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Lascivious Latinas 1

Lascivious Latinas 1

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Latin , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for Lascivious Latinas 1:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Lascivious Latinas 1 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Lascivious Latinas 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Lascivious Latinas 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Lascivious Latinas 1 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lascivious Latinas 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lascivious Latinas 1 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lascivious Latinas 1 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  5/18/2005

My name is Tom. I am from Greece. I am 30 years old. I am a computer programmer and I use internet since 1994, were very few people here in Athens knew about its social role and use.

Although I have an affair for many years now, a relation ship that is built in true love, human communication and understanding, I have never stopped seeking a way to fulfill my fantasies. Unfortunately that implies a lot of risk, a risk that I am not willing to take in order to test my girlfriend’s feelings or to sacrifice the foundation of our future. (I do plan to get married with her and have many children). So, for many years now, my intimate fantasies are projected in my television or computer screen, through the adult media.

Having seen several adult films so far, I was lucky to witness some very attractive women getting wild and hot in front of my eyes. Many adult female stars have paraded on my screen from all the parts of the globe. Sexy women, stunning women, naughty, filthy, dirty, alluring, charming, elegant, active, mincing, wild. Natural gifted men were providing their sexual services to them in every way possible. In singles, couples or groups they were all engaging in many oral, vaginal or anal sexual activities producing vast amount of eroticism and heat. I have often fantasized of taking one male actor’s place and have sex with some of those gorgeous women, that flatter my screen. I have seen many different adult companies from all over the world, many directors, with their individual capturing technique each, many fascinating erotic positions and all the shifts in the flow of the adult film making, through those years.

Well, in the lines that follow, I will try to deliver you the experiences I had, watching some of those movies.  I will plan to do that, in my point of view, in a lover’s point of view. Together we will place our selves inside the action altering our roles, from passive demanding adult spectators (commenting and criticizing accordingly) to active sexual participants. I will take you to the corners of the world, bringing you characteristic specimens of the adult filmography industry.  In these reviews, you will learn many sexual secrets and other making love advices. We will visit the backstage of the porn theaters and we will expose lots of directing and sex setting techniques.  I promise you, I will try to get improved review by review, in order to deliver you the most out of this fascinating adult video world.


Lascivious Latinas


Alexis Amore

Kat, Ramona Luv, Olivia O'Lovely, Alexis Amore, Avy Lee Roth, Rio Mariah, Lena Juliette.


If you don’t know Anabolic or Diabolic Studios, I will tell you one thing. This company is one of the most important, throughout the adult history. This company for many years was something like adult film-making academy, specialized in the hard gonzo sex. The prettiest, the hottest and the sexiest stars of the business have made their appearance in Anabolic titles. Also, many known directors have made their first directing steps in the porno world, under Anabolic name. David Luger, Mike John, Christopher Alexander, Christoph Clarck, J.Y. Lecastel, and many others.  Some of the male actors have created their own adult productions replicating and perfecting the directing techniques, they have learned in Anabolic / Diabolic studios. Vince Vouyer, Eric Everhard, John Dough, Mark East are amongst them. In fact, many adult companies all over the world have copied the way Anabolic was shooting porn. So you can estimate now, how significant was Anabolic influence in the route of modern pornography.

Anyway let’s go to our video. This must be the first video in Anabolic history, directed by a woman. This also must be the first ever video directed by Alexis. Alexis Amore is a very attractive brunette latina. She has been many years in the industry, as an actress for companies like Vivid and VCA. Over the years she got hornier and hornier. Now she has changes sides and gone from the plot base safe sex movies to the non plot hard drilling gonzo kind scenes. In this video, she has exceeded herself, in the last scene, doing very nasty things, compared to her previous adult career. Of course, as the title implies the main subject of the movie will be sexy latinas doing nasty stuff. And if you want a sample of how sexy a latin girl can be, remember Adrianna Sage. No further comment about her.

