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Lascivious Latinas 1

Lascivious Latinas 1

Studio: Anabolic
Category:  Latin , Straight
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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The Fly Is Open's ratings for Lascivious Latinas 1:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Lascivious Latinas 1 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Lascivious Latinas 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Lascivious Latinas 1 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Lascivious Latinas 1 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Lascivious Latinas 1 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Lascivious Latinas 1 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lascivious Latinas 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by The Fly Is Open  on  3/14/2005
OK, I'm back for Round 2! Up for my commentary today is Anabolic's Lascivious Latinas, the (as far as I know) "directorial debut" of the very well-traveled Alexis Amore. I meant to put this title under the microscope last week, but Erik Everhard's comprehensive account of his teenage prowling left me no time to finish watching this. Six days and $4.50 later, I'm bound to finish this task.
Let me say that Lascivious Latinas is the first porn DVD whose title has ever made me seek Webster's Dictionary for reference. Is "lascivious" merely a word synonymous with "horny" that they picked for alliteration, I thought? I checked, and Webster said yes. I figure that "lewd" and "lustful" had already been used for other studios' Latin titles, but if Anabolic can use their position in the media to improve its consumers' word power, more power to them! I'm sure that some of them can use a vocabulary lesson.

SCENE 1: Kat
The opening shot features a view of a full, luscious ass. That's not the tiny, brace-faced cutie I know. The camera scrolls up. Alright, that's Alexis. She's holding a leash...and Kat's hooked on the other end! She's her little pet, just like I started to discuss during reviewing her scene in Jailbait. And it looks like some mating is about to occur, with none other than the mongrel known as Brian Surewood. While an athletic breed, certainly good as a working dog, he is only a cur compared to the fine bitch in front of him. Oh, well. It's the master's choice, and it looks as though she has made it.
The mating rituals begin. The licking, the touching, the accustomization of the two partners. It is all very standard...Wait, it appears as if the mutt is trying to penetrate her anus! Outrageous! Surely, the master will bring a stop to this nonsensical behavior, and the breeding will commence as it should...No! She is actually assisting this act of sodomy! Where is the contempt? What is meant to separate us from the animals...Zounds! She is not a bitch at all! She's mewing, for God's sake! It is a feline! If all decency has been removed from these creatures, what chance do we have? My blood runs warm from the anger! It is racing through my veins! It is loins. This display is actually arousing me!
Somewhere during Surewood's rectal reaming, I began to think: where exactly does all that dick fit inside her? I think he's actually going a little easy on her for the standards of a man with a bandana over his head. I'm afraid that one of these days, a guy's going to thrust a little too hard, and Kat's going to suffer a punctured liver or something. Today is not that day, and Surewood duly deposits his sperm in her ass. Not satisfied with letting the load slowly drip out, she squats down and forces it all into her open hand, so she can lick it up with a smile. GRADE: B+

Scene 2: Avy Lee Roth
After an outdoor scene, the action comes inside with this curvy Spanish vixen. Her butt is so jiggly, it almost hyponitizes me as I watch her riding the cocks provided to her. She's wearing a white fishnet top with hot pink panties. Keeping in line with Anabolic's campaign in this movie for awareness of modern languages, practically everything she says in this scene she repeats in both Spanish and English. A real treat for those who are trying become bilingual in their dirty talk. It's a shame that I decided to take French in high school, but I can say with confidence that "culo" means "ass."
There are two men in this scene, and no anal, which means two things: an abundance of oral, and a very stuffed snatch. In fact, about a third of the scene is devoted to double vaginal, an act that is far too underexposed in light of all the double anal scenes that are shot these days. One of the ways that porn sex makes no sense: I don't think that two sausages filling the same casing is gay, but if I'm sharing space down there with a girl as hot as Avy between us, I'm not going to spend the entire time looking over her shoulder. Screw the camera guy who wants a better shot of her tits and face, I'm keeping my attention straight ahead. Avy also licks a lot of ass in this scene. I feel kinda bad for her, because the rimmees both have a case of Hairy Man Ass. Not that a little butt fluff would make me abstain from that kind of offering, but if I knew it was on the table, I'd undergo a little courtesy grooming.
The guys make a big mess on Avy's face as they give her the man milk she asked for (although she never went the bilingual route and called it "leche"). So much that Alexis has to jump from behind the camera for a taste. She laps up the cum on Avy's face and exchanges a few spunk-swapping kisses before the scene ends. I don't know if that was even planned, since Alexis' hair and makeup weren't done, but it was still pretty hot. GRADE: B+

