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loverboy Killer Bodies 4.5 starsKiller Bodies 4.5 starsKiller Bodies 4.5 stars
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Killer Bodies

Killer Bodies

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Feature film , Interactive
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Killer Bodies:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Killer Bodies overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Killer Bodies Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Killer Bodies Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Killer Bodies Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Killer Bodies Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Killer Bodies DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Killer Bodies A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/14/2011
Welcome porn fans to a new show from director David Lord released through Adam & Eve. This story is about the character played by Tori Black who seems to have it all. A loving husband, a nice house and a lavish lifestyle but that all comes crashing down one night when four strangers come into her house and abduct her. She is taken to a big room, put in a cage, and subjected to some serious brain washing techniques that are designed to make her a perfect killing machine/ soldier-- why would someone want to do this, that's a good question and hopefully we'll find out some answers along the way as this story unfolds. This show also gives you a few options on how you wish to view the story told. There is the directors cut which is self explanatory. The second option is Auto play which more like a regular version of the movie with a free flowing style and you don't know there are different versions filmed for some scenes. The last option and the one you might wish to try first is the Choose Your Own Experience-- this is like back in the day you read those books that let you pick how the story went in some key areas. The same principle here as you get two options of how to precede and depending on those choices the story changes. After using this option I wouldn't say these changes are huge but more along the lines of seeing a different sex scene of which we get something like ten scenes so certainly some bang for your porn buck and you'll obviously want to go back and check out each scenario to see who's fucking who! So this review will go along with that choose your own experience as that is the big calling card listed on the front of the dvd, Interactive Dvd!

The movie starts out harmlessly enough with four people riding along in a car and you have Seth Gamble, Alexis Ford, Jessica Jaymes and Barrett Blade who is at the wheel and instantly comes across as a real ass. Nothing to bad to see until they reach the end of their destination and upon opening the trunk you find out these aren't very nice people as you have a bound and gagged Tori Black in the truck wearing only a shirt and panties. You wonder how we got to this point, well the story takes us back to earlier that night with Tori at home with her husband Randy Spears who is about to leave on a trip but Tori wants one last fuck session and she's even bring a little stimulation-- a porno!! You see by the box cover it's the A Team XXX Parody and here is also where we get our first choice of how to let the story procede. You can watch Tori fuck Randy or you can choose to watch a scene presumably from this parody movie but when you click that option you see it is Bree Olson fucking but not from the A Team movie.

Tori Black:

So if you choose to watch Tori fuck you get a brief glimpse of Bree on the tv having her pussy taken care of before we switch back to Randy and Tori in bed and they have a nice couples scene. There isn't a lot of light as they are going for a more authentic this is really your house and they are fucking kinda vibe but having said that you still get good views of action from Randy eating her pussy to Tori making his dick disappear in her mouth. Sex wise cowgirl was a big winner here showing off that ass and later on in this flick she does get fucked in it depending on if you choose the right option! Not the case here as it is only her pussy that is tapped ending with a pull out and splooge shot on those pubes.

Bree Olson:

So this is the other option for that first scene and if you pick this we are taken to a car garage where Bree walks in and she is dressed to kill wearing a sexy pink/ white top with blue jean shorts on. She walks right over to Bill Bailey and plants a kiss on him so hello she's not wasting any time. This scene moves nicely to Bree's rocking tits coming out and Bill kissing and touching them moving down then to sample her pussy with some dirty talk too from Bree. Bree then uses the cars hood to help brace herself lowering her head off to engulf Bill's cock. Miss Olson also gets off the car onto her knees for the more traditional bj approach and that too looks very good as we get her boobs worked into the shot as well plus a brief POV angle. Back to the car hood then for a couple shots of Bill fucking her pussy ending with a pull out and pop on her ass cheeks and Bree rubs the jizz in.

