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Lap Dance (3rd Degree)

Lap Dance (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Sex
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Aaryanna's ratings for Lap Dance (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Lap Dance (3rd Degree) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Lap Dance (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Lap Dance (3rd Degree) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Lap Dance (3rd Degree) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Lap Dance (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Lap Dance (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Lap Dance (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  3/8/2013
Hey, This Isn’t Lap Dancing. It’s Pole Dancing. But the Sucking & Fucking Aren’t Bad.

I was looking for a lapdance video and this one caught my eye. It helped that I had just seen Tasha Reign – the girl on the box – in another nice release, which roped me in some more.

Each of the five babes is featured pole dancing – for her dude – who is her only audience. She rides his lap, but only briefly – before unbuttoning his fly – to suck and fuck him in her pussy until his heart’s content. Or whenever he climaxes, whichever comes first.

The only babe who gets any significant amount of laptime, however, is Tasha in the finale – who spends a few more moments lying out across her dude’s growing surge – before helping him out of his jeans.

The best scene, though – is one with Andy San Dimas – who plays a smack-talking pole-dancing whore. Her play-by-play while fucking is so darn sexy, in fact – that her verbal abuse spurs her man on like a racehorse – and I sort of liked it, too. Yeehah!

Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond is a very lean babe with mocha colored skin and colorful tattoos – one on each shoulder – and another on one-half of her very sexy butt.

She has a very pretty face, petite tits and a long strand of baubles that dangle from each delectable ear.

She moves gracefully around the pole, and the camera gets in close to focus on her pussy, ass and face.

She remains clothed the entire time she’s dancing in her pink ribbon-like bikini.

She shimmies atop her guy’s blue-jean covered dick briefly – before licking his ear playfully – mouthing his cock through his clothes, and then unzipping his fly and withdrawing his already swelling member.

She uses a lot of spit to deep throat him nearly down to his balls. She uses both hands to agitate up-and-down his rod almost as good as he could’ve done himself.

When the music dies down – we can then hear the luscious swishing of her throat – agitating inside up against his pole. Imagine the sound of a quiet dishwasher gently pulsating – and you’ll be close. Hey, I like the sound that dishwashers make, ok?

The dude then strips off her bikini, eats her, and then fucks her in the spoons and cowgirl positions. He then screws her missionary with one leg up – and Skin howls at the moon with delight.

The guy climaxes by spraying his cum directly into her mouth – with a few droplets splattering across her hair. Skin shows her appreciation – by again throating him down to his scrotum – and then playing with his cum like bubble gum before swallowing and enjoying his flavor.

Skin had absolutely outstanding oral skills But what made her performance really sexy for me – was seeing how skinny she is.

I don’t mean to sound prejudiced -- but ethnic girls often times don’t stay slender for very long. So watching the lithe Skin Diamond perform was definitely a visual treat that you may not want to miss. Oops, too late. Just kiddin’.

Brandy Aniston

Brandy Aniston, a dark-eye brunette with attractively full breasts – comes out swaying on a darkened stage. She carries her titties well. Her dance is more seductive than aerobic.

Her dude sits off to one side of the stage in the shadows.

Brandi sprawls on the floor to scissor her legs open and closed. She peels apart her top to expose her breasts as she dances.

She traipses over to him – sticks her mammaries in his face – and humps his dick briefly through his pants before unzipping his fly and sucking down on his tool.

She guides him over to a velvety chaise lounge, where she rides him cowgirl up her cunt. Brandy has a very shapely ass and tits. And her skin is very smooth – and generally unadorned with distracting tattoos.

He flips her over – to pole her missionary in her twat. Brandy has a little triangle tuft – at the top of her slit. So if you like a more natural looking pussy – then Brandy’s scene may be the one for you

If one looks closely, Brandy also has a very pretty and florid cunt. If I had a dick, hers is a vagina I certainly wouldn’t mind fucking. I bet it feels great sliding in.

