob, he is really pumping that pipe in there fast'n'furious. As for the sex we open with Tony pressing her up against the partition and pounding that pussy from behind then it's over to the couch for mish, spoon and for the finish it's on the floor for a romping good time in reverse and cowgirl leading to the pop which fits neatly inside Renae's mouth. A solid scene from her.

Evie Delatosso:

Again we get a nice Id for the girl as her tease starts and I must say Evie is looking pretty good here, nice sized tits which for the moment are covered but not for long I hope. As the salsa inspired music plays we have Evie shaking that ass a little bit but I'm keen on seeing those juggs unleashed but like a good porn girl she's making us wait just a little longer. Oh my when you can't stand it anymore those boobs are finally revealed and what a fucking great rack this girl's got, amazing size and shape to them. We don't pause though as she keeps on doing the slow grind for us but at least my tit longing has been fulfilled for now, now it's that ass and thankfully we don't have to wait nearly as long for Evie to reveal that for us. Now for the scene proper we get those tits covered again for the start as we get the cock thrust right into Evie's mouth and she goes for it taking it all in. The tits are brought out but we don't get any sucking on them as the bj is allowed to continue which is also quite good. We do get some oral for Evie, though, which was nice to see, I prefer girls licking pussy but I do like it when the fellas pleasure the ladies before laying pipe. As for the sex you have some boob-centric positions for this girl and why not with those cans. Reverse was easily the best with plenty of flopping by those pups and she receives a good facial cleansing to wrap the scene up. I missed seeing some licking on those breasts, with titties that fine how could you not suck on them?

Emma Cummings:

Oh yeah the busty beauties just keep on cummin with Miss Cummings looking sexy as hell in her lace lingerie. The camera really treats her good too circling around, up and down before we get a quick edit and we're in the scene. Emma leans back taking off the bottom to her outfit and we have a wide open pussy shot and some great stroking from her along with good titty floor shots. Sweet it's a two cock party for Emma and she works both dicks in smoothly going back and forth like she's done this a time or two! Chris Charming and Sasha didn't seem to mind having to wait for this sweet mouth to work their schlongs over. We do get a little dp action too for Emma in reverse, then DPP in cowgirl, that's double pussy penetration for the initital challenged porn fans out there! We end with a little to much man ass in the shot for mish so I was glad when he pulled out and popped followed quickly by his buddy. Not bad at all, definitely want to see more from her.

Bianca Dagger:

This next scene dawns with quite the nice ass shot as we have Bianca seated and working that ass for us as the camera circles around zooming in and out. The big asset for this girl is most certainly that ass so we keep it in good focus for most of the tease, after the last two busty girls we now have the switch from bigger tits to bigger ass which is all good don't ya think. I wouldn't say she's got small boobs by any stretch, she's able to push them together which is a good look when it's done right like it is here but there's no mistake here Bianca's ass is a Dagger so a most apt name as she's ensnared me with it! Jumping ahead just a bit, the tease did start to drag a bit for me and well we get two cocks again in a scene and Bianca does fine working them over and I enjoyed the good close shots of her doing this. As for the sex the absolute best shot had to be the cowgirl of her riding Chris Charming, wow that was some fine booty footage there and we have a few more vag positions but none that equaled this until the guys were ready to blow their loads giving Bianca plenty to taste once they were done.

Luscious Lopez:

What booty/ latina themed movie would be complete without a scene with Miss Lopez who has both qualties in abundance especially her backside!! We catch up with Luscious upstairs and it doesn't take long before we are appreciating that ample tush and well the shot could just stay there so long as she gets naked!! The camera has done a good job throughout this one traveling around the girls during the teases getting up close when it was time namely for those great ass closeups or titty closeups in say Emma or Evie's scenes. Luscious has been around for a bit so she's good at pacing the tease giving us good shots when we get in close and certainly making us long for more. Now for the scene itself we get her sitting down, leaning back and spreading those pussy lips for a good quick stroke session. This must have roused her men as two cocks suddenly thrust themselves in and she's gagging up a storm in no time. She is also able to tickle the balls with the tip of her tongue while deep throating, quite the nice skill if you can do it. She is very liberal with the use of spit here too. Surewood and Sasha then set their sites on her pussy doing some strong pumping here while Luscious services the remaining cock with her mouth. Cowgirl was a big highlight here fans but I also enjoyed the floor shots in her reverse ride. Sweet we have the backdoor opened up by Luscious who tells them to stick it in her ass and folks they don't need to be asked twice so good anal for her in mish, cowgirl and reverse which also sees some dp action and is that spanish she's crying out!!! The final highlight comes in a cowgirl dp with her ass opened up beautifully to camera. The first pop is a mish creampie which she is able to push some out, stroke it a bit and then Surewood props her up in a modified piledriver to work his load out, all the while she's uttering sweet nothings in spanish!! His load is an anal creampie for Luscious with some coating her pussy lips when he pulls out. Luscious does a good job showing off that freshly fucked pussy and ass with the jizz still glistening on the outside of both holes. A good ending to this one.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well not bad, not bad at all if you're into latina hotties. I enjoyed the middles scenes best probably with Emma and Evie and can't forget the nice nipple licking we got from Renae either. Extra wise there is the usual, photos, cumshot repeat and some BTS for your enjoyment. A good rental for sure for the talent you get here and the action/ blowjobs more than held my interest and should yours as well.

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