In the first scene a half latin, half asian girl, named Kat, is presented by Alexis to the already naked and erected, sitting in a porch swing, Brian Surewood. Kat is a very slim brunette girl. She has braces, braids and a red neck leash. She also wears pink panties and a white belt. Kat looks like a sixteen years old innocent teen, but believe me, from what she does in this scene and what I have seen her do in others, she is not so innocent at all. After a vigorous blowjob, where she takes nearly all of Brian’s dick in her mouth, (There is a nice shot of her doing that, taken from her rear, as her hands are folding her butt cheeks) she sets her tiny body ready to be violated by his massive organ. She bends forward against the swing and Brian comes behind her. Alexis pulls down her panties revealing her tight openings. Well, Brian is not gentle with her and without hesitating much he shoves his big dick inside her asshole. Poor Kat needs some time to adjust, as her grimaces show, but eventually she takes it well. During doggy anal, Brian lifts her right leg and that creates a fine view of her pussy, as she is anally invaded. Cut to her in the reverse cowgirl pose, having her feet on Brian’s thighs, where her anus gets literally nailed from the bottom. (The reverse cowgirl is one my favorite positions, vaginally, anally or even in a d.p., cause of the viewing access it permits to the female body’s formations) Here fortunately, there is no exception too. After a couple of ATM (Ass to Mouth) Kat gets up, changes sizes and sits her ass again on Brian’s pole. The cowgirl anal position is another winner, as you can observe Kat’s firm ass getting stuffed well. Kat now, is sitting on a table gaping both of her holes. Soon Brian fills the tightest of them, missionary way. After a while, Kat gets up and lifts her right leg up. Brian inserts his dick in her ass, fucking her again doggy style, as she is playing with her pussy. Then is time for some sidesaddle anal, while she is laid on the swing. There is a final round of doggy anal, before Brian deposits his semen inside her asshole. Kat lets it drip in her hand and licks all of it. This was a scene full of straight anal intensive hammering.

In the second scene, a busty brunette with a sweet face is walking up the stairs and gets inside. She is Avy –Lee Roth. She wears a white see-through top and bright pink panties. She bends on a couch and spreads her butt cheeks. Before you have the chance to spell “sex”, two guys are attacking her. One of them inserts his big dick in her willing, still string covered vagina, while the other enjoys her oral talents. Her panties now, are off and she is sitting on a guy’s fat prick. This guy’s face is rather funny. However, his manners against women are not so funny at all. In whatever scene he is in, you know that the girl will be treated roughly, at least. I don’t like sex that looks like a rape. I don’t like woman’s rough treatment at all. This kind of action is distracting, hideous and unerotic. Thankfully, in this scene, he doesn’t exceed much the limits of eroticism. Anyway, Avy’s vaginal lips spread nicely around this guy’s thick penis as she is fucked in the reverse cowgirl pose. The guy must be in a real good shape, because he fucks her rapidly, in this rather difficult position.  Of course, you should know, women love intensive fucking. (I mean women, not virgins) This results of her getting quite vocal. A lot of Spanish goes out her fleshy red lips as her plentiful natural breast bounce uncontrollably. The other can’t stand aside and decide to join his friend inside her. He positions his self in front of her and slips his penis in her pussy along with his pal. Avy’ s has two large dicks, moving inside her vagina at the same time and she appears to like it. Well, if you ask me, double dicking in the same hole is not my thing. I prefer one in each hole. You see, I want to watch (and feel) woman flesh surrounding a dick and not a mutual penile rubbing. Yet, sometimes it is impressive to observe how a woman’s pussy lips are stretched wide, by the double massive vaginal intrusion. In our scene, there is a lot of this action, shot and done in a couple of different angles. There was a very hot instance, where Avy’s pussy was getting double drilled in the reverse cowgirl position. It was shot in a distant front face plan. Her smooth legs were flailing in the air, her hands was grabbing the butt of the guy, who was leaned above her, she was kissing his ribs and made pleasureful noises with her sexy gruff voice of her. All of her reactions stated, that she gracefully approved what was happening to her. Although the view between her legs was limited, due to the shadow effect, (the director gave us a close view confirmation of the double vaginal reality), their body positions and the numerous sensual details that were running along with, made that instance highly erotic. (I only wish there was a more clear view of the double penetration and the guys have used a different sexual target. What the hell, you can’t have it all. Can you?). There was also a cowgirl version of the action, where the dual vaginal filling wasn’t clear enough and I was worried if her anus was finally violated. Unfortunately, a closer zoom of the action confirmed, that she was still had both of those dicks inside her love tube. There were a couple of single penetrating moments between the dvs, committed in doggy and cowgirl form, while she was taking blowjob to the other guy. I need to mention though, an interesting detail during the cowgirl stuffing of hers. It’s known that Avy doesn’t practice anal, at least on air. However, I have spotted her massaging the area around her asshole. Now, she was enjoying rubbing her little rear hole or she was desperately trying to hide her tiny opening, in case the other guy gets challenged by its view and eventually shoves his dick in … accidentally? Who knows? To end things up, each of the guys took turn fucking her vagina intensively missionary style, before he shot his load onto her face. Alexis appears suddenly, in the set and licks the cum out of her friend’s face. I liked Avy’s appetite for sex, as long as her talkative personality.