She rides him reverse cowgirl – which shows off her gorgeous breasts. She then gets on all fours so he can screw her doggy from behind.

There’s a fun section – where she grabs the pole and he suspends her in the air in front of him – as he fucks her earnestly in her snatch. The extreme upward curvature of his dick probably made this position very comfortable for him. She then leans forward against the pole – and plants her feet back on the ground – as he continues to screw her doggy from behind.

My favorite portion comes when Brandy is still leaning against the pole – but lifts one leg high in the air – so that she’s in a very feminine legs-open position. Feminine for fucking, that is.

He screws her in the spoons and missionary postures –before serving his cum straight down Brandy’s throat. Brandy curls in the front corners of her tongue – into the shape of a taco bowl – which guides his sperm straight towards the back of her mouth, where it lusciously disappears. Nice.

She gags briefly while she waits for him to finish. She swallows and then licks his dick afterwards in appreciation.

Brandy’s smooth skin, warm tits, beautiful pussy – and nice cum swallowing finish – made her scene extremely satisfying to watch.

Andy San Dimas

I had just seen Andy in “Lush 3” and loved her.

What makes her performance here in “Lapdance” so exciting – is the role she plays as a wanton pole dancing hooker. I’ll highlight this in more detail shortly.

Andy comes out with flaming auburn hair – and I almost didn’t recognize her. The vivid red tresses really act to soften the look – of Andy’s soft, pale skin.

She’s wearing this torso-and-arm covering body stocking. I guess it’s meant to focus our attention on her incredibly long legs. And maybe a little bit towards her cunt and ass – above which the body stocking ends.

Andy uses the pole more as a wall to lean against as she undulates her body nicely. She jerks off the metal cylinder and licks it as though it were a cock.

Her movements become slower and more seductive the longer her dance goes on.

She lies on the ground and spreads her legs, and points them towards the ceiling. The narrow white-tiger-skin bikini barely covers her privates.

She scissors her legs in the air in so many different directions – I was certain she was about to start break dancing.

The camera switches to an entrancing POV view – just as Andy looks straight up at us – and gives us her most endearing and seductive expression. She then lunges towards the camera – and even I took a step back – to keep from having Andy end up atop my loins, or so it seemed. The only thing better – would’ve been to watch her rush in 3D. Cool.

When the perspective changes, we find Andy straddling her dude’s warm lap. The guy immediately grabs hold of Andy’s creamy ass. I would.

When the musical notes die down – Andy goes into character as a pole stripping harlot – and that’s when the real fun begins.

She hikes up her fishnet to show off her gorgeous hips and ass. She rubs her panty-covered pussy against his groin. She licks him through his jeans – and then guides him to a nearby bedroom – where she throws him atop the covers

She asks him if he’s ever done “extra stuff at a strip club before.” Of course he hasn’t, but Andy is going to soon show him what “extra stuff” means. I can’t wait.

She devours his dick. “Look at that big, fat, fucking wiener,” she purrs. “Look at that dirty dick – covered in hooker spit.” Gee, I’m likin’ this already.

Andy gets curious while she’s sucking his rod. “Why are you at a strip club when you could be fucking bitches on the street for free?” Good question. “Are you just a filthy pervert who wants to pay for sex? Is that why your cock is so fucking hard?” The guy might answer her questions – except that she’s sitting across his face.

“I just tasted the last hooker who fucked you -- all over your cock.” Wow. I’m going to use that line on my beau -- to see how he reacts. Maybe I should take notes. Oops, I am – for this review.

She licks and sucks on his nuts. “You have some big, mother-fuckin’ balls. I’m going to glisten ‘em up and rub ‘em like a gypsy,” she says as she drips a river of saliva upon ‘em. She caresses his testicles – as though they were a magic lamp – and she’s hoping that the genie will soon pop out.

