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Just Vagina

Just Vagina

Studio: Emily Rigby Productions
Category:  All Girl
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Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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Aaryanna's ratings for Just Vagina:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Just Vagina overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Just Vagina Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Just Vagina Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Just Vagina Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Just Vagina Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Just Vagina DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Just Vagina A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  12/30/2010
A Wonderful First – Girl-Girl – Effort!

Gorgeous Nineteen-Year-Old Babes with Beautiful Tits and Asses!

Lovely London Keyes Really Shows Us How It’s Done!

‘Just Vagina’ is the first girl-girl release by a new studio down in Florida called Emily Rigby Productions – which is headed by a woman named ‘Emily Rigby.’ No lie.

In case the name sounds familiar to you – like it did to me – ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is an old Beatles hit from the ‘60’s. I’m sure there’s not a relationship – since Emily Rigby’s voice sounds to be American – and the title of the Beatle’s tune was made up (and not based upon any real person).

I picked up this release due to the deliciously naked photo of London Keyes on the box. The white background of the shot made me think this would be a sumptuous high key production like ‘Lush’ from Elegant Angel. It’s not. Far from it.

This move is actually about as ‘gonzo’ and ‘amateur’ as you’re going to get – as Emily Rigby works the single hand-held video camera herself – as she gives directions and suggestions to the girls in real time as the video is being recorded.

There are a few name stars, such as Roxy Jezel and London Keyes – who give some very satisfying hand jobs to their dates, which was wonderful. There’s also Brooke Lee Adams who does some cute ‘booty tricks’ with her rear and generally lounges around looking gorgeous, which she is.

The rest of the cast is this very attractive assemblage of nineteen-year-old babes – all of whom have great asses and all natural breasts that makes every scene a winner, at least in terms of girl-girl eye candy.

There are also quite a few really cute brunettes and Asian-looking chicks in the flick, so if that’s something you enjoy – I think you’ll be very pleased. The other babes are also quite attractive – so every pairing is a definite treat.

The colorful photography and the sensuous rendering of flesh tones is also very well done.

But it’s the third scene with London Keyes and her very busty cohort – that is absolutely to-die for – and not something you’ll want to miss.

Overall, there’s much to like in this production. And I highly recommend this video to those of you who like gonzo, amateur girl-girl releases, or are fans of the luscious London Keyes

Here’s some of the fun of ‘Just Vagina’ that you can expect to enjoy:

Roxy Reed & Suzanne Kelly

The camera finds the girls immediately topless as Emily instructs them to bounce up and down. Cool. Roxy looks like she has a little touch of Asian. And Suzanne has really pretty face with cute eyes, lips and cheekbones.

The babes have pert, young girl tits, but there’s still enough there to make their areolas blur. Roxy is the taller of the two and her breasts are of the champagne glass variety; while Suzanne’s are the type you’d love to reach over her shoulder to feel-on during the very first date. Yeah. The important thing is both girls are having fun.

Their tops somehow reappear as the babes rub each other’s pussies through their bikinis while sitting atop a white leather sofa. The pace is pretty fast and furious as both girls’ coverings are quickly pulled down with nipples licked by all. Suzanne shows off her lovely naked ass and Roxy crawls beneath her twat to eat her. The girls transition to an immediately sixty-nine and I could feel my own juices start to flow.

Suzanne pulls Roxy’s bikini aside to jam her tongue within. Minutes later, they break out the toys, and Roxy takes a colorful corded model into her cunt. Both girls still have parts of their bikinis in place which adds to the colorfulness of the photography.

Suzanne gets impaled with an elegant glass model from behind which shows off her very shapely butt. Roxy crawls underneath again so that Suzanne can straddle her face. Both girls yell, “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah,” a gazillion times throughout their sexy ordeal.

They then fuck themselves with colorful silicone phalluses which is great for those of you who insist on a high degree of visual penetration. Suzanne is now completely naked and her beautifully tanned frame was very pleasing to behold.

The best part comes when Suzanne gets dildo fucked in her anus, as the rapturous cheeks of her wondrous derriere are generously splayed, and her tight, cute asshole is nicely filled as well.

