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Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane

Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Kane's World: The Best Of Kimberly Kane A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  7/16/2005
Director: Various
Camera: Various
Genre: Compilation
Release: 5/05
Notes: Widescreen in Scene 3, 6, 8 
Time: 2 hrs 10 min + 12 min Bonus

Kimberly certainly has some magic about her.... the way every ounce of lust beams through her facial expressions, how her eyes glaze over in passion, the animalistic moans which are so intense yet still so subtle.  I can't think of another female performer at the moment who parallels her in these attributes. She's one of the rare girls who always stays completely in the moment- A sexual beast who still retains femininity and grace.  

act 1: Kimberly Kane 
vs. Steven French
"Young Girl's Fantasies 5"

Vaginal, Facial    OVERALL SCORE:  2.75

Scene Summary: 
Steven plays a burglar who's been terrorizing the neighborhood, but he soon discovers he picked the wrong home to burglarize this night when Kim meets him with a gun. Or maybe he picked just the right house...for instead of blowing him away, Kim decides to blow him instead. See? Crime does pay ladies and gentlemen!            

Commentary: This is an alright scene but definitely a weaker performance of Kim's. The energy is better than average but never really takes off.  Also, the facial was filmed from a good distance away. A bit too far for my taste because we don't get a clear shot of it. On the plus side, there's some very good piledriver fucking here- Steven grasps her legs and flails them about like she's his fuckdoll. Nice raw action.       

act 2: Kimberly Kane and Eve
"Campus Confessions 10"


Scene Summary: 
A guitar and flute plays a sweet melody as Kim undresses Eve.  Innocence, romance, tenderness- this scene is all this, and takes a dive down into the heated caverns of lust when Kim starts to finger-fuck Eve. The girls move into a 69 and go at it raunchily, taking each other to the heights of ecstasy.    

 This scene gets a lot more real that the previous one. The heat has much more truth to it and the girls have great chemistry- they connect to each other. The problem I have is there are no great shots which really show off the beauty of the girls' bodies. No toys here.

act 3: Kimberly Kane 
vs. Jerry
"Hustler's Taboo"

Vaginal, Facial OVERALL SCORE:  4

Scene Summary: 
Kim wheels Jerry into a gloomy room via a wheelchair. Her twisted mental state asserts itself in her surroundings- decaying dolls are strewn about a room of gothic architecture. The two are garbed head to foot in latex. Kim reaches down to unzip Jerry and goes for a wild ride on his prick. "You're my fuck doll," she says.               
  This scene is very stylized with high production values. There's a good amount of heat which works hand in hand with the interesting setting and overall visuals. It's very effective in conveying a dark, gothic-like mood. It definitely has a rawer feel to the sex than the previous scenes.

act 4: Kimberly Kane
vs. Mark Ashley
"Barely Legal 45"

Vaginal, Facial OVERALL SCORE:  4

Scene Summary: 
Kim shows Mark her brand new nipple piercings, telling him they were a gift to herself for her 18th birthday. Mark engages her and Kim's voiceover plays: "...When he touched me I could feel my panties getting wet." After some long oral, Kim slips out of her skirt and panties to offer him her girlhood.  

  The camerawork is a lot better here than in the first two scenes. It makes a world of difference. The voiceovers worked well- we get to know her inner thoughts as she goes through the motions of sex. i.e: There's one part were Kim is in utter awe of Mark's member and describes how she's never sucked a cock as big as that.  It definitely adds its own flare of sexiness to the scene by bringing in a psychological aspect. Reminds me a bit of erotic fiction. 

act 5: Kimberly Kane and Jessica Jaymes
"Stunt Girl"

Lesbian, Strap-on  OVERALL SCORE:  4.75

Scene Summary: 
In a sleazy hotel room, Jessica dons a red strap-on and pounds the hell out of Kimberly's pussy. "Fuckin' whore! Ride that cock bitch!" Jessica wails at Kim, treating her like a piece of meat. "Fuckin' cum bitch!"  
  This is a really good scene and my favorite in the movie. The action gets so damned raunchy here. It's shot like amateur porn, the camera jerking and flying all over the place, which creates the illusion of an unskilled hand. But under closer scrutiny one sees the true skill involved here. The unsteady movement emulates the feeling of sex better- it conveys a mental message... the intensity and raunchiness is imparted on the viewer perfectly.  It's like the camera itself is a separate living and breathing entity, which is reacting to the sex and moving like the sex. Jessica dominates Kim well, wielding pleasure to transform her into her rutting bitch by the end of the scene. Very lusty moans by Kim and great facial expressions from both ladies.  