Andy strips off her bra and panties. The guy also gets naked – and orally attacks her twat with his face. He then immediately starts to bang her missionary. She looks up at him with these little-girl eyes and say, “Oh my god. Your cock feels so fucking good.” And then later, “Do you like this little stripper pussy?” She must not really be expecting an answer since he doesn’t say anything. He’s too busy screwing her.

“Do you like fucking me with my clear heels on?” she asks, as he cops a feel on her tits.

“Look at that beautiful, fuckin’ pussy,” he offers, his only speaking line. “Do you think so?” she purrs back, “It’s so fucking sore from all of the dick I get,” she adds. But the guy isn’t deterred in the least.

The guy thrusts harder, and Andy adds, “Yes, yes, yes. That feels so fucking good.” Her lips say, “Yes, yes” – but she now looks like she’s about to cry. Of course, he’s soaking up every bit of it.

Andy has the bottom of her pussy tilted up so much to meet him –that it looks like he’s fucking her just below the skin – like a subcutaneous hypodermic injection. Nice. It does afford us, however, of an excellent view -- of her succulent and nasty twat.

Andy then starts to lay it on thick. “I’m not used to fucking such a big dick. I’m so used to screwing these small cock businessmen, cheating on their wives; busting (coming) in one second . . .You’re going to work me out, huh, baby.” The guy is eating it up.

Andy now has one leg up, shoeless – and the stud begins to lick her toes. “Kiss my stinky, fuckin’ feet. I’ve been sweating in those shoes. Dancin’ for perverts,” like him, she doesn’t add. Her dude doesn’t seem to mind.

He takes a break to eat her. “Lick that fuckin’ dirty little snatch. Taste all those dicks I fuckin’ took in my cunt tonight?” Even I started to get a bit more excited.

He pushes one leg over – so that Andy is lying on her side – and the dude goes back to humping her. Andy then pastes this really euphoric look on her face – and she soon cries out in ecstasy, “Fuck me, fuck me. Oh yes,” she says as he continues to pound away.

“The way you work that fuckin’ pussy. You show who’s fuckin’ boss. You’re the boss, you’re paying for this shit.” You think she’s said this trash before?

She hollers in time with his heaves. “You ravage my cunt so good,” she says, now whimpering like a baby with her doe-like eyes. He licks her toes again. “You’re so dirty,” she says, admiringly, while playing him for all he’s worth.

He motions her to sit on his pole. ‘You want me to ride your cock like the Kentucky Fuckin’ Derby?” Then, “Lie down baby. I’m going to give you the ride of your life,” she says as he lies back and she mounts him, throwing her leg across him -- as though he were Secretariat (the last Triple Crown Winner).

The camera gives us a spectacular rear view – of Andy’s gorgeous hips and ass. She agitates her bottom over his dick. Then she slows down and lets him thrust up inside of her. She dismounts to suck him. “I want to taste that dirty pussy,” she purrs.

After he reinserts himself while still underneath, she plays with her anus using a few of her fingers. “I love to rub my ass hole while your cock is in my pussy.” She coos. Andy soon climaxes in a glorious orgasm, as she clutches the bed sheets for dear life. “Oh, my pussy needed that so bad,” she exclaims, “after all of those unsatisfying tricks I’ve had.”

He then starts to screw her doggy, and I wonder what new line she’s going to use on him next. “You’re such a good cunt slammer,” she says, breaking the re-building tension.

In one of her nastier portions – the guy screws Andy’s pussy at such at upward angle from the rear – that I thought for sure that he must be trying to drill a new pathway up into her anal canal – from the inside. But Andy knows exactly what he’s doing, and she’s -- lovin’ it. To her, it’s better than – McDonalds.

(For those of you still stuck in the last century, “Lovin’ it” is McDonalds’ new slogan.)

The guy then slaps her butt so hard – that visible welts in the shape of his fingers – quickly rise up out of the skin on her flawless ass and thighs. It looks like she’s wearing a red glove – on her buttocks. I’ve never seen welts so intense. Yeah.