Scene 3: Lena Juliette
Lena Juliette is a skinny girl, and she shows up sitting on a couch wearing a fishnet top as well, this one pink, and having seen much better days. She says something in Spanish that resembles nothing I've heard come from the mouths of the cooks at the pizzeria where I toil for spending money. Like the other scenes thus far, there is no tease at all; she quickly latches her lips to the first meat she sees, and it all unfolds from there. There are two guys in this scene: a repeat appearance by Surewood, and some guy who looks like the guitar player from Hootie and the Blowfish. (Don't ask me where I came up with that comparison.) She rides the Bandana Man's banana in her ass, of course jumping off to taste it. She gives the reverse anal cowgirl treatment to the curly-haired dude, who manages to piston his rod up her ass at a good speed.
Lena really starts to make some noise once Surewood fills her pussy to make it a DP. After Avy's performance, though, I'm expecting some more Spanish than what she says. Apparently, Surewood hits some sort of switch as he puts his cock in her mouth, and the espaƱol begins to spout. Once he and the other guy switch positions, though, she reverts back to the generic "oh god, oh fuck" expressions.
I don't know what's up with the curly-haired dude. It takes Surewood no time at all to come in her mouth, but even after pounding her ass for a few minutes, he still needs to jack off for thirty seconds before delivering the pop shot. And Lena cannot push it out of her mouth soon enough. A somewhat subpar finish to an average scene GRADE: C+

Scene 4: Ramona Luv & Olivia O'Lovely
I know immediately that this is going to be a lesbian scene, because I've read several interviews from Ramona where she says she only does boy-girl with her boyfriend, who (if the guy she fucks on the Internet is indeed the same guy) isn't quite stud material. As I mentioned earlier, the first three scenes in this movie contain minimal tease footage, so it's rather surprising to see a girl-girl scene firmly in the middle of the rest of the action. After all, most G/G scenes amount to be extended teases; the tension builds, but the sex never changes pace, nor is there much of a climax.
This scene never really takes off, either. Once again, both girls are wearing brightly-colored fishnet outfits. Ramona has this mark above her lip that looks like either A) a jimmie from an ice cream sundae she ate when she was eight years old that just crusted over there, or B) a third nipple. Olivia has this weird two-tone hair look going on that becomes a little distracting to me. Out of four breasts present, only one of Olivia's pop out of her catsuit at the end of the scene. But the real damning point of the scene is that although Ramona says at the beginning that she is going to fuck Olivia's ass, she never even touches the butt plug Olivia uses on herself. Unforgivable. Grade: D