act 6: Kimberly Kane   
vs. Steven St. Croix
"Barely Legal Summer Camp 2"

Vaginal, Facial    OVERALL SCORE:  4.25

Scene Summary: 
The scene begins and 2 seconds later Kim grabs Steven by the head and pushes his face underneath her dress. Aggressive oral leads to some frenzied girl on top positions as they fuck underneath the hot sun, overlooking broad grass hills.       

Commentary: This scene is lit really well- the colors and gradations on the naked flesh is spot on. The visual element is also enhanced by some great body motion via reverse and regular cowgirl. The enthusiastic buck and fuck displays Kim's body very well. Lots of heat here.  

act 7: Kimberly Kane and Sweet Rage
vs. Randy Spears
"Young Sluts Inc. 16"

Vaginal, stockings, dildo, Facial OVERALL SCORE:  3.25

Scene Summary: 
Randy comes to Kim's apartment and embarrassedly slaps a small piece of paper down on her dining table. She picks it up and reveals its message: A free night of sex pass at 'Young Sluts Inc.'  Kim leads him into her bedroom where Sweet lays passively in her purple fishnet bodysuit. Randy moves in to make due on that sex pass as he consumes her body.        

 Sweet has some big fat nipples poking through the netting of her bodysuit- very enticing. Those things look like two thimbles. I'm not really sure this scene fits so well in a Kimberly Kane compilation because she barely gets involved in the sex. Sweet does a pretty good job here and has a fierce orgasm which makes her body tense up into knots. Kim doesn't even touch the cock nor the pussy.

act 8: Kimberly Kane, Tiana Lynn, Audrey Hollander, Cytherea, Justine Joli, Jayna Woods
"Barely Legal Summer Camp 2"

Lesbian, anal/DP/DAP (Audrey only), squirting, Strap-on, dildos OVERALL SCORE:  3

Scene Summary: 
The girls are sleeping in their cabin...well, all of them but Justine who wakes Cytherea up with her mouth plastered to hers. The two make out and soon the other girls are waking up one by one who curiously join in on the action. Off come the bras, off come the panties and then Cytherea is shooting her girl cum all over the beds as Audrey opens up her mouth to capture it. Tiana starts flooding the room too before the girls start probing all of Audrey's fuckholes: anal, DP, even a double anal. Later, Cytherea shoots a long jet of squirt which must've hit the ceiling.      
  This scene is surprisingly subdued considering it's an all-girl orgy. It could have used some more moaning and sustained energy. It's Audrey and Kimberly who bring the heat to the scene. The clean body lines get lost in the chaos so it isn't as rich with visual imagery as I would've liked.   

act 9: Kimberly Kane and Jessica Jaymes
vs. Kurt Lockwood
"Stunt Girl"

Vaginal, slapping, Strap-on, Facial OVERALL SCORE:  4.25

Scene Summary: 
Kurt storms into the hotel room and pushes Kim against the couch, roughly ravishing her.  He slaps her around and throat fucks her before Jessica comes in with her strap-on  

 This scene is from the same movie as Scene 5, so we get the same jerky camera stylings. Actually, I think it's a direct prelude to Scene 5. Kim fucks Kurt and Jessica...after Kurt cums he leaves and Jessica dominates her some more. This is an excellent scene but doesn't quite reach the kind of intensity that the other one has. Also, the editing seems very choppy. I'm not sure if some of it was edited out to meet the time constraints of this compilation.     



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  • Bonus Scene from Masturbation Mania 2 (12 min), (2.75)

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This movie has a lot of variety and is sure to please any Kimberly Kane fan. You get it all- tender sex, raunchy sex, lesbian sex... it's very comprehensive.   

To put it simply: 9 scenes total....with 5 great scenes and 4 scenes that are better than average. No scenes are less than average, making this a very strong compilation. There's also a solo masturbation scene in the Extras which is better than average. 








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