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Kink Club

Kink Club

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Compilation , Fetish
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astroknight's ratings for Kink Club:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Kink Club overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Kink Club Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Kink Club Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Kink Club Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Kink Club Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Kink Club DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Kink Club A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/14/2002

Running Time: 181 min.

Production Date: 4 / 18 / 2002

Director: Various

Cast: Adriana Sage, Dale DaBone, Felecia, Isabelle Camille, Jessie Jordan, Jason McCain, Stevie, T. J. Hart, Evan Stone, Tracy Love, April, Brooklyn Rhodes, Anna Malle, Ian Daniels, Porsche Lynn, Dick Nasty, Alyssa Allure, Shayla LaVeaux, Mark Davis, Juli Ashton, Steve Hatcher, Asia Carrera, Alex Sanders, Rebecca Lord, John Decker, Nina Hartley, Michael J. Cox, Jeanna Fine, Chennin Blanc, Anthony Crane, Keri Windsor, Lee Stone, Lola, Mickey G., Alexandra Silk, Jenna Jameson, Frank Towers, and Diva

Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve has been kind of hit or miss with their compilations, but since I’m a fan of watching fetish sex I’m really hoping for a hit here.

Initial Reaction: It’s a nicely done compilation with a good variety of fetishes

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who enjoys watching sex with a fetish aspect

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants their sex nice and soft

Audio /Video Quality: As usual with compilations, the technical aspects vary a bit from scene to scene. Although a few are lacking, most of them have nicely balanced audio and clear video.

Music: As usual with compilations, the musical style and balance varies from scene to scene.

Menus: The main menu is pretty simple, but does have a little animation to raise it up a bit. The chapter menu is also pretty simple and standard, and lets you choose a scene based on the kink in the scene and a small clip of the scene.

Disc Problems / Complaints: There’s no time stamp, which always ticks me off. From what I understand it takes almost no time or effort to add to a DVD, so the exclusion of one always makes a DVD feel cheaper to me. I’m mostly ticked off because it limits your searching through the feature to using the chapter scan and scanning rather than being able to jump around.

The Feature: Adam & Eve continues their string of compilations with Kink Club. No, unfortunately this isn’t a clever adult parody of Fight Club. Instead it’s a compilation of many of Adam & Eve’s fetish sex scenes. Each scene nicely gives you the names of the performers in each scene before the scene starts, and then gets right down to business.

Adriana Sage and Dale DaBone start things off in a dungeon scene from Design for Desire. Adriana Sage is done up in red and black fetishwear with plenty of studs showing, and including a nice collar and arm and wrist bands. She even has her nails, lipstick, eyeshadow, and nails matched to the red and black on her outfit, which really helps to set things off. She slowly sucks his cock, and strokes it when she licks his balls. Dale rewards her stooping down to lick her snatch as she braces herself using the chains that hang around her. The chains continue to be handy for Adriana as she slides a leg over Dale’s shoulder while he fucks her, and later turns around to grant him access to her slit from behind. Adriana finishes things up by taking a decent helping of Dale’s creamy goodness on her face and in her mouth. It’s a fairly hot scene, but once again the camera angles seemed to lack a bit. Adriana’s a beautiful star, yet her face is rarely shown. She seems to get into the scene fairly well, but the camera doesn’t show it too well.

In another scene from Design for Desire, Felecia and Isabella start things off with some decent kissing before Isabella drops down to warm up Felecia’s strap on orally. Surprisingly, she doesn’t get it as soon as she’s finished, as Felecia drops down to warm up Isabella’s pussy orally a bit before starting it in her from behind. Felecia gets her turn as she rides it reverse cowgirl. It slowly comes to a fairly abrupt end as the girls almost think about kissing a little, but that’s about as close as it gets to a firm ending. It’s an okay at best scene, but has an annoying streak across the bottom of the screen that’s extremely noticeable. It also concentrates way too much on the close-up of the penetration. I don’t think I ever saw Isabella’s face as Felecia was fucking her, and you rarely saw either girls’ face as she was being fucked.

Jessie Jordan, an attractive olive skinned woman, starts out a scene from The Edge giving Jason McCain a shave. She neatly shaves his balls and some of his pubes, leaving a small patch above his cock, while Jason sits with his hands apparently restrained on the chair. Afterwards Jessie checks for lost hairs orally, sucking and running her tongue all over Jason’s wedding tackle. Jessie takes her spot in the hot seat next, and lets Jason completely shave her stubbly pussy. Jason also gives her a bit of an oral examination, but makes sure to slide a finger or two into her pussy first. Jason moves on to dip his wick in Jessie’s smoothly shaven slit as she continues to lay back in the chair. After a long pussy-plugging, Jessie gets out of the chair so Jason can fuck her from behind. He finishes off her pussy by licking her clit while jerking himself off, and finally lets his guy goo fly onto Jessie’s nice tits. It’s a very hot scene, that’s also a bit different from most of the scenes out there. Jessie really does a great job here, and has me looking forward to more of her in the future.