So back to the story where we see Randy leaving the house and Tori alone now but not for long as Barrett and Seth go in and take her. Barrett tries to lay it out for Tori as he takes her out of the trunk, not to run or put up a fight but this leads to our second set of choices and the only one I think that doesn't involve sex. You can choose whether Tori fights of flees. Both involve her kneeing Seth in the balls and the fighting option lasts only a second or two after that as Barrett gives her jolt of electricity that quickly puts an end to Tori's little rebellion while the other lets her flee after kneeing Seth-- this option has Tori actually making it out of the garage and onto the street where she does one of the dumbest things I think I've seen a character do in a movie porn or otherwise. Instead of turning on the street and running in a straight line towards the city or people Tori goes in a straight line right across the street to some closed garage doors beating on them. I was like what the fuck are you doing, it's midnight and no one is going to be there. It isn't as if Tori was so disoriented she couldn't have seen the better options to run down the either end of the street as opposed to the choice she made which made it far to easy for Barrett and Seth to recapture her and take Tori down to the basement and place her in a cage. You get some discussion then amongst the four kidnappers about what will happen and Tori learns this is a process that is supposed to last 30 days where upon she'll be released. Now what she doesn't realize at the outset is just what she will have to endure in those 30 days and how it will affect her for the rest of her life-- brainwashing with vivid images of sex and violence but also of pancakes-- you'll have to see this to understand what I mean. The session of flashing these awful images leads us to our next choice of what to watch and hello the two are sister and mother.

Brooke Lee Adams:

We aren't given any explanation as to why or how her sister and mother are brought into this little project but hey why quibble over details when you can watch two sexy girls get their freak on. First up was Brooke who is the sister and Tori is force to watch as her baby sis starts engulfing Derrick Pierce's cock, though he's wearing a mask you can see who it is fairly clearly and if you know your male performers, lol. Oh yeah if Tori closes her eyes for more than a second she is givne jolts of electrcity from the electrodes that are placed about her person that instantly bring her back to reality. So we watch Brooke give a good bj and there are some nice boob shots here too. Sex wise you see a good ride in cowgirl but they miss out shooting her in reverse though we get mish to show off the titties. A good open mouth pop to close with some also reaching her tits. It is quite clear from watching Brooke was a willing partner in this scene so again it begs the question why was she there, does she know Tori is watching?


The other choice has Tori forced to watch her mom get it on with another semi masked man, Sascha. No explanation given as to how she got in that room or if her daughter is aware mom is a sexual freak! Sascha works her tits out and slaps them a bit before letting Raylene go down on him and she is quite aggressive here with the head, almost growling at times and you get some gack, gack, gack sounds so this isn't a timid bj! There is some titty fucking as well as Sascha sliding up to face fuck her. After a run in doggie they flip over to reverse and hello dancing boobies, Raylene had those tits dancing beautifully as she bounced. Some strong mish pounding too leads to a big facial for Raylene and some clean up too.

So that sessions ends with the first crack in the bad guys with Alexis expressing some concern while Jessica Jaymes wanted to continue the assault on Tori's mind. The guys come down before the girls can really go at it and Barrett lets the session end putting a passed out Tori back in her cage. The four go upstairs where Alexis starts to voice a little more concern over the issue but Barrett quickly puts the squadoosh on that train of thought letting Alexis know that $200,000 split three ways is better than four ways so basically shut your pie hole and keep with the plan. Alexis then wants to help smooth the friction by offering herself to Barrett to calm him down and this leads to another choice. Whether we watch Alexis fuck Barrett or the othe option is to watch Jessica bone Seth.

Alexis Ford:

So we go with Alexis to start and Barrett doesn't have to wait long to taste her tits and this is followed by lowering her jeans to give us a good ass crack shot but also allowing her to move down to take on his cock. Some good shots too of Alexis on her knees slobbering over his dick and this shot actually lasts a good minute plus and there is some of the gack, gack, gack heard. Sex wise you see her ride in cowgirl and reverse with some mish action too ending with Barrett blasting off but his aim is low hitting mostly her neck and then down to her tits with some clean up from Alexis too.

Jessica Jaymes:

So our other choice has these two heading down the stairs away from their friends fucking and they decide to why not have a go themselves with Jessica leading the way to start and Seth quickly becomes a willing partner working her tits out and kissing them. Seth does a good job taking her clothes off and he does the go behind shot licking at her pussy via under her ass-- love that shot. The two trade positions turning around so that Jessica is the one on her knees and this blowjob is full on from the start with lots of gagging and face fucking. The majority of the sex is them standing with Seth pounding her from behind but he does sit down towards the end so she can ride in reverse and this scene closes with Seth exploding all of over her tits.