All in all, this was a fun scene for those of you who’d like to watch a pair of cute and lightly breasted babes jam toys into their drippingly wet twats. The pacing was fast and got right to the point. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t have much time to kiss before they started. The only time they smooch, in fact, is after Suzanne gets screwed in her lovely back door.

Roxy Jezel & Annika Adams

Roxy Jezel appears looking rapturous along with Annika Adams who, with her dark complexion, reminded me of Salma Hayek (in Wild Wild West). I guess Roxy wanted to make up for what the first scene lacked – so she immediately starts to molest Annika’s lovely face by kissing her profusely – and by rubbing the outside of Annika’s twat.

Both girls have wonderful lips and breasts, and Roxy ceases kissing Annika way too soon before moving on to her other parts. Annika has very beautiful eyes, and I certainly wouldn’t mind having her lying underneath me in bed.

Roxy soon begins to spit and lick on Annika’s cunt, first from the front and then from the rear. She then jams two fingers into her snatch as far as they will go. She makes Annika taste herself upon them which Annika really seems to enjoy. Roxy then tongue fucks Annika from behind and Annika howls with delight.

Annika then sits on Roxy’s face as Roxy uses her own fingers to agitate her own clit. Roxy then displays her own experience by jamming three or four fingers up Annika’s vagina. From her wide-eyed smile, I think this is the best hand job that Annika has ever had.

Roxy finally spreads Annika’s dark pussy lips to expose her flaming pink center. She then inserts the thumbs of both hands in Annika’s love box which sends Annika’s consciousness once again into delirium.

Roxy then impales Annika’s vagina with a curvy glass dildo. Why she would want that after Roxy’s excellent finger fucking is certainly beyond me.

Roxy prefers a bigger model which she gives to Annika to impale her. Roxy then finishes by screwing Annika with a metallic blue strap on which Roxy has to hold in place to make sure that the fake dick doesn’t fall off. (Who is it who likes this stuff, anyway?)

As the girls cool down, Roxy and Annika share one last kiss before Emily cuts the camera away.

Raquel Diamond & London Keyes

In my favorite scene, London Keyes gets it on with Raquel Diamond, a foxy brunette whose tits are as large and gorgeous as London’s. Both girls have beautiful smiles which makes their love making even more attractive.

Both chicks have juicy asses and London easily makes hers bounce. Emily has them strip off their tops and jump up and down – and I truly thought that both girls were going to knock themselves out. And as good as they look going up-and-down, they look even better going side-to-side.

The babes start kissing, and theirs was easily the best smooching in the entire film. Raquel turns her face away which really shows off London’s tongue working its way inside. The girls suck on each other’s breasts, and London makes a huge mess with her spit. How nasty. With her lusciously huge eyes, London smiles seductively at the camera throughout this entire segment and I think I was starting to fall in love.

London’s face looks even more gorgeous next to Raquel’s wondrous boobs. Raquel soon returns the favor – and I put their kissing and nipple licking into a continuous loop – since it was way too short. London is easily one of the most luscious Asian-looking babes I’ve seen in porn lately. So watching her making out with another busty chick is something I think the whole world would surely enjoy.

Emily has the girls sit on the sofa, and London pulls Raquel’s panties aside to reveal her breathtakingly luscious twat.

What comes next is some of the nastiest, wettest pussy fingering I’ve ever seen – which put a smile on Raquel’s face that extends from ear-to-ear. London is a girl-loving expert and there’s absolutely no doubt that Raquel is having one the best experiences in her sexy adult life.

London uses several fingers on Raquel, and she makes Raquel taste herself after every insertion. At one point, London’s entire hand and all of her digits are dripping with Raquel’s voluminous pussy juice – which was just so frickin’ nasty.

When Raquel switches places, she eats London hungrily. But then London begs her to use her fingers on her – just as London had just done to Raquel. You’ve never heard an Asian bitch sound so slutty as she tells Raquel what to do – and as she yells in delight when Raquel dutifully complies.

