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Rosco Fuji Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The 4.5 starsJustice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The 4.5 starsJustice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The 4.5 stars
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Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The

Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes, The A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/22/2011
Welcome fans to a new title from a studio I'm seeing for the first time and they are joining the parody parade with this release and it's a 1970's geek boys dream as we get to watch the Superfriends cartoon show come to life. If you've ever seen that show with all those super heroes then get ready to watch them in live action and they aren't thwarting crimes, nope, they are getting hot'n'nasty for us. Yeah there is a plot to some degree as there is a weather bomb somewhere in Pornopolis and with Superman leading the discussion they decide to put the squeeze on the local baddies in order to get the information needed to stop this dasterdly deed. You have more superfriends here than super villians but we get a couple really good bad people to appear in this which I'll get to shortly during the review. Before getting to the sex I have to give big props for the opening sequence which is almost right out of the Superfriends opening with the animation nearly flawless is presenting our super heroes. The biggest changes are instead of a big S for Superman you have a big X and instead of a bat symbol on Batman's outfit there are a series of X's- these also adorn the batmobile which again if you watch the cartoon is spot on. Even the audio portion for this sequence is right on target so if you get geeked for that sort of thing you might blow a load here but if you're strong enough hold out as we have some sexy ladies ready to do some naughty things in order to save the day or in some cases to make our male heroes fuck rather than stop crime! The first bit of the film takes us to the superhero headquarters and here we get let down a little bit as you don't get an exterior shot of the Hall of Justice which I gather would be their base of operation. Ok, that aside, the heroes are all there with Aquaman a late arrival and the discussion quickly turns to finding this bomb and everyone then disperses to check their criminal sources. Up first is the caped crusader and the boy wonder. Scott Lyons as Robin was a good choice and he had a few good Holy bad bomb type remarks in this first little scene.

Roxanne Hall with Evan Stone & Scott Lyons:

So we get a little bit more of the cool animation as the batmobile travles in the rain to where Catwoman is hiding out. I mean it is straight out of the 1960's Batman tv show so again big time kudos to the animation peeps who worked on this project. So the caped crusaders find Catwoman aka Roxanne Hall and she isn't in the mood to divulge any info on the bomb but she is in the purrfect mood for some fucking. The boys don't take much convincing to let down their utility belts and unleash the super cocks! Roxanne keeps the costume on as do the guys, those super shorts are easy to move around letting their cocks out for her to play with. Solid shots here too of the double fisted blowjob and Miss Hall is looking better than ever here. Nice to see some anal love for our feline villianess along with double penetration. The heroes leave their seed but then let Catwoman get the best of them with some knock out powder-- when will they ever learn, lol. Will they be rescued, will the bomb be found, tune in next scene, same bat time, same bat channel!

Kristina Rose & Rocco Reed:

In between scene we get a spot on take on the Penguin role by Ron Jeremy who is running for mayor and the makeup is right out of the second batman movie with Danny DeVito but no fucking for Ron this time, saving that for the sequel I guess. But we do go to a magic show with Kristina playing the bad magician and she's got an audience of sex dolls who can clap at her great tricks. But her biggest trick is not yet done and she'll need a volunteer and who shows up but the Man of Steel- Superman! Kristina is a smart magician and she's got nothing up her sleeves but not to say she doesn't have a trick or two for Superman, a kryptonite necklace that slips right around his neck which lowers his inhibitions which is exactly what Kristina wants! Miss Rose is such a good cock worker and soon has the long man of steels dick out and wrapping her mouth around it. The side view was good here in showing off Kristina but also the perfect costume that Rocco got to wear for this scene. Kristina looks great fucking period but there can't be much doubt that cowgirl shows off her best asset her perfect ass so they make us wait a bit before that's shown- mish, doggie and reverse worked in before the big shot. As for the money shot Kristina takes a facial with some cleanup. Sure she gave up some info but she got something in return!

Shyla Stylez & Tom Byron:

Our next scene forgoes the superfriends altogether so we can have a little villian on villian action and hey it's Poison Ivy and Egghead, no wait it's Lex Luthor, lol. Ok they have a few bald supervillians to choose from and Lex it is and I have to say Tom looks great in the Saturday Night Fever white suit while Shyla's practically bursting out topside from her costume, Uma Thurman eat your heart out! The two are discussing the plan and whether or not it will succeed but Lex is all calm,cool, and collected so he feeds Poison his good mojo along with feeding her his cock! This is not a long scene sadly and there is no fucking either. It's pretty much the side view for the bj with some limited shots of Shyla's tits. I thought her red wig got in the way some and I wished they'd done a different position or at least tried to show off her boobs more during this short bj scene. Not that I don't like Shyla sucking cock, I do but this scene could have been a lot more, surprised there was no fucking captured but we do get a strong facial finish for Miss Stylez along with cleanup.

Andy San Dimas & Barry Scott:

As we procede to the next scene we are treated to more cool animation as Flash is running around the city trying to help stop this bomb from going off and he finds Andy in one of the bad guys hide outs. It is time to pump her for information! But first Flash must beat up a couple bad guys and the fight is cool to watch and short lived thankfully so we can watch Andy fuck. Good thing these superhero costumes have shorts or cock areas that are easy to work the dicks out from as we move to Andy on her knees sucking on the Flash's cock and thankfully he's only fast on his feet and not when doing the dirty deed. After stellar oral work from Andy they go to the fucking and here we go see some speed from Flash as he pumps that pussy hard in cowgirl moving to mish and reverse too before his load is left inside Andy's mouth. Not sure if she had any good intelligence but that's ok we got another strong sex scene which is far more vital to this project, lol.

