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fu_q Just You & Me (Wicked) 3.5 starsJust You & Me (Wicked) 3.5 starsJust You & Me (Wicked) 3.5 stars
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Just You & Me (Wicked)

Just You & Me (Wicked)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Girl , POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Just You & Me (Wicked):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Just You & Me (Wicked) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Just You & Me (Wicked) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Just You & Me (Wicked) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Just You & Me (Wicked) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Just You & Me (Wicked) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Just You & Me (Wicked) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just You & Me (Wicked) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/2/2010
Welcome porn friends to a new flick from award winning director Brad Armstrong and it's all about YOU! Well sorta, lol. It's a hot group of girls who are here to fuck one another while we watch, they talk to us and fuck for us as the copy on the back asserts. A nice variety here too from Female Performer of the Year Tori Black to Monique Alexander, say hello to McKenzie Lee and hey I think that's Sophia Santi's name I see amongst the girls so plenty to enjoy here, sit back, throw your remote away, lol, and let the girls direct the action. As I watched the BTS I saw lots of talking to 'us' so very much an interactive participation of the girls to the viewer.

McKenzie Lee & Nikki Benz:

Ok we start off with a couple girls I imagine most of you are familiar with, this is actually their first time working together as you learn in the BTS. The ladies start off back to back while giving the sexy eye contact out to us, the hands start roaming over the body, seeking out those naughty areas! We go for a minute or so with the ladies teasing us before leaning in to kiss. They're going for the interactive angle here without all those icons you need to click on. The girls will say something, a choice of what to do and then they do it, a different approach. Our shooter does a good job of moving in and out, some lingering so we can appreciate the view. Good shot of McKenzie in doggie and her ass pushed out towards us with Nikki hovering over licking it-- not a long time but I'm a big fan of g/g ass licking anyday. The ladies do bring in the toys and for a lot of you that's the big area to bring the scene home, less so for me. The toy action pretty much dominated the rest of the scene and I don't think we got anymore pussy eating, there wasn't a whole lot to begin with. The two girls here are gorgeous but just not enough sensual g/g lovemaking to hold my interest fully.

Mia Presley:

Up next is a solo scene. Mia comes on looking pretty hot in a silver chain top, white heels below and nothing in between! A soundtrack plays along as we get those initial tease shots and the chain top shows enough to give you a look at the bewbs and we have Mia working in some sexy eye contact too as there's a couple good facial closeups. There's a three shot split screen view of Mia so you see her front, ass and pussy, take your pick! As the music stops we have Mia coming in with the dirty talk, she's our dirty little girl- what shall she do! Fingers going down to tickle those pussy lips, oh naughty girl she puts the hands around her throat. Lots of good finger banging here from Mia, the floor shot coming in as she's diddling was pretty good. There is some toy usage here too, gotta get a climax in, maybe two!

Tori Black & Charlie Laine:

The next two young ladies should definitely be familiar to most porn viewers. Tori just had a big month in January winning several awards for her work in 2009. Charlie Laine I've not seen as much of lately but anytime she's in a g/g scene you know that her costars pussy will be well taken care of. The looks so far have been varied too, corsets have been a popular choice and Tori here has a nice neck piece on which I don't know the name for. The ladies do side by side teasing, both are showing the boobs and we soon get some pussy glimpses too. The girls lean in for the best kissing so far, definitely more towards the sensual side, the boobs were kissed too. Some talking to the camera too giving us the choices just before they do them. Tori's the first to go down, spreading those lips, then leaning in to lick and suck the clit. I love pussy eating!! Moving to Charlie she gets up/ behind Tori who gets in doggie and we get some fine appreciation of that ass and pussy from Miss Laine- fingers first but soon the tongue gets in there, both the lips and her ass. The toys then come in but the first part of the scene was easily the best action captured so far. The girls enjoy themselves during the duration of the scene testing the pussy with vibrators and dildos. Liked Tori squating down over one as Charlie holds it, reverse style.

Monique Alexander & Asa Akira:

We move on to two more girls who are hooking up for the first time. The girls are separate as we first see them. More latex and corsets here, both women look fetching and ready for action. The ladies then join one another there's lots of unspoken sexual energy working here, asses start being shown off, tits, pussy and fingers-- warming up for action. Another hot doggiestyle shot with Monique leaning over to finger and lick around Asa's ass'n'pussy. Monique does a great job with the combo finger banging and pussy sucking and I do mean sucking as she squeezes the clit with her lips and doesn't let go! I lamented a bit when I saw Asa using a toy on her first trip down to Monique's pussy- but she uses it well to hold in the mouth while fucking her new friend. Ahh but we do get a little g/g ass licking from Asa, thanks. Ok we keep Monique in doggie and Asa does get a faceful of pussy with no toy in the way. The ladies 69 for joint toy stimulation towards the end.