In a huge emotional letdown, the girls then switch to some candy-cane glass dildos for a portion of their scene. The best part comes, though, when London gets Raquel’s drippy cunt fluids all over her eager face. Imagine a sexy pussy juice facial – and you won’t be too far from the truth.

When Raquel uses the dildo on London, she gets so much spit in and around London’s cunt that you’d swear that her entire pubic region was covered in vegetable oil. Wow. London climaxes from the vaginal fucking – and the girls take turns deep throating the glass appendage – before London spends one last time sucking and biting on Raquel’s gorgeous tits.

The girls continue with another several minutes of tit kissing and licking – where Raquel sucks about three inches of London’s boobie into her mouth.

The girls then masturbate themselves to a second set of screaming orgasms. It was hard to tell whose yelling was louder – as they lap up each other’s essences from their fingers when they’re done.

In a kind of anti-climax, Raquel dons a silvery strap on – and doggy fucks London for all she’s worth. Raquel must’ve had that thing cinched on tight, and I’ve never seen a girl fuck another quite so skillfully. London sucks the cock lovingly afterwards. And the only ideas I could think of were – how much of a slut London is – and how I couldn’t wait to see more of her again.

They say that love making adds a lot of color to a woman’s face. It certain did for Raquel – who ends the scene looking ten times more beautiful and radiant – than when she originally started. I’m sure she had the greatest time of her life – and she got paid to do it – how cool is that?

This scene alone was easily worth the price of admission. I thought it was absolutely marvelous.

Britney Brooks & Brooke Lee Adams

Coming back down to earth, Emily then takes us to the waterways of Ft. Lauderdale to watch two cute babes make out on a boat. Britney Brooks is a cute blonde, and Brooke Lee Adams is a gorgeous brunette with a fine, shoulder-length do.

Both girls have cute asses and Emily gets the camera in tight when they bounce. Brooke has broad hips so her rear is just enormous. When the girls move to another part of the boat, we finally see that both babes also have very luscious boobs. They feel on each other tits and test to see how firm they are before jumping up and down.

Britney’s knockers have a classic concave curve across he top of ‘em, and Brooke is a little jealous since hers have this ‘missile-torpedo’ thing going for them. I think both sets are absolutely wonderful.

Brooke has a really pretty face and gorgeous skin so the view from her head down to her belly button is simply awesome. The girls pull down their bikinis to show off their shapely asses. After this prelude, I couldn’t wait to see Brooke Lee totally naked.

Britney, now bottomless, sits on the corner of the boat and Brooke immediately eats her. Hey, what happened to the lip and nipple kissing? Brooke reaches hungrily with her tongue, and a cuter babe eating pussy would be very hard to find.

Brooke finally spreads her legs and her twat is as tasty to look at as I had hoped. Britney buries her face and nose into Brooke’s pubic region as far as they will go. Emily pans up to Brooke’s face who, with her dark eyes and luscious mouth, is easily as pretty as London in the very last scene. Britney really goes to town eating her, and Brooke comments how really good it feels.

In another giant letdown, the girls separate – and fuck themselves with dildos. Brooke’s torpedo shaped tits look really good pointing down to her twat. Brooke has nice, full lips and when she throws her head back, she looks like a slightly plumper-faced version of Angelina Jolie. Cool.

Brooke uses a hard glass dildo to fuck Britney’s pussy from the rear, which gives us a nice view of her cute butt, pussy and asshole. Brittney must have a very tasty pussy since Brooks licks the dildo hungrily when it comes out.

The girls then do the bump doggy-style by humping each other with a double-headed phallus extending between their twats. Brooke’s ass looks better than great when she’s on all fours, so the view is more than pleasant.

The girls suck on the double-headed snake afterwards as though they were eating a giant churros.

When she smiles, Brooke looks a little like Martina Hingis (the tennis player) which made me even more envious.

The girls finally kiss each other ‘thank you’ for their sign off – and what I wouldn’t give to take Britney’s place and be on the receiving end of Brooke’s tasty tonguing. Sigh.