In a scene from Invisible, Stevie starts things off with Dale DaBone in a hallway. They’re both in latex suits, which are more of a James Bond spy style than a fetishwear style, while being watched on a security camera. Before they can barely even get past kissing they’re joined by TJ Hart, a doctor who’s just a little too far into her work and who’s probably forbidden from giving high school physicals. TJ sits on the stairs masturbating as she watches Dale tease Stevie’s pussy until Stevie goes over to help her. After Dale warms up Stevie’s pussy with his tongue and fingers he comes up to help Stevie out on TJ’s pussy. TJ returns the favor by helping out Stevie in sucking Dale’s cock, in a very nice double blowjob. TJ gets the honor of getting fucked first, followed by a little pussy eating for her, and a little more of the double blowjob. This comes off pretty poor, since TJ goes from being slightly clothed to naked and back to slightly clothed. Luckily it’s a great blowjob. After TJ gets fucked from behind (either once or twice, depending on how you feel like counting), Stevie hops on for a ride and gets the satisfaction of a job well done on Dale as he spunks her face. It’s a pretty hot scene, but the doubling up of some of it did bring it down a little since it was so obvious. I’m not sure, but this might be why the feature runs longer than advertised on the cover.

Tracy Love and Evan Stone have a little fetish sex from one of my personal favorites, Miss Jackie’s Full Service Salon . Tracy’s dressed in red latex and Evan’s ready to be dominated. Tracy has Evan suck on her heels and lick her boots to start with followed by having him finger and eat her pierced pussy and asshole. He follows this up by giving Tracy’s tits and pussy the hot wax treatment. Tracy shows that she can give as well as she receives by giving Evan a nice blowjob before riding his cock. She lays back for Evan to start fucking her ass but soon returns to riding him reverse cowgirl as he keeps fucking her ass. Evan finishes things off by blowing his load all over her chest. It’s a very hot scene that has a definite place in this compilation.

April and Brooklyn Rhodes pair up in a scene from the excellent The Puppeteer next. They’re both carrying whips and wearing black wigs, knee high boots, and lingerie, descenwork each other over in the middle of a staircase. They work themselves and each other over naturally and keep the whips handy, although they’re never used. The girls let their tongues work over each others lips quite a bit, but never use any toys. It’s a very artistic scene, although sexually it’s struggles to get to very warm. Any heat the girls build up is frequently quelled by the variety of visual effects in the scene, such as the frequent use of mirror images or tinted filters.

Next up, Anna Malle gives Ian Daniels a little lesson in discipline with a scene from Pure Bliss. Anna’s in leather and dominates Ian completely. Ian is only there for Anna's pleasure, and she reminds him of it constantly. It's a normal scene for Anna and she does a good job with it.

The appropriately named Dick Nasty appears in the next scene with Alyssa Allure and Porsche Lynn in a scene from Tattoo. Alyssa and Dick start out warming up Porsche from the front and back with their tongues before the girls lower themselves to suck Dick Nasty’s cock. Dick moves on to fuck Porsche first, and then let her play with his ass as Alyssa rides his cock. Porsche returns with a strap-on, and first fucks Dick’s ass and then moves it up to Alyssa’s ass to give her the double penetration after she begs for it. Alyssa finishes things taking a decent pop in her mouth and then letting it drip out so Porsche can see it. Despite having Dick Nasty, it’s a pretty hot scene. Everybody seems to be well into it, which almost always makes a scene great.

Next up, Shayla LaVeaux, Mark Davis, Juli Ashton, Steve Hatcher, Asia Carrera, Alex Sanders, Rebecca Lord, John Decker, Nina Hartley, Michael J. Cox, and Jeanna Fine get together for a little orgy in a scene from Corporate Assets 2. It’s a very surprising scene, especially for Adam & Eve, as it has aa lot of S&M action such as hot wax, lashings, and fetishwear before a plethora of girls appears to satisfy Mark Davis. Steve Hatcher and Michael J. Cox show up shortly thereafter and help Marc take on the nice group of lovely ladies. Although it starts off as a fairly extreme scene, it quickly changes into a nicely done orgy. Asia Carrera and Steve Hatcher won an award for best couples scene for this scene, but fans of Asia might be a little disappointed as she doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the scene.