Nikita Von James, Jessica Jaymes, & Kina Kai:

Alright some g/g/g action fans. I've ID'd the girls in the heading as they line up as the first shot comes on screen but for sure that's Nikita the busty blonde, Jessica with the dark hair and silver corset and Kina Kai-- she's full on lesbian as we learn in the BTS. The girls are in various stages on undress with their outfits, Jessica attracted my first glimpses with her big juicy boobs laid bare. As the music dies down the moans get louder as we have pussy tasting from Jessica, kissing with Nikita and Kina who then gets a mouthful of boobage when Nikita works them out and thrusts in her face. Jessica is doing a lot of pussy play here as she gets a taste of Nikita too. The girls do some talking to us too as they say something and then it's a lick to the pussy or using the fingers. We alternate from close in views to a more full shot panning back. At least we didn't rush to bring in the toys here, the girls do some good box licking with good finger usage too. But we don't go the whole scene without seeing our plastic friends appear and they're used to bring loud climaxes from the girls.

Jayden Cole:

Moving on we get to our second solo scene of this title. The lighting is a bit darker here but you still get a great view of Jayden who is surrounded by leopard style furniture. She is wearing similar style lingerie to her surroundings and nice heels. The shooter does a nice job of drinking in this beauty, slowly moving over those curves. Nice boobs too!! I am definitely becoming more of an ass fan too and Jayden does good showing off the tush and who can deny the appeal of the asshole shot on a female! The music lessons as Jayden's voice comes in giving us direction on how she'll procede. The fingers dip inside the pussy, she's gonna spread it so far we can see inside her, ok! The breathy moaning/ dirty talk was good too as Jayden adds in a little friend to get her off. Good doggie shot too as she uses the toy on that pussy.

Jesse Capelli, Sophia Santi & Jazy Berlin:

Ok another three girl party here. Jazy on the far right is new to me, Jesse I've seen before and Sophia I'm very familiar with from her days at Digital Playground. We watch at first through a fan which is blowing cool air on them from afar. That view is quickly lost as we go full color shots with these beauties. Sophia's big boobs are on display right away, Jesse's are visible too through her red mesh top. The girls are sitting on a big long red couch doing the solo teases as we watch. The girls finally get in close and go at it with Jazy in the middle to start. She uses her fingers to diddle both Jesse and Sophia on either side then it's time for Sophia to munch on pussy while Jesse gets behind to finger. Always good to rip open the mesh stockings and we see that done so the girls can get to Sophia's coochie. Another good shot occurs when Sophia's sitting on a cushion on the floor with Jesse standing over her face- perfect pussy placement and Sophia licks away while Jazy sits nearby pleasuring herself. For the third time in this one that I recall we get a good doggie shot with the girls ass opened up, this time it's Jazy and both Jesse and Sophia have fun with their hands and fingers.Toys do come in but since I've not seen Sophia do a real dong I did have slight enjoyment at watching her suck on a big long black cock shaped dildo- it was double ended too. The other girls get toys too and we get Sophia cleaning her own juices off like a good naughty girl should.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Ok this had a few good moments for me but as a fan of the more sensual style g/g those weren't as often as I was hoping for. Just not enough kissing or oral sex in this one. Felt to often the toys came in and dominated the scene when more of those areas I touched on just above would have really helped. Now if you're more into toys in your g/g then I'd think your enjoyment for this title would be more than mine. The looks were good for the ladies and our shooter did a fine job capturing the action as it unfolded. The best scene for me was probably Tori Black and Charlie Laine- it had more of the kissing and oral sex I enjoy in this style of porn. The extras here include a good long BTS segment which was quite helpful in me getting ID's for some of the girls. I'd offer a suggestion of putting the names under the small scene snippets you see in the Chapters menu. There is also a bonus scene with Asa Akira taking on Tommy Gunn from the movie Tormented so if you enjoyed Asa eating pussy you can also see her work the pipe and from the scenes I've watched she's equally good at that so enjoy. For g/g fans I'd go full in if you're a toy fan but those who don't favor the plastic helper then this might be a good rental option as you do have some fine pairings here.

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