Abbey Lane & Katie Michaels

Abbey Lane is a thin-faced brunette who resembles Christy Canyon (the busty classic porn star) but with normal sized breasts. Katie Michaels is a broad cheekboned brunette with really pretty eyes who looks a bit like Miley Cyrus (actress & singer). Really.

Both girls are nineteen. Cool. And both wear sexy black lingerie which really shows off their wholesome breasts and cute asses peeking out before they both get totally naked.

Emily asks them to kiss, and the girls turn their faces to-and-fro for every smooch as their kissing gets deeper and more passionate. Katie is the first to bare her rear. And both girl reach behind to undo each other’s bras.

They massage each other’s breasts to warm them, and then kiss each other’s nipples. Katie has a sweet innocence about her, so watching her is like witnessing a girl’s first time with another.

The girls have the longest segment of breast play and nipple licking which made their vignette very sensuous. Abbey is the first to lay back and spread her legs wide, and Katie immediately goes down to eat her. She places her eager mouth over Abbey’s tight twat and her tongue looks like a cat’s as it laps at Abbey’s clit.

Katie finger fucks her partner like a novice using just one slender digit. Both girls keep their high heels on (in bed) to add a little elegance to their encounter.

Abbey squeezes her own untanned breasts as Katie munches away. Abbey likes to run her hands through Katie’s thick mane – which is something I think all women do when another pretty babe is servicing them. Abbey’s pussy is so tiny, I wonder if Katie had trouble finding the entrance.

Before Abbey even has a chance to reciprocate, the girls whip out colorful magic marker size vibrators and apply them to each other’s clits. The view was very colorful, but that’s about all it was. They slide the toys in-and-out to reassure all who are watching that they do, in fact, have some depth to their pussies.

The girls then get into a kind of sixty-nine so that Katie can insert a green toy into Abby’s cunt from behind. I think tonguing it would’ve been so much better.

Abbey even has a vaginal orgasm from the dildo fucking which was just so darn believable. Not.

The scene continues to challenge my attention span when Katie gets on all fours – to suck on Abbey’s strap on. Abbey then starts to fuck Katie doggy and, after a fashion, the girls begin to build up some rhythm.

Emily shoots it POV style so that we can imagine ourselves as Abbey humping Katie masterfully from the rear. I personally wouldn’t mind fucking Katie myself, but I think I’ll wait until my next life when I have a real penis to do it with.

Katie also has a vaginal orgasms from her doggy dildo fucking, and the added color to Katie’s face makes her look even more ravishing than before. Katie has young girl tits which look wonderful gliding over the sheets as she’s pounded face down.

Emily must have a lot of memory cards to burn as she has Katie then ride the fake phallus cowgirl and doing all of the work. Katie has a really pretty pussy so the flesh-colored plastic penis looks great going in and out. Unfortunately, the dildo starts to kink – and Abbey doesn’t seem to notice – so the video became somewhat painful to watch.

Katie finally puts this nonsense to bed after she receives her second vaginal orgasm. If I were a guy, I’d definitely want Katie as my girlfriend.

The girls share some delicate kisses at the end to thank each other for a fucking well done. Not.

As extras, there’s some behind-the-scenes footage, a slideshow -- and trailers from other Emily Rigby productions – where the girls are really, really cute. Really! Emily must really have her pick of babes down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

For whatever they’re worth, here are some suggestions: 1) please add more kissing, especially with tongues and breasts; b) invest in a boom microphone or whatever is needed to better capture the smacking of the girls’ lips when their faces release; c) how about less toys and more finger fucking, just as Roxy and London perform so expertly in their vignettes: d) more sixty-nines and face sitting would really show off the beauty of the actresses’ bodies well, especially their cute asses; e) brighter locations would be nice such as in the finale where the softer lighting better highlights the babes’ flawless skin more beautifully; f) and lastly, how about having some two-girl threesomes – to add in some fucking – which is way better than a strap on, especially if the girls finish with some delicious cum swapping kisses at the end. How romantic.

Overall, ‘Just Vagina’ is a great first effort – in girl-girl – from Emily Rigby Productions. I hope there are many, many more. Enjoy.

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