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Kung-Fu Girls 1

Kung-Fu Girls 1

Studio: Kick Ass
Category:  Straight
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Starring: , , ,
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BIGmike's ratings for Kung-Fu Girls 1:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Kung-Fu Girls 1 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Kung-Fu Girls 1 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Kung-Fu Girls 1 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Kung-Fu Girls 1 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Kung-Fu Girls 1 Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Kung-Fu Girls 1 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Kung-Fu Girls 1 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by BIGmike  on  5/11/2002
Kick Ass Pictures Presents
A Sub-Vision Production

Kung-Fu Girls

Starring Sunrise Adams, Sienna, Alaina, Brandi Lyons, and Jade Blue Eclipse. Also starring China Doll, David Aaron Clark, Brett Rockman, Brian Surewood, Brick Majors, and Scott Lyons.

Edited by Slain Wayne
Produced and Directed by Slain Wayne

[David Aaron Clark is a kung-fu instructor at Chow Down Soon's Kung-Fu Academy, and Sunrise Adams, Sienna, and Alaina are his students.]

SCENE ONE : Jade-Blue Eclipse, wearing some sort of headgear, is a very cute Asian girl, with small natural tits and a very tight athletic bod, but she has multiple tattoos up her left arm and down her back. She takes on Brian Surewood, who goes down on her bald pussy after some kung-fu fighting, followed by her putting a condom on him and giving him some oral. She reveals short greenish blue hair once the headgear comes off, then what little she is wearing comes off. She gets fucked vaginally only, moving through a couple of positions, followed by him cumming on her face to end a pretty hot scene.

[They do some more fighting after he cums, with her flipping him onto his back and grabbing a sword, which she holds to his neck, and then she gets up and leaves the room.]

[In between scenes we get to see three students masturbate very briefly. David tells them a story about what will happen if a sword that he shows them combines with three other swords. The students must stop Jade before her plan to combine the swords is completed.]

SCENE TWO : A ninja, Brick Majors, stops Sunrise Adams, who is dressed as a pool boy. She drops to her knees to give the ninja some oral before she removes her hat, letting her blonde hair fall down. The ninja carries her inside after a bit of oral, and this is where she takes off her uniform, revealing a hot tight bod and small natural tits. She continues with more oral, followed by the guy fucking her shaved, but stubbly, pussy, moving a few various positions. Brick cums on her face and mouth to end a pretty hot scene.

[Jade walks in after they are finished and yells at the guy for letting in a girl from another kung-fu school and she tells him to lock her up in a cell.]

SCENE THREE : Alaina, a pretty good-looking blonde, says she is a plumber when she is caught snooping through the house by Brett Rockman, who is dressed as a ninja. The ninja leads her to a bathroom sink, to do some repairs, and her pants slip down over the top of her ass, revealing a plumber's crack that I wouldn't mind seeing. He "helps" her out from under the sink and she gives some oral, continuing once she takes off her shirt, revealing nice natural tits. She gets fucked pretty good in her bald pussy, moving through some uncomfortable positions, before he cums on her face to end a pretty hot scene.

[The guy realizes that she is not a plumber, so he takes her away.]

SCENE FOUR : China Doll, a good-looking full-bodied Asian woman, interrupts David as he is talking to himself with the sword in his hands. She has food, which she feeds to him before she gives him a bj, with his large gut wobbling as she bobs her head, but this is a very brief scene, not all too hot, ending with him cumming on her face and in her mouth.

[Soon after he cum, he falls asleep soon after he cums, and then Jade walks in on him as China leaves. Jade grabs the sword and they do some fighting, he loses.]

SCENE FIVE : Sienna, a good-looking girl, is dressed as a maid, dusting, while looking for the swords. She sits down on a couch and rubs the duster over her pussy when two ninjas walk in. She gets helped out of her maid uniform, revealing a nice pair of small natural tits. She wastes little time in getting the oral started, sucking both cocks, back and forth, before the fucking starts. She gets fucked vaginally and anally and is also dp'd, all with no condoms, in various positions, plus there's some fast forward effects thrown in. Both guys jerk off onto her face, to end a pretty hot scene.

[The guys carry her off after they realize she isn't a maid and bring her to the cell where the other two girls are. The two ninjas carry David in there soon after and he tells the students of someone who can help them get out. That person is that can free them is his daughter, who is also Jade's daughter... Brandi.]

SCENE SIX : Brandi Lyons, a good-looking girl with a natural body and smallish tits, gets oral from Scott Lyons before she gives him a sloppy bj in return. She gets fucked vaginally and then anally, through some great positions, with a bit of gaping in piledriver. The one thing that may annoy some, but it didn't bother me so much, is that the picture goes from color to black and white, with the text "hidden ninja cam" a few times throughout the scene. He cums all over her face, stomach, and pussy while she is still in piledriver to end a hot scene.

[Jade has all four swords and speaks in front of the four prisoners, but with all the fighting, she must have forgotten what she was going to say. Brandi orders the prisoners to be released after Jade orders them to be executed, so the three naked students make their getaway, lead by Brandi and Scott, with David bringing up the rear, carrying the swords. Jade fights one ninja, then there is a voiceover saying stay tuned for the next installment of Kung Fu Girls, after some dramatic dialog.]

EXTRAS : Just under 5 minutes of bloopers, a two-minute slide show, five trailers about one-minute in length, website commercial. (No, I will not say that the live sex or the bigger penis ads are extras, I skipped over them at the beginning of the DVD and I didn't watch them here.)

OVERALL : Good looking to great looking girls, sucking, fucking, and fighting some scummy looking guys. The camera captured the action very well and there were also some special effects during some of the scenes. The story is funny and took up a lot of time, but the sex was good to very good, and there was a good amount of it, even though the whole DVD is only just over an hour and a half.

FINAL THOUGHTS : I don't usually like porn with plot, but this is a surprisingly well made porn, with some weird "special effects" and some weird sound effects (punching sounds and music). Actually there is a lot of pretty good, but cheesy, choreography during the fight scenes. The acting was pretty decent, no Hollywood blockbuster or even B-movie material, but pretty decent by porn standards. Plus all girls turned in some very solid performances, which make this a pretty enjoyable film, filled with some very funny moments, as well as a lot of hot ones.

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[Edited by BIGmike to make some minor changes, but no ratings have been changed.]

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