The story then brings Alexis back into the equation and she gets away from everyone who is tired from fucking to slip downstairs let Tori out and she runs off again. Barrett must have very good hearing because he hears this and springs out of the bed. Again Tori has options of going towards the street and running down that but she chooses instead to hit a parking lot and try and find an open car with keys in it to drive off. Not the best choice and she is knocked out by the butt of Barrette rifle. Alexis has run off too but Tori is soon strapped back into the chair for more flashing images which are designed to change her into what we don't quite know yet. Barrett also calls the big boss to let him know Tori isn't responding as well to these treatments as they thought she would so they go in a drastic direction. Tori is forced to watch live as Barrett goes into another room where hello her husband, Randy Spears, is also strapped down and Barrett takes a knife out, walks over to him and you think he is about to slit Randy's throat with the screen goes to snow prompting Tori to lose it. She starts writing about in the chair, eyes closed from the pain which causes the electricty to shoot through her but this doesn't faze Tori now as she ends up breaking out of the wrist restraints before finally collapsing back into the chair, exhausted. Tori wakes up not long after and finds no one is there so she lets herself out and slowly makes her way up into the house which is foreign to her so she gingerly steps around until finally finding a sink where she washes her face off and then a shower not far off where she gets in and just loses herself in the water trying to let it wash away all this bad stuff that's happened to her and unfortunately that doesn't work. However, Tori doesn't try to flee again and just goes down to the cage and crawls back in going to sleep. This was a powerful scene I think with only some music and Tori's facial expressions to tell the story- nice acting here, real nice from Tori. The story then takes us to Jessica who receives a call from someone named Verdugo who is the big cheese and tells Jessica the experiment is a failure and she is to go back to the wherehouse and take out the trash-- you can guess that means icing Tori. You will no doubt recognize the voice talking to Jessica and I think that was a mistake as we know now and it seems early to know who the big baddie is-- why not use a voice thing to alter his voice and keep the mystery going for a little longer because now that is gone and we still have a lot of the picture to go. Well Jessica heads back and eventually confronts Tori who is now ready to fight and it seems she snaps and quickly overpowers Jessica getting her knife and yes she kills her. Jessica begs for her life and lets Tori take her cell which has a message from Seth to meet him later that night but as we see that doesn't save her. This ends disc one and we head on to disc two for the conclusion.

So we slip in the second disc and instantly you are given a choice and it will certainly lead to sex for Tori as we have a male clerk or a female clerk.


The first option has Tori walking into a pawn shop and finding Eric Masterson behind the counter Tori walks over and you see she's dressed and talks like a confident bad ass now. Eric tells her they are closed but Tori isn't taking that for a final answer and soon convinces Eric they can negotiate for the items she wishes to take-- guns! Eric is open of course and soon they are going at it. Eric does a nice job working on her pussy and you have Tori talking to him and you again sense her confidence and there is even some talking down to him -- pay attention what you're doing! Tori then drops down to offer some good strong head to Eric. Sex wise you see doggie, reverse, more dirty talk from Tori who is now 180 degrees away from how she was to start the movie. The scene ends with an ass pop and Tori also walking out with a couple additional items- hand cuffs and a container of gasoline- this doesn't sound good as she is heading over to the club where Seth is at and turns out Alexis shows up too.

Tori & Teagan Presley:

The second option takes us to the same pawn shop but now it is Teagan behind the counter and we get pretty much the same deal unfold but this time it is lesbian sex!! Tori and Teagan make for a good team and do fine jobs going down on the other also working in toys before the scene ends. As with the Eric scene Tori leaves with the added items heading to the club where the next set of options unfold. This offers us another choice as to whether they run off together or go off alone. The together option leads to the two in a car but Tori confronts them and gets Alexis out while hand cuffing Seth to the wheel. She procedes to beat the shit out of Alexis, bloodying her face trying to find out why and the Verdugo name comes up again but Alexis doesn't spill much beyond that. Tori tells her to beat it, guess feeling something for Alexis trying to let her go earlier but there is no such mercy for Seth who tries to plead offering to take Tori to this Verdugo person but she's not hearing it. Alexis tries to intervene and this is the last straw for Tori who pours the gasoline over the car, on the ground and walks off lighting a match and tossing it back over her shoulder as she walks off-- big explosion and good bye Alexis and Seth, now Barrett is all that is left to avenge what was done.

