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Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman

Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Kristina Rose Is Slutwoman A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/17/2009
Well fans time to check out a title I'm sure will please a ton of fans out there, Kristina Rose is Slutwoman!! We get some reflection nicely from Kristina and Mason as they open the second scene about how it's barely been a year maybe since she did her first on camera anal scene for them and how she always knew that the first DP would be their's too and that's what occurs in the second scene. Before we get to that, though, there was a first scene which set the tone for sure.

Kristina Rose & Chayse Evans:

It opens with recruit Rose moving some tires about in a dirt field while instructor Chayse Evans reviews from high above and she's not liking what her young charge is doing so Chayse heads down to do a little learnin!! The early part of this scene once Chayse is down there is chalk full of verbal abuse as she gets all over Kristina's case, she can't do a thing right and Evans lets her know it, slapping, spitting, tearing at Kristina's fatigues which weren't on right. Not sure how much of a turn on it was, least for me, but for those who enjoy a good verbal abuse angle to a scene this one has it and then some. The two head off to a nice secluded spot where things get sexual and in a hurry. Kristina is so good taking direction from Chayse who I imagine had a blast being the dominant role. You get lots of face burying in the ass, Kristina looks so good doing this, pussy eating yeah but also some strong toy play. This won't please the sensual g/g fan at all as there's virtually none of that but for those who enjoy g/g where one is pushed and pushed and pushed as Kristina is here you'll enjoy it immensely I suspect. They end it with Chayse doing some serious finger fucking, nearly all five fingers into Kristina's ass which has her pretty much collapsing in Chayse's arms as they twirl tongues to scene conclusion. So the ball has been dropped and Kristina definitely picked it up and ran with it in the first scene.

Kristina Rose's 1st Double Penetration:

The second scene comes and we get that reflection I alluded too earlier between Kristina and Mason along with some pretty hot ass footage, spreading the cheeks too. Kristina does some hot talking here too, she seems very relaxed here going into that first DP. She knows the guys, loves working with them and she knows Mason too so the comfort level is there as well. So the reflecting is over and we head to the scene, one more great ass closeup as she heads over to meet Mick Blue and James Deen. They waste no time, breasts are kissed, James goes ass diving, then the guys switch so Mick can get a faceful of that awesome ass. Kristina fishes out James's dick and instantly engulfs it while Mick works his cock out and it's right into that ass, these folks don't waste any time! Great intensity here no doubt about it as Mick amps it up pounding that ass. After a little face fucking to clean those ass juices off it's a ride on James Deen anally in reverse followed soon by Mick sliding in for that first initial DP! As you might expect she takes to two cocks just as well as she did to one fucking her ass. Some P2M as they flip her over to cowgirl for the second round of dp drilling. The trio keep going back and forth here with dp's in reverse and cowgirl, Kristina is off the wall here with the energy. It's something that has to be seen to be fully appreciated, her facial expressions are priceless too. The guys reward this great performer with a faceful of jizz, swallowed, cleanup, well done to everyone.

Kristina's Girly Day:

Next scene opens with Kristina hailing a small van which pulls over-- lots of giggling here from Kristina and Mason as they rush up to it. Kristina leans in and I hadn't mentioned yet but she's got the lovely short hair which we all know about now but this was the first action on film I think with it. Ok this is a civilian so we never see his face but he gets to touch those tits and she fills him in on her becoming a slut and how she took over the Slutwoman role. Kristina then signs her name to his roof and you'll see there's lots of writing already there. She offers a handjob but we don't get a yes and soon he drives off but not before Kristina whips the tits out right there walking on the sidewalk. Mason was to slow, though, and didn't get it so Kristina does another quickie. They find a few guys working and head over for more fun teasing, more tit flashing-- then a couple helicopters fly over-- way up high but they giggle and say we gotta get out of here. Another truck pulls over and this time they get in an the drivers' more frisky than the others doing lots of titty groping. Mason is eating this up and she keeps a fairly steady camera shot capturing this. Kristina is so smooth talking a lot but also giving us the goods to enjoy visually. The guy even buys some furniture for Kristina who had just moved. She feels like it's been an uneven relationship, she needed to give back so there's more titty feeling but also some fine ass play, he even kisses around it but he's blurred out so we don't really see him licking it. Handjob then from Kristina with a little tongue twirling and he cums as she's jerking him off. Mason is laughing hysterically here and Kristina adds in some fun laughter too.

So they arrive to a wherehouse where the mopes open the door and help bring in some of the booty picked up for Miss Rose, courtesy of a good samaritan. Back in the wherehouse Kristina feels she owes these guys something for bring in the furniture so how about a good blowbang to wrap up her day. They head inside a little deeper, away from any prying eyes and Kristina gets their weiners out and blows them all. Kristina has some fun with it, talking some more, Mason's laughing too but again she keeps it together enough to capture a solid blowbang. I think the handjob, all the flirting she did with the civilians has her horny as fuck so she attacks the cocks and even does some ass eating, ewwww man ass! Slutwoman has arrived here fans. At one point she's fingering herself so furiously, the facial expression telling the story as she cries out for a cock, any cock to touch her face and she works out a good orgasm as the loads start flying all over that face. Another great day in the life of Kristina Rose, Slutwoman! Our girl heads back outside for the Slutwoman Parade walk, waving at her fans as the cum still glistens on her face-- thing is there are no fans lining the alley way so it's kinda funny.

