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Kung-Fu Girls 2

Kung-Fu Girls 2

Studio: Kick Ass
Category:  Straight
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BIGmike's ratings for Kung-Fu Girls 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Kung-Fu Girls 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Kung-Fu Girls 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Kung-Fu Girls 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Kung-Fu Girls 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Kung-Fu Girls 2 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Kung-Fu Girls 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Kung-Fu Girls 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  5/28/2003
Kick Ass Pictures Presents
A Slain Wayne Production

Kung-Fu Girls 2

Starring Jenna Haze, Violet Blue, Ann Marie, Juliana Kincaid, and Cheryl Dynasty. Also starring Dukey Flyswatter as Master “Yu Suk Wang” with Brett Rockman, Brian Surewood, Trevor, Steve Taylor, and Jay Ashley.

Edited by Slain Wayne
Produced and Directed by Slain Wayne

This chapter picks up where Kung-Fu Girls left off… the evil Ninja Queen, this time played by Cheryl Dynasty, returns to Earth with plans to take over the world with an army of zombie ninjas.

[Master Yu Suk Wang has his students, Jenna Haze, Violet Blue, and Ann Marie practice their Ninja skills in preparation for the return of the evil Ninja Queen.]

SCENE ONE : Cheryl, a pretty hot, small breasted, and natural bodied brunette with blue streaks in her hair, is wearing a black vinyl miniskirt and white top, while making a potion for a dead ninja. After she brings the ninja to life, she works her hand down his chest and removes his cock to suck on before sitting her pussy on it, reverse cowgirl style, and moving onto another position, with anal following. She gets analized in reverse cowgirl, and gives the guy some A2M, with more anal, then to end this pretty hot scene, she gets treated to a cumshot across her face and mouth.

[The students are dismissed for the day, but Jenna stays behind to practice as the other two leave.]

SCENE TWO : A ninja tries to abduct Jenna, who is looking hot as always, as she puts some clothes on after some naked aerobics, but she foils his plan. Some fighting ensues, and she wins, but since she can’t stand to see anyone hurt, she offers to make him feel better by pulling his cock out and sucking it. She gives the ninja quite a bj, obviously making him feel better, because a good amount of fucking follows, moving through a variety of positions before she sucks him off to end a pretty hot all vaginal scene.

[Cheryl concocts another potion that turns ordinary rubber trees into hideous green monsters that will destroy the Earth, and defeat the Kung-Fu Girls, so she pours the potion into a tree, in an office, at a school.]

SCENE THREE : Juliana, a pretty hot and slender blonde, and Brian Surewood walk into an office at that school, to talk about her grades, and ways to improve them. She says the magic words “I’ll do anything to pass my classes”, so Brian starts tugging at her panties from under her skirt, sliding her up onto a table and going down on her. She then removes her shirt, with her bra soon following to expose some nice small natural tits before she returns some oral onto him, with the fucking soon after. They move on through a few positions of all vaginal, then to end this pretty hot scene he cums on her face and mouth.

[The rubber tree turns into a monster and attacks Brian, Juliana runs out of the room, and so the reign of terror begins then the three students talk about the monsters and the ninjas. Ann Marie then fights off a ninja, and Violet joins forces with the police to help find the evil Ninja Queen’s Minions but they don’t believe her.]

SCENE FOUR : Violet, a hot looking blonde, with her hair in two little “bun” braids, and wearing a black leather jacket, black vinyl skirt, top, panties, and boots, strips down for the two police officers, so they can probe her. Her smallish natural tits are topped with pointy nipples and it isn’t long before the two guys stand in front and behind her, to feel her up and kiss her. She gives one guy oral, while receiving from the other along with fingering, and then she gives both guys oral, back and forth. The fucking follows, starting with vaginal, moving onto quite a lengthy dp, and ending a hot scene with two cumshots to her tits.

[Later that night, one of the police officers tries to stop the monster, but can’t, so Master Yu Suk Wang comes along and calls the Kung-Fu Girls to come and destroy it, which they do. Back at the Master’s room, later, a ninja climbs through a window to attack him, but is stopped, and he calls the girls in.]

SCENE FIVE : Ann Marie is left behind to watch the ninja, and she is looking pretty damn hot too, as she strips him, looking for weapons, removing her clothing as well to reveal a very tight bod underneath, and some very nice natural tits, before going on to suck the his cock. She gives a good amount of oral, with the fucking following after he removes her panties, moving on through a few various positions of vaginal only fucking, and ending a hot scene with a facial.

[The Master discovers who is behind all the destruction and then Cheryl, the evil Ninja Queen, appears with one of her monsters. To close out this DVD the Kung-Fu Girls defeat the rubber tree monster, and the Master defeats the evil Ninja Queen.]


EXTRAS : Just over 13 minutes of bloopers and behind the scenes, a 2-minute autoplay slide show, 5 trailers, each lasting about a minute, sex advertisement (which also plays at the beginning, and not what I call an extra, but listed as such), and a website commercial.

OVERALL : Good looking to great looking girls, sucking, fucking, and fighting some scummy looking guys. The camera captured the action very well and there were also some special effects during some of the scenes. The story is funny and took up a lot of time, but the sex was good to very good, and there was a good amount of it, even though the whole DVD is only just over an hour and a half. [Copied from my review of Kung-Fu Girls, since the same can be applied to this release as well.]

FINAL THOUGHTS : I can’t say that this is a high recommendation, or an avoidable release, but I can say that it is a solid release, no doubt, with some hot girls, who all turned in excellent performances. Plus you’ve got a good mix of sex and action, and while the acting was good, and often funny, the fight sequences were funny as well, making this is a good alternative to gonzo releases. The bloopers/behind the scenes was very entertaining, but it would’ve been nicer to see more of it, because it was just as interesting as the film itself.

I enjoyed this DVD as a whole, and I think that most of you who like a little plot/acting, or just a change of pace, will enjoy this as well.

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--- BIGmike, over and out! ---

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