Scene three. If you don’t know Lena Juliette, it is time to meet her. Lena is a slim dark skin brunette with pretty eyes and high sexual energy. She wears a pink mesh top, which is leaked in the nipple areas. This comes up with an equal color panties. I could guess that pink must be one of Alexis favorite colors. After a Spanish introduction, she gets right to work. She begins her sexual show with a double blowjob, as two naked men with erected penises appear from each of her sides.

One of them is Brian Surewood, the other dick belongs to a not so familiar to me guy. After a few oral strokes, Lena decides that it is time to get fucked. So, she gets up and Brian with a single wrench frees her perfect tight butt from the pink string. Then, Brian sits on the couch and holds his big dick up and preparing for penetration. Miss Lena positions herself above him and lower her buttocks down, facing him. She massages her asshole with her lubricated fingers and Brian pushes his dick in. Oops. It slips out. The first attempt was failed, but the second time, after another hand of lubrication, Lena guides his thick member safe inside her asshole. Lena’s both feet are upon Brian’s thighs, so we can see the bottom of her pink high heels. Lena’s young tiny latina ass gets a good filling in this cowgirl position. She also manages to use her own saliva to oil her partners prick a couple of times. Even if Lena use her special oral skills on the other mans dick, he eventually gets jealous. Our pretty girl is generous and she doesn’t want anybody to be left aside. Soon, her stinky hole gets reamed in the reverse cowgirl position. This guy’s dick is fairly long and goes deep inside her asshole. We have a nice view of her dark skin body as it whole bounds on a man’s thick stick. Even, if her mouth is full of Brian’s meet, she doesn’t feel satisfied enough. Although her asshole is fully stuffed, she has another hole down there, which is spared. She can’t bear the void any longer and invites Brian to help her. Of course, Brian willingly accepts the invitation. He is too, tempted, from her nice well-trimmed pussy. So, he comes in front of her, he spread her legs wide and inserts his massive dick inside her soaked wet vagina. The walls of her tight pussy are being stretched to the max and that causes her to scream. Soon, though she gets used to it and eventually she appears to like it. Still, she is amazed as she is watching both of her holes getting ripped apart simultaneously. So, we are. It is pretty impressive, how so much man meet can fit inside her tiny body. Brian attempts a couple of power strokes, which gets him really deep in her. (Easy man, you gonna hurt her!) The captured angle and distance are very good and the view is awesome. Nice work from the cameraman. Lena gets really wild, when Brian starts to rub her clit as well. However, she decides she had enough and needs a break, so she pushes Brian back and gets up to taste her internal fluids, as they are laid upon their cocks. Cut to her bouncing her gorgeous ass on one guys dick, getting fucked vaginally. I think, you can guess what happens next. Brian goes behind her and shoves his big thing in her little rear hole. Now, Lena she is double penetrated cowgirl style. Well, the dual drill ends and our sexy starlet takes a single ass fucking by each of her male partners, in the spoon and sidesaddle form. Brian also takes the chance to taste her feet while he is fucking her. Next, Lena’s asshole is violated doggy style by both of them, in turn. Finally, the slim brunette assists Brian to finish, by massaging his testicles as he is still fucking her. He aims her oral cavity, but he misses. The other guy gets a brief anal fuck, the doggy way, before he too explodes in her mouth. This guy’s target is greater, so is the amount of cum that is dripped from her mouth. I did liked this scene. I really did. However, I am afraid Lena didn’t enjoy it as much as I did. I noticed her many times feeling uncomfortable with the amount of anal, she was experiencing by these rather “blessed” guys.     