As the flames are fresh and rising we see a friend call Barrett to ask what's going on and then we see a woman sitting in a car and turns out she's with this Verdugo character who again we can tell instantly who it is and he is appraised of the two dying and he can guess where Tori is heading next-- the garage where we go and find Barrett along with Derrick Pierce who wants to help his buddy and be all bad ass. He learns it is about a girl and this really makes him want to kick ass but when Derrick sticks his head outside to see if Tori is coming he takes a bullett to the head and falls down dead! Barrett ducks behind his car and there is some shooting from Tori not really trying to hit Barrett I guess more scaring him. Barrett then tries to talk his way out of it and he thinks he is about to surprise Tori but when he gets to where he think she is no one is home. The discussion then continues face to face and the Verdugo guy is brought up again and Barrett is willing to help out there spilling his guts about how Verdugo is leading a double life and how he wanted to try this brain washing experiment out first on someone he knew but Tori still doesn't pick up on the fact of who it is. The story heads outside the garage where the woman we just saw watch the carnage at the club has now made her way over to this location where a motorcycle pulls up and the rider gets in the car. You can tell it is Verdugo by his voice even with the helmet on and hello he puts a cap into the girl so he is really cleaning up this operation and now only Tori and Barrett remain alive. Back inside Tori decides to take a chance and listen to Barrett tossing him his rifle and the two prepare to take on Verdugo who they assume is there as they heard a shot and hear the horn going off as the woman fell headfirst into the steering wheel.

Tori Black:

So we have the finale two options here and it starts with Randy Spears walking in and firing off a hail of bulletts but not hitting anyone. Tori sees him and stands up confused. Yep he's Verdugo and did this to her and doesn't she feel better now, stronger and now they can be a team and he won't have to hide life from her anymore. But Barrett Blade has something to say about this and he puts one into Randy's chest after Tori can't-- she can literally kill at will now save for Randy. Well Tori does thank Barrett by giving him some seriously good head and they make good use of his car hood fucking in mish and a standing doggie- this also has Tori's bloodied hand in the shot so what a contrast there. A good facial pop for Tori wraps the scene up. There is some post script where Tori lets us know she doesn't stay with Barrett, she can go out now with this new power and find someone much better.


But wait we have one more ending and it's not the Scooby Doo one, lol. Tori is surprised to see Randy walking into the garage and this time he isn't shooting until Barrett makes a move and then Randy cuts loose shooting him down. As the blood is pouring out of his mouth you hear Barrett mouthing the word Verdugo and we now know it's Randy Spears but Tori doesn't so she has sex with him one last time. This scene also features some anal sex for Tori and after all the conditioning she is ready now to be a true ass whore and she ends up taking a superb pop to her open mouth with clean up. After Randy offers to help her hunt down this Verdugo character and as the two hug he gives us this sly smile like yeah I got away with it!!

There is one extra offered on this second disc and it's the big climatic scene from the Bree Olson O dvd for Adam & Eve from a couple years back but the main set of extras is contained on a third disc.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So there you have it as I went through the various options given for the choose your own experience which offers a few different ways to navigate the story. The extras are plentiful as you get interviews with the director as well as of the cast for this ambitious project. There are bloopers which if you've attended a feature set do happen and can give everyone a good laugh to break the tension along the way and this type of movie could certainly use that. There is an option to check out monitor loops and this is basically seeing the action of a couple of the sex scenes- the sister and mother ones from just the monitor perspective. You can also check out Barrett pretending to slit Randy's throat and there is some of the brain washing images shown too. There is a casting call feature too and you get a chance to see some of the many adult performers read for the big parts in this project and you also have a behind the scenes feature too. Several good extra options here and if you have a day or two to invest this show is well worth checking out and finding the various possibilites as to how this show can go. Bravo to Tori Black who should receive some well deserved recognition for her performance in this movie which depends greatly on it and she delivers which comes as no surprise to this viewer nor should it to her fans.

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