He starts to slow down, but Andy encourages him on. “You want to make me cum again?” And the dude miraculously finds his second wind. Andy is a really wonderful jockey, isn’t she?

He extends one of her legs to the floor – which spreads them even wider – to give himself better access so that he can drill even deeper into Andy’s cunt. Andy squeals and howls with abandon. She’s now chewing on the covers – as a horse would grind on its bit – to keep from yelling out so much. The guy looks like a thrusting woodpecker – except that he’s using his groin to peck – instead of using his beak. “Oh, that cock is so big that it fills up my entire twat. You think my cunt will be looser with all those little dicked businessmen?” she asks. The guy couldn’t care less. He has other things on his mind – like crossing the finish line. Good for him. Go.

He goes back to screwing her missionary. In a segment I really liked, “Do you want me to fuck you back?” she asks -- as she humps her hips against him – in time with his inward thrusts. Here, Andy really shows off that she’s a real pro. We all should fuck that way in unison. I bet that really felt good – for both of ‘em. By this time, my own clit was throbbing.

He eats her one last time – and then she gives him – what I thought was the most hilarious line in the whole frickin’ movie. “Do you like using your face as a baby wipe?” How insane. Did she really just say that? I couldn’t stop laughing myself at that one.

Ladies, be sure to tell your man that – the next time he licks your snatch.

She starts playing with her spit – like gum – so we know what’s coming next.

The last inquiry she gives him before he climaxes is, “Have you ever had a stripper swallow your cum before?” she says; and then, encouragingly, “Straight down my fuckin’ throat.”

And that’s exactly how she takes it – as he squirts his load right down the center of her nasty oral love muscle. Andy sucks it all down and whispers happily afterwards – “Yummy, yummy, in my tummy.” How nice.

I liked Andy’s scene so much – that I went back and watched it several times more. I wanted to learn her lines, of course – so that I could use them on my beau. I also wasn’t done – writing (orgasming).

Andy’s scene was truly stupendous – for helping to bring out the whore – in all of us. Bravo.

Tia Cyrus

Tia Cyrus is a svelte Latina with a nice figure and long dark tresses. She comes out wearing sequin encrusted black lingerie – and matching rhinestone studded stripper shoes.

Unlike other babes up till now – Tia lies on her back – and almost immediately strips off her panties to show off her pretty twat. Ooops. False alarm. She puts them back on.

Her dance is the shortest – and she quickly goes over to sit on her dude’s warm lap. She humps upon him – with a few pelvic thrusts – before leading him over to a much more comfortable antique sofa.

She unpeels her top – and offers her breasts for him to suck. She shimmies out of her bottoms (this time for real) – and he undoes his own jeans and whips out his dick to fuck her.

She rides him – first while suspended in the air – and then cowgirl in her pussy. His cock appears to buckle from his own thrusts. Ouch. And his scrotum was so relaxed and wrinkly that I though for a moment that she was fucking the head – of a real live turkey. Gobble, gobble.

He flips her over on her back – to screw her missionary. Again, his rod sort of periscopes into her pussy – by bending like a snake to reach her tight snatch. Tia has very thin pussy lips – so her cunt looks like a pretty sheath being violated by his eel-like dick.

He poles her soon afterwards as they both lie on their sides in the spoons position. She then lies face down on the sofa – as he works his dick in-and-out of her cunt doggy from behind.

He takes a few lasts thrusts missionary in her twat – as he holds one of her legs up and over his shoulder.

For his climax, she kneels on the ground – and offers her face – but he just comes on her chin with some of it dripping down to her chest.

Gee, what a stupid waste. What’s the point of kneeling – if you have no intention of swallowing? You might as well have the dude ejaculate – on the ground. I’m sorry, but I’ll never understand the appeal of facials.

To me, facials only have interest – because of the potential for the cum to go into the wench’s mouth. But it’s just as easy to place it there – as to not. Right?