            Scene four. This is a lesbian scene. Somehow, I am very much related to lesbians. (I won’t tell you now why. I will leave it for later reviews.) Thus, I have seen many times lesbians having intimate moments, live! The reason I like to watch lesbian scenes is because they usually offer a more delicate, more tender, more sensual approach to the sexual interaction. Watching experienced lesbians, you can learn many things about a woman’s body, its erotic zones and how to stimulate them. Here, we have a very luscious dark hair lady, Olivia o’ Lovely, paired with a cute slimmer brunette girl, called Ramona Love. Of course, one of the main activities in a lesbian physical affair is the woman’s genitals excitation. This can be accomplished in many ways. In our case, the girls preferred the oral manner. Both girls were exchanging pussy eating, when one of them were enjoying the oral treatments of the other or simultaneously in the famous 69 pose. Just notice how fondly Ramona pets her partner’s long hair, as Olivia in her turn, is taking care of her silky pussy. After the oral exploration comes to an end, Alexis offers them two huge plastic dildos to play with. They don’t lose time and still in the 69 pose, they fill with them each other’s vaginal cavity. Thy both have beautiful pussies and the toys stuff them quite well. Ramona is on top and Olivia beneath. Olivia is more active than her younger friend as she applies some clit licking along with the dildo intrusion in Ramona’s tube. The last one seems to appreciate very much her girlfriend actions. Olivia gets one step further and shoves a big cone tap in her asshole. Still not satisfied she pushes another big dildo in her pussy for a technical double penetration. This lasts for a while with a couple of ATM and PTM breaks, in between. Next Ramona spreads herself on the couch and Olivia after teasing her pubic area with the plastic cock’s head, she pushes it inside. Ramona’s very attractive pussy lips open nicely as they accept the big phallic member in. Some clit licking and is over. A very short scene, indeed.         