Kristina with Manuel Ferrara:

Next scene begins with some eerie sounding music. There are a pair of black heels walking and we can assume it's Kristina and sure enough the shot pans up to the lovely young lady walking in a completely cleared out parking garage. Kristina's calling out Hello like she is looking for someone but nobody is home until Manuel comes up from behind and places his hand over the mouth. We watch from afar as she backs up then walks forward, the two are doing the slow dance moving around. Manuel takes charge then turning her around and pushing Kristina up against a column. He's looking deeply into Kristina's eyes as he communicates. The look on her face seems one of terror, the hand is firmly griped around the throat but then it's a soft caress to the side of her face. Manuel is toying with Kristina and she's eating it up. The dress is forcefully pulled down allowing her perky tits out, then she's turned back so that ass can be played with and spanked-- several times. Soon we have the cock out and some big time face fucking is captured- try grabbing her head/ hair and pushing that face deep down the shaft, good ole slutwoman style face fucking here fans. Kristina goes underneath to get at his balls, then Manuel lays down and she goes for his ass. They get into some intense fucking and I mean INTENSE fans. She's crying out she loves him as they are rocking and really it's something you need to see as Kristina is giving herself entirely over to Manuel's huge cock, body and soul. Needless to say that ass is tapped and then some, there's more awesome vocal work as we hear the sheer pleasure as the mind altering experience plays itself out visually. It's another Manuel/ Kristina masterpiece that ends with him standing over and launching his load up her body, Kristina with the tongue out to try and capture some of the cum. Not since Mia Rose has Manuel clicked with a girl this good I think, ahh if only we could get Mia to swing over for a little g/g play and pair her with Kritina and Manuel-- the earth might move in a counter clockwise direction, World Peace might be achieved, lol!

Kristina with Charlotte Vale:

One more scene for Slutwoman and it takes us to another familiar porn shoot location and this time it's Kristina seeming to take on the dominant role as she leads Charlotte in crawling with a collar around her neck and Kristina holding the leash! Fetish syle attire for both, Kristina in a black corset, black mesh with red/ black heels. Charlotte is pretty much all black from her corset to stockings to heels. Some low dirty talk is given, you can barely hear Kristina as she talks to her slave. Kristina gets into some good pussy play, fingering and licking Charlotte who cries out her approval. Kristina's dirty talk gets marketably louder then as she barks out I want to know what you're going to give me and Charlotte is now playing the sub role Kristina did so well in the first scene so we have cum full circle with Kristina now being the dom. Ahh we get a hitachi wand brought out and used on Miss Vales' pussy- that had to feel good and Kristina helps out with some more dirty talk and spanking her friends ass. Charlotte is then allowed to sit up and actually take charge somewhat with toy play on Kristina's coochie, even a little face slapping. The girls are definitely into each other but they need a cock so Kristina rides on Charlottes back as they head upstairs where Mr. Pete awaits. The fucking starts pretty soon with Charlotte sliding under to do P2OGM when Pete pulls out. The girls then do a little cock sharing and each seems to be favoring the more aggressive style in the head gauge. Charlotte then gets on for a ride in vag cowgirl, Kristina sliding behind to lick at the ass and then stand up for a little more verbal jousting with her friend. Moving on there's a good shot in reverse anal with Charlotte licking at Kristina's ass, just over Pete's cock. Another hot shot has Pete still fucking Miss Rose and Charlotte's pussy is moved to just over Kristina's face but facing out to us, it was a cool shot and by now everyone's a sweaty mess! Before it's all said and done we get some good anal work for Charlotte too but this is Kristina's movie so the last bits of hot anal are saved for her, doggie anal with Kristina munching on Charlotte's pussy. A little choking too from Miss Vale as Pete hammers out those last few strokes before nutting in Kristina's mouth. She keeps the jizz in as Charlotte works her magic fingers on that freshly fucked pussy giving us one more hot Kristina climax before we fade out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans anyone concerned with whether or not Kristina Rose could be the next Slutwoman can put those concerns aside after watching this. She owns the role as well as any girl before her ever did. Kristina has a way of giving herself over to the sex scene no matter who it's with and whatever is required from her to make it work is just what she gives of herself and then some. The best example for me comes in her scene with Manuel who seems to have a way with bringing out the best performances from his female costars. The whole ball was started beautifully with her scene with Chayse Evans where we see just how submissive Kristina can be and how much fun she has doing that role. The blowbang was fun and we came full circle with Kristina being the dominant one over Charlotte in their scene which brings in Mr. Pete for the much needed hard cock to close this one out. The extras were a little light, the BTS wasn't long but we had some good interview type moments during the movie itself, chiefly during the Kristina Girly Day scene. A must have for Kristina Rose fans and I'd definitely look for a sequel as she's taken the role and made it her own.

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