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Krystal Method

Krystal Method

Studio: Club Jenna
Category:  Straight
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Krystal Method:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Krystal Method overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Krystal Method Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Krystal Method Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Krystal Method Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Krystal Method Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Krystal Method DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Krystal Method A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/24/2005
Here we have the latest offering from Club Jenna and it stars their first contract girl Krystal Steal along with another woman you might have heard of, Jenna!! This is a bit of a change for me as I don't normally do any reviews that aren't strictly gonzo but I like Jenna, Krystal is hot, and my favorite girl Ariana does a scene so this raised my curiousity enough to buy it. I won't necessarily go scene by scene like I do in other reviews just give more of an impression of what I am seeing. One area I hope Jenna does for the next dvd and actually for all companies is do a cast list by scene so in case you don't know a girl you aren't looking everywhere to try and find out a name,lol. Well let's see what Jenna has her new girl do for us.

General Impressions:

The first item that pops up is the main menu and it's pretty basic offering a few options, play movie, chapters, audio setup, and then special features. Let's just go with play movie shall we! The whole vibe is kinda furturistic with the graphics. You get a little ditty about Krystal and what the folks at Club Jenna think about her. You then see images flash on screen as the opening credits roll. Lots of shapes parade in front of your eyes, many rectangles and behind those you see images of Jenna, Krystal, and I imagine other girls in the movie. The names of the cast are then listed but no pictures so unless you know the girl or the guy this won't be much help.

Selena Silver with Krystal Steal:

You then see Krystal and Selena Silver sitting in a room wearing some cool 40's style clothing as some appropriate music plays, also the footage is in black and white. There is a countdown then the picture changes to color and we see some vibrant ones at that. Krystal is busy masturbating while Selena is being occupied by Randy Spears. I do like their costumes and I think some care was taken into picking them and it looks good. Selena is soon pulling out Randy's cock and from up close she sets about giving it a slow sensual tongue bath. Her eyes open up and stare right at us as she does this and that was cool and I loved the underneath shot of her sucking him off. Some sex is soon underway in mish and Krystal is just behind watching. I also liked the reverse cowgirl we saw and you notice both girls keep their 40's style hats on throughout. Randy also gets in some hard doggie loving to Selena, then the shot changes and Randy's doing her ass in mish now with Selena furiously masturbating. Selena is quite vocal as Randy is pounding her here and Krystal is casually sitting close by watching on, I'm glad we don't see to many shots of her if she isn't going to be fully in on the scene. Some tease shots are good but that's it. You also see a very nice cowgirl anal for Selena and with Krystal rubbing his belly we see Randy jerk off a good load to Selena's face. A good scene to start though it would have been great if Krystal had done more than just play with herself, perhaps been a cleanup girl at the end.

Jenna Jameson & Krystal Steal:

Lots of images flood the screen then we settle on Jenna who is wearing a nice tight outfit with a biker hat. Some good music plays along as she does some dancing and anyone who has read Jenna's book knows she can dance so this was hot. You see Jenna get nude pretty quick and then we see in the background several girls dancing in the booths, must be a strip club setting. Some of the girls look like Jenna and Krystal but then we see Jenna is also on the stage so mind games perhaps, hehe. I did like Jenna playing with her pussy and some good shots of her nice breasts are also shown. Some of the other girls shown are also playing with themselves but we don't really stay on them to long before we are back to Jenna. Krystal then appears over her face and the two do some hot kissing and that I could have looked at for hours!! The two hot blondes do some nice breast kissing along with the lip locking. You almost wish they had short hair as it kept getting in the way of their faces. Things heat up nicely with Jenna moving down to sample her newest employees pussy, you know the boss needs to know everything about their help! I loved seeing Jenna put Krystal in a piledriver position as she laps away along with some good finger work. This is a great pussy eating position no doubt about it. The garters and other fetish style clothing make for a nice visual but they tend to get in the way of the shot when they try and eat pussy, just a small observation. You then see Jenna move up and perch her sweet pussy right over Krystal's face and damn this was one amazing shot of Miss Steal licking away at Jenna's honeypot. Krystal really jams her tongue in there eliciting some good responses from Miss Jameson. Krystal then helps Jenna lie off the stage for more hot pussy eating, a unique position that's for sure. Moving on we have Krystal in a doggie pose and Jenna does some fine ass eating giving us a nice stare as she is engaged in this fine practice. The girls then kiss before we see more images of the other girls dancing, then we fade out. I liked the fact there were no toys but with this hot of a pairing I wished they had been in a room with better lighting and we could have really enjoyed them going at each other, still a very good g/g scene for the two of them.