The cynical me – says facials are popular with directors – just as a means of saving some money and not having to pay the women to swallow. Talk about ‘pound foolish.’

This guy also had a dick – like a semi-rigid garden hose. It never really got fully hard. And it always kind of flexed like a snake – going into both Tia’s pussy and her mouth. When he started out fucking – I was genuinely worried – that his dick was going to kink. Scary.

But I’m probably just blaming him – because of the stupid facial.

Tia asks in a very conversation tone at the end, “Did you enjoy your strip dance.”

To be quite honest, I was sort of let down.

Tasha Reign

I had only seen Tasha Reign once before – in a sort of reality-style release which I really liked. I had no idea – that she was a big adult movie star.

But I can easily see why. Tasha looks absolutely stunning here. Her juicy tits and long, flat belly were truly a sight to behold.

If they ever put a nude picture of a woman again on a satellite to send outside of the solar system – as they did back in 1977 with Voyager 1—I hope it’s Tasha’s image they inscribe on the plaque. Her body is just so perfect. In fact, if I were the alien who later discovered it – I’d definitely want to travel back to Earth – just to see Tasha’s naked body and to fuck her, one right after the other. Wow.

Her beauty in this movie is absolutely indescribable.

As I just said, Tasha has a great figure. And she wears the teeny-tiniest bikini to show off every inch. She also dons these tall, black vinyl thigh-high boots – to help focus our eyes on her smooth thighs -- that leads us to her inviting crotch.

She bares her tits and squeezes them together. I love how her absolutely-flat-belly dives down nicely into her tucked-in twat. She plays with the strings of her bottom – and soon tosses it aside.

From the front, Tasha’s slit is almost impossible to see – since it’s so tiny and withdrawn – which is exactly how I’m sure they would render the inscription of her naked image for the satellite. Illustrated nude women never seem to have real cunts, do they? For centuries, I bet male artists never really knew it was there – because of our previously abundant pubic hair. How silly.

She slides gracefully around the pole – careful to keep her pretty twat seductively hidden from view. What a tease.

She crawls over to her dude’s lap – to slide on her front side, and then on her back side – over his hidden dick.

She jams her tits seductively in his face – before she kneels between his legs, undoes his zipper – and yanks his pants clean off.

She kisses his member adoringly before giving him a face-diving POV blow job. She looks up at him lovingly with her eyes – and if I had a dick, Tasha is certainly the girl I’d want to have sucking it.

The camera moves around to give us a nice view of Tasha’s pretty rear. Tasha has a nice all-over tan. But she must’ve gotten it just recently since the coloring is absent – in the deepest areas of her crack, right next to her genitals – and on the underside of her ass cheeks, which the sun must’ve missed when she was lying out, naked. How cute.

Next time, she should probably stick her derriere up in the air – and spread the halves of it wide – to make sure these spots get tanned. But she would probably end up sunburning – her ass hole. (Is this why brunettes have more pigment down there?) Gee, wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

Tasha’s lower body is unbelievable. She has a long waist and beautiful thighs, as well as a really cute ass. She’s also one of those gals – who seemingly have a beautiful, unbroken slit that extends from her front – between her legs – and that flows up her delectable rear. I’m sure that teenage boys – of all ages – would find it truly mesmerizing.

To thoroughly beat a dead horse, I don’t know which of Tasha’s slits is prettier – the one out back between the halves of her buttocks – or the one up front at the top end of her cunt. If I were a porn actress – I’d want to lick both of ‘em.

Tasha starts out fucking her dude cowgirl with his cock directly up her snatch. First she glides over him with smooth strokes up-and-down. Then she gives it a more loving fuck – by tilting her pelvis forward-and-back. What a slut.

When the camera gets in close, her pussy looks like a beautiful mouth – as it affectionately devours her dude’s hard dick.

(I wonder how aliens might interpret the view of Tasha’s fucking. I bet they might think – that her dude was somehow nourishing her – by using his dick as a feeding tube and plugging in to her kisser-like twat.)