Scene number five. In this scene Rio Mariah has a mini gang bang with three males. Damn, one of the men is Pascal . Pascal is a French guy, who took part in many movies of Pierre Woodman and other European directors. Yet, this is the first time, I am watching him in an American production. They must be having a terrible lack of “manpower” back in Anabolic. Rio is very active lately. She runs the adult globe quite fast and participates in many flicks. I wouldn’t consider her as the most beautiful Brazilian in the area (As far as I know, she is from Brazil), her facial looks are a little bit harsh to me, but her butt… Oh god! A real masterpiece! After the appropriate Spanish introduction she finds herself surrounded by three throbbing dicks. There is a nice masculine buffet for her, so she begins to taste every flavor. Soon, Pascal decides to take the first step and starts fucking her tight pussy doggy style. Then the other men follow, in the same position. Next we are watching her love orifice getting a good stuffing in the reverse cowgirl pose. Nice view of the action. Of course, there is not a single second without her having a dick in her mouth at the same time. Now, all of the men are sitting on the couch and Rio switches dicks as she is nailed in both cowgirls consecutively. There is a cut and Rio rides a fat dick in all fours. She announced that she is going to be fucked from her “culo” and that pleases me greatly. Nobody can resist such a “culo”, so Pascal goes behind her and buries his dick in her stinky hole. It slips nicely in and all of Rio’s holes are now full of man meet. The men take turns fucking her sphincter from above, as her vagina is stuffed from beneath. There is a moment between the successive dps, where she bounces forcefully, that great ass of hers down on a thick penis. Oh that’s tempting!  That doesn’t last long before she gets another dick in her asshole. Although the double penetration wasn’t that clear, the picture of her beautiful ass getting stuffed like that was great. Cut and Rio’s asshole is penetrated in the reverse cowgirl manner. A few seconds later, her holes are double drilled in the same position. There is a nice close shot of the action, right between her legs, where we can clearly observe her lower openings reamed hard. (However, the man who does the anal honors needs an urgent pubic shave). There is a shift and Rio is witnessed double penetrated again in cowgirl fashion. One more time, the men take turns fucking her asshole. Next she is placed in the pile drive position and she even gets a dual pummeling there. Awkward, but not so bad! Finally, the men each have a quick fuck with her in the missionary way, before they unload their semen in her face. Final word: her ass is all the money!