Chanel Preston & Tommy Gunn:

We head back to headquarters where a few of the superfriends are gathered but without Batman & Robin. Superman leads the meeting which breaks up with Superman along with Flash going to the eastside while Green Lantern goes to another location which turns out to be where Catwoman has placed the duo withing a cage. But back to Wonder Woman who is also going out to attempt to stop the bomb and she's going to interrogate the General played by Tommy Gunn- he reminded me a bit of the Russian General from Red Dawn with his outfit plus his facial features a similar, at least for me go with it ok! There is some special effects here with Wonder Woman flying her jet but rather than going animation they try some live shots which don't quite work as well though I won't say no to looking at Chanel at any time, she's a looker for sure but perhaps their animation budget had run out, lol. But we get Wonder Woman and the General together and they fight a bit with the predictable outcome of him losing but her golden lasso doesn't have the affect of making him tell the truth as he quickly points out so Wonder Woman goes to Plan B and here he has no resistance to her special juices!! I have to say Chanel looks awesome in the costume right down to the head piece of gold with the red star in the middle. She does lose the top letting us enjoy her tits while keeping everything else on and doing a fine job taking care of Tommy's cock. Pretty much everything goes for Wonder Woman save for those long boots and her gold braclets along with the headpiece. Her outfit is neatly in the middle- I'd have just taken it all the way off but it's not to much of a distraction. Good shots in doggie, reverse, mish and cowgirl leading to the facial pop with cleanup from Chanel.

Amber Rayne & Talon:

As for our next scene it's back to where Talon had freed the Caped Crusaders from their cage and he had remained behind to see who might return to check on them and turns out it was Harley Quinn played by Amber Rayne who shows off her flexibility with some stretches. She spots that they are gone and climbs on the cage for a better look. Amber soons finds out she's not alone and she along with Green Lantern take a few shots at each other all missing the mark so they decide to get in closer for a better shot but Green Lantern comes to the right conclusion that his cock is better used here than the green ring on his finger. I'm not familiar enough at all with the Harley Quinn character but I did research a little and find Amber to be a well chosen person to play the role visually and I've seen her do some good acting so I enjoyed her lines here which weren't many but more than enough to hold my interest. Ok she keeps the top piece on her head on as well as the cool looking makeup as the scene moves to Amber sucking rather aggressively on Talon's cock. Lots of spit used too by Amber so bj fans who like to see the girl push herself should enjoy this bit of oral play, Amber rocks it. Strong aggressive fucking too with cowgirl leading the way and this scene both characters lose their costumes for the most part and you see P2M from Amber as well. Nice facial too for Amber though the white makeup hides it a little, lol.

Chanel's Superhero Blowbang:

So it would appear she got some useful info from Tommy after all and the heroes jet off to the cave location and try to find the device. Wonder Woman finds it and then it is zapped by Green Lantern and Superman finally ending the crisis that the masses didn't even know was going on. Chanel then is very happy to announce that this now means it's blowbang time which the men were very happy to hear. Chanel finds a good spot right in the center of all these super men and they all unleash their dicks which she expertly works in and out. Nice to see her again show off the boobs along with her bj skillz. The guys keep their costumes on also so fans of the various characters can geek out along with jerking off, lol. The boys get a little aggressive so she loses the head piece but that doesn't take away from the scene at all, some spit too falls down on her chest as she's pretty aggressive in return. The guys then end the scene giving Chanel plenty of super cum to play with.

Ok some after scene plot development! A visual hologram of Lex Luthor pops up and Tom Byron basically tells the superfriends that this was just a decoy bomb and the real one is about to go off and no one can stop it not even the man of steel as it's surrounded by kryptonite. It appears he just wanted to get them in the same location but not sure what he wanted to do after that as no bomb goes off in the cave. This story is to be continued as we learn with one last bit of visual tease- Ron Jeremy along with Catwoman are shown joining Lex at a location we don't know yet so I'd be on the look out for Pornstar Superheroes 2 coming soon!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I'd have to say this was a pretty good show beginning with the opening credits which kicked ass and for fans of the Superfriends show from the 1970's this should bring back some good Saturday morning memories. Well this show brings about some new memories as these famed characters do some fucking along with sporting the cool costumes. Evan Stone was good as Batman delivering his lines in an Adam West like manner and I already mentioned Scott Lyons doing a good job with the quick one liners as Robin. Chanel just rocked the Wonder Woman costume and she graces the screen twice doing a blowbang in the finale. Roxanne Hall first up as Catwoman but I don't think you'll soon forget her bravo dp performance with the Dynamic Duo. The Lex/ Poison Ivy scene was nice but didn't have enough action for me so hopefully she'll return in the sequel and do more. There is a second disc with this release that carries the extras on it. You have a few segments which look like BTS so check those out and we get Cast interviews too. I thought this was a good effort and really the only big complaint was the Shyla scene where I just wished there had been some fucking included. I'll be ready for the sequel as we didn't see Aquaman fuck and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few new villians appear and maybe heroes as well-- the Wonder Twins perhaps, lol.

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