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La Femme du Pecheur 2

Studio: Java
Category:  Foreign

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hardware's ratings for La Femme du Pecheur 2:
Overall Rating 2 stars
La Femme du Pecheur 2 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks La Femme du Pecheur 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks La Femme du Pecheur 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex La Femme du Pecheur 2 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting La Femme du Pecheur 2 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras La Femme du Pecheur 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality La Femme du Pecheur 2 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by hardware  on  12/15/2003
Title: La Femme du Pecheur 2

Cast: Angelica Bella, Jennifer Dior, Lea Martini, Veronica Bella, Dolly Golden, Magella. Bruno SX, John Walton, Xavier, Pascal, Jean-Michel and others

Cut to the chase: This is a French version of an Italian movie. The credits at the end are missing, so I'm not sure about ID's. I have no idea why the movie got this title, other than the fact that the original "La Femme Du Pecheur" did so well. At any rate, Jennifer Dior plays some kind of psychic who can transport people to their fantasies, or something like that. Angelica is her girlfriend/lover, and spends most of her time looking at Jennifer's photos. There are a couple of decent sex scenes in the movie, but it's really fairly bland. There appears to have been a little tracking problem during the mastering of the DVD, as we get an occasional line across the bottom. Otherwise the picture was generally acceptable, but it cost a half point.

Features: Main menu
Chapters for the intro and 9 sex scenes
A gallery of photos, 9 to a page and 3 pages worth
Other titles - 6 boxcovers that I found largely illegible

1) Angelica Bella
Angelica gets a letter from Jennifer including some glam photos. We get flashes of Jennifer in a tropical setting wearing a pink bikini, as Angelica writes a return letter. Angelica then lies on her bed and performs a very low-key masturbation. If you aren't hot for Angelica, don't bother.
The sex acts: masturbation
Rating: D

2) Jennifer Dior
Jennifer, in pink bikini, receives a reply from Angelica, including some naughtier photos and masturbates in turn, with a little more enthusiasm. Again, it's not very hot.
The sex acts: masturbation
Rating: C-

3) Veronica and John
Jennifer talks to some old dude and shows him the photos from Angelica, including one with Angelica and Veronica posing nude. She has him put his hand in hers, palm to palm, and magic happens, transporting us to Veronica and John going at it in a living room. Veronica's reasonably cute, and I guess the gals will say the same about John. John's already naked, as is Veronica, except for a black skirt pushed up over her waist. They make good use of the chair and table, which was nice. Otherwise, it's a pretty average scene.
The sex acts: BJ, doggie, mish with her lying on a low table and him standing, she turns over on her stomach for anal, BJ, he shoots in the direction of her face and manages to get a little on her outstretched tongue.
Rating: C

4) Lea and Bruno
Jennifer talks to some other dude who shows her some pictures and this time it's Lea and Bruno in the tub having sex. This was the best scene in the movie, as far as I was concerned. At least we know Lea and Bruno were actually hot for each other. Lea has a little more meat on her bones than in later years and I think it suits her.
The sex acts: RCA with Lea doing most of the work, doggie anal, facial and post-cum head (all in the tub)
Rating: B

5) Magella and a couple of the guys
After Jennifer and a couple of bikini-clad girlfriends do some gratuitous ass-shaking on a beach, Jennifer goes to the airport (she got dressed first). Next we see Jennifer outside somewhere being visited by two men with yet another photo. We get a palm three-way then see Magella and the two men (now nude) lying in a very shallow pool. Magella's a pretty bottle-blonde who puts in a decent scene.
The sex acts: Hand jobs and BJ's for the guys, doggie & BJ with one guy standing in a regular pool, they move to a blanket in a meadow for spoon & BJ, then one fellow holds Magella up so the other can fuck her in standing mish. He pulls out to cum on her pussy then the other fellow lays her down and jerks off on her chest.
Rating: C

6) Angelica and Veronica
Veronica visits another fellow and, without benefit of photo, we get the palm exercise and Angelica and Veronica enjoying a sapphic interlude. If they could have done it any slower we'd all have passed out.
The sex acts: clit rubbing and licking.
Rating: D

7) Dolly and another couple of guys
Dolly joins Jennifer as she's contemplating Angelica's photo. Dolly apparently describes her fantasy as the palm thing transports her to a house where to men join her on the back patio. Dolly's 'do is rather dated, but otherwise this could pass for an average modern-day scene.
The sex acts: the guys fondle Dolly and spend some time kissing her breasts, she goes back and forth sucking each guy's cock, cowgirl which turns into DP. The guy on top pulls out to shoot on her butt, she dismounts to jerk the other off on her tongue.
Rating: C

8) Jennifer and Lea
Jennifer gets another letter from Angelica with Lea's photo in it. Wish I could get some of those photos. Anyway, the scene turns black-and-white as we watch Lea washing her foot in the sink of the same bathroom as her last scene and checking out her 'do. (I've heard of girls spending hours in the bathroom but this is ridiculous) She's wearing a black teddy which contrasts nicely with the white bra and panties Jennifer wears as she joins her. The slow rock instrumental that plays throughout the scene, added to the black-and-white, tells you all you need to know about the mood and pace.
The sex acts: lots of fondling, clit rubbing and licking, and even a daring moment when Lea moistens a finger and rubs Jennifer's butthole. Oh well, the girls do look good, so I'll raise it half a point.
Rating: C-

9) Jennifer and some other guy
Jennifer opens her eyes, presumably from her daydream of Lea, to see an older, handsome man standing before her. He's barechested and maybe even nude, though we only see his chest and face. He appears to be proclaiming his desire for her, but she's not having it. She walks away but Angelica's voice convinces her to go for it. We next see the man, now definitely naked, kneeling between her legs. Jennifer's got a different 'do here and I think it suits her better.
The sex acts: BJ, RC, cowgirl, doggie, she jerks him off in her mouth and continues giving him pc-head.
Rating: B-

An important note about DVD compatibility:
This DVD is formatted in PAL, Region 2. It will not work on most stand-alone DVD players made for the American market. If you would like more information regarding this issue, along with advice on how to acquire a player that will work with European DVD's, check out this thread.

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