Scene 5: Rio Mariah
Hey, my Spanish is starting to improve! I understand that the next performer's name is Rio, she's 22 years old, and she especially likes when two guys fuck her in the ass. She said some other stuff in between that I couldn't comprehend, but at least I'm learning the basic details!
Rio is the fifth girl in a row wearing a fishnet outfit, this time a black bodysuit. I guess Alexis really likes lingerie like that. I remember that Rio used to have a nice (if a little small) pair of natural breasts. At some point, though, she went under the knife, and emerged with some really poor funbags. Although I prefer natural breasts, I don't mind implants if they look natural and fit the girl's body type. There are two other enhanced girls in this movie, Olivia and Alexis: these girls have some serious curves, so their boobjobs pretty much blend in with the rest of them. Rio's, however, stick out like round eyesores on her more lithe, athletic frame. Since her surgery, she looks a lot older and trashier: I don't know whether that is because her bleached hair is longer and streakier, she's been spending too much time under a tanning bed, she's just not aging gracefully, or a combination of all three.
There are some good things about this scene: three men and no Surewood! After the obligatory blowjob huddle, they line up on the couch to await their turn on the pussy train. This girl seems to be insatiable: even during the double penetration and airtights, she screams to be fucked harder (as I assume from the word "fuerte"). As for myself during the double penetration and airtights, I thought that Anabolic's male talent really need to shave their asses and sacks. Do you think they would consent to it if Alexis would do it for them? They can film it, fit in some oral and rimming afterward, and it could be a new series: A Shave and a Suck. (The previous suggestion is why I stick to watching porn instead of making it.)
The first pop falls short of her face, landing on her silicone pillows. The last two are much better, with the third streaming right across her face. For three loads, there isn't enough cumplay at the end. It's still a good, solid scene. GRADE: B

Scene 6: Alexis Amore
Our auteur for the evening uses the finale to showcase her own talents. Like everyone in the movie except Kat, she's wearing fishnet lingerie. She gives a long monologue in Spanish, but only sums it up for us Angloids as "Bring the cock on." And bring it they do. It is her movie, after all: there's no way she will be outdone. With two dongs at her disposal, she demands them to hurt her little Peruvian cunt. (Her words, not mine) Does it mean...yes! Double vag, and just as rough as Avy got it! Hell, the guys are beet red afterwards, giving her everything they have, and she's still begging for more! The double pussy fucking isn't fazing her, so they move to a different plan of attack, each pulverizing her pussy at full force. Does it fulfill her lust? No!
The scene suddenly cuts to the middle of a double penetration. The transition is too quick; I needed to see the initial anal insertion. The DP seems to overwhelm her, especially when they pick her up. She does some more ass-to-mouth and pussy-to-mouth, then spreads open again on the couch. I found the next part pretty odd: the two men, facing away from her, jab their pokers into her pussy. The position makes her asshole bulge out. Not like a pink sock, but her sphincter muscles are being puckered outward. I can't explain it very well; you have to actually see to understand what I'm talking about. Luckily, someone decides to bugger her before it becomes too distracting.
The end comes when the guy in her ass pulls out to give her the hard-earned reward. He sounds like that crazy frog ringtone as he shoots into her open mouth. The other guy takes her pussy before spending in her mouth as well. Alexis shows why she's still relevant after several years in the biz. GRADE: B+

The Rest of the Stuff
The disc is pretty lean in the extras department. Compared to other all-sex/gonzo DVDs, the behind the scenes footage runs pretty lean (less than twenty minutes), and mainly consists of pre-scene interviews, post-scene recaps, and footage from Lena's scene that was left on the cutting room floor. There's also a cumshot recap, a link to Anabolic's website, and a photo gallery slideshow, the standard fare.
You have the choice of leaving the background music on or off throughout the movie. Personally, I preferred the music to stay off, but you may feel differently. The scene selection screen contains a typo, labelling scene three as featuring "Lean Juliette."
The sound is clear, the video is crisp, the camera work is decent, and the lighting is good considering two outdoor scenes and two scenes in front of a window.

Final Thoughts
The finished product here is uneven. The opening scenes were very hot, but the middle dragged far too much before picking back up at the end. The girls were attracive, but in my opinion, most of them wore too much makeup. It is Alexis Amore's first time directing, plus it is the first installment in a line, so some problems were to be expected. However, there is definitely some promise in giving the latin theme the Anabolic treatment. I'd recommend this as a buy only for those particularly into Latina movies: otherwise, it is a rental. I hope Alexis and the rest of the Anabolic crew use this as a learning experience, and a stepping stone for a more impressive second chapter.

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