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Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray)

Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo , High Definition
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Anime Nut's ratings for Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman (Blu-Ray) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Anime Nut  on  1/20/2010
Before we get started, let me get a personal bias out in the open. Kristina Rose is, without question, the performer of 2009. I believed that going into this movie, and have since solidified that stance. The sheer amount of emotional range she can display in front of the camera is staggering. She has a way of elevating the work of those around her, from tentative newbies to jaded veterans. Best of all, Kristina is profoundly uninhibited and insatiable, making her the perfect successor of the title Slutwoman.

Now, having said all that, I must confess that Kristina Rose is Slutwoman was a frustratingly difficult movie to review. Why's that? In terms of hardcore sex action, all but one of the five scenes here can be described as perfunctory, by-the-numbers, and disappointingly conventional. I'll get to which scene is the standout later. In regards to the other four chapters, there really is nothing there that hasn't been done a thousand times before. Sure, that's nothing new. But when your director is a unique and enormous talent like Mason, you have to expect that extra mile. This is the first time I've ever found myself getting annoyed by Mason's trademark giggling behind the camera. There's a sense that the director has gotten so sure of herself, she now just automatically assumes she's filming movie magic.

By this point, you're probably looking back at the top of this page and asking yourself, "If this is what he thinks, why the hell did he give this movie 4-and-a-half stars?!" The reason is very simple: Kristina fucking Rose. Every scene that could have been a forgettable exercise is saved, redeemed, and enhanced by her raw energy. The fact that I'm a self-proclaimed superfan of Kristina's is irrelevant, in all honesty. If I had never seen or heard of Miss Rose before, this movie would've made me the same admirer I am today.


SCENE 1 - Kristina Rose & Chayse Evans
Approx. 46 min

Remember how I mentioned one of the scenes being unique and special, apart from the rest? After the opening credits, things kick off with that very scene. This boot camp fantasy involving Chayse Evans as a hard-ass drill instructor and Kristina as her hapless recruit is incredibly entertaining, relentless, and magnificently-shot. The desert mountain exteriors translate beautifully to Blu-ray, with harsh sunny shots stopping just short of overexposed. Only the sound leaves much to be desired. With the level of professionalism reached by the visuals, it's a shame the crew couldn't afford a few personal mics or ADR to help the dialogue come through loud and clear.

The chemistry and interaction between these two performers is extraordinary. I've never been a huge fan of dildos and other sex toys being used in non-solo scenes, but they are employed to wondrous effect here. Chayse looks absolutely bad-ass holding the dildo against her crotch, forcing Recruit Rose to suck on it. There's genuine urgency in Kristina's voice when she groans, "Can I have permission to cum, Ma'am, PLEASE!" Watching her knees buckle when Chayse drops the dildo and attacks her from behind is quite a sight to behold. Neither girl ever breaks character for one second, and it culminates in a truly unbelievable look of animal lust on Kristina's face after her final orgasm.

Just when you think it's done, there's a surprisingly sweet and lovely coda in which Chayse reveals her real affection for Kristina. It's a completely unexpected moment that made me go, "Awwwww."

SCENE 2 - Kristina Rose, James Deen, & Mick Blue
Approx. 41 min

Before we get to the meat of the scene (pun intended), Kristina has a candid chat with Mason about the anticipation of her first DP. She compares it to the excitement leading up to her first anal scene one year ago.

Once the men are introduced, Mick wastes no time in driving straight to Kristina's asshole with his cock. Meanwhile, James enjoys the pleasures of Kristina's lips and tongue. It doesn't take long before James grabs Kristina from behind, pulls her back on top of him, and fucks her ass in reverse cowgirl anal. Mick quickly moves in and plunges his cock into Kristina's pussy from the front. Both guys thrust into Kristina evenly, from a variety of positions and directions. By the third DP set-up, Kristina's makeup is already starting to smear across her face. She also has her loudest and most amusing orgasm yet. While cumming, Kristina lovingly cradles both guys' faces, as if each of them is the man of her dreams. In fact, she eventually cries out, "Oh my God, I'm fuckin' in love! Oh my God, I'm in looove!" There are so many great quotes, but I don't want to spoil any more of them here.

It's not all beauty and charm, though. There's quite a bit of spit flying onto Kristina's face - which I could've done without - but I admit it fits the scene. Kristina also laps away at James' ass, then hits the floor and sucks on both guys' toes while they stand above her. Both Mick and James have worked well together in the past, and this is no different. They came in with one purpose (DP the shit out of this girl), and they succeeded admirably. But it's Kristina Rose who takes it to the next level, with her earth-shattering orgasms and declarations of love. You gotta applaud that tenacity.

SCENE 3 - Kristina Rose, Johnny, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, Criss Strokes, Johnny Fender, Mike Hash, & Rob Banks
Approx. 34 min
Boy/Girl, Blowbang

We have now come to the requisite "Slutwoman Hits the Streets" sequence, in which Mason follows Kristina around the neighborhood to see what kind of trouble they can get into. For most of this stroll, Mason keeps her camera focused and locked on Kristina's swaying ass. They eventually meet Johnny, who offers them a ride in his pickup truck. You gotta admire Johnny's initiative as he feels up Kristina's tits, then takes her to a yard sale and offers to buy furniture for her new place - which he does! Back in the truck, Kristina shows her gratitude by stripping off all her clothes and giving Johnny a handjob to completion. I enjoyed much of Johnny's unscripted dialogue here, and how the girls treat him.

