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Kayden's Frisky Business

Kayden's Frisky Business

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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fu_q's ratings for Kayden's Frisky Business:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Kayden's Frisky Business overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Kayden's Frisky Business Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Kayden's Frisky Business Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Kayden's Frisky Business Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Kayden's Frisky Business Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Kayden's Frisky Business DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Kayden's Frisky Business A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  7/27/2009
"Kayden's Frisky Business" is a fun, comical, and sexy parody of a popular 80s movie of a similar name. It features two great boy-girl scenes by Kayden Kross, which serve as the book-ends of the production, as well as a boy-boy-girl scene with Tatiana Kush and a boy-girl anal scene with Desiree Diamond that are both good. There is a fairly tame girl-girl scene between Marie McRay and Jaslin Diaz thrown in for good measure, as well. Further, there is a cameo by adult legend, Jeannie Pepper, who doesn't have sex but does do full-frontal nudity; it would be great to see her back in action. The plot here is decent and serves to move the production forward, while the sex is more than good enough to make this a recommendation for those who are into Kayden Kross, light-hearted porn, and / or couples-friendly features. It is definitely worth checking out.

The plot revolves around a perfect student, played by Kayden Kross, who has just lost her college scholarship due to an economic crisis at her institution of higher learning. In order to compensate for these losses and stay in school, Kayden and her friends throw an "Ass 4 Cash" party, complete with plenty of grinding and sex, that ends up generating more than the necessary revenue and, of course, heat. The storyline is an obvious parody of a similarly-named movie starring a popular actor from the 80s and is light-hearted, though not horribly clever or intricate. Still, the movie's comical tone plays well into the proceedings and allows for some fun scenarios, which include paying off the Dean, played by the legendary Jeannie Pepper, who takes both monetary and sexual bribes (there's nudity here for Ms. Pepper but no actual sex, unfortunately). While not the best plot in porn, this is a fun one that serves its purpose and keeps things moving along fairly well.

Kayden Kross--counting the Benjamins.

Kayden Kross and Jeannie Pepper--the Dean takes a bribe (shocking!).

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the DVD, the typical warnings, information, and animated logos play, followed by the appearance of the Main Menu. Here, we find three options: "Play Movie"--which is how we'll start off this review, "Scene Selection"--a standard scene selection device, and "Special Features"--which can be found on the second DVD and will be covered at the end of the review. With that information in hand, let's go ahead and start the festivities.

Opening Credits
The opening credits roll over the beginning of Scene One.

Sex Scene One (Kayden Kross and Nick Manning)
This scene involves Kayden Kross, an Adam & Eve contract girl and the star of the film, and Nick Manning, her male lead, in a nice living room-like area featuring a red couch. Kayden is dressed in a black and gray miniskirt outfit and is a slender, blonde cheerleader type. Physically, Kayden has perky, enhanced breasts and a good-sized, trimmed patch above the shaven lips of her womanhood. As always, she looks amazing.

Kayden Kross--post-scene and after learning that her scholarship has been yanked.

In terms of the action here, things start out with some kissing and move into a sexy blowjob by Kayden on Nick. The oral activities--which are rather lengthy--include handwork, some deep-throating, a bit of semi-gagging, and a touch of mild face-fucking. Kayden definitely knows how to suck dick. Not to be outdone, Nick performs oral sex on Kayden, which also incorporates some fingering. The vaginal sex presented here involves multiple positions, amongst which are: missionary-like, reverse-cowgirl, doggie-style, standing rear-entry on the arm rest of the couch, and missionary-like on the back of the couch, as well. There is some between-position oral work by Kayden, and the festivities essentially end with a pop-shot (decent load) on her pelvis / pubes--which serves as a nice deviation from the ubiquitous facial cum-shot found in most adult films.

Overall, this is a very good scene. Both Kayden and Nick seem to be into each other, and--despite Nick's over-acting at the beginning--really do put forth a solid effort. The action is well-captured, Kayden is enthusiastic and gorgeous, and everything falls into place. This is definitely worth a watch.

Sex Scene Two (Desiree Diamond and Danny Mountain)
This scene involves Desiree Diamond, an African-American actress, and Danny Mountain, her male lead, in a wood-paneled game room with a red pool table. Desiree is wearing a pair of black short-shorts, a sleeveless shiny pink top, a black and pink thong, and a pink bra. Physically, Desiree has a slender build, nice-sized breasts, and a womanhood that sports shaved lips and a landing strip.

Desiree Diamond--showing that she knows how to work a stick.

Included here are some kissing, breast-suckling, and through-shorts fingering by Danny. Desiree administers a nice blowjob, complete with ball-licking, handwork, tit-fucking with licking, deep-throating, and mild face-fucking. Returning the favor, Danny eats out Desiree's sleek womanhood. In terms of the actual sex, a number of positions are employed, including missionary-like, reverse-cowgirl, standing rear-entry anal (hot!), and side-entry anal (also hot!). There is a good deal of inter- / intra-position oral work by Desiree, and the activities essentially end with an ejaculation on her tongue and face, followed by some oral cock clean-off.

All in all, this is a very good scene, as well. Desiree and Danny really turn up the heat, particularly with the anal penetration that Desiree takes. The setting works well here, and the camera angles are solid. The festivities are also well-captured. As with the previous scene, this one is worth checking out.

Sex Scene Three (Marie McRay and Jaslin Diaz)
This scene is a girl-girl scene between Marie McRay, a porcelain-skinned actress, and Jaslin Diaz, a Latina actress, in a side-room at the "Ass 4 Cash" party that contains a brown, wooden table. Marie starts out wearing denim short-shorts, a blue shirt with short sleeves, and a white, yellow, and turquoise plaid bra. Jaslin begins things dressed in a black, spaghetti-strap shirt, a loose denim miniskirt, light-blue panties with white stripes, and a light-blue bra. Physically, Marie is a slender strawberry-blonde with perky breasts and a shaved womanhood, while Jaslin is quite slender, has cute natural breasts, and has a shaved womanhood that sports a pierced lip. Both ladies are looking good.