Ariana Jollee:

We start here with a shot of two girls getting cozy with each other but I confess to not knowing who they were so a cast list would have been most helpful. I did recognize Joey Ray and the sweet ass of Miss Ariana Jollee though! Joey has some fun with that hot caboose pulling her g-string tight in her crack, the lime green color was pretty hot as well. Ariana then turns around so Joey and she can play with her pussy, you never know when this girl will squirt! Joey then slides under and gets to do what I would love to do and that is slip his tongue into her pussy and also into her tight ass! Ariana gives her charge some nice dirty talk and that is all the encouragement he needs to keep lapping away. Ariana then gets to do what she does as well as any girl working today and that is suck cock. A fine rhythm to her blowjob is established and the camera shot on her face slightly from the side looked good. You see in the background the other girls still playing with one another but the focus here is easily dominated by Ariana and Joey. Sexwise you see a good reverse cowgirl to start, then it's on to a standing doggie shot more from the front with some good shots close on of her wet pussy. No anal this time for Ariana but we do get a pop though Joey didn't muster as big a load as one might hope, come on this is Ariana we are talking about!! The cleanup was very good from her and the two kiss to end the scene.

Krystal Steal:

After a flood of images flash before our eyes we see Krystal all decked out in diamond themed outfit giving a blowjob to some lucky guy. Some color change to the screen does occur and this might distract you somewhat but then you see a great shot from underneath the floor looking up at this blowjob. Off to the side you see Jenna wearing a similar outfit playing with herself and damn she is looking mighty fine here. I dug the shot from underneath the floor it gives you a great shot of Krystal's pussy. This shot from under the floor is used for part of the fucking as they begin in doggie and the pace is very forceful from the start. With Jenna standing above them on a stage we see the principals lean against a mirror for some hard fucking standing up. Then with Jenna standing over Krystal almost you see some good mish shot and Jenna gets close to feel over Krystal's chest and what a stare she gives this guy who is fucking Miss Steal. They move on to a nice bouncy reverse cowgirl and soon the scene concludes with a shot jerked to her face and this is the best load of the entire dvd and Krystal does a great job taking it in and with the cleanup afterwards.

Alaura Eden:

We get some cool clouds on the screen along with some haunting music playing then we see Alaura Eden jamming a toy into her pussy with two guys all decked in black latex looking on. Their faces are covered with what looks like oxygen masks. Alaura does some cleaning off to that dildo before letting it back into her pussy. Good close up shot used for this toy play. The shot then changes and Alaura is face deep in cock and she gets both men involved here. You then see some good doggie anal shot along with continued fine oral from this girl. Oh, the mask is gone off one of the guys and it's the Hate Plow thrusting away in Alaura's ass. Moving on we see a good reverse cowgirl and again some great shots of just her pussy hugging the cock and panning out Alaura is still doing a good job sucking cock. The guys then dp this lovely girl in cowgirl and then with a giant silver bowl under her chin the guys fire away as the chanting monks are heard in the background. Alaura gets some jizz to lick up and you also see her eyelids got a few good blasts to them. This bowl has some water in it and we see it poured over her face giving us one last hot shot before the end credits start rolling.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well like I said at the beginning this isn't normally my usual type of porn I review but several factors led me to pick it up and I'm glad I did as the sex was pretty good led by the awesome g/g scene with Jenna and Krystal, easily the highlight scene for this dvd. You also had a good scene from Ariana, almost tame compared to what she usually does but she still looked great, the Selena and Krystal 40's style scene was good but Krystal should have been more involved. Miss Steal's one b/g scene was good highlighted by the great shots from under the glass floors and she also got the best popshot of the dvd. Alaura's scene to close was good. Now for extras this dvd kinda pissed me off as it offers behind the scenes and photo galleries but you have to go to Club in order to see them and I'm not a member so I was very disappointed this was listed and then you don't get to see it. The one extra besides the girls website addresses you can see are the bloopers/ outtakes so do watch those. However, in the future if Club Jenna is going to list behind the scenes, photo galleries, etc. on the dvd then you should be able to watch them without going to any website. So overall a good dvd for those wanting a slight change from the wall to wall gonzo they might normally watch, this might be a rental for you folks but for fans of Krystal Steal this offers two good scenes with her so give it a look.

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