Tasha flips around and rides him with legs spread in the reverse cowgirl position. This gives us a nice view of her teeny-tiny slit out front. You know where my eyes are at.

We also get to enjoy the sight of her full tits bouncing. Tasha’s boobs are very firm – so there’s no danger of them flying up and slapping her in the face. But their soft hardness just made me want to reach out into the screen – and feel on ‘em with my own two hands.

Tasha then leans back against her man – to provide us with an even nicer view of her dude’s entry point into her twat. Her pussy again looked like a beautiful mouth. I wonder if Tasha ever tries to stick food up it by mistake.

Tasha strums her own pussy while she fucks. She then offers herself doggy while her honey moves around to fuck her vagina from the rear. The guy had nice looking balls and I love the view of them slapping up against the back of Tasha’s thighs. Tasha yells, “Yes, yes, yes,” about a dozen times – in sync with his thrusts.

Tasha then lies on her back – and grabs her ankles – as the dude fucks her missionary with Tasha’s slender gams up beside her ears in a “V.” Here again, her pussy looks like a delicate piece of origami. But that isn’t how her dude treats it – as he slams his member home.

The amount of time that Tasha spent fucking in each of the above positions was seemingly unending. So I’m surprised, at this point – that her guy has any skin left on his dick. Tasha then lifts one leg – to allow him a much deeper degree of penetration. The amount of penis envy I felt at this point was tremendous.

Tasha rubs her own clit once more – to enjoy what she claims is at least her third orgasm. And I believe it.

She moves into the spoons position. Her cunt now looks so tiny – that it’s amazing there’s even a hole there big enough for her dude to screw. Lucky bitch.

Tasha’s pussy looks a lot – like a little girl’s. So if you ever wanted to see a really young looking pussy – totally hammered by an enormous dick – now’s your chance to view.

All-in-all, Tasha’s fucking was absolutely superb. Too bad it all has to end.

But events, unfortunately – soon take a turn for the worst.

Tasha then kneels on the ground – as her dude ejaculates all over her – chest. What a big let down.

Tasha sticks out her tongue – as though she wants to catch it. But, of course -- it’s all for show. The “B” word comes quickly to mind.

She gives his dick – a consoling suck afterwards.

Gee, I haven’t felt so unhappy – since they sold out of corn dogs at the pier – back when I was a little girl. Sniff, sniff.


Parts of this movie were truly outstanding. Andy San Dimas’ portrayal of a smack-talking hooker was one. Tasha’s truly unbelievable body and her fucking was another.

My biggest disappointment, however – besides the two facials -- was the minor misleadingness of the movie’s title.

This really isn’t a lapdance video. It’s more of a boy-girl fucking movie – with some entertaining pole dancing at the front. And that isn’t all bad.

I was, however, expecting to see something more intimate – like you’d receive at a gentleman’s club – where the babe caresses you with all of her limbs, and entices you with all of her orifices. And where the “don’t touch” rule is strictly enforced. She is free to touch you – everywhere. But you can’t touch her – anywhere. Sound pretty fair to me.

What I’d really like to see – is a girl-girl version of this. With female patrons who are both wanton – and embarrassed. Now that would be really hot.

Or maybe a girl-girl pole dance video. That might be enticing, too.

Fortunately, strip clubs, pole dancing, and lap dances – aren’t only just for guys any more. Thank God for that.

My boyfriend bought me a lapdance at a girly club once. And it was an experience I’ll never, ever forget. I thanked him profusely -- afterwards. This was at a time when women attending strip joints was still kind of rare.

Ladies, if you haven’t yet done so – why not have a ladies night out – and buy each other lap dances?

You couldn’t spend your money more wisely. It’s why guys – truly love us.

To conclude – if your fantasy is to fuck the pole dancing wench you see on stage – and you couldn’t care less if she drank your cum or not – then this video is a very good realization of that. Enjoy.

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