Chennin Blanc and a leather hooded Anthony Crane put on a show at a fetish sex club in the opening scene from Naked Hollywood 5: Twisted next. Anthony quickly goes from kissing one set of lips to the other and then climbs onto her chest for a little tit-fucking and head. He gets onto his back so Chennin can have a little control in the blowjob as well, and lets her climb onto his cock to start fucking him. Chennin turns around so Anthony can fuck each of her holes, and finally takes his ball blast on her tongue with a great smile. It’s a pretty good scene, but felt a bit soft even for Adam & Eve. I’m sure this might be for the couples aspect of the series, but even there it felt a little soft.

Keri Windsor, T. J. Hart, and Lee Stone follow with their scene from Naked Hollywood 5: Twisted. Keri starts out getting her nipples flogged as she’s put on a cross, and after a little oral screwing around, ends up having Lee and T. J. pleasuring her slightly roughly. Lee gets his turn next before fucking T. J. from behind while Keri watches, talks dirty to him, and occasionally sucks his cock. Lee finally fucks T. J.’s ass while she lays back in a love swing before decorating her stomach and letting Keri help by sucking out the last few drops. It’s a pretty good scene, but the editing seemed to mess up the flow a bit. Things seemed to go from position to position as they should, but the timing seemed a bit off. People go from one side of the room to another in a split second and some positions and actions are only seen for a second or two before switching to another. Luckily the chemistry between the performers, and Keri’s constant intensity, keeps things going despite the few flaws.

The penultimate scene comes from Luc Wylder’s Forbidden Lust and features Mickey G. with Lola and Alexandra Silk. Mickey is about to take the next step by having Lola fuck his ass. Lola starts Mickey off with a little tongue action for his ass before letting him eat her pussy. Alexandra joins in also, sucking Mickey’s cock and fingering his ass as Mickey and Lola sixty nine. As Mickey fucks Lola from behind, Alexandra warms up Mickey’s ass with some anal beads and plays with herself. Alexandra hops above Mickey’s face to suck his cock as Lola works her strap on into Mickey’s ass. Alexandra watches as Lola gives Mickey a nice ass fucking, even continuing a little after Mickey jerks himself off over his stomach. The three of them end things with some nice kissing and Mickey collapsing on the blanket. It’s a nicely done scene, although I have no doubts that it will shock and or turn off quite a few people.

Finally, Jenna Jameson gets down and dirty with Diva and Frank Towers in one of her early scenes from The Dinner Party. The girls, both of whom are wearing fetishwear, bring Frank down in front of an open furnace where Diva spanks him and Jenna uses him as a horse. Farnk also gets his wedding tackle wrapped up with a string and his back flogged before the girls give him any oral pleasure. The focus quickly shifts to Jenna, who in the middle gets plenty of attention for her pussy from Diva’s tongue and Frank’s cock, which the girls finally stroke to a disappointing dribbly pop. It’s a nicely done and artistic scene, but sadly the heat dies at the sad pop. Not surprisingly, this is a great scene for Jenna’s fans, as she shows some great potential and a nice little sampling of what she has to offer.

Kink Club is a nicely done compilation feature, but I’ll admit to being a little disappointed. A title like Kink Club has a heck of a lot of potential. I could tell you the rules of Kink Club, but no, this is a compilation. As such, it has a nice variety of fetish style sex scenes taken from quite a few years of Adam & Eve’s features. A few of the scenes might be fairly familiar if you’re seen a lot of Adam & Eve’s compilations, but there are a lot that are making their first compilation appearance that I know of. The scenes are nicely done, and have the nice touch of letting you know who’s in each scene before it starts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t let you know what movie each scene comes from, but at least you have a better clue if you want to follow any of the performers. Kink Club is another nicely done compilation from Adam & Eve that’s worth checking out if you’re interested in the theme it’s offering.

Extras: There’s web information and a photo gallery that lasts about two and a quarter minutes with about five seconds per nice looking photo.

Themes: Straight, fetishwear, lesbian, toys, shaving, hot wax, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), group, spanking, male anal insertion, B&D, tit-fucking, and orgy

Raincoat Factor: Very High

Overall: Many of Adam & Eve’s compilations can be found for between about $8 and $20. At this price, Kink Club is a great bargain if you’re interested in fetish sex. The transfers are normally well done, but there isn’t much for extras.

Note to Adam & Eve: You’re doing a nice job with your compilations. I hope you keep bringing up your quality.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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