If only that spontaneity and wackiness could've carried into the second half of the scene. Inside a storage warehouse, Kristina dives into a sausage fest of five guys and treats them all to a blowbang. Our girl does get to show some impressive deepthroat skills with nary a gag. She even indulges in a little ass-eating. Unfortunately, that ass belongs to Johnny Fender, who single-handedly brings this scene down with his incessant yammering. The dude [i]does not[/i] shut up, and virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is a complete turn-off. This is also the only scene in the movie where I didn't fully buy Kristina's Slutwoman persona. As she leads the pack of cocks to blowbang ground zero, I got more of a sense that Kristina was just following the script, instead of acting naturally like she does for the rest of the movie.

SCENE 4 - Kristina Rose & Manuel Ferrara
Approx. 35 min

Inside an abandoned parking garage, Kristina has a chance encounter with a rather creepy Manuel Ferrara, who comes out of hiding to grab and shove her against a column. Is this a rape scenario, or some kind of kinky role play? We're never clearly told as Manuel slaps her face and whispers... something. You can [i]barely[/i] hear what either of them is saying. Again, some mics on the performers would've helped immensely. After the clothes come off, Manuel spends some face time with Kristina's ass, probing that anus with his tongue. Eventually, they get to the fucking, with a good variety of positions (including anal) on the hard pavement of the garage. It's not the most impressive fucking of either performer's career. Manuel has certainly fucked harder and faster in the past, and Kristina's ass doesn't get quite the workout I know it can handle. The tale of the tape would tell you this is a fairly standard boy/girl scene.

Except it isn't. What this scene lacks in hardcore acrobatics, it more than makes up for in raw emotion. This may be Kristina Rose's most intense, visceral, and emotional performance ever, and I'm fairly sure a large part of that has to do with Manuel Ferrara. You can start to hear Kristina whimpering before she even gets naked, and this progresses into full-blown hysterics. One orgasm has Kristina repeatedly screaming, "I love you, I love you, I love you..." In a truly incredible moment, Manuel has to stop his cock's assault on her body. He sits up, folds his legs into a cross-legged position, and cradles Kristina's head in his lap. She slowly settles down as Manuel speaks to her in a gentle and soothing manner. It's such a weird moment, but the visual is undeniably sexy. By the end of the scene, nobody's talking, and the scene fades to black on this uncomfortable silence.

SCENE 5 - Kristina Rose, Charlotte Vale, & Mr. Pete
Approx. 51 min
Girl/Girl, Boy/Girl/Girl

The fifth and last scene of the movie is also its longest, with a BDSM theme that's never fully realized. Kristina plays the dom to Charlotte Vale's sub on a leash. The problem here is that Charlotte gets way too much action and pleasure for a submissive. Within minutes, Kristina uses a vibrating wand to stimulate Charlotte's pussy to orgasm. I did enjoy the lustful look in Charlotte's eyes throughout the entire scene. She looks like she'd devour Kristina in an instant if she could. When the action moves upstairs, Mr. Pete joins them for some threesome fun. One highlight features Mr. Pete fucking Kristina in doggy vag. Since Kristina is also sitting on Charlotte's face, Mr. Pete's balls dangle and swing over the sub's face. Charlotte lifts her head to lick and suck on the swinging testes.

Once again, Kristina commands the spotlight, this time with a wild and savage performance. She looks and sounds quite deranged when Mr. Pete and Charlotte work their fingers into her asshole. Both girls take it in the ass by Mr. Pete, who starts to pump his arms back and forth while fucking Kristina in missionary anal. Charlotte Vale looks great in leather and leash, but she struggles to keep up with her co-stars on the performance side. Charlotte tries to do a role reversal with Kristina towards the end of the scene, but she's far too cute and innocent-looking to convincingly portray a dom.


An 8-minute Behind-the-Scenes documentary is the primary extra featured on this disc. Like the main feature, all footage is presented in 16:9 widescreen, 1080p HD. Most of the footage consists of interviews that took place during and between scenes. Chayse and Kristina describe how the movie's first scene affected their friendship. Next, Kristina distinguishes the three ways she can orgasm, then ranks them. Last, Mayson tries to verbalize her stunned reaction to Kristina and Manuel's garage encounter. "That wasn't even 'porn'. I don't even know how to describe it." Exaggeration? Perhaps, but I can certainly see where she was coming from.

Also included in the extras section are a photo gallery slideshow of screenshots and the obligatory cumshot recap. No surprises there.


Buy it. Kristina Rose is Slutwoman is another fine Blu-ray to add to your collection. The 1080p image is bright and colorful, with no color bleed or picture noise. Only the sound suffers in spots, but that's a problem with the on-set production, not the transfer. Kristina and the rest of the cast look great, even when they're covered in sweat or other bodily fluids.

Please don't let my opening statements dissuade you from considering this purchase. My disappointment stems purely from what I've come to expect from director Mason. View it on its own, and you have an exceptional presentation of gonzo debauchery. And like I've said again and again throughout this review, Kristina Rose is worth the price of admission. Don't miss some of her most captivating work yet.

RUNNING TIME: 215 minutes

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