Marie McRay and Jaslin Diaz--getting things started.

In terms of the action, this is a fairly standard lesbian romp. There is some making out and breast suckling by both participants. Each of the actresses fingers the other, as well as eats the other out. The activities end with a kiss.

In total, this scene is very typical and also pretty tepid. The heat is fairly average, and nothing horribly exciting occurs. Though the women look good, and the contrasting skin colors do add something, it's not really enough to make it worth looking into. I would pass on this one.

Sex Scene Four (Tatiana Kush, Eric Swiss, and Chris Cannon)
This scene is a boy-boy-girl three-way between Tatiana Kush, a petite porcelain-skinned actress, and two male actors, Eric Swiss and Chris Cannon, that takes place in a side-room with a black leather couch and a brown wooden coffee table at the "Ass 4 Cash" party. Tatiana starts out attired in a loose, black miniskirt, a red tank-top half-shirt, a shiny bikini top that is red with white dots, and red panties. Physically, Tatiana is cute and has brunette hair, nice-sized breasts, and a womanhood that sports a decent amount of pubic hair above shaven lips.

Tatiana Kush--ready for love.

In terms of the action, there is some making out that goes on, as well as some fingering. Over the course of the sequence, Tatiana blows both Eric and Chris and, in so doing, does some gagging, deep-throating, face-fucking, and handwork. Most of the vaginal action accompanies oral work by Tatiana, and the positions employed include: standing rear-entry, standing side-entry, reverse-cowgirl (part of the time with two of Eric's fingers in her ass), side-entry, and missionary-like. Both men pop on Tatiana's face and mouth, with Chris going first and Eric going second. Eric's cum-shot is preceded by a bit of missionary-like sex between himself and Tatiana, and is followed by his receipt of some oral cock clean-off and a potential / apparent swallow by Tatiana.

Overall, this is a good scene. There is a lot of heat, and Tatiana holds up well in the face of two guys working her over. The inter-ejaculation sex is hot, and there is a good deal of chemistry between the three participants. This one is recommendable.

Sex Scene Five (Kayden Kross and Evan Stone)
This scene is preceded by Kayden doing an imitation of the "underwear dance" from the movie of which this is a parody--clearly, this dance is much hotter. During this, she is wearing a light-blue, men's button-down shirt that is open, a pair of light-blue boxer shorts, and a pair of light-blue socks. This dance is done for her male lead in the scene, Evan Stone, and immediately transitions into the sex. The setting for this sequence is a nice-looking room with a black leather loveseat.

Kayden Kross and Evan Stone--crazy and passionate.

In terms of the action, there is some breast suckling / chewing by Evan, as well as a bit of pussy eating and fingering. Kayden blows Evan's large curved cock, which includes some ball-licking, handwork, face-fucking, semi-gagging, and semi-deep-throating. The vaginal sex involves a wide array of positions, amongst which are: reverse-cowgirl, side-entry reverse-cowgirl, inverted pile-driver (Kayden on top), doggie-style, side-entry, pile-driver, cowgirl, and missionary-like. There is some between-position oral work by Kayden, and the sex essentially ends with a no-hands cum-shot with Evan unloading all over Kayden's chest (super hot!)--followed by some oral cock clean-off and kissing.

All in all, this scene is scorching. There is amazing chemistry between Evan and Kayden, and the cum-shot is not to be missed. Further, the action is very, very hot and very, very intense. Things get fairly crazy here--with all sorts of sexual positions being made use of--which is pretty much a hallmark of most Evan Stone performances. Honestly--don't miss this scene.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials are all found on the second DVD of this two-disc set. They include a "Photo Gallery", which is a slideshow of "pretty-girl" shots and stills from the movie, and also a "Bloopers" reel, which is just Kayden messing up / sliding around / falling down during the taping of the "underwear dance" that precedes the final sex scene. There is also a "Dean's List" option, which is a semi-BTS (behind the scenes) segment focusing on a semi-in-character Jeannie Pepper as the Dean. The "Ass 4 Cash" option is (hopefully intentionally) quite cheesy and is part BTS, part feigned infomercial, and part just plain creepy. There are two "Bonus Scene"s presented here--one featuring hot boy-girl action between Ava Rose and Tommy Gunn (from the "Lady Scarface" production), and the other featuring standard girl-girl activities between Bree Olson and Alexis Love (from the "Bree and Kayden" production). The "Trailers" option plays through various trailers, while the "Digital Download" option gives instructions for extracting the digital copy of the movie from the DVD for use on portable devices--it works well on 5G iPods, as I tested it. This is a MAJOR plus for those who watch porn on the go. There is a "Youtube" option that plays through the trailer that has been released on youtube (presumably), and there is also a "Web Info" option that plays through advertisements for the Adam & Eve website and various related products. The "More Adult Fun" option features various phone / text sex ads, as well as a product ad. For those who are offended by homosexual activity, be aware that there is an advertisement featuring male-on-male action to be found here. Finally, there is "A Day in the Life of Kayden" selection that is actually quite good and hides one of the best--if not the best--scenes on the disc within it. This portion of the bonuses includes Kayden signing for the fans, doing some photos, masturbating, and finally having a very hot and crazy / funny boy-girl scene with Evan Stone. Due to its spontaneity, comical aspects, and raw heat, this is actually an incredibly good bonus. Kudos are due here on the bonus materials to Adam & Eve, as well as the various participants.

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