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L.A. 399

L.A. 399

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Anal , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Hardware's ratings for L.A. 399:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
L.A. 399 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks L.A. 399 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks L.A. 399 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex L.A. 399 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting L.A. 399 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras L.A. 399 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality L.A. 399 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Hardware  on  6/26/2002
Category: Anal, straight

The women: Kristi Myst, Jasmin St. Claire, Tracy Love, Juliana Sterling, Barret Moore, Kelsey Heart & Venus Lamore

The men: Evan Stone, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Luciano & Claudio Bergamin

Director: Rob Black

The plot: Percy Blaine (Evan Stone) is a low-life drug courier with a stripper girlfriend (Jasmin) and a taste for easy sex on the side. His boss (Tom Byron) tells him to deliver a bag of coke to another town the next day "in one piece." Instead, our protagonist cuts the coke, screws his girlfriend on the way and arrives late. Alejandro the buyer (Herschel Savage) is ticked and makes Percy and his girlfriend stay while he and his girls party on the newly delivered coke. Percy tries to hustle his girlfriend out before his deed is discovered but is stopped at gunpoint by his boss (and how the heck does the boss know it's cut already?). Back in the house they go where Alejandro, having discovered the coke has been cut, forces the stripper to screw the boss while he, Alejandro, works Percy over with a rubber hose. Afterwards the stripper sneaks in to give Percy a goodbye blowjob before making her escape, leaving him cuffed to a chair to await the tender mercies of Alejandro (nice gal). Percy gets taken out 399 miles from L.A. (get it?) to dig his own grave while his girlfriend gets picked up by Claudio (see the subplots).

1) The boss is in lust with the stripper girlfriend. Did he set the whole thing up so he could make it with the stripper?
2) Claudio's character is an ex-government scientist who specialized in mind control and now wanders the countryside taking young girls "for a ride" which ends in sex for him and brain-death for them.

The sex:
1) Kristi Myst and Evan Stone go at it in a bathroom setting. Following some brief foreplay (including no-hands head, for those who care) he puts her on a countertop and screws her standing up. Next she rides him cowgirl while he slaps her butt repeatedly. Cut to anal doggie style with repeated insertions and A2M's, then RCA before an OK facial.

2) Jasmin St. Claire and Evan Stone have sex in a grassy meadow. We get BJ, cowgirl with more ass-slapping, intercut spoon and missionary, then doggie anal with A2M, cut to RCA, cut to weak facial.

3) Juliana Sterling, Venus Lamore and Herschel Savage get down on a bed with Herschel getting head from both as he lies on the bed. Juliana sits on his face then trades places with Venus. Juliana rides him cowgirl while Venus licks his balls. He fucks Venus doggie while Juliana lies underneatha and plays with Venus' clit. The we get RC from Herschel and Juliana before they move to doggie anal with A2M (is there a theme here?); cut to RCA, cut to Herschel over both girls on the bed for the facial.

4) Barret Moore and Claudio are in a motel room. Claudio puts his mind-control machine on Barret whereupon she says she can't feel anything from the neck down. He fondles her clit while she fantasizes:
Luciano, Barret and Kelsey Heart stand in a pool under a waterfall. The girls give Luciano head then he screws Kelsey doggie stye. Barret rides him RC, then they go at it in mish. Another cut to Kelsey getting doggie anal with A2M (yes, it must be a theme), then Barret doing the same, along with RCA. The usual facial ends it.

5) Tracy meets Claudio on the road. Tracy blows Claudio. The end.

6) Jasmin and Tom have sex interspersed with scenes of Evan getting hosed by Herschel (sorry, but I just had to say that). After a BJ, Jasmine takes it in mish and cowgirl before moving to a spoon anal, then RCA with A2M's and a facial.

7) Tracy and Claudio now have a room so they can pick up where they left off: after a BJ she rims his ass, then we get cowgirl, spoon, RCA, then (repeat after me) doggie anal with A2M's and a facial. He puts the mind-control machine on her head.

8) As previously mentioned, Jasmine gives Evan a goodbye blowjob.

Hits: The cast looked good, though Tom's "shark's eyes" contact lenses were wierd. The lighting was excellent and the sex scenes were long and well photographed.

Misses: All those cuts! Can't we have some continuity in the sex scenes please? Also, there's lots of pixilation, very uneven sound, and attempts to fast-forward or rewind caused the DVD to restart, at least on my player. Finally, the overdubbing of the sex scenes was awful, as no attempt was made to sync up with lip movements. Note to Extreme: Having a girl say "I love it" while a cock is halfway down her throat just isn't believable guys.

Final comments: I recommend the title to fans of the cast because as a sex movie it works well: the actors look good and the sex scenes are long and nasty. The plot works OK, though why we need Claudio's character is a mystery, but the production values on the DVD just suck. If you're trying to decide whether to get the tape or the DVD, you should probably go with the tape.

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