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Katie and Paul

Katie and Paul

Studio: Real Shots
Category:  All Sex , Amateur , Anal , MILF
Starring: ,
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astroknight's ratings for Katie and Paul:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Katie and Paul overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Katie and Paul Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Katie and Paul Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Katie and Paul Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Katie and Paul Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Katie and Paul DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Katie and Paul A/V Quality rating 2 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/23/2013

NOTE: This is a homemade video. True amateur and homemade movies donít have the budget nor the resources of studio porn, and therefore rarely get close to the same quality technically. Iím rating this DVD on the same scale, but most homemade or amateur features would rarely make it above a 3 on the standard scale I use for studio porn for their technical aspects. The performers also arenít normally the Ďglamour starsí one expects from studio porn, and instead are people who look exactly like somebody you might encounter in your day to day life. Finally, the camera work has a different feel, as itís often shot from a tripod or with somebody who doesnít have the technical training or experience of professional cameramen. That said, true amateur and homemade features have a great charm to them, simple because the people in them are doing what theyíre doing to have fun and because they enjoy it. All the things that separate them from studio porn contribute to that charm, I hope people will keep that in mind when checking out this review and not just look at the ratings as the ultimate word on this release. Since the technical aspects are normally lacking and there normally isnít much for extras in amateur features, Iíve weighted my overall rating more heavily towards the sex than I do in most studio porn.

Running Time: 68 min.

Production Date: None credited

Director: None credited

Cast: Katie and Paul

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty average for homemade porn. The audio is pretty clear, but some of the dialogue is hard to hear and there's a few background noises. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks okay. There's quite a few lighting imbalances as well as some camera jitters. There's also a fair amount of the picture that looks a touch muddy. Although pretty average for homemade porn, but the standards most people expect watching porn it's a bit weak.

Watermark Warning: Although they normally donít bother me much, there is a small and tasteful watermark warning that stays in the lower right corner. This made it very easy to filter out for me, and quite honestly, I didnít notice it unless I thought about it.

The Movie: According to, brunette Katie is Ē36 years old, married, and a MILF... These two love each other, but like wild sex too! She is a freak!Ē. Thanks to her and her man Paul having a video camera, we get to see just how much of a freak she can be!

Scene 1 Ė Katie

Brunette Katie starts out reading a book while laying on the couch wearing a little white skirt with a pink spaghetti strap top and white knee high socks as Paul moves in with a video camera to check her out. She sits up and pulls up her skirt to play around her white panties before sliding off her glasses. Katie plays with her bald pussy before sliding them off, and then pulls down her top to show off her tits as she plays a bit more. She even licks her nipples at Paul's encouragement before getting on all fours to play with her pussy, spank herself, and finger her ass. Katie continues to play with her holes and titties on her back as well as all fours as Paul urges her on from behind the camera. Finally Katie blows the camera a kiss.

Scene 2 Ė Katie and Paul

As Paul showers, Katie moves in to stroke his cock and join him in the shower. She moves around to stroke him from behind and after a bit moves around to stroke him in front. Katie gives him a quick suck and plenty of dirty talk before letting Paul take over jerking himself. She tells him to jerk it onto her face, but they don't have any luck at first and cut to him sitting on a bench in the shower for Paul to sit back as Katie lotions his cock up as she jerks it. Katie finally takes Paul's seed on her face before moving out to admire it. She has him spank her ass and reminds him that he's going to fuck her good later. After an editing cut Katie plays with herself briefly in the shower as Paul watches.

Scene 3 Ė Katie

Katie starts the final scene the bedroom where Katie's laying back on the bed wearing a little lingerie. She plays around her body before grabbing a purple dildo that she puts to work on her pussy. Katie rolls over to play with her ass, and even works a string of anal beads into it after warming it up with her fingers. She adds the dildo to her pussy, and after a bit works a good sized toy into her ass as well. Katie rolls onto all fours to fuck her ass hard with the toy, and continues to roll around a bit as she fucks her ass and makes herself cum. Finally Katie blows the camera a kiss and it fades out.

Scene 4 Ė Katie and Paul

Katie starts out sitting at the kitchen table with a leg up on the table before Paul walks in and sits next to her. They chat briefly and kiss with Paul eagerly groping his way around her. They move in front of the table so the camera can see them better, and Katie starts stripping Paul down so she can eagerly suck and stroke his cock. Katie works in a bit of tittie fucking for him after they remove her bra and then lays back on the table for Paul to fuck her missionary style. She rolls over for him to fuck her from behind and rides him reverse cowgirl style on the table. Paul blows part of his load in Katie's pussy, as well as some over it before she sucks him clean. They show the cum covering and filling her pussy, and Katie gives it a nicely nasty finish playing with her pussy and eating the cum from her fingers.

Katie and Paul is a pretty average homemade movie. This is one of those homemade movies that comes out about like what you think of with homemade movies. The lighting's often a little off, there's some soft focus problems, camera motion, and when it's shot from the tripod it isn't always aimed where it's supposed to be. In professional those are all big deterrents, but with homemade porn it's part of the charm. What really sets Katie and Paul's video apart is how much Katie seems to love being in front of the camera. She's a very average looking MILF, and really comes across as somebody you might see in your day to day life without giving much of a second thought. She's just that average (and I don't mean that as a bad thing in any way!). Once the camera comes out and anything sexual starts, however, she seems to be completely over the top. Her mouth doesn't seem to know when to quit, which will probably be a big plus for some people and just as big of a minus for others, and she's more than eager to please all her holes. Both of her solo scenes are well done, and I love the eagerness she goes after Paul's cock with to please him in the shower. It's great when they finally get to fuck in the final scene, and to cap it off with a cream pie made it well worth the wait. Overall the action is solidly above average, as Katie's vocals went a little over the top for me, but stuck with me is that all this is for a first video. I don't know if Katie's getting a little over eager with the camera here or if this is her regularly. Either way, with how open she appears to be to anything, I can't help but look forward to seeing what's next from her. Katie and Paul isn't without its faults, but it's a decent debut release that shows some great promise for the future.

The Extras: As usual with Real Shots, there's no extras. This is done on purpose to give the best quality technical aspects possible while also keeping the price tag as affordable as possible.

Condom Usage: None

Final Thoughts: It's a pretty average homemade release, but Katie and Paul show some nice potential for the future.

Note to Real Shots: It's great to see that there's a few studios out there who care about giving their customers some solid value for their money. Thank you!

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