Last scene. Alexis Amore is by far the prettiest woman on the disk. Of course, she is used to look even better, but she is definitely hasn’t lost her charm. She is a brunette with long black hair, sexy dark red painted lips and well-shaped body. She has huge implanted tits and an attractive shaved pussy. Yet, Alexis’s greatest asset is her huge appetite, she has for hard sex. She starts by talking to us in Spanish and she concludes; “Bring the cocks on!” Two dicks suddenly appear in the screen in each of her sides. The dicks belong to Pascal and David Hardman. David is a veteran. He is known, as the best second dick of the past decade. That means he was used mostly for double penetration scenes in the late 90’s. Beautiful Alexis gets to work immediately on them and starts sucking their dicks. Dave returns the favor and goes for a muff dive between her legs. Our girl is turned on and demands to fuck her. David responds to her cravings, he spits on her pubic area and shoves his prick inside her salivated vagina while her dark skin body is spread on the couch. (missionary). She goes wild. I mean really wild. “Fuck me harder! Harder! Harder!” she says constantly. Her cries continue when Pascal inserts his big dick in her tight opening, while she is in doggy position. Nice view of the action. Dave gets jealous and fucks her the same way. Then he switches again in missionary, just because he wants to watch her front attractive silhouette. Alexis still performs with great energy. She gets up and lowers herself down on Pascal’s dick. His big dick slips nicely inside her pussy as she bounces her great ass on it, intensively. Nice picture! She flips over and now she sits on Dave’s dick reverse cowgirl way. Always a fave of mine! Her appetite for man meet is so big, that she decides to feel both of their dicks inside her. Pascal positions himself in front of her and pushes his member inside her already stuffed vagina. Really, double vaginal is not my thing, but the view of her entire well–shaped body with her large breasts are shaking up and down, while her latino pussy is stretched to the max by two fat penises, is absolutely awesome. Alexis looks that she is enjoying it very much, because she fucks back. Yeah, you read well, she fucks them back! She even appears to cum this way. Gee, she performs like a wild animal (Someone must let her loose). Pascal should be amazed about this girl’s sexual hunger. Surely, it’s a big change for him, from the speechless Eastern Euro puppets to the American nympho maniacs.  Welcome to America! Alexis changes sides and now she is double pussy penetrated in the cowgirl manner. She loves having her pussy double stuffed and she definitely shows it. Then, she hopes for a single spoon fucking with David, while she is taking a blowjob. Pascal starts to react like a jerk. He behaves too rough, for my taste. Even if this girl acts so immense, it doesn’t mean she deserves to be treated badly. He can still, fuck her hard, without overreacting. After all, he must pay some respect to his beautiful director. Thankfully, the abuse is very limited. Anyway, they change position and Alexis’ pussy gets a hard filling in the missionary position. The penetration is intensive and committed in an almost vertical manner. The close capture of the action along with her facial expressions is great. She gets fucked this way by both of them and she really loves it. She even spotted fingering her asshole, for a bit. Speaking of her asshole, it gets finally penetrated, but it is very interesting to monitor how! There is a sudden cut and voila: We get a gros plan of Pascal’s big dick almost balls deep buried inside her asshole, from beneath, while his friend’s fair size member is vanished in her pussy, from above. I haven’t seen this girl experiencing a double penetration before, (in separate holes) so this one, surprised me, nicely. (In fact, I don’t recall I’ve seen her doing anal, before). Men, what can I say. The spectacle of such a pretty girl having both of her love holes fully packed, at the same time, is undoubtedly quite remarkable. Especially, when the committing position and the captured angle allows us to observe her facial reactions, during the immense dual ramming. Alexis looks again to be pleased with her hard treatment. “Fuck me harder”, she is murmuring all the time. Next, Dave pulls his dick off and goes for a PTM service (Pussy to Mouth). For a few seconds, Alexis is witnessed being fucked in the ass reverse cowgirl. The shot is great. Her ass bounces nicely down on Pascal’s dick and her vagina looks very attractive. Its bright pink color makes a good contrast with the dark skin of her body. Oh my goodness! Check out the following sight. Pascal is at the back of Alexis. He bends. He grabs her legs and lifts them up. The camera goes underneath her and there we witness Pascal’s stiff dick being deep inside her tight asshole. Then, Dave tempted by her exposed craving love tube, comes forth and shoves his member, all the way in. Well, this baby certainly gets the attention she deserves, getting double impaled, while she is in mid-air. Fantastic! Absolutely amazing! Usually this position is captured on their side, but this time, the capturing angle was slightly turned in front of her. This way, the view of the double penetration was much clearer, such as her whole firm body and her lovely legs spread, held up in the air. Beautiful! Even Alexis got thrilled about. Oh no! Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long enough. Pascal’s dick is soon slept out. (I don’t believe Pascal is the best choice for this kind of position. He is not used to this kind of aerial action). However, just this instance’s presence, is a good reason to watch the scene. Damn, let’s rewind it again. Alexis’ pussy is stuffed by both of these guys inn turn in… how can I call this…Reverse missionary mode? Her asshole is penetrated by Pascal, in the same odd pose. The movie ends with a nice facial bath, as Alexis is gloriously baptized in the hard world of double penetration.

     Well, let’s sum it up. There is no plot. There is not much money, spent on the clothing and on the non-sex stuff. Probably, it was a few days installment. However, the sex was more than good, the rhythm fascinating, there were many hot intensive moments and the girls were at least attractive. Although, I have some complains that need an answer, (some more teasing and fore playing would be rather acceptable,  some more anal positions on behalf of the hostess Alexis would be considered also a stimulating site, a little more eroticism would be pleasant and yes, there were some inevitable minor technical and directing flaws), however, thanks to Alexis attempting guidance, this movie promises to keep the long time tradition Anabolic/Diabolic productions has, to satisfy and please visually, the adult spectator all over the world.

I have the feeling the following title will be even better. 


PS1. The house, where the action is shot belongs to miss Amore!

PS2. There was a moment, as Alexis revealed as, where her sister arrives in the house and she spots her beloved Alexis, having two dicks in each of her holes at the same time!  Gee, I would like to see her face!

PS3. The immediate anal penetration of Alexis, in the form of d.p., has its explanation. I’ve been told, that women, can bear more easily the d.p. than the single anal invasion.

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